Calling the Beast

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Time seemed frozen for a moment as he watched, her lips clenched shut; then she pulled it slowly from her mouth, her lips following its contour. Her face was lit with the fleeting pleasure. Not quite satisfied, she moved again to place it back into her mouth. He saw her tongue for an all too brief second. Her lips enclosed it once again. She pulled it from her mouth, savoring the taste, leaving her moisture behind. She always tried to make it last, to relish the moments when it filled her mouth. He knew all to well what was coming, though. She licked at it for a moment, as if to tease, but then she slid it into her eager mouth once more. Crack. Her teeth bit through the crunchy chocolate coating to the vanilla ice cream inside.

It always seemed she called him on those same nights she allowed herself the ice cream. He focused on her lips as she devoured the remnants of the Dove bar. The subdued lipstick remaining from her day at the office. An occasional appearance by her tongue, retrieving the errant ice cream from her lips into her mouth. She sat there for some time after the ice cream was gone. He watched her. He inhaled her. This was why he was here.

She rose from the chair and made her way to her bedroom, with him following her every movement. His eyes captured her ass, working beneath her skirt as she raised one foot behind her, removing her heels, then did the same for the other. She thoughtlessly undid the buttons on the front of her skirt as she turned on the light in her bathroom. She began drawing her bath, then turned to face him. His eyes followed her hands as she pulled the skirt downward, over her hips, bending down enough so that she could step out of it. Her hands made quick work of her pantyhose, in a fashion that made him think she resented them. She then undid the buttons of her blouse from the top down. Her eyes were lowered, watching her hands, as if she were enjoying this as much as he. She walked back into the bedroom as the last button was undone, and she took off the blouse, letting it slide to the floor. Before he could blink she had undone the clasp on her bra, and it too followed the blouse down. Her breasts responding to her motion, his eyes responding to her breasts. Not only his eyes.

She stood there motionless, looking at herself in the mirror. He watched her gaze travel down the mirror from her hair to her breasts to her navel and then her panties. She slid her hands underneath the band and began removing them. From his vantage behind her the slight bend afforded him a small look at the sweetness between her legs. She was teasing him, he knew this. That knowledge beylikdüzü escort did not stop his erection, but it did fire the rage within him. Too many nights had started like this. She brushed past him and into the bathroom, stepping into the warm bath waters, and took her place in her aquatic sanctuary. He waited.

He stood close behind her as she sat in front of the computer; her scent was strong now. She was fresh from her bathing, her hair still slightly damp, her skin covered only by new panties and her robe. The aroma of the bath oils lingered on her, but it was her building desire that he inhaled again and again. It was here, in front of this cold piece of hardware, that the feelings had grown strong. She strengthened herself from a glass of wine. She explored. Another drink and she freely roamed her dark fantasy world. As the night wore on, the robe became looser. Her hands stoked the heat from between her legs.

He stood there behind her, gaining strength from her desires, smelling them on her. Inhaling them as if she had splashed them on her body from a pretty, colored bottle on her dresser. She was openly taunting him now, safe in her world. Her hands where his should be. Her nipples erect, the robe no longer hiding them from him, her quickening breaths thrusting them upward, as if to say, “Take me.” He put his head in his hands, his fingers pressing hard into his skull. “She called me here. She called me here,” he muttered. The moan that escaped her lips shattered his concentration and in an undeniable rage he reached out for her hair. His fingers closed on her curls … and then nothing. They passed right through, and he looked at his fist, grasping nothing. Furious he reached for her shoulder, meaning to twist her around to face him. He reached right through her. Her increasing moaning was a mock to him, her there halfway in her world … halfway in his. Tonight was not the night.

He was there waiting for her. She turned on the light in her bedroom as she entered, her dress and jewelry evidence of a night out. She returned alone, and this had obviously disappointed her. He could smell this. That was why he was here. Increasingly these past few months she had called him, walking to the edge, only to deny him. He was not happy. He watched her as she positioned herself in front of her dresser, bending her head first to one side then the other as she removed her earrings. She loosened her blouse from her skirt, undid a couple of buttons but did not remove her clothing. Her disappointment was particularly heavy tonight, and bittersweet to his taste. beyoğlu escort Her aroma spoke of sex, though it was from her torrid thoughts and nothing more.

He followed her down the stairs as she went to the kitchen and filled a glass with wine. She paused there for a moment, motionless, eyes fixed on the glass, but not really seeing it. He smelled the desire grow in her. She sighed heavily, then turned and made her way back up the stairs. She put the glass down next to the monitor and reached down to turn the computer on.

She did not. Her body rejected the notion of cyber or online fantasy, and she sat back in the chair. He watched. Her mind was awhirl with images from the evening, her body full of sensations. All had served to inflame her passion. Several times during the night she had felt her nipples harden, as she watched a man across the room, as she felt watched, as she brushed by a stranger. Her nipples were hard now. But her loneliness had mutated the passion. He waited. His rage from so many nights denied was building once again. He was breathing heavily, heatedly on her neck. Her mind now sought the familiar dark place, where she had found, if not satisfaction, possibly an understanding soul. She took the wineglass and placed it to her lips, almost afraid to drink, as if the wine would push her over the edge. She tilted it upward, the wine slowly closing in on her lips. She tasted the wine, and that was enough. He reached out for her and grabbed her arm.

The shattering glass accentuated the fact that she had succeeded in calling the beast. The crazed look in her eyes testament to her fear. With his iron grip he dragged her from the chair and over to her bed. She did not notice his nakedness, only her powerlessness. He climbed onto her bed, his erection preceding him, and yanked her onto the bed with him. Unable to react, only to experience she lay there as he climbed over her, his hands roaming the body she had denied him for so long. His rage still prevalent, those hands ripped her blouse from her body, tearing at it until no shred was left on her. She cried.

He grabbed her bra and pulled it over her head and arms, the fabric clinging to, then releasing her nipples as it succumbed to the beast. His hands again roaming her, his curiosity consuming him. They quickly found her skirt and pawed at it, until he succeeded in removing it from her. She watched.

He grabbed her legs and lifted them upward, bending them back to her head as his face lowered into her panties. She could hear him inhale her. She could feel him inhale her. She waited.

His bizimkent escort hands worked down her legs, grasping her panties, and working upward again removing her panties from her. Her legs still in the air he began spreading them outward. She stared at his eyes, but they were zeroed in on her cunt, and he was grinning with a sinister delight as he watched her cunt lips fighting to remain closed, sticking together, but eventually giving way to the pressure of her ever-widening legs. She opened for him. He moved forward, his hands guiding his cock towards her moisture. He teased her, like she had teased him so many times before. He rubbed his cock head against and around her cunt lips, probing, thrusting, but remaining outside of her. Her previously smoldering desire was full aflame, and he knew this. She was too inviting though, and he could not linger long. He thrust himself into her.

In such a blaze one could not loiter and his pounding was almost immediate. Her legs having nowhere else to go rested on his shoulders as he fucked her. His cock entering and exiting. His balls slapping at her anus. His eyes fully fixed on her face. As much as her cunt invited him deeper, that face infuriated him. That face that taunted him for so long gave rise to that all too familiar rage. He pulled his cock from within her and moved forward. Her legs dropped off of his shoulders and were split by his advancing body. His hands grasped at her hair and … found their mark. The rage closed them on her curls, and he pulled her head forward against his cock. The head of his cock was in front of her eyes, the heat of his cock spreading into her face. She felt the grip on her hair partially give way. His free hand intruded between her face and his body, grabbing his cock, guiding it downward until the head was pressed to her lips. His heat on her lips.

She looked up at him with begging eyes. His cock pressed forward and she opened a second time for him. To deny him would have been to deny herself. Time seemed frozen for a moment as his cock head lingered momentarily between her lips. His rage then drove it forward. Their eyes locked. Their worlds locked. He fucked her pretty mouth. As he watched her lips striving to swallow the whole of him, he inhaled her. He inhaled the mutant passion that emanated from her. He inhaled the fire scorching her cunt. He inhaled the beckoning desire concentrated in her nipples. And as his rage expelled from him he saw her tongue emerge for an all too brief second, before her lips again enclosed his cock. He pulled his cock slowly from her mouth, his cum mostly remaining behind. Her tongue emerged, retrieving the errant cum from her lips into her mouth.

He got off of the bed as she returned to her world. He watched her. He inhaled her. Her breasts still heaving, her eyes looking back. Her disappointment from earlier in the evening lay in tatters with her clothing on the floor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32