Camping With Tom Ch. 03

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Tom stirred the glowing, red embers of their campfire, sending sparks into the dark sky. Absorbed with the quiet evening, he reflected on the days happenings. Swimming nude in the clear lake, catching brook trout and feasting on them for dinner. Away from anything electronic. And best of all, bonding with Don.

The fire was low and safe enough to leave. Tom made his way toward the tent, kicked off his sandals and unzipped the flap. Don lay nude atop his sleeping bag reading by the Coleman lantern. Tom ogled the tanned back and pale, fleshy globes of his ass. He smiled and playfully slapped the doughy cheeks.

“Hey nature boy. Looks like another peaceful night in the forest. Man…I’m getting used to this lifestyle.” Don placed the book down and turned to face Tom pulling off his tee shirt.

“Know what you mean. It’s great out here.” Don surveyed his friend’s taut belly and ripped biceps. Tom quickly doffed his jeans exposing leopard print bikini underwear. The string waistband barely held up the contoured pouch filled with Tom’s genitalia.

“If I’m nature boy then you’re Tarzan.” Don teased.

“Is the book any good?” Tom asked sprawling over the adjoining sleeping bag.

“Erotic stories, a young man’s tales of visiting a gay bathhouse. You’d like it. The fish was excellent tonight, huh?”

“Yeah. Nothing like cooking on an open fire.” Tom stared directly into Don’s eyes which were staring at his crotch.

“You love it. Don’t you?”

“Love what?”

“Sucking cock.”

“Gee…why don’t you get right to the point?” Don smirked. “Besides…there’s only one cock to suck here. I mean, other than my own.”

Tom reclined with fingers leisurely clasped behind his neck, “Yeah. Got to be one of the all time fantasies, huh? Being able to suck your own cock.”

Don’s gaze took in the sculpted, masculine figure dimly lit by the flickering lantern. Curly hairs adorned Tom’s chest and taut legs. The visible bulge invited and like a magnet, Don moved to kneel between Tom’s legs.

“No wonder all the chicks went after you.” Don whispered. An owl hooted from the nearby trees reminding them of the natural, shared privacy. The backs of his fingers trailed along Tom’s thighs and deftly teased up either side of the pouch.

“Going to get hard for me?” Don asked, softly brushing chest hairs and fingering his manly nipples. Tom opened his legs and sighed.

“Love your touch. So soft. Pull down my briefs.”

“Not yet horny Tarzan.”

“That’s also what I like. Your teasing.” Tom shivered as Don traced the outline of his growing member. He palmed Tom’s covered balls, imagining their fullness. Insistent fingers pulled the soft penis skin through the material. Tom groaned, his prick hardening from the movement.

Casually, Don moved to the side and picked up the book. “I want to read this part to you.”

“Okay.” Tom complied.


Josh had heard about the all male bath house from a fellow at the bar. As a realtor, Josh had many gay clients and he’d indulged in his bisexual side often enough. Sometimes he just wanted cock.

The fee was Sakarya Escort nominal and he signed in as a visitor. The annual membership and application would be looked into. The young man behind the desk was cordial, blonde, very tanned and scrutinized Josh handsomely. He took the locker key and towel and headed down the hallway.

He carefully hung his clothes and felt energized being naked. A quick shower was tempting but weighed himself first. Two naked men, holding hands, came around the corner and smiled to him. Josh was in great shape and the shorter, more paunchy of the two checked him out. He liked being looked at, in a way.

The sauna was not his first choice.. Josh opened the heavy wooden door to the steam room and found it nearly empty. His eyes adjusted to the dimness and moved towards the right set of benches. Sitting on the raised tier was a handsome, middle-aged man with short curly black hair with hands relaxed on knees. Josh immediately took in his muscular build and between open legs, a fairly thick penis stretched along the bench seat. The man looked up, caught his gaze and smiled.

“See anything you like?” He asked with a soft voice.

“Umm. Yeah. Actually…I do.” Josh answered, offering his hand, “I’m Josh. New here.”

“Hi. I’m Bill. Welcome to our club.” Said while shaking hands. Bill’s eyes devoured Josh’s profile. Opening his legs a tad, the handsome man reached down and casually touched himself. Josh eagerly watched.

“Umm…mind if I get a closer look?” Josh boldly asked.

“Not at all. In fact, it’d be my pleasure.” Josh noticed there were others’ in the room but didn’t care in the least. He knelt on the bottom bench between Bill’s legs.. Josh smoothed his palm along a thigh and touched the fattening penis with desire. Encircling the base, Josh stroked the skin softly.

“You have a nice one. I like thick cocks.” Josh whispered.


Don read to his friend, captivated by the story. One hand held the open book, the other continued to massage Tom’s full erection through the material.

“Keep going?”

“Oh yes. Very hot. Whew, I’m so hard.”


“I bet you do.” Bill answered, leaning back a little and opened his thighs. Josh placed a quick kiss on the man’s tip. He loved the muskiness surrounding Bill’s genitals and opened his mouth over the cock. Josh felt it pulsate slightly. Sensuously he probed the slit with the tip of his tongue and carefully moved his teeth around the rim. Bill’s cock was clean tasting and slid his mouth lower. Josh’s prick began to swell.

“Mmm. That’s good. Make it hard now.”

Josh cupped Bill’s large ball sac and lapped them eagerly then used the flat of his tongue up along the front of the shaft. Josh sucked at the penis again, encircling his fingers at the base and began to move the pliable skin up and down. The man sighed deeply from the pleasure, his prick stiffening quickly. Josh tightened his grip and allowed the cock to touch near the back of his throat. Stroking the tall pole, Josh sat back to admire the beautiful cock glistening with his saliva.

Adapazarı Escort “God, you have a gorgeous cock. Love sucking you.” Josh whispered. “Such a big one and…so hard!”

The handsome man looked down lewdly, touching Josh’s hair, “You got him nice and big now. So…tell me. Do you swallow?”

“Yes.” Josh answered and mouthed the hardon, wetly sucking the sensitive front again. Bill pushed his hips forward, nearly gagging him with the magnificent erection. Josh knew what he personally liked and began to bob his mouth up and down. Lightly squeezing his balls with one hand and jerking the slippery shaft quicker. Bill groaned as Josh pursed his lips around the mushroom head and sucked like a vacuum. He played with his hairy sac, lapping all around the shaft and masturbated the full erection with a perfect rhythm. The man was breathing heavier and sighing.

“Going to cum for me? Please? Cum in my mouth now…” Josh whispered, closing his mouth over the throbbing cock and humming, “Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm.” Josh felt a droplet of pre-cum escape his own prick sliding against the wooden bench seat.

Bill stiffened, strong fingers grasping Josh’s head. His cock enlarged and exploded in a rush. A large volley of creamy spunk shot and the man jerked into the wet cavern. Josh eagerly swallowed the salty gift, fondling the swollen balls to release all he had. Grunting with ecstasy, Bill’s orgasm seemed endless, spewing a fountain of sperm into the eager gullet. Josh swallowed the load lovingly and licked the popsicle clean.

Turning his head and pressing Bill’s cock to his cheek, Josh noticed a spectator only a few feet away masturbating to the show. His slim cock fully at attention. Eyes glassy and focused.

Josh’s need was wanton. He wanted more. He knelt upon the bench and opened his cheeks, lewdly offering his ass to the anonymous man.


Massaging Tom’s lengthy prick, Don felt the sticky spot on his underwear. “Mmm…you’re leaking…guess you like the story.”

“And your…the…the way…you stroke me.” Doffing the book, Don leaned down to lick at the moistened material. His friend had enough teasing. He pulled off the bikinis and nuzzled Tom’s warm balls, reveling in the musky, male scent.

“Yeah…like that…” Don held the rigid pole, lapping the blood engorged tip. Another clear droplet of juice oozed delightfully. Tasty, sexy fluid. Don eagerly closed his mouth around the mushroom shaped head.

“Ohh!” Tom gasped, propping up on an elbow to watch.

“Don…Don…I…I…want to fuck…you…” Reluctantly, he paused the oral feast and looked up.

“For real?”

“Umm…yeah. Have you ever…?” Don reflected with a mixture of guilt and excitement. How many times had he masturbated with dildo insertion, wishing/fantasizing for a flesh cock inside?

“Not the real thing. Nope.”

“I’ll be gentle with my virgin, nature boy.”

Tom immediately took control positioning Don onto his back and placing a large pillow under his hips. He gently smeared a dollop of K-Y jelly around Don’s rosebud, half of his index Serdivan Escort finger probing easily.

“You’re tight back here. Just relax.” Tom carefully pushed in his lubed middle finger, rubbed Don’s prostrate which elicited a deep sigh.

“Oh wow. That feels…good…” Don husked, feeling his pecker stiffen from the inner massage. Another finger entered. Tom slowly twirled the digits, flexing them apart, testing the elasticity of Don’ sphincter.

“I think you’re ready for me…” Don rose up onto his elbows, capturing Tom’s glassy eyes. He sat on haunches between Don’s legs. His cock was enormous. The foreskin neatly peeled back, hugging the pinkish shaft. His bulbous, mushroom head an angry magenta. Amply coated with lube, it glistened in the lantern’s soft light.

“Please. Don’t hurt me…it’s…you’re so big…”

“I’ll stop if it’s painful. Promise.” Both somehow knew it wouldn’t be like that. Both eagerly wanted this. Don trusted his best friend. Completely. He was clean. Don couldn’t think of anyone else he’d consider doing this with.

Tom’s spongy tip disappeared into the dark tunnel with no resistance at all. Holding the backs of Don’s thighs Tom pushed in about half of his erection, allowing anal muscles to adjust to the girth. Pulling in and out mere inches at a time, he felt Don’s tight rim stretching.

“Mmm. Man. So good. Ready for more?”

“Yeah…” Don moaned, “I didn’t kn-know…this would feel so good.” Tom thrust his hips forward and filled Don’s anal cavity with the remainder of his hardon. Balls deep.

“There. You got all of me nature boy.” Don reveled in pure pleasure as Tom’s cock erotically rubbed his inner sex gland. His own penis stood tall, completely erect. Pre-cum dripped as the fleshy pole worked in and out. He hadn’t been this hard in a long time. Like steel.

“Ohh. Ohh. Fuck…fuck. Tom…I…I want to cum…” Don gasped. Tom wrapped thumb and index around Don’s ball sack and squeezed gently.

“Stroke that cock.” Don’s wrist was a blur masturbating his stiffness and quickly spilling large droplets of gooey cum onto his heaving stomach.

“Nnn-nnn…Ohh…Ohh!” Don yelped in ecstasy. Tom enjoyed the show, marveling at the constriction around his own large member tightly suckled within Don’s exquisite asshole. He shoved it in deep and came in a glorious rush.

“Don! Ohh Don…! Argh-r-rh! Yess-ss-ss!” His sperm shot rapidly, painting the virgin canal with his whiteness. Perspiration dripped from Tom’s forehead. The sweet sound of flesh against flesh echoed through their canvas tent as he fucked his best friend deliriously.

Drifting along the pleasurable twilight of magnificent orgasms, Tom’s cock diminished and the pair eventually separated.

Lying side by side with deep breaths.

“Th-that…was fucking great…” Don moaned.

“Mmm. You take it well. Whew. Came in buckets…”

Staring up at the green canvas of their tent, Don felt a small ooze of cum escape from his backside. He felt somehow fulfilled. This had been a dream and now become reality. Don’s asshole twitched pleasantly.

He leaned over to lewdly kiss and lick Tom’s semi-hard penis. The earthy taste mingled with lube and jism. Don’s cock began to swell.

“Mmm. Love your cock. Again?”

“In a minute…nature boy…” Tom smiled.

~To Be Continued~

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