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All characters in this story are over 18 years old.


Cam Show

It was 10am Sunday morning, the time slot I chose for this week’s cam show. It’s been several weeks now and the camming is coming along just swimmingly. You may ask, what does a 50 yr. old woman think she is doing putting on cam shows? Masturbating for total strangers…and for money no less. I never thought it would be something I’d do either…but allowing my son to lick my pussy is nothing I thought would ever happen as well…so it’s been a summer of many firsts.

Recently, I purchased a sex swing….you know, the contraption you hang from your ceiling and makes you feel as if you’re floating while you’re fucking? Except I didn’t buy mine for fucking. Or shall I say, I didn’t buy it specifically for fucking others, but rather for fucking myself. I recently watched a video of a woman getting herself off in a swing and I was drawn to the idea of being suspended with my legs being held open by the straps. Maybe it has to do with my gynecologist fantasies…legs spread wide in the stirrups as the nice handsome doctor provides his vaginal exam…first with two fingers, then his cock…wait, what…don’t all women have these types of fantasies? hehe.

But seriously…oh yes, it was one of the best purchases I’ve made in quite a while. The feeling being in the swing is incredible before I even lay a hand on myself. I think it’s just how it makes me feel so open, so exposed, so vulnerable…it’s immediate arousal. I feel my labia opening up like a flower blossoming, I can feel my wetness begin to build until I have juice slightly oozing out of me, my clit becoming engorged…all for no reason other than sitting in the swing. So let’s just say, my masturbation sessions have been taken to new heights….but today it wasn’t about solo sex…no, today I would have a nice little treat for my faithful followers. Especially Diana whose been wanting to see me as part of a threesome…so I decided to deliver.

It was around 9:30 when Michael arrived. We went over the ground rules…no mention of me being his mother. That was a no no. He was to be my neighbor next door. Let’s call him the naughty neighbor…the one who can be relied upon for, ahem, “handyman services”….and then shortly after, Donna arrives. Donna is my good friend, my best friend actually….and the only person I trust to know about Michael and myself. Donna is a few years younger than I…she’s my yoga partner, with a tiny little dancer’s body, lean shapely legs, little perky tits along with an even more perky disposition. Donna just loves to have fun and probably the only woman I know who is more unsatiable than I am…which is very hard to imagine given my level of daily horniness. That said she makes for a great yoga partner…watching my form, guiding me, providing feedback, paying close attention to my poses, supporting me…then when the session is over, devouring my cunt like no other. Did I mention Donna is the perfect yoga partner?

So there we were, all finally together in the same room. There was an excitement in the air…anticipation of what was to come. Michael set up the camera for a wide angle view of the couch and the sex swing. The thrill was not knowing how all of this was gonna go down…would we all just let loose and forget there was a camera involved? I know I wanted to…but Donna and my son being new to the world of camming…would they get stage fright? There were many unknowns…all which added to the anticipation.

I explained the ground rules to Michael and Donna. How the key is that we must set goals before we engage. For example, topless at 1000 tokens, show pussy at 1,500 tokens and so on….this is always the Giresun Escort most frustrating time for me. Because I’m usually so damn horny, and if it’s a slow day and people are not tipping…I have to wait to cum. I never like to wait when I’m ready to cum…but I have to keep reminding myself, it’s all part of the game.

We begin with the three of us sitting on the couch. As usual, Diana is the first into our room. She’s my absolute favorite and we go on private chat often so I can watch her as she watches me. She is a mature, but young looking 65 yr. old woman with a libido like no other. She wanted to see me with a young stud and another woman…well, Diana, did I come through? Is this what you wanted?…let’s just say, she was more than thrilled, She said she’d live vicariously through us today as it reminds her of days gone by when she would be involved in threesomes and group sex. Now this cam site is her main source for sexual fulfillment…and I’m glad we are to help satisfy her desires.

As the tips begin coming in, the three of us are trying to put on our best tease show. Rubbing ourselves over our clothes, then down to just our undies. I reach over to rub Donna’s mound through her panties and tell Michael how incredibly soaked she is already…needless to say, my son was pitching a very large tent in his boxer briefs…so we already knew there was no stage fright on his part. As first goal hit, both Donna and I took off our bras…it always feels good to get to that point. I hate bras in general, so to keep it on too long for a cam show drives me nuts and I cannot unclasp fast enough!

Sitting between Michael and Donna, I have them both scrunch closer to mama… and as if on cue, Donna began kissing and sucking on one of my nipples while my son does the same with the other. It felt wonderful and I felt like a very lucky woman… as their mouths were going to town on my soft breast and hard nipples, I reached with my left hand into Michael’s shorts and began stroking his rock hard cock. I’m always amazed at how endowed my son is and to feel him grow even larger in my hand sends shivers down my spine… I took my right hand and slid it into Donnas already cum drenched thong. My hand passed through her soft fur and found her soft swollen clit… she gasped, while still having a mouthful of my right breast. I knew this was going to be a fun day!

Michael leaned and whispered in my ear,

“Mom I want your pussy in my mouth so bad…I want to taste your delicious cum.”

And of course I had to ask my loving son to be patient. Even knowing that had we not been on camera, he’d already have his face buried between my throbbing and welcoming cunt lips…tasting all of his mother’s sweet nectar…but instead, all he could do is run his hands over my mound, over my panties and get a feel for the wetness that was in store for him later.

And just at that moment, another goal hit…all underwear off. The look on Donna’s face, as well as Diana’s on the screen, when Michael’s beautiful 8 inch cock sprung from his boxers was priceless. I believe both said wow out loud at the very same time….and with that, Diana fell right into her familiar role as director of the scene. She asked Michael to sit back on the couch and have Donna and I both please him at the same time. Let’s just say, Michael was not protesting… and Donna was not hesitating…she grabbed his shaft immediately and went to town…pumping with her hand, sucking and slobbering all over the glistening head…all I could do is kneel on the floor to work on his beautiful large shaved balls…taking one into my mouth at a time while Donna was working his manhood like a woman possessed.

Finally I said, Giresun Escort Bayan “Hey I want some too…”

And we switched positions and I began licking my dear son up and down his throbbing shaft… savoring the precum and the head of his penis before taking a good amount of his cock down my throat. Knowing my son as I do…I could tell he wouldn’t be able to take much more and he’d want to shoot his load very shortly…so I intentionally slowed down and asked our “Director” what she would like to see next.. Diana asked me to get into the sex swing with my little clit vibrator and my dildo. She went on to demand that the two newbies – Michael and Donna- get on the couch and that I pleasure myself while watching them fuck. I gladly obliged and with that, Donna fell back on the couch and threw her legs wide open, exposing her absolutely beautiful pussy…dirty blonde pubic hair, with the most lovely pink lips protruding underneath. Oh what a treat it was going to be for my pussy hungry son…and then he dove right in like a man possessed and began devouring her. She was bucking her hips up to meet his mouth and he drove his tongue deep inside her… and all I could do is lay back in the swing thrusting my fingers into my own wetness. My son ate and fingered Donna’s hungry cunt furiously until she climaxed in the most earth shattering way…spilling her sweet juices all over my darling son’s face. Now she finally knows what a good little cunt licker Michael is…it was time for her to feel his hard rod inside her, filling her up…and fill her up he did indeed. Being such a petite woman, Michael’s enormous cock looked even more impressive thrusting in and out of Donna….and at that moment, all I could do was thrust my dildo in and out of my juiciness…wishing it was my son’s throbbing member instead.

Before long, horny Diana had another request…and it was perfect timing as well… I watched as Donna was cumming all over Michael’s dick several times…I knew he was about to explode as well…but I also know he wanted to hold out as long as possible. Diana proceeded to have me pull the straps of the swing back in such a way that kept my legs spread open to the point I was practically in a full split. Then instructed Donna and Michael to kneel on the floor between my legs and eat Linda’s pussy at the same time…she demanded teamwork. There is an art to having two people eat a pussy at the same time, and they were creating a masterpiece. Michael began kissing and sucking on my soft puffy outer labia while Donna was sucking my inner lips into her mouth…then vice versa. Donna then concentrated on sucking my clit as Michael’s two fingers began exploring the depths of his mother’s love canal…pulling them out to taste the sweet cum she produced just for him, then driving them back in. Donna pulled her face away and then used her fingers to spread my swollen lips open to give Michael full access to my cunt…so he could lick and suck up all of my womanhood into his mouth with nothing in the way, and then he returned the favor, spreading me open for Donna so she could have full access…..they continued this back and forth until I asked to have Donna thrust four fingers inside of me while Michael sucks on my throbbing clit…and within a few short minutes I was ejaculating my hot cum all over the faces of my two lovely partners and they proceeded to kiss and lick all of my cunt juice from each other’s faces… and of course come around to share it with me as well… after all, my loving son knows how much is Mother enjoys tasting herself on his adorable face.

Then came the final demand from Diana…who by the way, looked completely spent, as she was fucking herself into oblivion with Escort Giresun her dildo the entire show. She finally wanted to see Michael inside Linda. There is always a bit of nervousness around this…as Michael and I have always created boundaries. And the oral aspect of our relationship was always more than fulfilling for us…we never needed too much more. But now I was filled with an overwhelming desire to feel his thick hardness inside me…it was hard to explain, but the time was right. I was throbbing for it…and the look in Michael’s eye told me he felt it too.

I looked into my son’s eyes asking him if he was ok with this…he was more than OK! We positioned the sex swing where he was able to stand between my legs and he proceeded to run the head of his cock all along my swollen labia…teasing me. I gave a wry smile as I knew he was getting back at me…for all the times I’d tease him…letting him watch me play with myself but keeping my pussy just far enough from his mouth where he couldn’t reach it…now was his revenge. He was going to have me begging for his cock.

He began slapping my clit with his shaft…sliding into my opening slightly, then pulling out…basically torturing the shit out of me. Before finally relenting and slowly sliding into me. Watching my son’s entire shaft disappear into my wetness gave me a feeling that is indescribable…this was wrong on so many levels…this is the final taboo…and yet it felt so right on so many levels. My sweet son was savoring this, and taking his time with his mother…he wanted to feel every inch of my cunt gripping and milking his cock…and I wanted to feel every inch of him too. So he kept it so deliciously slow in the beginning.

Diana now instructed to have Donna sit on my face while I was being fucked…and I was hoping she’s ask for that. There is nothing more heavenly than having my face buried in a wet delicious pussy, while having a cock buried in mine… so Donna mounted my face willingly and it was a great view for Michael as well. Donna reached down and spread her outer lips as she lowered herself down to my mouth so that my face could get deep within her. Michael began to pick up the rhythm…slowly beginning to pick up the pace of his thrusting…like a piston of a steam engine. Faster and faster he began driving his hardness into my soft wetness…he instinctively knew to pleasure his mother’s clit with his fingers as he was thrusting…it’s just what I needed!

At that point Donna was watching from her perch…rubbing her own clit as my tongue is diving deep inside her hungry cunt…I was just about at the point of no return. I almost lost consciousness of who I was, where I was….the pleasure was at a level I had never experienced. This was pure ecstasy as I began convulsing…Michael knew from the times that he fucks me with a dildo, to pull out and let me squirt…and then drive back into me…so he did this a number of times before Donna began cumming in the same manner…her hot juices gushing down my throat, down my face…almost drowning me..

Seconds later, Michael exclaimed “Oh God I’m gonna cum”…and quickly he pulled out of my wet satisfied hole.

We pulled him over to our faces as he tugged on his throbbing shaft that was all covered with his own Mom’s cum…Donna took him in her mouth, I took him in my mouth…as if we were fighting for his cock…fighting for his load…until he exploded shooting the largest load of man cum I’ve seen in the longest time. All over our faces and mouths, inside my mouth, Donna’s mouth…and Donna and I began kissing and savoring my son’s delicious semen all over each other’s faces…oh what a final scene that was. We look over to see Diana laying back, one hand still lazily caressing her clit and other hand holding her dildo to her mouth to finish licking off her own juices…and a smile on her face that told us everything we needed to know. This was the hit show of the summer on the cam site…there would be no doubt about that!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32