Can I Help, Daddy?

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Like most young fathers I had hoped for my first to be a son. Someone to take to the ball games, and out on the boat to fish, and to teach what little I knew about cars. Things like that, but it didn’t happen. That’s not to say that I was disappointed with what I got. No, the instant she came, not so gracefully, into this world I was in love with my Stephani. I learned to take care of her wants and needs right from the start, and delighted in them. I was a hands-on Dad, learning to feed her, change her, bathe her, and all those things that had to be done with care and without fail. I also learned what made her happy and content, and what made her angry or sad. I never stopped learning, even to this day.

Don’t get the idea that she grew up to be a spoiled brat, because she didn’t. She learned along the way, too. She learned that, even though she had Dad wrapped around her little finger, on those rare occasions when he said “No” that was it and there would be no changing his mind. So, early on, she started paying attention to the kind of things I’d say “Yes” to and concentrated her efforts on the things that mattered most to her. By the time she was a teenager she didn’t often have to hear “No” and she still managed to get most of what she wanted.

I got what I wanted, too, along the way. We went fishing together, and to ball games, and I’ve made sure that she knows her way around under the hood of her car. If you work in a garage and she comes in for repairs, don’t try to sell her something she doesn’t need. She’ll call you on it and take her car somewhere else. She got this way by hanging with me all the time whenever I was home. Whatever I was doing she’d watch a while and say, “Can I help, Daddy?” If I was going somewhere, other than to work, she’d be saying, “I want to come, too, Daddy.” She became my little shadow, my helper, and my partner more and more as she grew up.

Stephani spent time with Mom, too, and learned all those things that make a woman wonderful. She learned what to do with hair and makeup, how to cook and clean and sew, what clothes looked good on her and how to care for them. But when Dad got home it was into the t-shirt and jeans, so she could hang with me.

Well, Mom left. Back then, I couldn’t even really tell you why she left. I thought I was a good husband; I was trying to be anyway. None of what she said made any real sense to me, but no matter what I said or did, she wouldn’t come back home and so, we divorced. In today’s world, the only reason you have to give is ‘Irreconcilable Differences’, so I never did find out, from her, the real reasons. Stephani chose to stay with me and, being a senior in high school at the time, it was pretty much her choice to make. Her graduation was the last time I saw Julie (Mom) and that was well over a year ago. She was on the arm of a tall, good-looking guy she introduced as Jim. Maybe Jim was the reason she left, I thought. I didn’t know and, in time, I didn’t care; what’s done is done. At least, I didn’t know then, but I do now.

I’ve still got my baby. She decided to stay home and go to the local college. That’s fine. It has a good name and a high standard, so it’s not like she gave up her best choices in order to stay here. And she’s still my partner. We still go places and do things together. I still hear her say, “Can I help, Daddy? I want to come too, Daddy.” We have a lot of fun.

The first year or so after Julie left I didn’t want another woman in my life. Much of that time was taken up with Stephani’s school functions anyway. Junior and Senior year is a busy time and full of surprises. I still remember the night of Stephani’s senior prom. I was standing in the living room, talking with a nervous young man and wondering what there was about him that had attracted ‘My Little Girl’ to him. I saw his eyes get big and his mouth dropped open. I turned around and there stood the most gorgeous woman I’d ever seen. Of course it was my Stephani. I’d always known that she was pretty, but I had only seen her with a daddy’s eyes. The vision that stood before me forced me to see her with a man’s eyes. Her honey-blonde hair was swept up, exposing her neck and bare shoulders. Her red, strapless gown had something about it that pushed her up in the front and made her breasts seem much fuller than I had thought them to be. It was tight on her torso, then it flared out at her hips and stopped just far enough off the ground to show that she was wearing black, strappy shoes with more Escort than a three inch heel. The red really looked good against her pale skin, and the shoes and hair style made her look very tall. Really she’s five foot six and up to that time I would have said skinny, but slender is the word that came to mind when I saw her like that. She was wearing makeup, but it was subtle. I’ve always said that when it’s done right you can’t tell it’s there. She didn’t quite make that mark, but she came damned close. Something she had done made her brown eyes shine and the smile she wore for us was dazzling. I was almost mesmerized by my own daughter and I jokingly said that maybe I should send this kid away empty-handed so I could take her out myself. She blushed at that and hugged me, then we said all the usual stuff and I took pictures of them before they left. That was the night that I really saw that my little girl had become a woman.

Over the next few months there were other times when this thought cut through everything else. For one thing my numbness began to wear off. I was ready for a woman again and I started going out now and then, hoping to meet someone. I dated a few different women, but nothing ever came of it. For one thing I was still a little bit cynical over what had happened with Julie. I kept seeing hidden agendas and shallowness. It’s quite likely that much of this was only my imagination, but it was there. Then too, these women all seemed too big, too old, too serious, or too selfish. There was always something that detracted from them and I finally figured that one out. None of them were Stephani. In the months that followed my awakening I had noticed more and more just how beautiful she was and how thrilling it was to have her nearby or just to hear her speak to me. A woman’s voice does something to men; it fills an empty spot within us. And Stephani’s voice does more; it has this, almost musical, quality to it that will just make a man melt. Given these things and the closeness we had always had it was no wonder that I found my thoughts often turned towards her. It was this, more than anything, that had made me go out to look for a woman, and it was also this that made every woman fall short. Of all the women in the world, she was the only one who was forbidden to me. I had no living relatives, but for her. And yet, she was the only one I truly wanted. Still, I fought against it and tried to find someone.

In the meantime, the body still has needs. I would take care of those needs when I had to and, as time went on, I was having to with more and more frequency. At first, I would fantasize about some woman I had seen during the day, my imagination embellishing her and filling in the blank spots; or I would relive an experience I’d had in the past. Eventually though, these fantasies were slowly replaced with visions of Stephani. Stephani in her red gown. Stephani getting out of her red gown. Stephani lying naked on her red gown with me lying on top of her and between her widespread legs. Stephani in all manner of dress and undress, seducing me or allowing me to seduce her. At first I fought against such things, but the thoughts kept coming back and soon enough I gave up fighting and she was my only fantasy. Her mere presence was enough to get me horny and many times I had trouble trying to hide an erection from her. In my mind I had her in every way a man can have a woman and in more than a few ways that I’m sure would be impossible in real life. I got to the point where I would speak to her while I stroked my throbbing cock, my mind filling in her responses to me.

I was always careful to only do this when she wasn’t around; in my bedroom with the door locked and the TV on to mask the sound of what I was doing. But, of course, you know what eventually happened. One night I was alone, taking care of that urge. Stephani was out on a date. She had been at my side most of the day, still my shadow, and I was painfully aware of her nearness, her scent, the swell of her breasts under her t-shirt. She had gotten all dolled-up for her date and she looked so good when she left that, only minutes after she stepped out the door, I was in my bedroom, naked and sprawled across my bed with my stiff cock in my hand. Knowing that I was alone I wasn’t really very careful and I was soon lost in my fantasy world, stroking my hard shaft and talking to Stephani. The bedroom door was only open a crack, but it was open.

“That’s good, Stephani, squeeze Escort Bayan my cock hard while you move your hand up and down,” I said.

“Like this, Daddy?,” I heard her say in my mind.

“Yes, like that. Lick my nipple while you do that,” I said.

“Will you lick mine for me, Daddy? I like it, too,” I heard her say to me.

“Of course I will. Let’s get this blouse off of you.” I replied.

“And my bra. Or should I just pull the cups down like last time?” she queried.

“No, let’s take it off. Now, let Daddy slide these tiny little panties off of you,” I murmurred into her ear.

“Ooh, the air feels so cold on my hot little pussy. Will you rub it and make it tingle?” Stephani asked.

“Yes, I will. How does that feel?” as I (mentally) began to rub her sweet little pussy with my fingertips.

“That feels good,” she cooed.

“Does Daddy’s cock feel good, too?” I asked, knowing the answer, since I was supplying it myself.

“Yes, it does, Daddy,” she replied.

“Do you like Daddy’s cock?” I asked.

“Oh, yes. It’s so hard and hot in my hand,” she said as she (I) stroked its length.

“Do you want Daddy to fill your sweet little pussy with his big, fat cock?” I asked my baby girl.

It went on in that way for some time. I know it sounds rather juvenile, but of such stuff are men’s fantasies made. I was about to cum, my cock was already pulsing in my hand. I knew that, if I had looked down at it, it would have been an angry, purple-red with all the veins standing out, but I had my eyes closed while I furiously pounded my fist up and down. Somehow, through this lustful haze, I heard a noise. My eyes flew open and I looked toward the door and there, peeking through the crack in the door, stood Stephani. With so little of her exposed I couldn’t see what expression was on her face, and as soon as I looked her way she slid away and disappeared from my view. Of course, all thoughts of finishing what I had started left immediately and I jumped up and pulled my pants on. I didn’t know what I was going to say, but I knew I had to say something to her. By the time I had covered myself and come out of the bedroom though, she was gone. I later learned that she had forgotten her purse and had come back for it. I didn’t know how long she had been standing there at my door; probably not long, but surely long enough to figure out that I had been talking to her in my fantasy. I was horrified. I had this image playing in my head of her walking out of my house and out of my life.

I anxiously waited for her to return. Would she return? What would I say to her if she did? What could I say? Certainly nothing to excuse what she had seen and heard; maybe nothing that she would want to hear. Maybe I wouldn’t even get the chance to say anything at all. She had friends she might turn to for a place to stay while she figured out what to do. She might come in while I was at work to take her things and just go, like her mother did. As time stretched into hours I poured myself a drink, then another, and another after that. I don’t know what time it was that the worry and the booze finally took their toll and put me to sleep.

I woke up sore from sleeping in a chair that wasn’t really built for comfort to see that it was full daylight outside. The clock on the mantle showed that it was almost noon. The house was silent except for the hum of the air-conditioning. Taking a peek outside, I saw that Stephani’s car wasn’t in the driveway, so she had been home and left again sometime while I was asleep. With the shadow of dread hanging over me I went to check her room, more than half-expecting to find it an empty space; her walls and shelves bare, her closet and dresser cleaned out. But it was neat and orderly, as always, and everything seemed to be there. Her bed was made, but had it been slept in? I didn’t know; there was no way of knowing since I had slept so late.

It was Saturday, so I hadn’t missed any work, but that meant that the whole weekend was ahead of me and I didn’t know what it would hold. I began to worry again, thinking the worst. Stephani was out apartment hunting right now and would do her best to avoid me until she found one, then she would be gone. Stephani was crying on the shoulder of some dear friend or boyfriend who would offer her a place to stay and I would never see her again. In my mind, my offense was elevated to the level of a crime and I wondered if the next person through my Bayan Escort door would be a policeman. I tortured myself all day while I waited and Stephani didn’t return till sometime after I fell asleep again.

Sleep has a wonderful healing effect on the mind and body. It takes us away from our troubles and relieves us of our burdens, it heals our aches and pains and heartaches. I dreamed, and in the dream I saw sunshine and a grassy place beside a stream where a beautiful woman waited for me. I was naked and soon, so was she, and we delighted in each other. I felt my cock grow hard and saw the flush of excitement spread across her breast. I explored her body and felt her soft fingertips caressing me, stoking the fires within me. I felt that warm, wet woman-place envelope me as in entered her and began to thrust against her. I heard her voice…

I heard a voice…

I heard Stephani’s voice! And it wasn’t a dream.

“Can I help, Daddy?”

Fighting my way up through the mists of sleep I realized that Stephani was beside me, in my bed, and naked. Her hand was around my cock, with my own, and she was pressing her body up to mine. She was propped up on one arm and leaning over me, looking down at me. I started to say something, but she shushed me and began working her hand up and down on my shaft. She kept a firm grip on it, not like some women who are afraid that they’re going to hurt a man if they squeeze too hard. A thrill went through me and I had the feeling that my cock was a piece of velvet-covered steel. After only a couple of minutes Stephani began to rise and I thought she was going to get out of bed and go to her own. Instead, she straddled me and it was obvious what she was about to do.

I said, “Are you sure, baby?”

She responded by placing my cockhead at that wonderful spot and easing herself down onto me, saying, “Yes. I’m sure.”

She rode me slowly and deliberately; bottoming out every time she let her cunt slide down my shaft and rising again until the crown just slipped from between her hot, wet lips. Her hands were on my chest and her fingers dug into my flesh every time she came down on me. Her breasts swayed with her movements and her nipples were hard, and just out of reach of my mouth. The moonlight coming in through the window played against her flesh, but her face was in darkness. I touched her in the half-light and felt her skin burn my fingertips, then I heard her speak again.

“Do you know why Mom left?”

I couldn’t imagine why she had let her mother intrude on this moment. I gave no answer.

“Because I told her to, that’s why. She was a whore. I caught her so many times with other men while I was growing up. She always threatened me and kept me from telling what I knew. But I knew, and I finally couldn’t take it anymore. I hid a tape recorder under the bed, this bed, and after a few tries I got a good one of her with one of her men. I made a copy and played it for her while I told her to get out. She was gone the next day.” All this time she was still riding up and down, grinding into me every time we came together. Sweat dripped off of her and splattered on my chest before it mingled with my own. I began to push up with my hips to meet her downward thrusts and the soft slap, slap of our bodies coming together increased in volume to match our tempo as our fever increased.

She continued with, “Daddy, I didn’t push her out so I could have you; I did it because she was bad for you. It caught me off-guard to hear you speaking of me while you jerked yourself off and I just ran away.” I reached up and wrapped my hungry hands around her jiggling breasts, squeezing and pawing at them. “But all that night and all of today I thought about you.” I strained until I captured one excited nipple with my lips. “I came to realize that I do want you.” I sucked her nipple hard and caressed it with my tongue. “Oh God!… That’s why I never keep a boyfriend; they’re not you.” I reached down her back to firmly grip her ass and played with her asshole. “The guys I date never come up to the standards I set for them. No one can; only you. Oh!” I pushed just the tip of one finger into her ass and made just very slight thrusting motions with it; all the while grinding my pelvis against hers. “I love you. Oh! Not only that, but I’m in love with you. Please love me too.”

What was I to say? What could I say? I released her breast and, putting my arm around her back, I pulled her down to me and thrust into her hard and said, “Of course I love you; I always have.” And as I said these words I felt my cock begin to throb and pulse, and I felt my cum pumping into her.

Then I heard her say, “Fuck me hard. I want to cum too, Daddy,” so I did.

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