Calliope Ride

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It had been a lazy summer day that I spent driving through the countryside outside Springfield Manor trying to clear my mind of business and personal matters. As dusk approaches and the sun becomes a bright orange ball in the western sky, a country carnival catches my eye and I pull in and park my truck. Purchasing a refreshing smoothie I wander around enjoying the children trying to elicit the last rays of fun from a fleeting day.

My glance catches a voluptuous blond sitting on a bench and enjoying a cold root beer. Her hair is pulled back and she is wearing a light, colorful sundress that accentuates her full, shapely breasts. Distinct nipple dots protrude from the thin cotton material. Her expression is neither inviting nor put off, but she appears deep in thought. I walk over and sit down leaving a respectable amount of space between us. Almost before my butt hits the bench, her expression changes and she introduces herself.

“My name’s Margo. I haven’t noticed you around here all day.”

“Red,” I answer, shaking her hand. “Actually I just arrived. I’m not really familiar with the area, but was passing by and the fair caught my eye. I also needed something to cool my throat. Are you alone?” I question in a tone that expresses I’m expecting a negative answer.

“Yes. My friends are out of town for a few days and I recently lost my job and I guess I was feeling sorry escort bayan for myself, so I’ve spent most of the day here reliving my youth.” We chat for awhile, growing more comfortable, and you ask if you can taste my smoothie. “You sure can,” I say, moving closer and holding the cup for you. “MMmmm, that’s delicious,” as you lift your head from the straw but don’t draw it back. I lean in and our lips meet in a light lingering kiss. After several seconds, your lips part inviting my tongue inside and raising this kiss to another level. I’m becoming aroused and trying to control myself as you take one of my hands and move it to your thigh. Your skin is soft and warm to the touch and, as I slide it toward your womanhood, our tongues hungrily probe each other. As we break to catch our breath, your legs close just enough to say ‘please keep your hand there.’

The carousel is getting ready to close for the day and as the kids return to find their parents you say, “I lost my virginity on a merry-go-round about thirty years ago, but it was on one of those bench seats. I’ve always wanted to make love on one of the horses.” My fingers have now found your moist slit, no difficult task since you’re not wearing panties. Catching my breath, I ask half kiddingly if you’d like to end the day doing that now.

“I’d love to, but it looks as if their closing,” you izmit escort say sadly. “Let me see what I can do,” I murmur, sliding my hand from your sweet pussy. A quick chat with the young operator – along with a crisp hundred dollar bill – and he’s shown me how to start the machine and is leaving to have a couple of beers before the concession closes.

I motion you over and tell you to pick out your favorite horse. You choose an intricately carved white one with a large saddle area and hop up on it backwards with your back against the pole. A big grin on your face, you pat the saddle inviting me up. I start the carousel and mount our wooden steed facing you. You’ve loosened the strings on the bodice of your dress exposing your still firm and youthful breasts. As I begin to play with your taut hard nipples through the thin linen material, you unzip my fly, release my anxious cock and lightly rub the sensitive glans. As I start to moan, you reach for the pole behind your head and pull yourself up so I can maneuver my throbbing member inside your now well-oiled orifice. The incredible sensation of your warm secretions and the tightness of your love canal are adding to the feeling each time our pony completes its downstroke and the silken walls of your womanhood envelop my cock for a brief second before sliding up the shaft again. Your inner muscles alternately yürüyüş yolu escort tighten and loosen their grip on me in a way I’ve never felt before.

Your breasts are rising and falling with the rhythm of our horse and driving me crazy. I lean forward and suckle your nipples through your dress as your feet desperately search for the stirrups which, up til now, we’ve paid no attention to. The crown of my cock is striking your spot with each stroke and I can hear your cries above the melody of the calliope. Your hands once again reach behind and grasp the brass pole that has worked its way into the crack of your magnificent ass. Feet in the stirrups…hands clenching the pole…you are now totally in control of the situation. Your sweet cunt is devouring my aching cock, now totally at your mercy. Your hips are gyrating feverishly and your head is bent back beneath your hands. The tips of my fingers dig into your buttocks as I try to keep my balance and slow the situation slightly. Too late…you erupt, cry out, and as your body convulses in ecstasy, the juices are forced between the walls of your canal and my engorged member. As you pull up leaving just the head inside you, the warm liquid drips down my shaft and soaks my balls. My back arches and my head falls back and comes to rest on our stallions tail as the tightness in my crotch finds its needed release and our ejaculates mix together. We shudder uncontrollably: our eyes locked on each other as the carousel makes its final revolutions and comes to a stop.

We hold each other tight as we exit and head back toward the parking lot. We’ll probably never see each other again, but we’ll never forget this evening or each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32