Can’t Get Enough Ch. 06

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Becca, John, Steven and Dani spent the next couple of hours lounging around on the dock, getting some sun and just relaxing. Dani was especially relaxed after having experienced another mind-blowing orgasm at the hands of her much younger lover.

She looked over at Steven and smiled. He was perfect for her in every way as a lover. Virile. Attentive. Thoughtful. And while he was a little on the naughty side that sometimes bordered on dangerous, Dani didn’t believe that anything could be better.

Now here they were in a beautiful country setting, enjoying the spoils of John’s hard work over the years. And Dani suddenly was very grateful for everything she had – the friends and the lover. She only prayed that their affair never becomes public. She was sure it would crush his parents and end her long-standing friendship with Becca and John. But she wasn’t ready – or willing – to give him up just yet.

Later John and Steven grilled some burgers and steaks while Becca and Dani made up some potatoes and salad, gossiping in the kitchen about some of their other friends.

“Did you know that Kelly is seeing someone?” Becca asked Dani.

“Get out. Really?”

Becca giggled. “Yes, he’s apparently a lot younger than she is. What a naughty girl!”

Dani laughed nervously. “Really? What do you think about that? About her seeing a younger guy?”

Becca shrugged her shoulders. “From what I hear he’s an adult, over eighteen so there’s nothing wrong with that. She deserves to get some after all the years of living with that jackass ex of hers. He treated her like crap.”

“I understand that,” Dani offered quietly.

Becca patted her friend’s hand. “That you do, sweetie. Maybe you should get yourself a younger man too.”

Dani spit out the Diet Pepsi she was drinking, coughing so hard she thought she might faint.

“Oh shit, sorry sweetie,” Becca said patting Dani on the back.

It took several more gasps of air before Dani could focus. “Ah, what?!” She had tears streaming down her face from the shock of Becca’s words.

Becca laughed. “I just figured that if Kelly could do it, so could you. You’re not married or exclusive with anyone, so…why not? Haven’t you ever thought about it?”

Dani was stuck. She had no idea how to respond without giving away her thoughts and feelings. Thankfully Steven took that moment to enter the kitchen. He looked to Dani, whose face was crimson red, and then to his mother.

“What’s going on?”

“Dani just choked a bit on her soda, is all. Dinner ready?”

“Yep, I was just coming in to tell you two. Dad’s got the table loaded with meats. Let’s go.”

Dani took a moment to compose herself, her mind reeling with Becca’s comment to her. She understood that while Becca was making the suggestion that Dani take a younger lover, she really wouldn’t understand if she found out it was her son Steven, no matter that Steven was an adult as well.

Composing herself the best she could, Dani walked out of the cabin and joined the others for their evening meal. When they were stuffed and satisfied with the delicious dinner, they talked about the small nearby town and the sights that could be seen from lake, from the rich, elegant year-round homes that lined its shores, to the smaller cabins that were only occupied during bursa escort the warmer months.

“Steven, why don’t you take Dani on a boat ride up the lake and show her around?” Becca suggested.

Dani stammered. “Ah…no…I mean…I don’t want to take up all of Steven’s time, keeping an old lady like me company.”

Becca was about to protest when Steven spoke up. “I don’t mind, Aunt Dani. I like going out on the boat so it would be fun to have someone with me to explore.” He kept his eyes steady on Dani as she read the real meaning to his words. She blushed profusely at the thought.

“I think it’s a great idea,” John added. “Besides, your mother and I still need to unpack and we might want some time alone.”

“John!” Becca protested. “We didn’t invite Dani here so we could pawn Steven off on her while you decide to get frisky.”

Steven groaned but Dani laughed. “It’s okay, Bec…I know you guys didn’t invite me to be a babysitter. Besides, I think I would love to go on a boat ride, if Steven doesn’t mind taking me.”

“I don’t mind at all,” he said, standing up. He stepped off the porch before turning and saying, “You coming?” His smile was pure evil and thankfully Becca and John were already clearing off the table and bringing the dishes into the cabin.

“Have fun, you two!” Becca called out.

“Oh we will!” Steven called back, winking at Dani, who blushed again from head to toe. “Come on, baby,” he said in a whisper, taking her hand and leading her down to the end of the dock to where the boat was tied. It wasn’t a huge boat but it certainly was big enough for a family to spend time on during the summer months.

Steven climbed in and helped Dani into the boat before going to untie it from its moorings. Pushing it away from the dock, Steven started the engine and gently eased it out into the open water, heading north up the lake away from the cabin and dock. Dani sat on the cushioned bench at the back, looking around at the beautiful scenery around her.

About half way up the lake, Steven called to Dani. She went to where he was steering the boat. He slowed it down and pulled her to stand in front of him. Placing her hands on the wheel, he directed her how to gently turn it to pilot the boat around the lake. Dani was thrilled, both with the power of controlling the boat but also the sensation of Steven’s rock hard cock pressing against the lower of her back.

Leaning forward, he rested his hands on her waist as she manned the boat, his breath tickling her ear. “Baby, I’ve been wanting to get you alone since I took you earlier. I can’t get enough of you.”

Dani groaned as his hands wrapped around and cupped her breasts, her nipples hardening immediately. “Honey…I…ah…oh…I don’t think we should…ah…be moving if you…oh oh…want to fool around.” She groaned again as Steven snaked his right hand lower over her clothed-covered pussy. He rubbed her in circles. Dani spread her thighs wider in response.

“No, you’re right. Let’s stop for a while.” Steven reached around her and shut off the engine. They drifted slightly but given the lack of wind he knew they wouldn’t move too much and they were in the middle of the lake so there wasn’t a chance they would crash into anything.

Guiding her back to the padded bench where she had previously sat, bursa escort bayan Steven instructed her to bend over and put her hands on the bench, sticking her ass up. Dani protested.

“What is someone sees us?”

Without even looking, Steven said, “No one is around. And even if there were people, they don’t know us so who cares if we give them a little show?” Steven pressed gently on Dani’s shoulders until she was bent in front of him. Leaning over her, he rubbed his jean covered hard-on against her ass. “Besides, I think it would be hot to having someone watching us fuck. Don’t you?”

Dani could only whimper as Steven ground himself against her. She was hot. Red hot. And she needed a release. “Please, honey…” she begged him.

“What do you want, baby?”


“Yeah, what else? Tell me.”

“Your…cock. Inside me.”

“Like you even have to ask,” Steven said, lifting the back of her dress, exposing her sexy panties. Steven groaned at the sight. God he loved this woman’s body.

Steven reached down and freed his rock hard cock from his jeans. Pulling aside the flimsy materials of her panties, he rubbed the head of his cock against her slickness. Dani moaned as if in pain.

“Please, Steven…” she begged.

Steven grinned wickedly before putting the head of his cock against her slick folds and pushed himself inside her as far as he could go. Dani uttered a guttural groan as Steven bottomed out inside her.

“Fuck you feel so good on my cock, baby,” he gasped as he pulled out slightly and thrust himself in again. He continued to fuck her, slow and deep, slowly building up the hardness of his thrusts until he was steadily thrusting inside her. He was in Heaven. She was tight but extremely wet. He could barely control the urge to blow his load inside her when she felt so damn good.

Dani grunted with each thrust Steven made inside her. This was the feeling she couldn’t escape; didn’t want to either. He made her feel alive. He made her feel everything.

Lost in the oblivion of their mating, Steven didn’t hear another boat pull alongside them but Dani did.

“Oh God…Steven. Steven!”

It was then that he noticed the other boat. He stopped thrusting but didn’t pull out. Dani struggled against him trying to hide herself but he wouldn’t let go of her hips, keeping them tightly locked together.

“Hello!” a sexy female voice called out to them. They looked over to see a young woman in her mid-twenties standing at the railing looking over at them. “Please…we’re sorry to interrupt but we saw you and…well…it was so hot we wanted to come closer to see.”

Just then a handsome young man, clearly the woman’s boyfriend went to stand behind her. “Yeah sorry, man. If this freaks you out, we’ll leave but my girl here just loves to watch other people fuck. Do you mind?”

Steven laughed. Looking down at Dani, he noticed that she was crimson red with embarrassment but also that she’d suddenly gotten a lot slicker inside and he wasn’t even sure how that was possible for as wet as she’d already been.

“What do you say, baby? Want to give a little show?”

“Oh God…” Dani whispered.

“Hey, hon…it’s okay really. You’re sexy as all hell and I would love to watch your face when you come.” Dani looked to the girl who escort bursa had spoken in surprise. ‘You’re just so fucking hot together.”

“That we are,” Steven said in agreement before he started thrusting inside Dani again, not even waiting for her answer. He knew that she wanted this as much as he did. “Just pretend they’re not there, baby,” he whispered leaning over her pushing himself in as deep as he could.

“Oh mmm…” Dani groaned as Steven started to fuck her in earnest now.

Soon all the could be heard was the sounds of Steven’s cock sliding in and out of her juicy pussy, his balls slapping against her and the small waves splashing against the boats. Looking over at the couple, Steven smiled.

“Look, baby. Look at what you’ve caused.” Dani didn’t understand what he meant so she turned her head to see the young man fucking the girl from behind, his hands on her exposed breasts while she rubbed her pussy with her fingers. “They’re turned on from watching you, baby. See what you do to people?”

Dani couldn’t believe what she was doing. What she was seeing. But she was all of a sudden very turned on at the idea of their love-making exciting others so much that they needed to fuck too. Dani continued to watch the couple as Steven began to pound harder into her. With each thrust she grunted now, her eyes never leaving the woman’s, who in turn was staring directly at her as well.

“Let go, honey,” she called out to Dani. “Come all over his cock.”

Dani lost it. The sensation of Steven’s thrusting and the encouraging words of this sexy woman sent her over the edge and she came, screaming Steven’s name as she squeezed his cock like a vice. Momentarily unable to thrust, Steven licked Dani’s neck and held her as she orgasmed around him.

“Oh! I’m coming!” the girl cried out then, Dani’s orgasm triggering hers. “Fuck me!”

Steven began thrusting again, determined to finish this with a bang. The sights and sounds around him stimulating every one of his senses and flipping them into overdrive.

Suddenly the guy cried out that he was coming and he pulled out and blew his load all over his girlfriend’s back, groaning loudly as he spent himself.

This set Steven off and he thrust hard two more times before releasing himself insider Dani, which in turn set her off again and she came around him, milking his seed from his balls.

Spent, Steven sat on the deck having slipped himself out of Dani and pulled her into his arms. He kissed her passionately.

“That was…wow…” Dani said with a giggle.

“You little exhibitionist!” Steven teased.

“I guess so. Who knew?”

“Thanks you guys for the show,” the girl called over to them as her boyfriend went to start their boat. “We hope to see you two around some more.”

Steven and Dani waved as the couple left. He kissed her again, already feeling his cock start to revive. He wanted her again. He needed to take her again before they headed back.

And as his hand made its way down over her hip to between her legs, Dani purred and he knew she’d want to do it again as well.

He kissed her neck and whispered as he pushed two fingers insider her slick hole, “This belongs to me. Only me. And baby, I fucking love you so much.”

Startled, Dani pulled back only to let out a soft groan as he rubbed his thumb over her clit. “Oh Steven…” she sighed.

Before she could say anything further, Steven moved between her outstretched thighs and buried his cock deep inside her. Right where he belonged.

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