Candace Ch. 02

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This is the continuation of the story entitled simply, ‘Candace’, which I respectfully encourage you to read before embarking on this journey. Enjoy!


Something unexpected had happened during my solo Saturday morning with Candace. I had an inkling after her invitation for the weekend’s festivities had been tendered that the next forty-eight hours would be among the most exciting and explorative of my sexual life. Which, thus far, had certainly been true, and the real highlight of the weekend, the upcoming swigers’ party, was still about twelve hours away.

No, I hadn’t expected this. I was honestly enjoying the company of Candace. One of the truisms of a beautiful woman, especially in a workplace environment, is that they almost constantly are forced to put up a facade of some kind or other, thereby disguising their innermost personalities, and often, their true, deeper beauty. Some choose to be overly flirtatious and use their sexuality in an overtly aggressive way to achieve their ascent up the business ladder. Others opt to be standoffish to most, understandably wary that any displays of sexuality will almost automatically be misconstrued and acted upon by unwanted suitors.

It was true, on the surface at least, that Candace had indeed used her sexuality to at least maintain her job by being the chairman’s sons’ mistress. At least, that’s what everyone assumed. Hey, it had to be so, right? After all, it was office gossip. And everyone knows that office gossip is based only on fact, not innuendo, hearsay, embellishment and jealousy. Right? Well, right?

As Candace and I lay in bed that morning after the wildly entertaining foursome the night prior with preppy little Laurie Timmons and her talkative boyfriend, I was equally surprised by Candace’s intimacy. She snuggled against me and drew her lithe body next to mine as we talked and learned about each other’s lives. It was easy conversation, natural, relaxed, and I found myself hugging Candace more tightly in my arms, enjoying her touch, her scent, but mainly just enjoying her personality.

I gazed at Candace admiringly as she lay next to me, without a hint of make up on her angelic face, and secretly marveled at her natural beauty. Candace’s exterior beauty was undeniable by any man and almost all women, but I now saw a side of her that I never could have fathomed. She was now demure, vulnerable, yet witty, gentle, and most surprising of all, inquisitive.

Most women who grumble about men’s inherent failure to communicate might be surprised to realize that if they would only learn to ask their perceived cavemen a few general lifestyle questions that were not challenging or designed to evoke defensiveness, they may just get what they wish for. Candace knew how to push a man’s buttons, all right, it wasn’t hard to get them hard by merely using her astonishing looks. But, now, I was getting to know the person as well as the woman. And, I liked it.

I liked it even more when she announced that breakfast would be served in bed this morning, and she bounced from the bed naked, giggling like a schoolgirl, as she headed towards the kitchen. My cock twitched back to life as I watched the creamy white taut globes of her ass cheeks and waited for the inevitable jiggle. Except, there was no jiggle. Just wiggle.

Now, I thought to myself, when there is only wiggle and no jiggle, accompanied by a schoolgirl giggle, well, that is one tight ass and one fine morning for me.

She returned a few minutes later with a pot of hot tea with lemon in one hand, and in the other cevizli escort she held a silver tray full of warm croissants, jellies and jams of various flavors, butter, and a small bowl of strawberries. She eased into bed next to me and broke of a piece of the still warm croissant and fed it to me, poking it between my pips softly with her fingers, and then moaned quietly as she let her fingers linger between her my lips, allowing me to gently suck them one by one.

She withdrew her fingers from my mouth reluctantly and shimmied over to the side of the bed to reach for the tray, which gave me an unobstructed view of her pink labia as her legs extended over the mattress.

She sensuously rubbed strawberry and grape jam on a croissant which she broke in half, applying the jams onto the soft bread with her tongue. With her free hand, she pushed my head back gently on the pillows which were propped up high on the headboard. With her other hand, she took the two pieces of croissant that were now covered with jam and her saliva, and placed them on either side of my now half-erect cock and whispered sexily, “House special. The hostess gets to eat you. You get to just watch.”

Who was I to bicker with the hostess’ instructions? I did indeed watch as Candace moved the two soft pieces of bread and rubbed them up and down on either side of my cock, growing impossibly firmer with each stroke, the jam slathering onto my shaft, lubricating it with sweet, fruity nectars, as Candace swirled her soft, wet tongue onto my mushroom head and enveloped only my tip with her lips, sucking harder now as she more fervently rubbed the warm baked dough along my dick.

I wasn’t having breakfast in bed. I now WAS breakfast in bed.

Candace did not make a sound, she simply locked her eyes onto mine, watching my reaction, which essentially wasn’t necessary since my turgid cock was now becoming the proverbial pig in a blanket. She smiled, obviously pleased with herself, rightfully so, and reached once more over to the tray and smeared a big gob of butter onto her palm, but still continuing the cadence of her digital stroking with her other hand.

She took her butter-covered hand and urgently began rubbing it up and down my shaft in a more expedient motion, while she sucked on my cock head more tightly, licking my hole with her tongue, sending me to the edge as quickly as I have ever experienced, virtually overwhelmed by the erotic culinary use of my dick, butter and jam now dripping from my croissant-covered shaft as Candace began to groan as she instinctively realized that hot semen lava was bubbling and steaming from within my swollen testicles, awaiting explosive, volcanic release. She shifted the bread from my pulsing cock, and cradled the sticky dough beneath my balls.

She waited until mere seconds before perfectly anticipating my burst of seed, and just before I shot, she moved the pieces of croissant directly in front of my cock head, using the bread as a bulls eye, as I shot one, two, three, four, five hard, long, white milky bursts of hot cum onto the bread, watching amazed as my seed mixed with the jams and butter, and Candace took her palms and again wrapped the dough around my shaft, milking several remaining streams of sperm onto the bread, and then, incredibly, she raised the pieces of dough to her mouth and first licked the cum-and-jam-and-butter-covered bread, snaking her tongue all along the surface of the bread, before reaching up and stuffing the crumbling, saturated dough into erenköy escort my mouth, and followed that with her mouth covering mine in a hot kiss, tasting the exotic mixtures together.

For the first time ever, I literally nearly fainted from the sensation of the most mind-blowing orgasm I had ever experienced, the sheer spontaneous and creative and erotic use of Candace’s mouth and hands and body and beauty, but most of all, her mind, to think of something like that. I panted like a trapped animal, my chest heaving, desperately attempting to catch my breath, barely aware that Candace had again lowered her head and was now licking at the variety of juices that were seeping down from my balls and into the crack of my anus.

I finally gathered the strength to utter, “If you’re going to use that trick in your career as a professional escort, or even as a waitress, you’re going to get a lot of gratuities.”

Candace never stopped licking my nether regions. She simply looked up at me with butter and cum and jam splattered on her gorgeous face and said something that very much surprised me. She indeed was full of surprises. “Actually, that’s the first time I ever did that. I was hoping my new boyfriend would enjoy it.”

I gazed down at her, not quite believing her latest invitation. She finally raised her head and looked into my eyes intently, almost pleadingly. “I could use a nice boyfriend, John. Interested in applying? I like your chances.”

My response was to take Candace by the hips, raise her torso into the air, and place her down on her back on the mattress. “Let me express my interest in this way, please,” I said, and lowered my own mouth to her body, beginning a slow descent to between her legs, licking and sucking on the smooth, soft, white skin of her navel and stomach, before reaching onto the bowl of strawberries on the dresser and grabbing three or four of the fruit.

“We have another item this morning that is not listed on the menu. It’s a special order,” I said, smearing the berries into my hands. “We call it ‘Hide the Strawberries’. Would you like to try it? It cums highly recommended.”

She propped her elbows up on the bed to observe, and taking that as a ‘yes’, I took my left hand and spread her pink, swollen labia apart, and placed pieces of the fruit on each of the tips of my four fingers on my right hand, and one-by-one, inserted my fruit-covered digits into various places deep within her love channel. Her pussy expanded in immediate response to the cool, juicy berries oozing into cunt, dripping deep within her hole, my fingers hooking upwards to smear the juice onto the spongy top wall of her vagina, lubricating her g-spot, and her own stomach heaved and her legs twitched as I felt the heat of her impeding orgasm emanate from her thighs, now wrapping instinctively around my head, and my lips lowered to begin to slowly insert the strawberries deeper into her sopping cunt with my tongue.

I extracted two fingers from her contracting tunnel and placed them gently on top of her mound, puling her pussy lips open as I did so.

I watched as the hood covering her clit was slowly peeled open to expose her glistening, hidden pearl, and with the same two fingers, I took her pretty, pink, swollen clit between my fingers and pinched ever so gently. The low guttural moans that came from above provided me with all the feedback that I needed that she was enjoying this addition to the menu. I continued the soft capture of her clit with my two fingers esenyurt escort while rubbing her g-spot with a finger of my other hand, and licking her labia from her clit to the bottom of her love hole, taking the soft, pink, fresh, clean lips of her pussy within my lips, sucking, kissing, teasing.

“Oh, my, fucking God, what are you doing, oh God, that’s, oh, ah, my God, that’s amazing, that’s incredible, that’s, oh, jeezus, oh, God, you’re gonna make me cu, keep doing, oh, keep doing that, with your fingers, what are you doing, that’s, OOOOOOOOOH, GODDDDDDDD, JOOOHHHHNNNNNNN….”

A hot stream of white, milky cream spurted from a small opening between my fingers and plashed onto my face. It was hot, it tasted minty, it was soon followed by another, and a third, and a fourth.

A squirter! Candace was a squirter! I felt like Magellan, discovering a brave, new world, as the beautiful woman writhed above me, my mouth momentarily easing its grip from her vaginal lips, allowing her to relax, but I kept my face buried snugly between her legs, absorbing the taste of her still dripping cunt, feeling the after-shocks, keeping her lips spread so that I could watch the fireworks show, close-p, of her pulsating cunt muscles contracting and releasing in a rhythmic dance, still seeping a thin stream of her ejaculate, strawberry particles and seeds and juices seeping from her hole, coating my face in a creamy, juicy love cocktail.

I waited perhaps thirty seconds, ad then began a revitalized oral caressing of her vaginal canal, my tongue lapping at her opening, my fingers probing, and when I took my pinkie and coated it with berries and stuck if into her anus, her love dam burst yet again, splattering more cum onto my face, strawberries gushing out of her cunt in a small jet stream, her groans and exhortations bouncing off the walls, her hands gripping my head so tight.

I thought for a second that the coroner would have a difficult time re-enacting this particular autopsy report: Death by strawberry strangulation.

I finally wriggled my head mercifully from between her legs, and gasped for breath myself, as Candace’s arms still flailed wildly into the air, her eyes rolled back into her head, still in the throes of small, orgasmic after-bursts. I crawled over to her torso and bean to lightly lick and suck on her bright pink nipples, rock-hard, but she pushed me way forcefully.

“God, no, please, no, I need a break, please, just a minute, oh my fucking God, please, just a min…… oh…”

I rolled back and watched her as she lay motionless on the mattress, paralyzed in ecstasy, her lungs still heaving for air, and her eyes were locked onto the ceiling, her eyelids fluttering uncontrollably. I leaned up to kiss her on the cheek, and headed to the bathroom to clean the fruit shrapnel that had peppered my face in the cross-fire.

“Keep an eye on that ceiling, Candace, don’t let it get way, it’s my favorite,” I called over my shoulder.

She broke out in exhausted, spontaneous laughter. “Oh, God, you are so much fun, ooh, Christ, I think I’m in love.”

I smiled at the satisfaction of knowing I had just provided this spectacular beauty with such carnal pleasure. There is no greater joy of sex, in my humble opinion, than making a beautiful woman cum on your face, again and again and again.

I thought twice of entering the bathroom by myself, and instead picked her up in my arms and carried her to the shower, letting the warm water cascade over our bodies. Somehow, we mustered the stamina, no doubt fueled on by the adrenalin that only sensational sex can bestow, and alternated between tender lovemaking and prolonged stimulated fucking for close to another hour.

And, we still had a party to attend this evening. I thought it would take a miracle for me to get hard again today. I panicked. Without a hard-on, whatever would I wear?

Part three to soon follow.

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