Camping with my little Brother and Sister

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It has been almost a year since my brother and I started getting closer than a brother and

sister should be getting we have been playing with each other and fucking each other almost every day before and after school even after everyone in the house is asleep we would sneak into each other’s bedroom and sleep together and wake up with a pussy and ass full of cum and pee, Ned never really had to use the toilet I was his personal toilet and cum bucket and his little slut and I loved every moment of it.

My mum sister brother and i were all sitting to have dinner i could see Ned squirming and giving me a naughty look i winked at him and asked myself to be excused and had to go do some teenage girl stuff, a few moments later Ned got up to go use the bathroom or other words (use me) we met in my ensuite bathroom i was already naked waiting for him i asked him witch hole is he going to use today my ass, pussy or mouth Ned went to kiss my lips firmly then went on to my clit and rolled his tongue up my slit then bent me over and darted his tongue into my asshole he looked up at me and pointed to my pussy i sat up on the bathroom sink and spread my legs for him Ned moved his face between my legs and started making out with my pussy all i wanted was his dick in me but the way he was fucking me with his tongue was orgasmic i was holding my hands over my mouth to stop myself from moaning i was arching back and forth i could feel myself getting ready to cum i gasped loudly and pushed my pussy outwards into Ned’s face splashing his lips in my creamy girl cum, i watched my little brother swab globs of my cum of his face and pointed his fingers towards me to have a taste i use to taste myself all the time when I masturbated i love the taste of my cum i sucked my cum of his fingers and pushed his cock inside me and told him he better fuck me.

I felt a powerful stream of warm pee splash inside me my eyes began to roll as my pussy was being filled up with my brothers pee Ned then began to thrust his cock in me hard i swung my legs up over his shoulders and clawed his back and held him tight as his dick fucked me hard, his pee began to puddle out of me with each thrust making a very satisfying squelching noise, Ned slowed his pace and lunged into me deeper with his last few thrusts letting loose a large load of cum in my pussy it was a slight less powerful stream than his pee but it was satisfying me all the same.

After we both snapped back to reality we realised we left the door open and in that door way we saw my little sister Mia poking her head in the doorway Ned was quick to grab her and pull her in and close the door behind us i stood there in front of our little sister half naked with cum and piss pouring out of my recently fucked pussy with the angriest expression on my face i went face to face with her

“ok what did you see you pervert” i ranted at Mia

she was acting all nosey trying to ask us if we were having sex and like an idiot i told her no she then pointed at my pussy letting me know there’s cum and something else dripping out of me i couldn’t really act innocent at that point “yes we were having sex okay” i told my annoying little sister then she started asking us all these weird questions did he cum inside you? has he cummed in your mouth yet? are you going to get fucked in the ass? did you use protection

“since when did you become a whiz kid on sex” my brother snarled

Mia then went on to say she watches porn to she’s given enough blowjobs to claim she’s sexually active my brother and i were completely stunned at how much of a little hoe our sister is but then again i was doing a lot worse when i was her age so i guess she had it coming yet again i was still mad that she caught us next thing i knew she would want something or she would dob on us i pulled Mia closer asking her what she wants to keep her quiet.

I could smell something that made me lose my train of thought it smelt strong and a little salty and sweaty it was the smell of pussy but not my scent i moved my sisters hand to my nose and took a a whiff and asked her how long she was watching us

“since Ned was eating your pussy” she replied

she saw pretty much everything and she must of been fingering herself watching us

“you were playing with yourself weren’t you you little hoe “i snapped at my sister

she just went all cheeky and acted like she didn’t know what we were talking about being a little smart ass i pulled down her pants and saw that her panties were drenched i reached further to pull her panties down to see that her slit was dripping with her girl cum she not only fingered herself over her brother peeing inside her sister she orgasmed over the whole thing.

Shocked at the discovery of how sexually active over our little sister is we didn’t know what to do with her i suggested to her to meet us in Ned’s bedroom after Mum and Dad goes to bed and we will talk about everything then we’ve already been gone from the table to long.

Later that night after Mum and Dad kissed us all goodnight and went to bed i waited at least half an hour for them to fall asleep i then tip toed into my brothers bedroom as soon as I opened the door I was greeted by my brother slamming into me and deeply making out with me “I Escort needed that so bad” my brother exclaimed I closed my eyes briefly savouring the moment of his soft lips meeting mine fearing that I may ever get to feel anything from my brother again.

My little sister marches in like she owns the fucking place and sits in between us with that same cheeky grin on her face I decided to get things moving by asking her what she wants , Mia just sits there and giggles my stress levels began to rise I needed a smoke really bad I went towards Ned’s bedroom window to light up a cigarette and watched my little bitch of a sister from a distance watching her eyes as she thinks of a schemish little plan for herself.

Mia pointed at my cigarette and told me she wanted more of them if that’s was all she wanted I was willing to sacrifice a whole packet to her, I went to hand Mia the box of cigarettes that cheeky grin soon returned to her bitchy face I knew there was more to her scheme she said she wants to smoke cigarettes while she watches me and Ned do what we normally do when nobody is around just before we got into everything I asked Mia is this all there’s no more tricks she nodded in excitement.

Ned gave into his inner lust and pushed me onto the bed in front of his sister immediately pulling my pants down exposing my beautiful piss soaked pussy his cock soon sprung free in front of my pussy I spat in my hand and applied my hand to his cock labbering it up to slide inside my ass , my pussy has already taken a beating now its my asses turn I positioned his cock the entrance of my asshole Ned lunged deep inside my ass catching me of guard letting out a phased moan.

My recent moan must have excited Mia as she had her hand in her pants while sucking on my cigarette she was really enjoying her big sister fucking her brother I wanted to see how much she could take I stopped Ned for a minute and gave him a wink I laid on the bed with my head hanging backwards in front of his cock I grasped Ned’s ass and pushed him forward and engulfed his whole cock down my throat making him fuck my throat hard, by this moment Mia was already half naked lightly touching herself I could smell her pussy odour all around the room.

Mia started rubbing her clit harder as I forcefully push Ned’s cock down my throat I parted my finger in his ass cheeks and started tracing his asshole with my finger my mind continued to wonder about more things I could do to make my sister wet.

I removed Neds saliva soaked cock from my throat and moved around and bent Ned over and probed his asshole with my tongue and slid it inside his asshole while moving my hand between his legs and jerked of his cock “I need to pee” Ned exclaimed, I gave my horny little sister a sexy look and aimed his cock over my forehead and waited, Mia sat forward eager to see while her fingers were half way in her dripping wet pussy, Ned’s cock let out a stream splashing against my tongue I let it splatter in my mouth flowing it all over the lower half of my mouth and aimed his stream all over my boobs and took the rest of his pee down my throat while I groped my soaked boobs, Mia could see my neck gulp as the pee travelled down my throat she increased the pace of her fingers inside her as I continued to suck Neds cock awaiting his warm cum till I heard my little sister yelp “cum in her ass! Cum in her ass!” Ned looked at me to get the all clear I nodded to him.

I leaned back on the bed with my legs spread awaiting his cock to fill my ass Mia came closer to get a better look of her brothers cock slowly sliding inside her sisters ass Mia still had her fingers buried inside her pussy flickering them furiously watching Ned’s cock pump in and out of my asshole the faster he fucked me the more my pussy drenched and the more I shuddered at the feeling of him inside my tight little asshole Ned warned us both he was about to blow I felt his cock explode in my ass his cum traveling into my colon I then unexpectedly felt another hand rub my clit it wasn’t Ned’s hand it was my little sister and she knew exactly witch

Spot and what method to use because she was pushing the right buttons my moans started to get a little to loud the feeling of a mans cum inside my ass and another hand rubbing my special spot was to much for me I had to muffle my head into the sheets so I didn’t wake up mum and dad, Mia continued rubbing I felt something burst inside my pussy my eyes went wide and my mind went all spacebound till I snapped back to reality and let out a loud sigh into the sheets and shot a large amount of liquid all over my little sisters hand Ned pushed my little sister out of the way and tried his best to lick every drop that came out of me.

My recent orgasm took to much out of me I grasped Ned’s cheek begging him to let me sleep with him tonight I looked to the other side of the room seeing my sister squirming while her hand was trying her best to make herself cum I urged Ned to go help her it’s the least we can do for giving me a powerful orgasm.

Ned looked at me and looked back at Mia we both nodded for him to go for it, Ned always made me cum with his fingers I know Mia is gonna love it Ned pushed Mia up against the wall and the last thing I saw was Ned fingering his little sister while deeply Escort Bayan making out with her till I passed out asleep.

The next morning I awoke naked the whole room smelt of pussy and cock I looked around and saw Mia asleep next to me with Ned lying asleep between her legs looks like more than fingering went on last night I looked into Mia’s cunt for any form of blood or penetration so looks like they didn’t fuck yet.

While I spent my time waiting for the others to wakeup I had the greatest idea I woke both Ned and Mia up and suggested to them that we should go on another camping trip just the 3 of us there’s a camping reserve uptown from here and im sure mum and dad would let us if we tell them were going on a trip to bond well if they only knew what kind of bonding we are doing, we pitched the idea to our parents and they happily agreed for us to do it this weekend.

With the camping trip only in 2 days we had a lot to look forward to Mia was eager to do everything Ned and I are doing were gonna have a lot of fun training our little sister.

The day arrived for our camping trip Mia and I arrived at the camp site first as we had to wait for Ned to finish football training so it gave us to have some sister time.

Mia and I spent an hour smoking together I asked her why she loves to smoke a lot she asked me the same question I told her it was because friends got me into it and its amazing to smoke after sex she gave me the most surprising answer she told me it makes her horny in a way I can see that its always exciting doing something naughty.

I told Mia I was gonna show her something fun I urged her to pull her panties down I stared at her clit while taking a big draw from my cigarette and blew smoke all over her clit Mia shuddered in pleasure as she felt the hot smoke tingle her pussy activating her senses causing her pussy to drench I could smell her familiar juices from a mile away.

I continued blowing smoke all over my little sisters clit even blew smoke inside her pussy this really got Mia horny she hugged me close and made out with me passing her own smoke into my mouth and from my mouth to hers, I found my way into her pussy as she found her way into mine we kept smoking with our free hands while passionately making out and moaning our smoke into each others mouth we picked up both our paces Cumming simultaneously on each others fingers panting like crazy to reach our breaths, we soon heard a car arrive it was Ned coming back from footy training.

After we all set up our tent I hinted to Ned that I was thirsty and that Mia looked thirsty Mia looked back at us biting her lip looking nervous we stripped full on naked before creeping into our tent huddling up to each other

“were should we begin” Ned asked while stroking his cock up and down.I

I knew my little sister was a virgin and I personally believe she should stay that way I suggested to her that its time to fill that tight little ass of hers I demanded Ned to fuck his little sisters ass in front of me and give her the best anal cream pie possible.

Mia crouched in front of me in a doggy position while I watched Ned mount her from behind and began poking his cock at her asshole

“wait its her first time she needs lube” I warned them

I met my way in between my two horny siblings and took Ned’s cock in my hand making his shaft grow as my hand moves up and down I pushed Ned aside and spread my younger sister’s ass cheeks apart and breathed my warm ashy breath over the top of her asshole before wriggling my tongue struggling to poke it inside her asshole till her asshole welcomed my tongue pushing further inside her I could Mia giggle as my tongue flapped around inside her ass.

After withdrawing my ass stained tongue from my sisters asshole moving it straight into my brothers mouth then deeply sucking his cock getting it nice and slippery to pop into my little sister’s asshole.

I layed in front of my siblings with my legs spread with a cigarette in my mouth and watched as my brother pushed his cock into my little sisters tight little asshole I saw the constipated expression on Mia’s face as her asshole slowly gets filled with more cock I kept walking her through the pain like a lady giving birth the pain was slowly overcoming her as I saw her laboured breathing grow louder I pushed her face into my pussy and felt her tongue and teeth dig into me as my brother pushed the rest of his cock inside her ass.

My brother took no time easing his cock in her ass he went straight to ploughing my sisters ass rough and hard I could hear the muffled moans vibrate my pussy as she screamed inside me, I could see her fingers were already inside herself fingering to the rhythm of Ned’s cock.

A few thursts later from Ned’s cock both Mia and I climaxed together, Ned soon followed by unloading a large dump of cum inside Mia’s asshole I noticed the sigh of relief on her face I went down to give her a kiss and asked her how does it feel to have an ass full of cum

She went on saying it feels like she swallowed something really hot but in her ass instead.

I let Mia continue to eat my pussy as I waited patiently for Ned’s cock to deflate enough for him to be able to pee but Mia’s constant gnawing at my clit was Bayan Escort continually making my body squirm I wanted to save a few orgasms for my brother so I moved her head further

Down to my asshole I told her to wait as I have a surprise for her.

I pushed my asshole open a bit and managed to push out a load of cum into her awaiting mouth that Ned dumped inside me earlier I heard her little mouth gulp down my ass stenched cum out from me.

Ned signalled me he was ready to pee I nodded for him to go for it I wanted to give Mia another little surprise.

I worked Mia’s mouth at my cum covered asshole until I felt Mia get stopped in her tracks she began feeling the same flushing warm feeling in her ass as I do every night he was filling his little sisters ass with pee

“hes peeing in my bumb! Hes peeing in my bumb” Mia excitedly exclaimed

The third and final surprise commenced as I spread my pussy lips wide and busted out a gush of pee all over my little sisters face drenching her hair coating her lips she tried her best to swallow as much pee as possible struggling to keep it down her throat.

I watched her face swallow small amounts of pee it was springing life back to my pussy

“I better be getting dick inside me tonight!” I yelled to my brother as he filled my little sisters gaping asshole with his hot pee.

I watched as Ned withdrew his cock from Mia’s ass I saw spurts of pee fly out of her ass making little popping sounds I made my way to my sisters ass and held my mouth over her asshole and gently caressed her ass to calm Mia after having 2 warm liquids inside her.

I stroked Mia’s asshole giving her a little push with my finger till she let out a stream of my brothers cum infused pee pouring into my mouth I gulped down my brothers pee while working my fingers into my pussy savouring the taste of his pee and cum mixed together with the added flavour of the insides of my little sisters asshole.

My little sister’s ass enclosed pee started to reseed I decided to keep the last mouthful of my brothers pee in my mouth for a while I turned Mia around and openly kissed her passing my brothers pee from my mouth to her mouth hearing her swallow it down just made my pussy drench even more I pushed Mia onto the ground and continued making out with her smashing my pussy into hers and grinding on each others clit.

As I was humping my little sister Ned came up behind me and slammed his cock into my asshole pounding the fuck out of it pushing my pussy into Mia’s pussy making me slam her harder, the harder Ned thrusted the louder I moaned, the more I moaned the more harder I grinded on Mia then she moaned louder we had our own little trio thing going on.

I felt Ned dump a huge load in my ass causing my pussy to tense up and let out a large creamy hot squirt all over Mia’s pussy I saw the immense relief on her face as my warm liquid drizzled all over her pleasurable pussy.

Once Ned finished cumming in my bumb I removed his cock from my ass it was all slimy with my ass juices I ordered Mia to suck my ass juices of his cock while I deeply ate her asshole just to get the rest of that cock flavour from my little sisters asshole.

I called Mia over to lye down and told her I had a fresh load of cum for her to push from my asshole but I told her to close her eyes and mouth I pushed out all of my brothers cum all over her face drenching her little freckled face in his cum.

For the rest of the night if we needed to go to the bathroom we decided to use Mia as this night was her first night of our little pee play fun so she became our human toilet whenever Ned needed to pee he would ram his cock in her ass and fill her asshole with his warm golden pee and she would spray it all over me from her asshole keeping my whole naked body warm or she would drink straight from his cock and swallow every drop but when I needed to pee I made sure it was always in different spots I managed to piss all over her pussy, face, asshole, asscheeks and even sit on her face and pee directly into her mouth I made sure I could see her neck watching her swallow every drop.

The fun didn’t stop with Mia as she was our human toilet I was the human cum bucket I got all 3 of my holes pounded all night from Ned my asshole was full of cum as well as my pussy and for my mouth the more loads I swallow the more pee I gain more for my little sister, even when Mia needed to cum she would sit on my face and ride my lips till she squirts in my mouth sometimes I will cumswap Mia’s squirt with either Ned or Mia.

At the end of the night we took turns sleeping with Ned’s cock in our ass, we made sure Ned drank a lot of water before he went to bed so we could wake up with an asshole full of pee.

All through the night I could smell my little sisters pussy odour fill the tent as I could hear Ned’s pee flush the insides of Mia’s asshole, Once it was my turn I slept with a full asshole without warning during the night I could feel hotness rise in my asshole feeling Ned’s pee inside me all through the night.

The next morning both my sister and I woke up needing to pee and being full of pee, while Ned was asleep Mia and I showered eachother in our pee from both holes drenching eachother we knew our whole family harmony has improved beyond any sibling relationships ever could.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32