Candace and the Frat Boys Ch. 04

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Candace and the Frat Boys (Chapter 4)

Kathryn M. Burke

In fact, Julie and Josh seemed to be hitting it off.

Part of that had to do with the fact that they were both college students. There were bonds that were established from the fact that they had to go to class every day (and oftentimes went together—usually on foot, since the campus was only a ten-minute walk from the house), had their struggles with classwork, professors, fellow students, and the like, and had to start considering prospects for work after their college careers were over.

And a further bond unexpectedly emerged. Julie, who was studying comp lit, had found herself wrestling with the French text of Stendhal’s Le Rouge et le Noir. Josh, although a history major, had lived for a couple of years in Quebec and was pretty fluent in French, and had actually read Stendhal’s difficult novel a year or two before, just for fun. So he ended up helping Julie as she tried to piece out the complex language and the at times meandering plot.

Candace noticed with pungent amusement how the two of them literally put their heads together as they pored over a copy of the book while sitting at the dining table after dinner.

“Don’t study too hard,” she wisecracked. “Not good for the brain.”

“Oh, Mom,” Julie said impatiently, “just leave us alone, okay? This is hard stuff.”

“I’m sure it is. What use it will be in your future life, I have no idea.”

“That’s not important,” Josh said in defense of Julie’s impractical major. “College is meant to expand your horizons—intellectually and in other ways.”

Candace gave him a flinty look. “Your horizons have certainly expanded lately, haven’t they, Josh?”

He colored instantly and got back to the book. Julie also didn’t feel that comment worthy of response.

Then there came the time, in mid-November, when Candace pulled Josh away for a private conversation in the kitchen.

“Listen,” she whispered, even though Julie was upstairs in her room, well out of earshot, “I’m going to spend Saturday night at the frat house again.”

“Okay,” Josh said, although he was crestfallen at the idea. He was desperately trying not to be possessive, but the thought of all those guys invading her body saddened and angered him.

“You’d better stay here,” she added.

“Yeah, I guess I’d better,” he said.

“And of course Julie can’t know what’s going on. She’ll totally freak out.”

“I’m sure she will.” After a pause: “So what are you going to tell her?”

“Why should I tell her anything?”

“Oh, Candace, you have to say something! You’re gonna spend the night there, right?”

“That was the idea.”

“So what is she going to think? What excuse can you make for spending a night away from home?”

“I hadn’t really thought of one.”

“Well, you’d better think of something!”

Candace caressed Josh’s face. “I’ll leave that to you, dear boy.”

So when that Saturday evening came, and Candace, a little while after dinner, packed up a little overnight case (she had now gotten in the habit of taking a change of clothing to the frat house), Julie looked at her in confusion.

“Mom, where are you going?” she said.

“Out,” Candace said shortly.

“Out? What on earth does that mean? You’re going away somewhere?”

“Not far.”

“Mom, what the hell? Can’t you just tell me where you’re going?”

“Josh’ll tell you.”

And with that, she left the house.

Julie, stunned, turned to Josh. “What’s going on here? Where could she be going?”

Josh, frozen in terror, remained silent.

“She—she’s spending the night somewhere?”

The best Josh could do was nod.

“Surely not with a guy? She has you for—that purpose.”

Josh lowered his head so he wouldn’t have to look at Julie.

Julie led Josh to the sofa, sitting him down there even though he wanted to be anywhere but there.

“Josh,” she said in a faint echo of the steely ferocity that her mother could at times evoke, “you need to tell me what’s going on.”

He still couldn’t look at her. “I—I promised her I wouldn’t.”

“So it is something! Something weird and strange—or even illegal!”

“It’s not illegal.”

“But it’s something that neither you nor she want to talk about, right?”

“I guess.”

“Something disreputable?”

“I suppose some people might think so.”

“Do you think so?”

“She can do what she wants. It’s her choice.”

Julie had had enough of this pussyfoooting. Seizing Josh by the shoulders, she actually shook him—hard. “Josh, by God, you need to tell me what’s going on here!”

Josh almost thought she was going to slap him upside the head. “Okay, okay!” He figured Julie would eventually learn anyway, so why not blab the story now? And if Candace got mad, what could she do? Order him from the house? Sure, she could do that—but she in fact had professed her love for him, so he was confident she would forgive him.

“She—she’s gone to Delta Pi,” Josh beşiktaş escort muttered.

A shiver ran through Julie. “The frat house? What the hell’s she going to do there?”

Josh gave her a look that said, I think you should be able to figure that out for yourself.

It took some seconds for Julie to do that. When she did so, her eyes got wide, and Josh feared that she might actually faint. “Oh, you got to be kidding me!”

Josh just shook his head.

“She—she’s going to spend all night at the frat house?”


“And basically make herself available for the guys?”


“How many, exactly?”

“I—I think there are about eighteen.”

“Eighteen guys. And they’re all going to . . .?”

“I guess so.”

“Jesus! How can one woman deal with so many?”

“She can.” For some reason Josh felt compelled to be brutally honest. “There might be more guys from other parts of campus who’ll come over.”

“So we’re talking about twenty, twenty-five guys?”


“All at once?”

“Well, of course not. One at a time.” After a pause: “Sometimes two at a time.” Another pause. “Or three at a time.”

“Three at a time? That isn’t even possible!”

Josh gazed at Julie as if she were a little innocent. “Julie, not to be crude about it, but there are three places in a woman’s body where a guy can put his thing. Surely you must know that.” You lived with a guy, didn’t you?

Julie’s body started to shake uncontrollably. Suddenly she leaped up from the couch and started striding around the room like a caged tiger.

“What—what does she want to do that for? Can she really enjoy that sort of thing?”

“It seems that she does.”

“But it’s so—so”—Julie made a face—”so degrading!”

“That’s a matter of opinion. Some people might say it shows how strong a woman can be.”

“Oh, that’s preposterous!”

“It takes a lot of energy, and stamina, and fortitude. Not every female is capable of it.”

“I’m sure they’re not!”

Then Julie whirled around and peered intensely at Josh. “That’s how you met her, isn’t it?” she whispered. “In that frat house?”

Josh hung his head. “Yes.”

“You—you fucked her there along with all those other guys!”

“Please don’t use that kind of language.”

“Oh, fuck my language! That’s what you did! Don’t tell me you ‘made love’ to her! You didn’t know her from Eve! She was just a ready, willing female whom you could stick your cock into.”

“It wasn’t like that.”

“Then what was it like?”

“Listen,” Josh said, standing up himself and looking Julie in the face. “That first time, your mom was—um, let’s say, not quite prepared for the onslaught. She got pretty tired—I’m thinking she may have been close to passing out. So—so I helped her.”

“Helped her? How?”

“I—I gave her a bath.”

“You gave my mother a bath?” Julie was in an ecstasy of outrage.

“Well, to be exact, I gave her a shower. She was—kind of messy.”

Julie made a face. I don’t want to know the details. “This was after you fucked her.”

“Yes. But she—I mean, she looked in kind of bad shape. So I got in the shower with her and cleaned her up. But”—and Josh had no idea why he was being so appallingly honest—”I, um, got kind of worked up when I did that. You know, lathering her up with soap and everything . . .”

Julie caught on pretty fast. “And you fucked her again—right there in the shower?”

“I wish you wouldn’t use that word.”

“But that’s what you did?”

“Yes. But I asked her permission. And she said it was okay. I think she was grateful that I was being nice to her.”

“So then what happened?”

“Well, I dried her off, got her a nightgown, and took her back to my room. I used to live there.”

“I see.”

“And we just went to sleep.”

“That’s it? Nothing more?”

That brutal honesty again. “Well, just one more thing.”

“Don’t tell me you did her again? Jesus, her pussy must have been aching by that point.”

Josh scowled. You shouldn’t talk about your mom in that disrespectful way. “I—I didn’t go into her pussy.”

“Then where?”

“Her bottom.”

Julie suddenly clutched her stomach as if someone had kicked her there. “Omigod! Omigod!”

“Look, other guys had done that before me! Lots of them!”

“Jesus Christ, do you really have to tell me that?”

“I’m just trying to tell you what happened!”

Julie staggered to the sofa, falling heavily on it. “Was that it? You’d done her three times—I hope that was enough.”

“Yes. We went to sleep after that. And the next morning the guys gave her a big breakfast.”

“Well, why not? She’d put out for them in a pretty unprecedented way! Or is this a regular occurrence at Delta Pi?”

“No, of course not. Everyone loved her.”

“I’m sure they did.”

“And so I took her home afterwards. But—but she interested me, so I wanted to see her again, and she agreed. And that’s how beşyol escort this all started.” Josh gestured around the room.

Julie closed her eyes. “I don’t believe what I’ve just heard. My mother has become—”

Josh rushed at Julie and, as she had done earlier, took her by the shoulders and shook her a little. “Don’t say it, Julie! Don’t say whatever it is you were going to say! She’s not like that. She—she’s a fine woman. I won’t have her badmouthing her.”

Julie was struck by Josh’s devotion. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know what I was saying. It’s just that this whole thing is so incredible!”

“Yeah, I can see that. But believe me, she’s doing this because she wants to. You know all too well, I figure, that she’s not one to be pushed around.”

“No, she isn’t.”

“So she’ll be back tomorrow morning and you can take it up with her then.”

“I think I’m a little afraid to.”

“I don’t blame you.”

“And what about you? She’s going to be furious that you told me!”

“I don’t think so. She must know that this would have come out sometime or other.”

“I just hope you’re right. I don’t want you getting in trouble with her. When it comes to anger, ‘Hell hath no fury like a Candace scorned!'”

And that’s how they left it. Both of them tried to focus on their own studies, but that proved pretty difficult. They both decided to retire early, although Julie for one didn’t know whether she would get even a moment’s sleep after the revelations of the evening. Josh, standing in the upstairs landing before retreating to his (that is, Candace’s) bedroom, gave Julie a brotherly hug—which, to his surprise, she extended for more than a minute, wrapping her arms tightly around his back and cradling her head in the crook of his neck. There were sniffling or gurgling sounds coming out of her.

Then she pushed him away and fled to her own bedroom.

But that wasn’t the end of the evening’s events. In about half an hour, Josh heard a tentative knock on his door; without waiting for a response, Julie opened the door and slipped into the room. She was, to Josh’s surprise, wearing a rather skimpy baby-doll nightgown that only went down to her thighs—it didn’t seem quite sufficient on this chilly night. Maybe that was why she quickly slid into his bed and snuggled up next to him.

But there was a worried, even frightened look on her face that made him think she was in anything but an amorous mood.

“I couldn’t sleep, Josh,” she whispered. “I feel so strange.” Right now, my mom is being banged by God knows how many guys down at that frat house . . .

Extending an arm around her, Josh said, “I understand.”

The contours of her body were alarmingly evident as she nestled against him. Naturally, she wasn’t wearing a bra, and he could feel her heavy breasts (not quite as bountiful as her mother’s, but ample nonetheless) pressing against his chest, and he thought—fantasized?—that he could even detect the swelling of her mons and the fine hairs around her delta, uncovered by underwear, next to his thigh. Her warm breath against his neck was also unnerving.

Julie reached out her own arms and encircled Josh’s chest and neck, and again he sensed that she was on the verge of tears, maybe even hysterics. He did his best to calm her down by stroking her head and back gently—but it only had the effect of stimulating himself. He wasn’t entirely sure Julie was aware that he was wearing only underwear, his usual attire for the night.

When she made a soft sound from deep in her throat that had a slightly different connotation, he ventured to place a hand on her bottom, over her thin nightgown.

She gasped, and he thought she was on the verge of reaching around with her hand and pushing his hand away. But she did nothing. Instead, she clung to him more tightly.

That gave him the courage to take up the hem of her nightgown with his fingers and slowly, tenderly pull it up so that her bare bottom was revealed to his touch. Again, all he did was to place his hand on one cheek, making no effort to stroke or squeeze it. But that simple act was making Julie breathe faster, and he could feel her breasts rising and falling against his chest.

Then, to his own surprise, she raised her head, took his face in both of her hands, and gave him a long, deep kiss on the mouth.

The scent of her body—he could detect a slight sheen of sweat above her upper lip—was intoxicating, and he now went ahead and squeezed that bottom, first with one hand, then with two. Julie let out a harried moan and pressed her body more tightly against his, almost climbing directly on top of him. Josh decided to go for broke: he moved his hand so that it was between their bodies, and in short order he found that space between her legs, already dripping with her juices.

She was now clutching his face almost desperately while raining kisses on it. He maneuvered his fingers so that her labia parted and exposed her clitoris, which he stroked gently—but that beykent escort was enough to cause Julie to gasp loudly before she resumed pressing her lips against his. She now was right on top of him, and the feel of her entire body against his own was making him dizzy. But he sensed that she needed to achieve her own culmination before either of them could focus on his, and so he redoubled his efforts to stimulate her ever-moistening sex.

In minutes she was crying out loud in a broken voice, and he thought a tear was being squeezed out of each eye. She was thrusting and bucking against him as one of his hands remained firmly on her pussy and another on her bottom. His stroking continued for as long as she could endure it, until with a final groan she rolled off of him and curled up into a fetal position, her back to him, breathing raggedly and looking glassy-eyed.

“Omigod,” she mumbled, expressing both satisfaction at her orgasm and a bit of trepidation at what the two of them had just done.

At last she turned around to face him. “You—that was fabulous,” she said.

“I’m glad you liked it,” he said humbly.

She continued to gaze at him, then pulled back the blankets to reveal his own form. They both noticed that his underwear was severely distorted.

“Um,” she said, “you probably want some reciprocation.”

She gently pulled down his underwear, exposing his eight-inch erection. That made her gasp once again.

“That’s—pretty big,” she whispered.

“It’s not that big,” he said.

“It looks pretty big to me!” she cried. Then, in a lower voice: “Way bigger than Brandon’s. He’s only about five inches.”

She took it in her hands as if she had never seen or felt a cock before, tugging at it this way and that like a fascinating but inscrutable toy. Without prompting, she scooted down and delicately placed the first few inches of it in her mouth, using her tongue to tickle the shaft and the tip. This was delightful, but Josh, placing a hand gently on Julie’s head to keep it in place, said:

“Do you think . . . I could go in you?”

Julie paused abruptly at what she was doing, keeping the cock in her mouth. Then she took it out, gave Josh a plangent look, and said:

“What about . . . Mom?”

“I don’t think she would mind.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“I’ve gotten to know her pretty well.”

Julie digested that for a while, absently pulling Josh’s cock this way and that. Then, as if making a sudden decision, she said: “Okay.”

She rose up on her knees and slipped off the nightgown, tossing it away.

What she revealed was indeed impressive. Her breasts were dense, firm, and shapely, with pink nipples protruding nearly half an inch from the surface. The hair around her delta was, as Josh predicted, fine and straight—a surprisingly thin covering for one who didn’t shave down there. In her high excitement, her entire body was bright pink, and her face was flushed almost as if she had a fever. But her eyes were glistening, and even as she exposed herself she gazed down eagerly at the naked form of her companion.

She flipped herself over onto her back, spreading her legs provocatively—but her face suddenly took on a pensive air, for reasons Josh couldn’t understand.

He didn’t want to go into her just like that, so he draped himself over her body and nestled his head against those breasts—so similar, and yet so different, from her mother’s. He loved to place his head in the space between them, pressing both of them against his face to gain a true sense of their heft and rondure. Then, sliding up so that his face was directly above hers and his body draped between her legs, he entered her.

But only up to a point. To his amazement, he encountered an obstacle a few inches in.

“What—what? Are you—?” he cried in bafflement.

“Just go in, okay?” Julie said desperately. “Go on through!”

He did as ordered, even though the final push elicited a cry of pain from Julie that wrung his heart. Even so, she wrapped her legs around his hips as he thrust into her, and Josh echoed her earlier actions by covering her face with passionate kisses, extending down to her neck, shoulders, breasts, and even her armpits. Julie was groaning in rhythm to his pumping, and more tears were leaking out of her eyes; but the sensation of being enfolded within that warm, wet, luscious cavity was such that he wanted it to go on forever, heedless of his partner’s agony.

But he lasted only a few minutes. All the previous excitement, capped with the astonishment of this unexpected deflowering, compelled him to send his seed deep into her in a series of jolts that caused both of them to grunt in a scarcely human fashion.

He usually liked to linger inside a woman after a climax, but he could tell that Julie was in extreme discomfort, even though she was valiantly attempting to disguise the fact. So he pulled out and rolled over onto his back next to her.

But amidst his ragged breathing he said, “How—how could you be a virgin? You were living with a guy!”

Julie stared at the ceiling as she wiped the tears off her face. “I hadn’t let him go all the way. We did a lot of other stuff, but not that. I told him I wasn’t ready. But then he tried to force the issue, and I had to fight him off. So then I told him we were done, and I came here on that Friday.” That Friday when you were poking my mother.

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