Captain’s Woes Ch. 06

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The next day he woke up and decided he would mow the lawn, just so his dad wouldn’t give him shit when they got home. The day was hot and sunny, and the lawn was pretty big, so by the time he was finished, he was shirtless, tan, and sweaty as hell. Putting the mower back in the garage, he hadn’t noticed there was someone in the doorway until he heard her voice.

“Thanks for waking me, jerk.”

Looking up, he saw Danielle, the girl who lived next door to him. Slightly older than Dan, but in the same grade, she had medium height, with short blond hair and slightly chubby features, she was very cute, but very annoying. She was wearing a pair of red cotton gym shorts and a rather small wife beater, underneath which he could see an aqua colored bikini top. He assumed that under those shorts were the other half. Around her neck was a necklace of large black beads, fairly tight around the throat. She was, for all intents and purposes, looking very good.

She was also Casey’s best friend, having gone to school together all their lives and having birthdays only two days apart, something Dan was very much so aware.

“You’re welcome,” he said, flashing her a big smile. She smiled back sarcastically, flipping him the bird. Standing up from the lawn mower he had been crouched over, he was now before her in his physical glory, with a well defined chest, muscled arms, and firm six pack glistening with sweat. She bit her lower lip speculatively.

“Something I can help you with, Dani?” he asked.

“First, you can stop calling me ‘Dani’. It’s bad enough our names are so close, you don’t need to completely blur the line.”

“Whatever. Dani.”

“Ass. Second, though, I thought you could use a cold drink. We have some beers left over from the party last week, and I was wondering if you’d want one.”

“Sounds good to me,” he said. “Lead on, MacDuff.”


“Never mind. Let’s go.” Closing the garage door, he followed Danielle towards her own garage, which happened to be two stories. On the second floor her father had built her a sort of hang out room, complete with sofa, t.v., radio, pool table, refrigerator and bar (although the bar wasn’t supposed to have alcohol. Oh well). Walking behind her, he could appreciate the way the cotton shorts conformed to her ass, providing clear definition of each cheek. He didn’t know how girls did it, but the way they walked could make the most Gaziantep Escort impotent of men at least notice. And Dan was far from impotent.

When the got up to the second floor, Dan could appreciate the air conditioning as much as the cold beer Danielle placed in his hand. Nodding in appreciation, he sat down on the couch and took a deep pull from the glass bottle. Danielle sat down next to him, sipping on hers.


“No problem.” She smiled a little bit, taking in the good looking senior.

“What?” he asked, noticing her smile.

“Nothing.” She smiled a little more.

“What?” he insisted.

“Nothing!” she protested. “It’s just that. . .well, I spoke to Casey last night.”

“I see. And what did you two talk about.”

“You may be surprised, but we talked a lot about you.”

“I’m shocked.” She laughed, putting down her beer. “What did she say?”

“Well. . .” Danielle paused, giggling.

“Tell me,” he said, acting sincere.

Blushing, she blurted out “She said you have a real big dick!”

“She did, did she?”

Danielle nodded furiously.

“Did she tell you anything else,” he asked, putting his beer down also and turning to face her.

She nodded again, her face almost as red as her shorts. “She said you two made love.”

“‘Made love?'” Dan snorted. “She actually used those words?”

“No,” Danielle giggled. “I guess she said you two fucked.”

“That’s more like it.”

“She said it was unbelievable.”

“She wasn’t kidding.”

“About which part?” Danielle asked innocently. “The dick or the sex.”

Taking her hand and placing it on his cock, he smiled. “Either.”

“We can’t do this,” Danielle whispered. “Casey’s my best friend.”

“So?” he asked, watching her hand absently stroking his cock with an amused look. “Take it out.”

Biting her lower lip again, she nodded. She had wanted Dan for a long time, and she wasn’t going to let a little thing like her best friend get in between her wants. She reached inside his shorts and pulled out Dan’s slowly hardening cock. He sat up a bit so that she could take his pants off, and then he was sitting there, penis almost erect. Her hand grabbed it, stroking it gently. He brought her face close to his, and kissed her, almost sweetly. Her cherry lip gloss tasted good, and mixed with the beer created a strange turn on. Gaziantep Escort Bayan The kiss, though, was short lived, because he suddenly took Danielle’s head and pushed it down to the now eager cock.

Danielle didn’t hesitate, but her inexperience showed. She was all over the place, her tongue, hand and mouth not really in concert together. Her enthusiasm was definitely a turn on, and having a mouth on your cock is usually never a bad thing, so Dan just sat back, watching as one of his fantasies came true. For the past couple of years he had been noticing Dani grow up, and now that she was this sexy young woman, he knew his time had come.

As she went to town, he slipped his hand up her shorts, finding that he was correct in his assumption about the bathing suit. Rubbing the material, he could feel that it was damp. He began to realize that maybe he wasn’t the only one with a fantasy. Getting a finger under the hem, he played with her clit a bit, producing moans of thanks. Taking his finger out, he sucked on her juices. Right then he knew he needed to eat her out.

Pulling Danielle up, he practically threw her back against the couch. Surprised by the roughness, Danielle looked up at him warily. Unlike with Ashleigh, though, he didn’t want her scared, and so he leaned down and kissed her. She kissed back eagerly, and ran her hands up and down his hard torso.

“Take off your shirt,” he said, and she quickly tore off the wife beater and bikini, revealing a belly button piercing. She had large, full breasts, and he was intrigued by them, since his latest conquests were not as endowed as Danielle. He reached down to squeeze them, and then, sitting back on the couch, to suck on them. Her moans told him he had found a good spot, and he continued to attack her tits, going from one to the other.

As much as this turned him on, though, he hadn’t forgotten the taste of her pussy. Again pulling away quickly, he told her to get on her hands and knees on the couch, facing the far armrest. Her ass high in the air, he massaged the round cheeks through the material. He was beginning to realize how much it turned him on the way the female body looked in clothing, and he could feel his cock twitching. Not yet, he thought, and instead pulled down her shorts and bikini, exposing her pussy and ass.

He didn’t hesitate, but dove right in, spreading her ass cheeks wide Escort Gaziantep as he tried to devour her wet cunt. Hands on either cheek, he used his tongue and his lips to wreak havoc on Danielle’s pussy, and with the way her hips were bucking, he knew she was enjoying it. He was lapping up her juices, his nose tickling her ass-hole, and every so often he would break off from her pussy to like her tight rose-bud.

“You taste amazing, Dani,” he sighed.

“Don’t stop, baby. It feels so good,” she moaned, her left arm on the armrest, her right hand unable to resist playing with her swollen clit. Seeing how excited she was, and realizing how excited he was, he gave her pussy and ass one last, long lick, and positioned himself behind her.

She looked over her shoulder, not saying anything, but her eyes pleading. She nodded, and gasped as Dan pushed his large cock head into her tight opening.

Sliding into her, he couldn’t believe her pussy – the heat, the tightness, the wetness. It was almost too late before he figured out she was a virgin. His cock against her hymen, he heard her moan with fear and anticipation. She looked over her shoulder again, and biting her lower lip, nodded once more. Leaning over, he kissed her deeply, pulled out, and slammed home.

He paused, rubbing her stomach, her tits, her ass, kissing her but not moving otherwise. Finally, she groaned. “Fuck me, Dan.”

He started slowly, letting her get used to the sensation, letting her pussy stretch to accommodate his size. In and out, he rocked, and slowly, gradually, began to build up steam. He used her moans as a gauge, and as they got louder, as her breathing became shorter, he started pushing harder, faster, and deeper. It wasn’t too long before he was slamming into her, holding on to her waste for leverage, as she groaned “Oh god, oh god, oh god. . .”

“Feeling that he was close, and that she was too, he abruptly sat back, so that she was now sitting on his lap. Allowing her to get readjusted, he gripped her waist and began thrusting up again. Her groans were becoming screams as her first orgasm with a boy tore through her. Squeezing her tits, using them as handles, he kept at it, bouncing Danielle up and down until he could sense her coming again. No longer able to hold it in, he let his own orgasm take control and in a burst, began shooting his cum deep inside her. Involuntary muscles took over, and he just kept pounding away, their bodies drenched in sweat even in the cool air conditioning.

As his penis quivered and her body trembled, he held her close, turning her face around so that he could kiss her.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a long time, Dani.”

“Casey was definitely right.” They both smiled.

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