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A few years ago I had just been dumped by my girlfriend and to get my mind off of my current situation, I decided to go camping. I usually went with friends but this time I really needed some solitude. Some space to really think things through so I got ready and Friday afternoon I took off work early and set off for the north.

I went to my usual stomping grounds, parked, locked my car and set off with my pack on my back and some thinking to do. I hiked down to a small clearing and proceeded to set up camp. No sooner had I set up then I heard some girls laughing and talking. I turned around and saw two women, not girls, heading down the trail towards me. When they saw me I noticed a look of concern in their eyes but when they saw all my gear..that I was one of them (a fellow backpacker) they looked more at ease.

“Hello” I called out.

“Hi!” they said almost in unison. They had to be in their late 30’s, maybe early 40’s. They looked like MILF’s (before that was even a word). The first one had long blonde hair, braided and under a hat in a ponytail. She was tall, lean and very attractive. The 2nd one was shorter with short brown hair cropped and had on hiking shorts and a fleece jacket. She was very cute and looked to be the older of the two.

“You don’t mind company, do you?” asked Gena (as I was to find out later), the short brown haired one. “We can keep going down to the pointe and camp there if you wanted some space.”

“No, you’re fine. I don’t mind at all.”

“Your sure?” Asked Shawn (the blonde).

“Yeah. No problem at all.” I smiled and went back to setting up camp.

The women set up about 20 yards from my site. I later found out they were good friends who enjoyed hiking. They had been out on the trail since early morning. Shawn was married with 3 kids. Gena was divorced for 3 years with a teenaged son of 18. Gena was in her early 40’s. I was only 24 at the time but thought Gena was very attractive. Of course, at first, my eyes went to Shawn. Tall, blonde, great tits and a$$. She had a sly look about her that told me she enjoyed screwing. My eyes always went back to Gena though. Maybe because she was the single one, maybe because she looked “attainable”, maybe because she was just so dang cute. Nice smile (with dimples), dark brown eyes, nice build (not too skinny and not over weight either…you could say she was “just right”). When she took her fleece off my eyes popped out. She had a nice set up tits on her under her loose t-shirt. As I collected some fire wood and water and started to set up dinner, I kept glancing over their way to catch gena bending over for something (nice panty line) or to see shawn reaching for something (nice belly).

I had enough wood for a good fire (as it was going to be a bit chilly that night) and had just finished heating up some dinner with Shawn came over. “Hey.”

“Hey to you.” She replied with a smile. “What brings you out here tonight?”

“Oh, just needed to get away. Collect some thoughts.”

“Cool. Deep thinking huh?” She asked. I caught a glimpse of a smile at the corner of her mouth as she caught me checking out her rack.

“Yeah, I guess you could say that.” I replied.

“Well, yell if ya need anything. Enjoy your dinner.” With that she turned and walked away. She walked a bit slower, I am sure, to show off her fine a$$.

I finished up my dinner and glanced over. The women were starting in on their dinner. I was far enough away that I could stare a bit but too far away to see anything good. I felt my co*k twitch a bit in my pants. Looks like another night for “rosey” I sighed to myself.

In about an hour I had a good fire going. The sun was just about down and I popped open a smaller cooler I had brought down (only a half mile to the car) and opened a beer. I sat back by the fire and smiled and how nice it was to be sitting out in the forest, before a roaring fire, drinking a tasty beer. I heard some movement and could see two headlamps heading my way.

“Hey there! Mind if we join you’re fir…beer? You have beer?” Shawn exclaimed!

I laughed a bit. “Only a few…you guys want one?”

“Sure!” Gena pipped in. That actually sounds great!

“Here ya go.” I tossed a can each to Shawn and Gena. “Have a seat!”

Shawn and Gena both sat down and soon we were talking about hiking and camping and what we did and everything else. We were all very relaxed and the beer helped even more. I had brought a six pack and so we all had two then Gena and Shawn each brought out a bottle of Jack and a bottle of Rum. We passed that around later, after the beer.

We talked into the night about life and stuff and finally got around to why I was out there…about getting dumped. They both were very sorry to hear that and both said that she was the one that lost out. I told them how just three weeks ago we had gone away to a resort and had a great time.

“Well, at least you got some recently. It’s been like over a year for Gena here!” Shawn slurred out.

“Shawn!” Gena yelled but I could casino siteleri tell she didn’t mind that info getting out. The more I looked at Gena, the more my co*k twitched. She had her fleece on but you could still see quite a nice rack there. She still had on her loose fitting shorts. Her eyes had a little spark in them and not just from the fire.

I laughed and said “Don’t worry. It’s fine. Heck, I only have ‘rosey’ these days” and held up my hand, wiggling my fingers.

Shawn burst out laughing and bent over. Gena turned a little red and laughed. She reached over and patted my thigh as she did so. “Oh..poor baby!”

*** We drank more and talked more. Our tongues were looser now and we talked sex and love and marriage and drugs and everything else. Soon both the Jack and the rum were almost gone. Shawn got up and said “I gotta pee” and stumbled off to the woods. Gena and I looked at each other smiled. She licked her lips, not in a seductive way, at least, I am sure, she didn’t mean for it to be, but it looked sexy none the less.

“You know what I miss the most about being single?” She asked. “Shopping. I don’t really shop for anyone any more, you know? It’s just for me. I miss trying things on with him in mind.”

“I miss her panties.” I blurted out.

“What?” Gena asked, almost laughing.

“Well, I love pantys. Love ’em! She had quite a nice collection. She loved Victoria’s Secret and she would ask me for a color, I would call one out and that was the color she would buy. She would surpise me later with them on and tell me she wanted me to eat my way throu.. Oops..probably too much info there.” I stammered and laughed.

Gena turned red and laughed as well. “No, not at all…I mean, that is one thing I still indulge in…even without a boyfriend and even, as Shawn puts it, not ‘getting any’ in over year. Panties I mean. I love shopping for them. It makes you feel sexy and, I don’t know, fierce, with a nice pair of panties on. The eating part, well, I couldn’t agree more with her I’m afraid.”

I don’t know if it was the alcohol or what but I leaned over, put my hand on her thigh and said “Are you feeling ‘firece’ tonight?” My cock was now bulging out of my pants.

Gena got goosepimples all over her harm and her breathing caught in her throat. “Oh…” she said, startled. She looked at me, placed her hand over my hand and said “Roland, I am old enough to be your Mom!” She still had that look in her eyes. The look of “fu*k me”.

“Their red, aren’t they?” I asked.

“What are?” she questioned.

“Your panties!”

“Um…” she stammered a bit and looked away to where Shawn went. Shawn was slowing heading back to us. She quickly looked down and stetched the front of her pants. She looked up wide eyed. “How did you know?”

“Easy. Those shorts are loose and you can see right up them when you cross your legs.” I said just as Shawn returned.

“What did I miss?” She asked then spyed my hand on Gena’s leg. Her smile faded away and Shawn stretched. “Well, Gena, ready for bed?” She asked and leaned in to give Gena a hand up.

“Um..yeah, I guess.” Gena sighed and looked back at me with a sorry look in her eyes. “Be there in a sec Shawn.”

Shawn nodded and headed back to their camp.

“Roland, really. I am much too old for you.”

“Gena, I just want to tell you…I’m being honest here as well…you are very hot REGARDLESS of how old you are. Have confidence in yourself…and show off those panties every once in a while.” I chuckled.

“Well, thank you Roland.” She turned and started to walk away and then turned back “Hot?”

“Well no…more like sexy hot if you really want the truth.”

Gena laughed “Well, have a good night Roland..and give ‘Rosey’ a break, will ya?” She walked away, her panty line showing full and clear by the fire. She walked back to camp and started talking to Shawn. Although they spoke in hushed tones I could tell that Shawn didn’t like what she saw. They finally ended up laughing a bit then went in their tents with Gena giving one last look over to me…a look and a wave.

I stayed up a bit longer, letting the fire die down before I put it out and crawled into my tent. My cock was still semi hard and I was thinking or Gena. Actually, I was thinking of Gena and Shawn and doing them both at the same time. Hey, it’s what guys think about. I thought about going over there but knew that would not look good, besides, I am sure they were loaded to bear with pepper spray and who knows what else. I snuggled down in my sleeping bag and drifted off to sleep.

I woke up late the next morning with a small hangover and a rock hard cock. I sat up and rubbed my eyes and started to unzip my tent when I noticed something attached to the zipper. It was saftey pinned to the zipper…a pair of red Victoria’s Secret panties with a note attached “Roland- we went for a day hike. Will be back tonight for another fire and more BEER! Luv, Gena and Shawn.”


My cock jumped in my pants even more. I unhooked slot oyna the pantied and took a good long smell. Pu$$y! I had not smelled anything that good in a few weeks. Actually, in about a month. They were still damp so she must have been pretty wet last night. I looked out over at their site and saw no movement. I decided that I had to do something….I quickly got dressed and walked over to their camp site, story in my head if I was caught. I called out their names a few times and shook the tent. Finally I unzipped it. No one was home but their sleeping bags and their packs. They must have taken daypacks for the hike. I went over to Gena’s pack and rifled through it until I found her panties. There was only one pair in their and a sports bra. Grey, Victoria’s Secret. They smelled good. My cock almost burst thru my pants now. I went over to Shawn’s bag and went thru it. Found one pair of dirty panties (Hanes). Blue. They smelled pretty good as well. No more pairs but one bra. Nice.

I spent the day heading back up the trail to my car and the nearest store. I bought another six pack and more Jack and Rum..and some coke to mix it with. Back down the trail, loaded up with booze. I then had to wait, smell some panties and resist jacking off until they got back.

They came back to camp around 3:00. We talked a bit about their hike, Gena always giving me a sly smile then they headed back to freshen up. Even without a shower for two days, Gena still looked hot as heck. Shawn looked tired and aggrevated. She smiled when I showed her more booze and some fish I had caught that morning (at the store but I didn’t tell them). We had a nice fish fry that night and then built a fire and passed around the booze again. This time, Shawn got passed the Jack more often. Gena made sure of that.

We talked on into the night about everything under the sun. Finally, Shawn got up and said she was heading to bed but tripped. Gena and I helped her up and back to her tent. By the time we got her there she was passed out drunk. We laid her down in her bag and Gena zipped it up half way. “Want a peek?” She asked.

“Of?” I asked, puzzled.

Gena flipped up Shawns shirt quickly to reveal her tits then pulled it back down again. She giggled in her drunk, cute way and we headed out, back to the fire.

“I liked the red panties” I said as we walked back. “They smelled great.”

Gena smiled and turned away. “Thanks. I thought you would. Would you like to see my nature pair?” She looked up at me.

“Nature pair? What about you being too old for me?”

She laughed, “Well, you know, there is something to be said for experience.” and with that she headed for my tent.

I glanced at the fire which had died down a bit. It would keep. I moved into the tent behind her, checking out her a$$ the whole way.

She laid down on my sleeping back as I zipped the tent close. “What do you mean by nature?” I asked and turned towards her but already could see the answer. Her shorts were unbuttoned and zipped down revealing a nice pair of green cotton VS panties. My co*k jumped. “So, it’s been over a year?”

“Yes..and I am horny as anything!! I got wet several times today on our hike just thinking about getting fu*ked…finally!” She slid her pants down and off as I also slid my shorts off. She leaned up and took me by the neck and slammed her mouth on to mine. Her tongue slid in side and just about down my throat.


I returned the favor and shot my hand up to her fleece. I unzipped it and let my hand slide in and cup her tits. They felt nice, esspecially her nipple poking thru. Gena let out a moan as I did this her hand going for my co*k. She slid her hand under the leg of my boxers and started to stroke me.

“Oh, Geeze!! It’s been too long since I felt one of these!” She moaned between kisses. She started to stroke me faster.

I laid down beside her and let me hand slide down to her crotch. Her legs spread open for me and I began to rub her crotch…it was soaked thru.

“You really want it, don’t you?” I asked, gasping for air.

“Roland, it’s been far too long since somone told me I was hot and checked me out as much as you have!” She slid her hand out from my boxers and down her panties. As I watched she rubbed herself then slid her hand out and her finger in mouth “Taste good?” she asked.

It did. There is nothing better than some pu$$y juice. “Not bad…not bad…but I want more.” I gasped and slid down. I parted her legs and took in those sweet panties.

She looked down at me and smiled “Not too long…I really just need a fu*k right now honey.” She laughed.

I bent in and planted a big kiss right in the middle of her crotch.

“Damn!!” Gena cried out.

I then reached up and slid her panties down and off. I looked up and saw the sweetest sight…a nice golden brown mound of pu$$y. Moist pu$$y I might add. I moved back up and spread her legs more and went right to work, kissing and licking her pu$$y all over. First her lips then inside then sliding canlı casino siteleri a finger in and then opening her up more to dart my tongue inside and out.

Her cl!t was next. I kissed up to it and started to flick my tongue over it. Back and forth up and down my tongue went faster and faster as my finger worked her pu$$y in and out faster and faster.

“Yeah…yeah…more…oh, hell yes!!!!” Gena moaned. “That is so nice…too long….yeah…yeah…” She was moaning and groaning and grinding against my face while her hand pressed down on the back of my head. “Ok…ok…just fu*k me. Just screw the hell out of me…come on honey…come on Roland!” She was almost yelling now. “I need you in!”.

“I don’t have a condom” I just about stuttered out (my ex had NEVER been this into sex…never!).

“Fu*k it! My tubes are tied…come on!!! Fu*k me!!” She was just about pulling me up by now.


I moved up and positioned myself but didn’t need any help. She took hold of my co*k and slid it inside her. “Fu*k me now honey!” She cried.

I obliged her and started to pump in and out. This felt great and the look she was given me just got me more and more worked up. She kept gliding her tongue over her teeth and then biting her lower lip and all the while staring me straight in the eyes. Her hair was damp with sweat and I could feel the beads on my nose. It was cold out, you could see our breath but it was hot in the tent.

I reached down and kissed her long and hard. While I kissed her I increased my thrusting and pounded it harder and faster in her. She reached around with her hands and pushed my a$$ to go faster. I started to reach my hands around and grab her a$$ to hold on to something when I stopped…

“What? What’s wron…” Gena paused.

Footsteps. We could hear footsteps thru the dead leaves and rocks outside.

“Shawn?” I whispered and looked at Gena.

She shrugged, her eyes wide.

“Hey you guys…Gena…Roland…you guys in there? The fire went down.”

It was Shaun.

“Yeah…” gasped Gena. We’re in here. We’ll be out in a few minutes. She sounded like such a pro. No reason given just that we would bo out then I remembered she had a son.

“What are y’all doing” Shawn slurred and we saw her headlamp shine over our way then the tent zipper being opened.

I rolled off Gena as quickly as I could as cold air came in and Gena flipped the sleeping bag over her as best she could. I grabbed my shirt and held it over me as Shawns light panned over us. She was wrapped up in her sleeping bag looking us over.

“Hahahahahahahahha…..” Shawn laughed in her drunken way. “You guys are fu*king! Good for you Gena!! Gosh! It even SMELLS like sex in here. really must be wet Gena…” She slurred even more. “Fu*k! He’s big!!” Shawn shouted as she pointed to my partially hidden rock hard co*k.

Gena and I looked at each other and nervously laughed. “Yeah..he is Shawn.” Gena replied. We’ll be out in a few…why don’t you get the fire going again?”

“No way man! I gotta watch you guys finish!!!” Shawn said and zipped the tent close. “I’ll stay…stay out of the way back here” She said and moved to the back of the tent but it being so small she was sitting at Gena’s knees.

“I looked at Gena, shrugged and started to get back on top of her. My co*k was already getting bigger again from the thought of this hot 35 year old woman watching us.

“What? No way!” Whispered Gena and pushed on my chest. “Not with her watching!!!”

“Oh, come on Gena!” Shawn slurred. You must have been close to cumming with how much it smells like pu$$y in here!!”

“Well?” I asked, looking squarely at Gena.


“Fu*k it! Give it to me.” Gena ordered and I obliged. I slid back into her and started to pump away slowly..nice and slow.

Gena was not as receptive as before. She didn’t kiss me, only directed me to her neck so she would not see Shawn. I slid slowly in and out and then reached down and cupped each a$$ cheek. Right when I cupped them I started to ram it in, hard and fast. Soon, Gena was panting in my ear to go faster and harder.

Shawn didn’t say a word.

Soon Gena was grabbing my a$$ and moaning loudly again. “Yes…yes…more…fu*k me honey. Come on Roland.

“Yeah…come on Roland!”

I looked back at Shawn. She had her hand down her pants and was masturbating herself…her hand rubbing her crotch faster and faster, her eyes half closed.

I kept pumping but Gena looked around at Shawn. “OH GOD!!!!” She screamed as she saw Shawn. “Yeah..Roland…faster…faster….Go Shawn…faster….Come on Shawn..cum with me! Cum with me Shawn!!!”

Hearing Gena encourage her friend just got me going faster and faster, harding and harder.

“Yeah…go Roland…fu*k her harder..harder.” Shawn whispered and reached over with her free hand and started to push my a$$.

That was all I needed…another girl touching my a$$ as I was fu*king another one. I let loose and came all at once inside Gena, whether she came or not. It was a sweet release.

“OH, yeah!! Honey!!!!” Gena screamed and wrapped her legs around me tight and squeezed my a$$. “Oh, God does that feel good in me…yeah!!!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32