Camping – The Shower

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The trip to the campsite had been long and relatively uneventful. Seating in a VW Westphalia makes it a little difficult for Ross to comfortably reach over and across to stroke Jonni’s legless left side. And he wanted to do that so badly. Her long dark hair had been done in a European style braid and the queue hung provocatively over her shoulder. She had dressed her right foot in a wool working sock folded neatly at the top of a lightweight skookum hiking boot. That feature was set off by her Khaki bush shorts that were more like a “short” because the left leg lay flat on the seat. Jonni had never sewn the useless leg shut and today she had not folded and pinned it up either. Ross was aroused every time he looked towards her.

But Jonni could, and did often, during the trip, turn to her left and sit sort-of-90-degrees-to-Ross. With no left leg to get in the way between the two front seats, she was able to play with his chest, with his tanned legs and of course with his excited member. It was delicious when she lifted her booted right leg and rested it on his lap.

The drive was the longest time the two of them had had together in a non-social-sexual-sensual-sense since they first reconnected a couple of weeks and dates ago. They knew, however, that they were two souls, who at this particular point in time were MEANT to be together.

Jonni APPRECIATED and loved Ross’s seemingly total acceptance of her one-leggedness. He had hardly ever probed her about how? why? and all those other questions that most people can’t seem to get past. She LOVED his physicality. Imagine a man of 55 with a stronger sex drive than a 25 year old but, with the added advantage of KNOWING how to push a woman’s buttons so that she felt ALL-WOMAN! The fact that he had to take Viagra meant nothing to the pleasure he was able to dish out and she was so willing to receive. Jonni LOVED SO MUCH about this man. And right now, she loved the idea of heading to a small town festival in the Kootenay for a few days of music, exploration and camping.

Ross found everything about Jonni simply fabulous. When she smiled, he melted. When she argued for her ideas he felt alive. When she responded to his touch he felt fulfilled and TOTALLY CONTENT. When she did sweet things to his body he worshipped her. And the fact that she offered SO MUCH MORE physically than any other woman Ross have ever encountered, sent him beyond all the boundaries of pleasure he had ever experienced. To have the flexibility of worshipping and adoring one of the most sexual legs he had ever kissed and licked and even SEEN, PLUS being able to learn of the pleasures and sensations that a LEG-STUMP as a LOVE-AIDE can provide. This was almost as much pleasure as Ross was able to fantasize.

There was a bit of a dusk settling over the camp ground when they arrived. They had their choice of several lakeside, grassed and fully serviced sites but the one that Jonni selected couldn’t have pleased Ross more. It was open to the lakeshore batıkent escort in front but on both sides of the site, large groves of wild plants and shrubs grew. The site allowed the two of them total privacy in a rustic but fully serviced setting. Jonni had figured that Ross had a method to setting up camp so she offered to organize the inside of the camper if he got the roof raised.

Without effort it seemed, Ross had the van parked, roof raised, front seats realigned, water flowing and electricity working. He got the music going — Springsteen’s “Darlington County” came from the speakers. With no urging, Jonni kept herself busy with the other necessities of a great camp-site. She got the stove and fridge working, she got the groceries and supplies stashed and, she got cocktails made. Ross regularly stole glances of her as she scurried about the camper often on her one knee. Jonni soon called an immediate halt to the work and a “safety meeting” in the van. On the agenda was “one of the reasons we came camping”.

Ross appeared at the side door of the van greeted with a tall rum and coke heavily pressed with water and a helping hand up into the van from the fair maiden inside. That fair maiden didn’t even hint at a hug. Instead, she reached over and slid the van door closed.

Clearly Jonni had a grasp of the REALLY IMPORTANT REQUIREMENTS for GREAT CAMPING. Not only had she accomplished the jobs described above, but she had also closed all the curtains, loosed her hair so that it now cascaded around her shoulders, slipped her foot into a 4″ high heeled wooden clog style sandal and turned the music down while changing it to a “Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes” croon from the 70’s. With the door now closed, Jonni reached out and joined together with Ross into a hug of gentleness and strength, of softness and hardness, of wetness and dryness and pure and total affection between the two. She was floating in space!

It wasn’t one whole song before the two of them were squeezed perfectly together, standing on three legs in a VW Westphalia in a small campsite in the Kootenay, listening to soft music and sipping a cocktail before Jonni was totally WET and Ross was totally HARD.

Ross had discovered how aroused Jonni became when he used his strong hands to guide, to direct and to lead the dance. He had always felt that he was a good communicator through his hands and now he was sure that Jonni was THE PERSON on the planet he had been sent to communicate with! He was surer and surer of that. With Jonni so supple in his hands, perched on her spectacular long leg, so perfectly perched on a strong wooden high heel sandal, and Ross, thrusting-dancing-sleazing forward with his crotch and bulging manhood into Jonni’s LOVE-SPOT, she received him with her soft stump, stabbing, rubbing, rolling and gently massaging his manhood. All these things made Ross totally HARD!

Jonni was getting more and more excited about beşevler escort just being with this MAN-PERSON. He made her feel so womanly. She remembered how once it was “womanly” to give birth to children. And that will forever be there. But now, at 43 years of age, with two grown children, out on their own, with her own life to lead and enjoy and with one whole leg on which to stand, she thought that being “womanly” now was more about feeling good, loved, touched, kissed, licked, breathed on, whispered to and listened to. All these things and more, this Ross MAN-PERSON brought to her life right now, and that’s why Jonni felt VERY WET right now.

Several minutes of touching throbbing rubbing and kissing ensued. Between gasps of pleasure, Jonni suggested that she wanted to get the dinner going if Ross would start the BBQ and get the steaks done. And she announced that she had already opened the red wine so that it could breathe before their dinner.

The two of them worked together over dinner and talked as the dinner was prepared. And when dinner was ready, Jonni passed her crutches out to Ross and hopped out of the van. She made a few quick hops just to limber her leg and she kicked her stump before she crutching up to Ross, thrusting her chest and womanhood into Ross and announcing that “the best dinner that I could have right now would be you Ross, but I’m willing to enjoy the salad, baby white potatoes and steak only if you start by kissing me with a mouth-full of the wine that you squirt down my throat in a wet and passionate embrace!

Camping seems to usually end in an early-to-bed-night and after dinner, both Ross and Jonni felt tired and ready to call it a day. Most of the family-camper-types that this campground attracted seemed to have finished using the washrooms. So Ross suggested that the two of them sneak into the men’s shower room where there was a nice big shower that they could both fit into.

Ross packed a bag with shampoos, soaps, towels, conditioners and unguents while Jonni changed from her shorts into a light silk, full-length, chamosile and NOTHING ELSE! She looked with a sly grin at Ross as if challenging him to call or raise the bet!

Instead of trying to raise any bet, Ross turned and grasped Jonni in a huge soft bear hug and whispered in her ear that she was “the most sensuous woman” he had ever spent a minute with! “Let’s go and have a shower LADY!”

So, he in his old shorts, shirt and sandals, she in her soft silk chamosile swishing between her crutches and in the early night darkness, they chose a moment and raced to the men’s washroom. Ross was amazed at how well Jonni “ran” through the darkness. She threw a hop in between every step (or is it the mis-step?) and was able to actually outdistance Ross as they crutched and raced through those 25 yards.

Inside, the shower anti-room was large enough that silence and perhaps a hushed giggle of pleasure would be all büyükesat escort that they had to worry about. So Jonni turned to Ross and wordlessly began unbuttoning his golf-shirt. He stopped what he was doing and cupped Jonni’s face in his hands. He gazed deep into her eyes and pulled her mouth to his for a slow, long, deep kiss. Then he reached down with his right hand and clasped the stump of Jonni’s left thigh. He gently squeezed it and massaged it. He pushed it into the space where his manhood cried out for attention.

Jonni melted from the sensations aroused by his lips and his fingers caressing her stump-scar. Her breasts swelled with love and her nipples taughtened. She pulled her arms out of her elbow crutches, dropped them aside and crushed herself into Ross’ chest. It was going to be hard to stay standing long enough to have a shower!

The warm water coursing over their bodies hid the dripping passion from Jonni’s LOVE-MOUND. She was so enraptured that she was hard pressed to stand with any confidence on her one long shapely leg. Ross’ passion and feelings were more evident but he too, felt weak at the knees and in danger of crumbling. A lathered stump swishing, caressing and fondling a penis is not pleasure for the weak at heart!

Ross had bought, before the trip, a pair of huge, thick terry bath towels which he now used to gently pat Jonni dry. He stood behind her so that she could cuddle and squash her bottom into his manhood while he gently caressed her breasts to dryness. He reached around front and cupped both her stump and her love-mound with his manly hands and patted her stomach, her back and her shoulders dry. He was some how able to massage her with his hands and poke her with his manhood at the same time. She was buckling with pleasure. He then cradled the soft towel in both hands and addressed her right thigh. He wrapped the towel gently around her whole upper THIGH and began rubbing up and down. From her knee to her dripping cunt, Ross massaged the towel on her until she was dry. Then he dropped his hands to her knee, her fulsome calf and the rest of her leg. When he turned his attention to her stump he patted and wiped it in an almost reverential state. Jonni helped as she raised the stump, lowered it and moved it side to side so Ross could caress every square inch of the shortened appendage. It was the nicest drying after a shower that Jonni had ever experienced.

The trip back to the van was less rushed than the trip to the showers. Jonni actually stumbled from pleasure at one point as she hopped back and Ross’s reactions were almost too slow to grab her and keep her upright. Grabbing her as he did gave the two of them another opportunity to embrace one more time and whisper a word of endearment into an ear. The two made the journey as quickly as they possibly could because they WERE in the middle of the campground and because it was time to get back to the camper, close the door and enjoy the TOTAL pleasure that is generated between a woman and a MAN-PERSON.

Jonni felt so secure and warm and content knowing that she was with a man who appreciated all of the normal attributes a woman’s body has to offer but who also appreciated the 8″ thigh stump that she owned, a stump that had been sculpted into a small, sensuous orb of muscle with about 7″ of sectioned femur inside it.

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