Car Ride Release

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Age isn’t explicitly stated in this story, but all characters involved in all sexual activity are over the age of 18.

One more author’s note: if anyone likes this story, and wants more, please let me know in the comments!


It was 1am when Emily texted me. I looked over to my sister in the car, wondering what it was that she couldn’t say out loud.

Emily: I’ve gotta pee

Me: Do you want me to ask dad to pull over?

Emily: No

I looked at her again, confused.


Me: So why are you telling me this?

Emily: Do you have any bottles?

Me: No, none that you can go in anyway

Emily: Well I can’t hold it any longer, you need to do something

She looked at me expectantly, as if I should already have a solution in mind.

Me: Idk what you want me to do

Emily: I have an idea but you might not like it

Emily: I NEED to go now, so you’re gonna have to do it either way

Me: And this idea of yours is?

Emily checked on our parents in the front seat. Mom was knocked out in the passenger’s seat, and Dad was zoned out, completely focused on the late-night road.

Emily: Lay down on the seat and close your eyes

Although I was concerned with what she had in mind, I figured I could trust my sister enough. Although, I had no idea what she really had planned.

I heard some rustling, and a snap of elastic.

“Open your mouth.” Emily whispered, barely loud enough to hear. I wanted to ask why, but feared disturbing our parents. So I kept quiet, and dutifully opened my mouth.

My curiosity got the best of me though, and I peeked an eye open. What I saw utterly shocked me.

Emily had stripped her lower half, and was lowering her crotch onto my face. I was so surprised, I didn’t even move. Her pussy landed on my open mouth, her ass resting lightly on my face.

I couldn’t begin to register what had just happened. She was positioned so that she could look down and make eye contact with me. I went to speak, but was denied by her parted slit covering my mouth.

Before that moment, I had never considered my sister in a sexual manner. However, that changed very quickly, with her sitting on my face and all.

I gave her a light lick, tasting my sister’s juices for the first time. It seemed that she was slightly turned on, but I wasn’t entirely sure. I gave her pussy another lick, this time more confidently. She tasted heavenly. I repeated the action several more times, before she tapped me to stop.

I realized that her problem had yet to be resolved. I was looking up between her thighs at her eyes. She made a face of concentration, then I felt a trickle into my mouth.

My sister was pissing in my mouth. I couldn’t believe it, but I didn’t want it to stop.

She kept it at a light trickle for a second, before she lost control. Her warm urine gushed into my mouth, filling it up. I swallowed, not wanting to make a mess of the backseat. She kept the stream up, and so I was forced to keep drinking her piss.

I hadn’t ever tasted pee before, but it wasn’t bad by any means. The warmness made it unusually intriguing, and the pleasant taste overwhelmed the strong underlying flavor.

Emily continued letting herself go into my mouth, and I continued downing it all. As it flowed, the taste got better and better. I could feel my cock hardening in my sweats.

After a minute, her stream eased off, and I swallowed the last mouthful of my sister’s piss.

With a total lack of control, I grabbed onto Emily’s thighs, and held her down on my face. I ruthlessly started tongueing her slit, a goal already in mind. I shoved my tongue deep in her pussy, tasting every fold and crevice of her insides. My cock was straining to escape my pants, yearning for release.

As quietly kaçak iddaa as I could, I slurped down her pussy juices and residual piss, cleaning her dirty hole. She grabbed onto my hair, a moan desperately trying to escape her throat. Her thighs started trembling, causing my head to vibrate slightly.

This didn’t deter me though; if anything, it made me more determined to finish her off. I whirled my tongue all around her mound, searching for an undiscovered piece of flesh to taste. And after searching for a second, I found her clit. I flicked my tongue over it, causing her to shudder atop me. I maintained my forward momentum, and could tell it was having an effect.

Sitting on my face, my sister started shaking uncontrollably. She was cumming with my tongue in her pussy. Her gushing hole squeezed the intruder tightly, creating an entirely unique feeling for me to experience. Her juices flowed into my mouth, and I relished her flavor unabashedly. I kept licking her slick mound, letting her ease off her orgasm gradually.

I had one last all encompassing taste of her, then she broke the seal, taking her pussy off of my mouth. She slipped her panties on, and took her seat next to my head.

I laid there for a minute, thinking over the last few minutes. I’d never think of Emily in the same way. Holy shit, that was hot.

I sat up, head reeling, and looked over to my sister. I grinned, the taste of her delectable pussy still in my mouth. She grinned back at me, apparently glad that I had gone through with her idea. I was glad too.

And it wasn’t long before I felt a certain feeling in my groin. I glanced over to Emily, who was staring out the window. I grabbed my phone, and texted her:

Me: Guess what

She turned to me, smiling. Smiling like she already knew what I had to say.

Emily: Is it your turn now?

Me: I think so

Emily: So how are we gonna do this

Emily: Me or you on top?

Me: You’re fine with it?

Emily: I mean, the idea came from me… soo

I gave her a stupid grin, ready for what was to come.

Me: I guess me on top? Since gravity and all

Emily: Makes sense, okay

We put our phones down, and my sister laid down on the seat, face up. I checked on our parents again, just to make sure they wouldn’t be witnessing anything scandalous. Still oblivious. Good.

I slipped my sweatpants and boxers off, and straddled Emily’s chest.

“Are you sure?” I whispered. She nodded frantically, shivering. I was sitting atop her so that I could look down at her face. I scooched myself up slightly, and she in turn opened her mouth, ready for me. I couldn’t help but get somewhat hard at the situation, but I willed myself back down. I had to pee, badly.

I slipped my semi-hard cock into her mouth, and she immediately closed around me, sucking me in. I returned to full length. Fuck! It would be hard to let it out with her mouth feeling so good. After a minute of me resting in her mouth, and some concentration on my part, I felt my piss start to make its way out.

My stream started, and quickly built up to full speed. I was filling my sister’s mouth with pee faster than she could drink it down. As her cheeks filled up and her eyes widened, I realized she would need a break to swallow. So I painfully held my flow back, and her lips snaked up my shaft as she swallowed, my cock still in her mouth. Three big gulps of my warm piss down her throat, and she was ready again.

This time, I kept my stream slightly at bay, releasing at only half power. With this change, Emily was better prepared, and was able to drink at a reasonable pace, as my golden fluid coated the inside of her mouth. As I continued letting myself go, my cock started stiffening, further slowing my flow, and pushing the end of my rod to her kaçak bahis throat. Her eyes flicked to me, wide, but not saying no.

My cock fully hardened, and my delayed stream kept pushing to escape my bladder. I strained slightly, and was able to keep it going. However, at that point, the head of my dick was in her throat, and I was peeing straight down into her. Her throat tightened as she attempted to swallow, squeezing me farther back into her, and emptying the last of my piss into her body.

“Holy shit that was fucking hot.” I whispered, panting. I raised myself off of her, and pulled my clothes back on, cock still hard as could be. She sat up, and just as she was about to say something in my ear, our dad spoke up.

“We’ll be at the hotel in a few minutes, so pack up back there.”

Emily scrambled back to her seat, and we gave each other a panicked look. Dad’s voice hadn’t sounded disturbed, but he could just be faking it. I figured we’d find out if he had in fact seen us.

Our parents walked into the hotel to check in, while me and Emily grabbed some of our bags. On the side of the car opposite of the hotel front doors, I grabbed my sister’s hand, and pulled her close to me. I leaned in, and tenderly kissed her. I gently sucked on her top lip, and then let it go. She looked up at me, then came in for a second kiss. We kissed ferociously, the taste of piss trading between our mouths. We could taste ourselves on each other. I could smell her breath, and it was intoxicating. She pushed into me some more, and started grinding her pussy on my leg.

Our lips separated, and at the moment of eye contact, we both knew what we had to do.

Thankfully, our parents got two rooms, so that they could be in one room, and Emily and I in the second.

Ten minutes later, with our bags all in our respective rooms and the door firmly locked, we could finally finish what we had started. Emily got down on her knees, and yanking my sweatpants and boxers down, eagerly slurped my cock back into her mouth. I was instantly hard.

“MMmmmmmm” She moaned around my length. “You taste sooo good.” She swirled her tongue around my head, and pulled me farther into her mouth. I took ahold of her head, and checking with her, pushed her lips into my crotch, my cock slipping into her throat. I groaned in pleasure, her warm mouth feeling way too good to be real. She pulled my cock out of her throat, gasping. I let go of her, but she immediately took the whole length in again anyway. Her saliva was building up quickly, and she slurped it back in, suctioning my dick into her wet orifice. She bobbed her head back and forth quickly, intent on achieving her goal. I, however, had a different plan.

“Emily” I breathed. She looked up at me, my cock still in the depths of her mouth. “Come here.” She pulled off, giving my head a quick lick, then stood up to meet me. She kissed me hard, before I could say anything further. Not that I minded the taste of me in her mouth.

“I need you in me, now.” Emily demanded. I couldn’t have agreed more with my sister. We climbed on the bed, tearing each others’ clothes off in the process. As her bra snapped off, I grabbed a whole handful of her jiggling breast with my right hand, and placed my left hand on her back to pull her towards me. I took her nipple in my mouth, sucking on her tit, while squeezing the other with my hand. She moaned in response, and I sucked even harder, rolling her nipple in between my teeth. Emily clutched me to her chest, panting heavily.

“Nowwww, pleaseee!” She cried, and so I relented. I backed away from her boobs, and went in for a kiss. She met me, crushing her lips into mine, desperate for release. I laid over her on the bed, my cock trying to make its way into her pussy. Emily reached down, grabbed my stiff rod, and put illegal bahis it at the entrance to her steaming hole. She rubbed the head against her clit, and along her pussy lips, before guiding it into her ready cavern. I shoved my entire length into her all at once, the intense feeling too much for me. Emily groaned aloud, throwing her head back in ecstasy. I grabbed her breasts as handholds and pulled out slightly, before thrusting back into her pussy.

“OOoohhhh my goddddd!” She groaned, squirming underneath me. “You feel amazing!”

“So do you, Emily. Hoooooly shit you’re fucking hot, sis.” I groaned, and began playing with her nipples as I kept pace fucking her pussy. Emily placed her hands over mine on her tits, and began thrusting her hips up to mine, causing my stiff cock to reach new depths inside of her warm cavern. I then moved my hands off of her tits, and placed them on the sides of her chest. Leaning down, I kissed my sister again as I began to slow the pace slightly to focus on our lips’ connection. Our kiss broke off, and as Emily moaned aloud in pleasure, I started trailing kisses down from her mouth, onto her chin then her neck. There, I kissed all around, sucking her sensitive skin into my mouth as her hands came up to hold my head against her. Moving further down, I kissed across her shoulder, onto her upper chest and down around her boobs, making circles around each nipple. Then, I sucked one of her stiff nipples into my mouth, lightly biting down on it and swirling my tongue around on it. As I bit down slightly harder, she squealed and moved my mouth over to her other breast, and pulled me close. My cock thrusting into her warm, wet pussy was beginning to feel the start of something coming on, and so I reached down with one hand to start rubbing Emily’s sensitive clit.

As soon as I touched her clit, Emily gasped and pulled me even closer, forcing my cock all the way inside her, and trapping my wiggling finger against her clit. She started panting hard as I pistoned my rock hard cock quickly in and out of her. Emily let out a long moan, took a shaky breath in, and moaned again, even deeper and longer.

“I’m SOOoooooo close, brother.” Emily breathed, “Please finish in me, brother.”

“Emily, I shouldn’t” I said, fully knowing that I wanted nothing more than to shoot my hot load of cum into my sister’s pussy. “What if..”

“Just do it!” Emily said, pulling me in for a deep kiss. I pulled on her lips with mine, and shoved my tongue into her mouth, tasting my residue piss in her mouth. As our tongues dueled and we traded saliva, I turned up my rhythm fucking her pussy. My finger pressed down hard on Emily’s clit, and she moaned hard into my mouth.

“IIIIIII’mmm cumminggg!!!!!” Emily groaned, thrusting her chest up. As her pussy tightened around my cock, her steaming hot inner wall massaged the cum out of my cock. I gave one last hard thrust, burying my cock in her pussy, and released all of my pent-up sperm all the way into her vagina. I shuttered, and as Emily’s legs clamped around me, I felt her dripping pussy spasm once more, before she came to rest back down on the sweaty sheets. I gently laid myself down on her, squishing her sweet breasts between our chests, as we kissed again. We kissed passionately coming down from our joint orgasm.

Eventually, I rolled off of Emily, and my softened cock slid out of her pussy. She reached down, feeling our mixed juices ooze out of her vagina.

“There’s so much cum coming out of me,” Emily said, looking at me. I gave her a lazy satisfied smile, and pecked her on the lips.

“That’s because my beautiful sister is so fucking sexy,” I whispered. “I want to be inside of you again as soon as possible!” I ran my hand along her thigh and up to her dripping pussy. I lightly began tracing my fingers around her outer lips.

“I’m still very sensitive.” Emily giggled, her breasts jiggling as she spoke. “But I also want you in me again.” She said, as she leaned forwards to begin kissing me again.

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