Campfire Stories Ch. 03

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Marie had stepped out of the shower and began towel drying her long blonde hair. She caught a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror, and surveyed her body. She was short, about 5’2″ and thin, not as athletic as her co-counselor Julia. Still, she was proud of her body, her 34C chest and cute ass.

“Ah shit, I forgot to shave,” she cursed as she noticed the light blonde fur surrounding her vagina. She was about to step back into the shower and shave when she heard a noise from the main room of the cabin. She wrapped a towel around her body, and cursed the camp for having such small towels. She was used to beach towels, but this one just barely covered her nipples and her cute little ass was peeking out at the bottom. If you looked closely, you could see her sparse pubic hairs between her legs too. See cautiously opened the bathroom door to see if Julia was home, and she couldn’t believe what she saw. Julia was lying naked in bed next to Colin, a tall, athletic counselor at the camp. Julia had Colin’s penis in her grasp, and was pumping him furiously.

Marie slipped back into the bathroom and didn’t know what to do. Her clothes were on her bunk but she couldn’t go out there. As much as she was embarrassed to be caught, she couldn’t deny the moistness between her legs. She quietly snuck back out into the bunk area and was met with an amazing sight. Julia and moved, and her vagina was completely exposed to Marie! Although Marie was bisexual, she was always too shy to act on it. Yet here in her very own cabin were too very attractive people getting each other Anadolu Yakası Escort off.

Unable to help it, Marie’s left hand slid down her leg and then up under her towel. Marie began rubbing her clitoris as Julia’s hand brought Colin closer to climax. Marie pushed two fingers into her vagina, and moaned at the feeling of penetration in her tight pussy. Marie had a nice rhythm going, rubbing in circles over her clit while fucking herself with her two fingers, when Colin shot his semen all over Julia’s legs. Colin immediately looked over and saw Marie. She was terrified! She made a mad dash for the bathroom as her towel fell to the floor. Now she was trapped in the bathroom with nothing to hide her naked body!

Before Marie could think of what to do next, Julie bounded into the bathroom, her breasts heaving and her face flushed from the erotic encounter she had just shared with Colin. Both girls tried to apologize at the same time, and before either could stammer out a complete sentence, Colin called in to say he was leaving. For a while, the girls sat quietly, not knowing what to say. It was Julia who broke the awkward silence.

“Marie, I’m so sorry. I know I shouldn’t be bringing guys back to the room, especially so soon, but, I don’t know, there’s something about Colin that, this is so weird, he just, gets to me in a way no one else has before and…” Marie cut her off, “It’s ok, I’m just embarrassed. More embarrassed about you catching me than me catching you…”

Another awkward silence fell on the girls, and once Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan again, Julia broke the ice. “You like to watch?”

“I’ve never done it before, it’s just that I walked out for my clothes and there you two were, and I saw his dick and your pussy and I couldn’t help myself.” Marie stopped short, realizing she had said exactly what she didn’t want to say. She didn’t want to make Julia uncomfortable, living with a bisexual roommate. “Marie, are you bi?” Julia blurted out. Marie quietly whispered a yes and Julia jumped up exclaiming “Me too!” The girls began chattering a mile a minute, neither having anyone to confide in about their sexual orientation before.

Eventually, they decided they should shower and get to bed. Julia still had Colin’s cum all over her legs and Marie’s pussy juices had soaked her crotch and legs, and she still had to shave. The showers in the cabins are communal, with five heads in one stall. The girls climbed into the shower and rinsed away the evening’s passion with the hot water. Marie grabbed her razor and spread her legs, preparing to shave the little patch of blonde hair around her vagina, when Julia reached out and grabbed her hand.

“Please don’t, I think it’s kinda cute,” Julia said with a smile, and she ran her fingers through Marie’s pubic hair. The feeling of another woman’s fingertips dragging across her mound was a new experience for Marie, and a moan escaped from her lips. Upon hearing the moan, Julia quickly returned her hand to Marie’s pelvic region, and gently Escort Anadolu Yakası rubbed Marie’s stomach, pelvis, and inner thighs. Marie was very turned on and leaned back against Julia’s body, feeling her roommate’s breasts press against her back with her hard nipples against Marie’s shoulder blades. Marie nudged one of Julia’s fingers into her moist slit, and Julia took the hint and slid her middle finger deep into her roommate’s love tunnel. A second and third finger soon snaked their way into Marie’s tight vagina and slid gracefully in and out. Marie thrust her hips towards Julia’s fingers as Julia’s other hand fondled Marie’s breasts. Marie began pinching and tugging at her left nipple as Julia started to suck the right one. It wasn’t long before Marie was thrashing wildly against Julia’s hand, screaming with pleasure and cumming all over her hand.

Marie sank to the floor, exhausted from the huge climax she had built up all night and finally released. Julia walked towards Marie, and Marie reached around and squeezed her roommate’s tight butt, and pulled her damp crotch towards her face. Marie sat on the floor and let her tongue probe her sexy co-counselor’s depths. Marie loved the taste of her lover’s juices and eagerly drank them as the sucked and kissed Julia’s clitoris.

Julia was enthralled at being eaten out twice in one night. She ran her fingers through Marie’s blonde hair and began slowly swiveling her hips. As Marie’s tongue and lips further excited Julia’s soaked pussy, Julia began to fuck her new lover’s face, thrusting harder and harder until she released her cum in the mouth of her roommate. Marie stood up and the girls shared a passionate kiss with the tastes of Julia’s warm sex juices swirling over each tongue.

After their shower was finally finished, the girls climbed into bed together, and drifted off into a peaceful sleep wrapped in each other’s arms.

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