Camping , Coitus Pt. 01

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Author’s Note: Characters are fictional and are over the age of 18. This is a fictional story that involves use of toys on men and women. If you don’t like that or don’t like a bisexual man then click off now. You’ve been warned.


“You’re lying.” Jasmine said while sipping her beer.

“I told you I’m not lying. Why can’t you believe me?” Tyler asked, while crossing his arms.

“We’ve been together for three months, nothing gets by me. I would know if my boyfriend is bisexual or not.” Jasmine said while chuckling.

“You haven’t noticed it because I’ve been so good at keeping it secret. Besides this shouldn’t be an issue since you’re also bi. Why is it an issue if I’m bi?” Tyler said before taking a swig of Miller lite.

Jasmine and Tyler were out camping in the wilderness. They have been planning this for the past couple weeks with a couple of friends. They arrived at the campsite a day before their friends show up to spend some alone time together. It was nighttime and they were enjoying some fish, s’mores and beer by the campfire. It was a warm spring night and they were drying off their clothes from fishing earlier. They caught a big white bass and a couple of trout. The bass caused Jasmine to fall into the water while she tried to catch it and Tyler jumped into the water and bear handed caught the fish. They didn’t want to put on new clothes after the river fishing so they sat in their underwear. They were alone in the middle of nowhere and they thought it was the perfect time to talk about their relationship.

They actually had a great relationship but Jasmine wanted to take it to a whole new level. Jasmine is African American with light skin, red hair, blue eyes, an average body and is packing C-type breasts. She 164 lbs, 5ft 7, has a bubble butt and is an 8/10 on the hot meter. She is openly bisexual and has been wanting to turn Tyler for a while now.

“It’s not an issue if you were bi, but you’re not. I actually am attracted to men and women. Remember when we had that foursome with Scott and Kelly and you two were embarrassed because we wanted to see you two fuck and you guys refused? That’s when we both realized you both were straight.” Jasmine said.

“Well that wasn’t the reason why.” Tyler said.

Tyler is an average guy. He dabbled a bit in sports back in high school and he is book smart. He is 5ft 10 and 195 lbs. He is a Jewish albino white American, has brown hair, brown eyes, pillow lips, and has a rockin six pack. He recently got it after working off the flab he got in high school. Since he’s Jewish he was circumcised around his birth, giving his flaccid dick a length of 6.5 inches and had a flat ass. He is a 7/10 on the hot meter and he is for bostancı escort the second time telling someone about his bisexuality, though the person he is telling doesn’t believe him.

“Then what was the reason why you and your best friend couldn’t fuck each other?” Jasmine questioned.

Tyler shifted in his chair “It’s because we’ve done it before.” Tyler said quietly.

“Bullshit! You two have not done it before! Stop lying!” Jasmine yelled while also laughing.

“We have done it before, and we did it before we had that foursome, we just were too embarrassed to show you that we were naturally good at it.” Tyler admitted while rubbing his head. Jasmine kept laughing and was on the ground gasping for air. “Alright fine, I’m going to tell you about our secret bi experiences together.”

“Oh my god that was funny. Alright fine. Tell me of your bisexual tale. I’m sure it’ll be nominated for an Oscar.” Jasmine joked. Tyler gave her the finger.

“Okay. It started back when Scott and I had our dates with you and Kelly, the one where we went back to our apartment and we each had sex for the first time with you and Kelly. Well a couple days before that Scott and I talked about how we were finally going to have more sex partners. We had openly admitted to being bisexual to each other during the semester but we never did anything apart from watch porn and jerk off together. A couple days before our dates we wanted to prepare for nights and we practiced everything with each other. We practiced the conversations, the dinner and then we practiced the sex part. We both lost our anal virginity to each other that day and at some point we forgot about the whole practicing and we just straight up fucked the whole night. The night after we had sex with you girls him and I chatted about our individual dates. We got on the subject of our night of sex and how we wanted to do it again. We fucked that night, and the next night, and we just fuck whenever we’re alone. We did it so much that when we were asked during the foursome we didn’t want to show you two how natural it was for us. We decided that we would tell you both separately tonight and then maybe we could have some fun tomorrow.” Tyler explained.

“Wow that was a great story Tyler. If you wanted to try being bisexual all you had to do was ask, you didn’t have to make up that story on the spot. But great job nonetheless.” Jasmine said.

“I told you the truth! That’s all true! Why can’t you believe me? What do I have to do to get you to believe me?” Tyler asked dumbfounded.

Jasmine sat rubbing her chin thinking. “Ok fine, want me to believe you? I brought a couple of strap ons for büyükçekmece escort use with Kelly this trip but tonight I’m going to use it on you. If you actually are bi then you will let me fuck your ass.” She stood up. “Agree?” She said extending her hand.

Tyler grabbed her hand and shook. “Agreed, let me grab something from the car while you get ready in the tent.” Tyler said.

Jasmine went inside and got ready. She grabbed a black 12 inch monster rod strap on and strapped it on after removing her bra and panties. She lied on the ground in an inviting pose. Tyler had removed his underwear and went to the car to grab a toy of his own that he used many times with Scott, a vibrating 18 inch double ended dildo. He placed it outside the tent as a surprise and stepped inside. Before proving himself he told Jasmine he wanted a blowjob for her non believance. She said fine but if he doesn’t go through with it then she’s going to break up with him for taking the lie this far. Tyler told her she won’t be disappointed.

She latched onto his now 8 inch hard cock and started sucking. She went fast because she wanted to get to the ass fucking. She decided to test the waters and she slipped two fingers into his asshole. “Couldn’t wait for your turn huh. That’s fine. Keep going. It feels nice.” Tyler teased. Jasmine was pissed now. She started going really fast and she started fisting his asshole. She could hear him moaning loudly and didn’t hear say stop. She also was surprised when he cummed in her mouth without a warning. She yanked her fist out and licked her lips clean.

“Alright Tyler, time to see the truth. Lie down and spread your legs.” Jasmine said. Tyler did as he was told parted his asshole for her. Jasmine immediately shoved the dildo in his ass as he let out a loud moan.

“Oh god fuck, that thing is much bigger than Scott’s dick! Come on bitch, fuck me like you mean it!” Tyler shouted at Jasmine. She started fucking him really fast and noticed his dick was rock solid and was squirting a little precum.

‘Omg, he’s actually enjoying this.’ Jasmine mentally said to herself. Tyler was enjoying getting fucked by his girlfriend but he wanted to go faster. He pushed Jasmine onto her back and mounted her from the top and started bouncing himself up and down. ‘I can’t believe it, he actually is bisexual. He definitely has done this before. That means he let someone else fuck his ass before me! I am going to make sure he doesn’t cum for as long as-‘

Her mental conversation was cut short when Tyler jizzed all over her tits and face. She was shocked yet so turned on knowing she just made her boyfriend cum by fucking his ass. çekmeköy escort He got up from the dildo and started licking her tits free of the cum. He kissed her with a mouthful of creamy sperm and lied down with her. “Believe me now?” Tyler questioned.

“OMFG YES! That was awesome and hot. I’m sorry that I didn’t believe you. I’m so happy now that you me and the other two can add so much more to our sex lives. That was so fucking hot I can’t wait for tomorrow. Also since you let someone else fuck your ass before me…” Jasmine said as she smacked his ass.

“Owww! Hey don’t do that, that hurt.” Tyler said. She slapped him again while chuckling. “Okay that’s it!” Tyler shouted. He sat up and pulled her over his lap and started smacking her ass. She giggled the whole time. “That’s for smacking my ass *SMACK* that’s for not stopping when I said stop *SMACK* that’s for not believing me *SMACK* thats for being too slow while fucking my ass, and this is for being a horny little whore bitch that enjoys getting her ass smacked!” Tyler shouted as he started smacking her ass hard without stopping. She was cumming on his lap and was moaning from the ass torture. He threw her to the ground and grabbed the toy from outside. Jasmine saw it and gasped from the size of it. “This is Scott’s and I’s favorite toy. We shove this in our ass and use it when we fuck, watch porn, play games or just watch TV. This week it’ll be used everyday and it’s going to be used right now.” Tyler said as Jasmine discarded the strap on.

Tyler shoved one side of the dildo up her ass while he inserted the other side into his ass and turned it on. In an instant they both were moaning from the double ass fucking. Jasmine wanted more so she slid the dildo deeper as well as Tyler. They got into a scissoring position as Tyler slipped his dick into her cunt. Even though the dildo could bend they wanted to scissor because it was much more arousing. They were at it for 15 minutes before Jasmine got chest to chest with Tyler so they could make out. They both played with her chest before they both finally started picking up the pace so they could finally cum. “Oh god Tyler, this is the best day ever. Holy shit. I’m so happy we have each other. I couldn’t imagine doing this with any other guy. Not even Scott, only you. I love you Tyler.”

“I fucking love you too Jasmine. The same can be said about you. Oh god you’re the best woman and the only woman I could ever want. Kelly isn’t as sexy as you. She wishes she could be as beautiful as you. I’m about to fucking cum!” Tyler moaned.

“Me too, cum inside of me Tyler. I want to feel your cum mix with my cum. Please!” Jasmine moaned.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!” They both moaned out as they came together. Jasmine collapsed on Tyler’s chest while he turned off the dildo but decided to leave it in as well as his cock in Jasmine. They both wrapped their arms around each other and fell asleep as the last few embers of the fire outside died out.


Hoped you all enjoyed. Let me know what you think in the comments below and let me know if you wanna see a sequel.

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