Camping in the Rockies Pt. 02

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Our ride home from the camping trip was pretty quiet, Dad thanked me for looking after my sister (oh if only he knew) and said the Ranger who came to visit us was impressed we’d not freaked out. Clara and I texted each other a lot on the drive home too, we agreed that what we shared was magical and if we could get away with it, would continue when we got home. We were both a little worried about Mom’s impending chat but agreed to stick together if challenged. We finally arrived home and once the car was unpacked, Clara and I were given all the laundry to do.

“Your Dad and I are going to the store, get some fresh food for the fridge. Please get this stuff at least washed before we get back okay.” Said Mom as she left.

Once we got the first load sorted and in the washer, Clara pulled me close and kissed me.

“I can’t wait to fuck you in an actual bed but for now how about you bend me over the washer and take me from behind. I need a shower after that drive and would love to feel your cum leaking out of me while I do.” She said, rubbing my cock through my jeans.

I didn’t need to be asked twice, I dropped my jeans and boxers and got behind Clara who’d already stepped out of her panties and had her summer dress bunched up round her waist. Her ass looked amazing and seeing it was enough to finish getting me hard, I eased my cock inside her and held her as I thrust my cock in and out of her. I tried to hold out as long as I could but when I felt her cumming, her fingers furiously rubbing her clit, I couldn’t hold back and pushed in deep as I sprayed her pussy with cum. I stayed inside her until I’d finished then pulled out.

“Well at least you put a washing load on before having fun.” Said Mom, in our passions we didn’t see her sitting on the basement stairs.

I quickly pulled my pants up, Clara slowly pulled her panties up and straightened her dress.

“How long were you there?” Said Clara.

“The whole time, my ankle is still a little tender so your father insisted I just rest and dropped me off again. If you’re both done, come and chat with me at the table.” She said then left the room.

“That was wonderful by the way.” Said Clara quietly who kissed me on the cheek then followed mom.

Mom had a smile on her face as she waited for us to sit down, we both sat together opposite her.

“As I said at the campsite, I’m not upset but I want to know how it happened.” Said Mom.

Clara told her everything, I could feel my face get red but Mom just kept smiling. She left out the part about the Ranger catching us though, something Mom picked up on.

“So, what were you doing when Alison showed up?” Said Mom.

“What do you mean?” Replied Clara.

“I’m going to tell you both something and it stays between the 3 of us. Alison used to date your Uncle Ken, she was a little young for him though and they broke up but before they did, I used to sleep with her. One weekend Ken caught us and we had a 3 way affair for a long time. When we got back, Alison called me and told me everything.”

“Three way as in, you both just had sex with Alison?” Said Clara.

“Three way as in your Uncle would fuck both me and Alison at the same time. Your Dad knew and got a pass to fuck his secretary but now you can see why I am not upset about you two.” Said Mom.

“That’s awesome, do you still have sex with him?” Said Clara with a grin.

“No, he said he enjoyed it but since he became ‘born again’ he became a bit of a prude. Your Aunt Elizabeth is to blame I’m sure but I still love him all the same.”

“So what happens now?” Said Clara.

“Just don’t get caught okay, not sure how your Dad would react.” Said Mom, kissed us both on the forehead then left.

Mom’s ‘clearance’ only emboldened Clara and I, we were soon having sex any and every time we could, sometimes when Mom was in another room. One Saturday, Clara went out with a few of her friends, she texted me that her period had started which meant no sex for a couple of days. Being used to sex daily by that point I decided I needed release, put some porn on my computer and laid back on my bed to jerk off with Eskort Bayan my baby oil. I was just getting my favorite part of my chosen video when my door opened and Mom walked in. I froze, (my video played on of course, one of my femdom videos where the Mistress rode a younger guy while he sucked another mans cock) and didn’t think to cover myself up. Mom looked at my cock for a second, tried to look away but looked at my video screen, stared at that for a few seconds then back to my cock.

“I uh, sorry, I thought you were at work.” I eventually said.

“I, I should have knocked. Won’t Clara be taking care of that when she gets back?” Said Mom, still looking at my cock.

“Is that time of the month so I’m on my own.”

“Close your eyes and lay back.”

“What for?” I asked.

“Don’t ask questions, just do as your told.” She said sternly.

I did so and a few seconds later felt her get on the bed and straddle me, next thing I knew my Mom was impaling herself on my cock and with a few thrusts had taken me all the way inside her.

“Oh fffffffuck that feels so good.” She said.

“Wha..what are you doing?” I said.

“What does it feel like, and don’t start with any ‘we shouldn’t be doing this’, you’ve been fucking your sister for over 3 months now. Now be quiet and let me enjoy this, your father hasn’t touched me in months and I need release.”

Mom hadn’t even undressed, she’d hiked up her skirt and stepped out of her panties but I was enjoying it all the same, before too long I felt her pussy tighten as she quietly moaned ‘oh fuck yes’ and it was enough to set me off too, I pushed up into her and groaned as my cock exploded, spraying hot seed deep into her. Mom’s eyes widened as I came she stopped thrusting and just kept me all the way inside her as my cock pulsed the last few spurts.

“Fuck, I’m not on the pill, your father had the snip, I meant to tell you not to cum in me but it felt so good.” She said.

“I really enjoyed it, sorry I didn’t last very long, I was pretty close when you came in.”

“I didn’t do it for you, get some condoms in case I need you again and don’t tell your sister. I’ll get plan b or something for now.” She said.

I didn’t even get to see the pussy I’d just came into, mom got off me, pulled her panties back on and left the room. I showered and went for a swim and was sitting on the couch when Mom got back from the store.

“Come with me.” She said, not checking to see if I was or not.

I followed her upstairs and found her in her bedroom, she was sitting on the bed and handed me a small paper bag.

“I got them for you, keep them hidden. What happened this morning stays between us, you do not talk about it okay. You will not refuse me, when I want you, you will fuck me. Outside the bedroom I will act like it never happened and you are just my son, in the bedroom you will address me as Mistress or Ma’am and you will do as I say, understood?” She said.

“Yes Mistress.” I replied, I could feel my cock getting hard and wearing only sweatpants, could do nothing to hide it.

“Are you getting hard again?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Put those down and come over, I suppose you deserve this.”

I did as I was told and once I was standing before her she pulled my pants and boxers down and took me into her mouth and started sucking me. Her tongue felt amazing and way before I wanted to I felt myself cumming, spraying my seed down her throat as I groaned in pleasure. When I was spent, Mom pulled my boxers and pants back up and sent me away again. I put the condoms away in my bedside drawers and laid down on my bed, I must have dozed off as when I woke I was being called to dinner.

“You’re pretty quiet Son, playing video games all day that tiring?” Said my Dad.

“No he’s still embarrassed around me, I went to grab his laundry basket and caught him playing with himself. I told him it’s just natural, we all do it.” Said Mom, winking at me.

“Mom!” Said Clara as they laughed.

I could feel my face getting red, there wasn’t really anything I could say but I went along with it and just quietly finished my dinner.

A few days later I was resting beside the pool after I’d swam a couple of laps in our pool when I got a text, it was a picture of Clara topless with the caption ‘bitch period has gone, come and play with these and fuck me’. I eagerly headed upstairs and had to duck from something flying at me as soon as I opened my room door. I looked behind me and found the box of condoms Mom had bought.

“Who the fuck are those for, I know they’re not for me, who else are you fucking Marcus, you swore you’d be faithful to me.” She said, she was naked and sexy as hell but she was really mad.

“I didn’t have a choice.” I replied, looking down.

“It’s your dick, you get it hard and put it in, how the fuck can you not have a choice. You better tell me or I swear you’ll never touch me again.”

“It… it was Mom.”


“The other day, when she said at dinner she caught me jerking off, that was true but she made me lay back with my eyes closed and she mounted me. I was using baby oil so she was up to the hilt before I knew what was going on. I came in her but she’s not on the pill, dad is cut but she’s went full domination on me, said she’ll take me whenever she wants and said I was not to tell you. I’m sorry Clara, I didn’t know what to do, I was trying to build up the courage to tell you.” I said.

“Come here.” Said Clara, her voice had softened a little.

She held me close to her then kissed me softly on the lips.

“I’m sorry my love, I thought you had found some little slut to fuck behind my back.”

“I wouldn’t do that to you Clara.” I said.

“I know, I just got so mad when I found these. Did you enjoy it at least?”

“It was over so fast but I guess so. When she gave me these she gave me a blowjob but Dad’s not fucking her, she said she’ll take me when she wants, I’ve to call her Mistress in the bedroom and act like nothing is going on outside it.”

“Well she didn’t know you already belong to me, I’ll let you fuck her but have a plan. I’m going to fake going out tomorrow and will wait, I know she’s taken the day off, seen in on her phone calendar. Now, make love to me.”

Clara and I made love nice and slow, I licked her pussy until she’d cum a few times then we kissed as I thrust in and out of her until we climaxed together. She rolled over and laid her head on my shoulder as we caught out breaths.

The next morning I showered as normal, Clara said at breakfast her friend was picking her up but sneaked back into my room and hid in the bathroom. I sat at my computer and ran some updates but Mom came into my room before I could start any games. She closed the door behind her. I looked up and could feel my cock start to harden already, she was wearing only a white see through gown that didn’t really hide anything. I’d felt hair on her pussy when she rode me but she had shaven it bare and her full breasts were amazing.

“Like what you see?” She said with a smile.

“Yes Mistress.” I replied.

“Well good, I’m already really wet from shaving, made me feel really dirty and sexy, get a condom on and fuck me good and hard.” She said having dropped the gown and got onto her back on the bed.

I was fully hard and ready by the time I’d stripped off, I rolled the condom onto my cock then got between her legs and slowly pushed my cock into her. I started out slow but got a stern, ‘I told you to fuck me not tickle me’ so I increased my pace and was soon pounding my cock into mom’s pussy. Her eyes were closed the whole time but she’d moan and whisper things like ‘oh yea get that big cock in me’ and other things and when she came she just moaned ‘ffffffuuuuuuccckk’ but I just kept pounding.

I didn’t hear Clara come out of the bedroom, she was completely naked and had been rubbing her pussy, she whispered ‘don’t stop’ in my ear then in one quick move, got on the bed and straddled Mom’s head and lowered her pussy to her mouth, taking a handful of her hair and holding her in place.

“Mmm, that’s it, I got it nice and wet for you but you need to lick until I cum.” Said Clara. She too began to moan. “Are you close little brother?”

“No, feels good but I don’t like condoms.” I replied.

“Well keep going until I cum then you can fuck me without it.” She said.

I’m not sure how long she lasted but I had a sheen of sweat on me when Clara finally shuddered, moaning that she was cumming. I’d felt mom cum a couple of times too. Clara had me pull out and got on all fours over Mom, pretty much pinning her to the bed, she had me take of the condom and start fucking her but told me to take it slow at first while she spoke.

“Thank you for that, your tongue was very good. Marcus belongs to me, mmm, slow down baby you’re not going to last, I’ll let you have him now and then but he deserves nice wet pussy on his cock not rubber so you and I are going to see my doctor tomorrow and we’ll both get the shot so he can cum in us all he wants. He won’t be calling anyone Mistress, fuck, hang on I’m going to cum…” Said Clara.

Her climax set me off, I pushed deep into her and sprayed her pussy with my seed, Clara moaned in pleasure.

“Now feeling my brother’s cock swell then spray his cum in me is something you need Mom, it feels so much better than him filling a silly rubber. The same rules you gave him apply, bedroom you’re both mine, understood?” Said Clara.

“Yes Mistress. Can I clean his come from you?” Said Mom.

Clara had me pull out and got on her back, watching Mom eat her had me hard again but I was sent away to shower. That night at dinner, Mom was a little tender and was walking a little slow, she told Dad that she’d slipped getting out of the shower and he didn’t press further.

That weekend, I was sitting watching tv when Dad came home. He found the note that was left for him, said hi to me then went upstairs. I didn’t think anything of it but found out later what went on. Clara came into my room with her laptop, had me sit on the bed and pressed play on the video before she fished my cock from my pants and started sucking me. It was a little dark at first but the light was turned on when Dad put on the blindfold. I watched mom strip him then suck him long enough to get him hard then had him lay on the bed. Mom tied his wrists to the bed, sucked him a little more then Clara came into view. She mounted him reverse cowgirl, fed dad’s cock into her pussy and began to ride him.

“Of fuck that feels good. What’s brought this on, you’re never usually this kinky.” He said, groaning. Mom just said ‘Shh’ as Clara continued to ride.

Clara kept going until he came then got off him and sat on a chair next to the bed. Mom took the blindfold off then got between Clara’s legs and started licking the cum from her pussy.

“Janice, that’s our daughter, what the fuck is she doing in here, what are you doing?” Said Dad, pulling at the cuffs.

Mom stopped long enough to talk then kept licking.

“I’m eating the cum you just sprayed in her my love, now shut up and let me finish her, if I make her cum she’ll get you hard again so you can fuck me too.” She said.

A few minutes later Clara shuddered as she flooded Mom’s mouth with cum. Dad could only watch as Clara got up and slowly sucked his cock, when he was hard she stopped, kissed mom on the cheek then once Mom was riding him and blocking his view of the camera, Clara took it and the screen went dark.

“Holy fuck sis, you fucked Dad?” I said.

“Yes, it’s so he starts fucking Mom again and I get you all to myself.” She said after taking my cock from her mouth.

“Oh, okay then.”

“I’m glad you approve, now fuck me from behind, I want it nice and hard.”

I was slamming into her and so focused on her pussy that I didn’t see Mom and Dad standing in the room until I was cumming, I froze, letting the rest of my seed spurt into her on it’s own.

“Well, now I see that you really took care of your sister when you were stranded. Like Mother like Son.” Said Dad with a grin.

“We’ve convinced your Dad that his secretary is not worthy of his cock and won’t be fucking her anymore since she’s not family. You two have fun.” Said Mom and they both left.

Clara and I don’t have to hide anymore at home but we still pretend we can’t get caught. We’re already planning another camping trip too…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32