Callie and Rebecca Ch. 02

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Callie and I had just survived several hours or exertion trying to set some type of record for two people having sex for the first time. Her last orgasm had been loud and wet, courtesy of her friend Rebecca who had spent the last five minutes nibbling the blonde’s snatch while fingering Callie’s tight ass. For my part, Callie’s powerful stream of girl juice spurting into Rebecca’s face had spurred my own mind blowing orgasm aided only by Callie’s hand and the three of us were now covered in sweat and genital secretions.

I offered the girls something to drink, and they both laughed. The absurdity of offering someone a drink when they’ve just been hit with a faceful of cum was not lost on either of them, but I got up to walk across the room to my small refrigerator anyway. I opened a Coke, and turned to see them watching me while considering their next move. Standing by the open door, I paused and let the cool air waft across my exhausted, overheated body. They both looked at each other and Callie whispered something causing ‘Becca to giggle. I’d never considered her to be the type to laugh; she’d always come off as humorless and stern. I asked what was so funny, and Callie said, “we were just making a comment about how you look standing there naked.” I initially took this to mean that I, like most guys, looked quite gangly when naked and I looked down to assess what my body’s faults might have been. My frown must have let her know what I was thinking, because Rebecca stood up and walked towards me, “Don’t be silly; there’s nothing wrong with you. We just were commenting on the fact that you’d make a great sundial.” On her way past me, she gave my hardening cock a squeeze, and then continued on to the bathroom.

“It’s good to be the president!” I thought. Nobody else in the fraternity had a private bathroom in their room and right now I was happy to be that guy. A lady trying to find a clean stall in which to do her business this late at night after a party was going to be disgusted to the point of leaving. Woe to the guy who thought his girl was coming back to bed after she spent ten minutes hovering above a dirty toilet seat only to find that their was no toilet paper as well. Rebecca walked into the bathroom and turned on the sink’s hot water which I initially assumed was to cover the sound of her peeing. I grabbed a bottle of water from the door of the refrigerator and walked to where Callie was reclining against a pile of pillows and handed her the beverage. Turning back to the light of the bathroom, I was startled to see Rebecca sitting on the toilet doing her business.

“What’s the matter?” she said, “Haven’t you ever seen a girl pee before?”

“Honestly, no. I’m just surprised that you are running the water to cover the noise but leave the door open so I can see you piss.”

“First of all, stud, the water is warming up so I can soak a wash cloth and clean us all up. And as for you watching, I don’t mind. Come over here and you can might learn something about a girl’s plumbing.” As she said this, she leaned back so I could see the junction of her legs and the little stream of yellow liquid that dribbled from it. Her jutting tits and tight stomach looked sexy as hell and until my cock hardened further, I didn’t know that I would be turned on by seeing a girl urinate. She finished and grabbed a little patch of toilet paper and offered it to me. “‘Wanna wipe me?” I couldn’t tell whether she was teasing or not, but before I could answer, Callie called out in a low whisper, “Just finish up already. It is your turn, you know. I thought you were horny.”

Rebecca laughed quietly and wiped herself. Standing up, she flushed the toilet and moved to the sink. She grabbed a fresh wash cloth from the rack and soaked it with the warm water. I stood and watched, staring at her great ass as she slightly bent to wet the rag in the sink. When she finally turned to head back towards the bed, I was already sitting next to her friend waiting to see how this would play out. The light went out in the bathroom and soon her petite form was silhouetted by the small night light in the corner of the room. She moved to us with a towel in one hand and the wet cloth in the other.

“Callie, you look sticky. Would you like me to clean you up some?”

Callie whispered, “Why don’t you clean us both up? Do a good job, but don’t mess around. You’re going to cum next, so let’s not waste time. Dave hasn’t had a chance at you yet and I know I’d like to get a few licks in too.” Whatever I’d done to deserve this treatment must have been good. I mentally promised myself to find out what it was and do it more if this was going to be the reward. Callie flashed me a look that told me she wasn’t sure about whatever my “chance” meant.

Rebecca gently wiped the combined sweat and cum from Callie’s breasts and stomach, worked the rag up and down the length of her crotch, and then moved to me. She gave my neck, torso, and legs a quick rub, moving tentatively around me like she was afraid I might grab her and start in on her before she finished kaş escort her task. She stood and returned to the bathroom and we heard the water running again. I leaned over and nipped Callie on the ear and stroked a breast. “What’s next?” I asked.

Callie smiled and said, “Just watch. You’ll know what to do.” Rebecca returned with the freshly soaked rag and began to clean my groin area. She scrubbed my pubic hair, cleaned my balls, and then began to carefully remove the sticky stuff from the shaft of my cock. Callie watched intently and Rebecca finished up and looked for Callie’s approval. “Good job, Sugar. Now spread out that towel and lie down so we can get a look at you.” We moved out of her way while she made the preparations. She was going to get some much deserved attention and she knew it. It was a pleasure watching her move. She seemed to always be conscious of how a certain position or angle would make her look and she went about her task gracefully. The large, white beach towel was spread out over the bed and she moved to lie down on it.

Callie and I stood back and watched like diners waiting for the buffet to be restocked. That is if the diners are naked and one of them is standing behind the other with his hard on poking her in one of her asscheeks. The petite brunette was a study in contrasts to Callie. Where Callie was tall and blond-nearly as tall as my five feet and eleven inches, Rebecca was short and had black hair. Callie’s hair was slightly curly, reaching to just above her shoulders and ‘Becca’s was straight and hung halfway down her back. Callie was curvy, with padding at her hips and breasts, and her shorter friend was lithe like a runner, but with bigger tits. Callie’s nipples were light pink, barely discernible compared to the flesh around them and Rebecca’s darker colored nipples contrasted sharply with the mounds that they poked from like another set of miniature breasts. Callie wore her sparse makeup tastefully with just enough accents to compliment her naturally beautiful features and ‘Becca went without, still enjoying the benefit of her younger age. Callie and Rebecca both had long, elegant fingers but their nail polish was where they differed. Callie wore hers with long manicured French tips while Rebecca kept her blood red nails fairly short.

When the preparation had finished, she looked at Callie as if expecting permission, or maybe a command. I still did not understand the nature of this relationship, and wasn’t about to waste time trying to figure it out. Rebecca gestured silently to the bed and Callie climbed back onto it, lying on her back with her head at the foot of it. She looked at Rebecca and motioned for her to join her and Rebecca obediently climbed aboard. She straddled Callie’s head and bent forward, blowing her warm breath on the taller girl’s pussy. She supported her weight with her left arm while teasingly rubbing around Callie’s outer lips. Callie looked up at me from just below Rebecca’s crotch and whispered, “She’s allowed to get hers, but I decide how. In this position, she sure looks vulnerable, doesn’t she?” Then she licked a long finger and unceremoniously slid it from the top of the girl’s slit to the tight pussy hole, which she penetrated without any further manipulation. Rebecca cried out in surprise but pushed back towards that finger.

“Don’t forget what you’re doing, dear.” Callie hissed, “I’d like some more attention down there if you please.” Rebecca bent back to her ministrations on Callie’s hairless cunt and Callie fished around in the younger girl’s snatch like she was looking for something. It just didn’t seem right to poke and prod at that delicate snatch like it was an old handbag whose folds hid the last pack of cigarettes. While Callie worked at finding the brunette’s g-spot, her other hand pulled at the hair growing above the outer lips. I thought she was trying to “comb” it out of her way, but when I looked closer, I realized that she was grabbing small sections of Rebecca’s pubic patch and actually pulling at it like she was trying to cause her pain. When this apparently ceased to interest her, she added a second finger to the one that was penetrating her friend and started licking at her clit. Rebecca moaned with her face in Callie’s box, but kept at her task.

Callie’s lips sucked tightly on the brunette’s button and the fingers of her right hand stroked away at the hidden g-spot. Wet noises filled the room, but still I stood and watched with my steely shaft poking out in front of me waiting for the moment when Callie would let me know when to join in. My cock swung and bobbed lewdly as the veins throbbed along its length. I felt like a porn star waiting for the director’s cue.

Rebecca’s movements were becoming jerkier; she was clearly enjoying the sensations that her older friend was producing in her pussy. Callie closed her legs which forced Rebecca’s face from between them. I assumed that this meant that it was time for Rebecca to begin concentrating on her impending orgasm. Callie’s fingers gündoğmuş escort slowed their stroking of the spongy tissue inside her friend, but her lips and tongue never let up on the clit.

It suddenly occurred to me that Callie had said earlier that I would know “what to do” when the time came. It was, after all, stupid and wasteful of me to be standing there doing nothing with a perfectly good hard on. Taking a step forward I moved between Rebecca’s legs. Callie looked up at me and winked. She pulled her slimy fingers from the box above her with an audible sound. She rubbed the girl’s juices on the end of my cock and then reached up and put a hand on each of the brunette’s cheeks. She fiercely grabbed a handful of flesh in each hand and pulled her open to expose both of Rebecca’s holes. Above the puffy, wet pussy whose clit Callie’s sexy lips still sucked at, was the soft brown orifice of her ass winking at me.

The sight was almost more than I could take. It was probably four thirty in the morning and my boss was eating the pussy of a girl that I was fairly certain didn’t like me. To add to the scene, she was holding the smaller girl’s ass cheeks open as if to invite me to poke whichever hole I desired. But looking at that little rosebud, I knew that if I was to start working my cock into it, I would surely cause her pain. No matter what though, I needed to make a decision. Standing there and doing nothing was not going to be at the top of the list.

I grabbed my shaft and bent my knees to lower the head of my throbbing cock to level it with her gaping pink opening. Callie stopped sucking on Rebecca’s clit so she could hold still while I got lined up. The bulb of my head poked at her opening. Callie continued to hold those glorious cheeks open and I gave a little push. She tensed up and her anus clenched as she initially resisted the penetration of her cunt. “Oh, no you don’t!” I thought to myself “Callie is in charge and she wants you fucked. So like it or not, it’s coming. Hold on you little hottie, cause here it comes.”

I couldn’t believe that this thought was running through my mind. Me, the guy who had never acted so forceful with women and had always tried to be gentle in bed with them, was about to push into this tiny pussy with a force that may or may not have caused her pain. All I knew was that Callie “owned” this girl and if she was offering it to me, then I was going to own her too. More accurately, my hard cock was going to own that impossibly tiny pussy.

Once she got over the realization that I was bigger than Callie’s fingers, she attempted to relax and let me get into her cunt. Her own natural juices helped and certainly what Callie was doing to her clit was not hurting. I pushed in a millimeter at a time, watching as her lips strained to accommodate me. Callie continued to hold her open but let go of the little clit that she had been working on and pushed back to lick my ball sack. The sensations produced by fucking Rebecca while getting my sack licked were amazing. At last my entire length was buried in that tight space and I began to thrust in and out of her. When I was up to the hilt in Rebecca’s quim, Callie’s tongue would lave my balls. As I pulled out, my sack would drag across Callie’s nose and forehead. Rebecca seemed to get into it and started to push back while grunting louder and louder.

The noises coming from the mouth of such a petite girl were funny in that they were not very ladylike. She sounded like a crack whore in a two bit porno trying to earn a bonus by overacting. I figured that anyone sober or awake enough to hear them would ask about them around the house in the morning. Eventually, when it was found out that a girl in my room had produced the sounds, the stories of my exploits would grow and become legend. Usually I consider myself above such “kiss and tell” bragging but a girl making those kinds of noises was bound to inspire some interesting stories. Maybe the tales would spread to the nearby sororities and I would become an object of interest among the nubile, young girls who lived in them. “Word of mouth is the best advertising.” I thought as I anticipated the legend that would grow as it passed from class to class of my brothers.

As our pace increased the noise from our rutting began to worry Callie. “Quiet down, Rebecca. If you wake up this house, you’ll have forty horny boys standing outside the door when we try to leave. You don’t have time for that, do you?”

Rebecca, apparently fearful that her night in the fraternity house might become a gang-bang, lowered the sounds of her pleasure by an entire order of magnitude. Callie winked up at me as if to say that there was no way that she was going to share this hot little minx with anyone other than me but she was not above threatening it. I looked away and went back to concentrating on burying my bone in the brunette’s tight box. Over and over I thrust into that hot orifice and over and over those pink lips sucked greedily at my length. Watching ibradi escort the winking of her little asshole was going to bring me off. When a bead of sweat fell from my chin and hit that little brown bull’s eye, she increased her pace and arched her back.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, ffffuuuuccccckkkkkk…..!” she tailed off as her orgasm struck her. She froze and I made one final, grunting, lurching thrust as if with that one final stab at her hole I could finally split her in two. My world erupted and I thought I’d black out. Fighting to push in even further, I pushed her so hard that her knees could not hold her ass in the position, she fell forward, and we ended up with her lying flat on top of my beautiful boss. My continually pulsating cock was still buried in her pussy but I was trying to hold myself up with my hands on either side of her so as not to add too much weight to that which had already suddenly been added to Callie’s stomach.

Just as I felt my prick’s squirting start to diminish, I felt a wet tongue trying to slide between my ass cheeks. The surprise attempted penetration renewed my vigor towards Rebecca’s fuck hole and I must have pulsated several more times and grown back to my full size. Rebecca looked back over her shoulder in a tangled, sweaty flurry of black hair and quizzically looked at me like she was trying to figure out what was keeping us from getting up. I had her pinned down like a butterfly in a collection.

The fingers of Callie’s left hand pried at my ass crack, while her right pushed with a saliva-coated digit at my nether hole. I could feel her wet tongue snaking its way between my cheeks as well and briefly wondered how I would feel about being penetrated in this way. When she sensed me tensing up, she pulled back from her attempts and laughed. “Since I know you want to fuck my ass, I wanted to see how you’d feel about having your own violated.” she said. “You can get up, if you can get that pigsticker out of Rebecca’s puss.”

I slowly moved backwards and the removal of the bulb of my cock from that overused cunt caused a loud popping noise followed by the dripping of my jism from the hole. I moved to stand up and Callie lifted her head to watch the white liquid pool on her stomach as it seeped from her friend’s pussy. As Rebecca tried to dismount from her position above Callie, the leaking increased. The trail of cum across Callie’s stomach and tits lengthened and Rebecca noticed it and started to lick it up. “Look at that, will ya Dave? She won’t miss a drop.” As she moved over Callie, her box again resumed its position above Callie’s face and the blonde’s hands moved to stop her from moving further.

She lifted her mouth to the creamy opening and began to suck and lick at the liquids inside. Rebecca closed her eyes and held still to better enjoy the attention. Within a minute, Callie raised a hand to the clit above Rebecca’s hole and resumed working it. In just a few moments, Rebecca was having another, but quieter, orgasm. This one came with soft whimpers and very little movement, nothing that would distract Callie from continuing. As Rebecca’s orgasm hit her, Callie returned the favor that Rebecca had done her while eating her earlier in the night: she pushed a pussy soaked finger into the younger girl’s quivering asshole. Rebecca’s head thrashed back and forth as this new invasion increased the intensity of her orgasm.

If I hadn’t already come just one minute before, I’m sure that I would have shot ropes of cum across both of them. In my exhaustion, I stood with half a hard on–the best I could muster after all the effort of the night–and watched, knowing that eventually I would get my chance to fuck one or both of them in the ass.

When Rebecca stopped shaking from her exerting bliss, Callie grabbed the wash cloth and wiped the liquids from her own face then gave her friend’s box a quick swipe. “That’s all you get babe. We’ve got to get going. One of us has to work in the morning and it won’t do to have you show up late and walking funny.”

I stood, still naked, and watched as the two of them untangled themselves from each other, rose from the bed, and proceeded to get dressed. Callie put her skirt and heels back on, buttoned her shirt over her braless tits, and smoothed her clothing. Rebecca combed her matted hair and started to put her bra back on. Callie stopped her. “Leave it; we’ve got to go.” With this she grabbed the brunette’s undergarments and threw them on my bed. “‘Something to remember us by. Plus, I know you can jack off to those while you think about this night. We’ll come back.” Callie stepped to me and kissed me on the lips lightly. I could smell/taste the combined juices of what her friend and I had just shared, but didn’t care. She turned towards where ‘Becca was getting her last article of her outer clothing on and said, “Come on sweetheart; you need to drive me home.”

On her way past me, Rebecca hugged me and timidly said, “Thank you. That was…nice. I want to do that some more if we can.” Her reluctance to like me had apparently passed and in return I smiled down at her and stroked her long, black hair before letting her go. Callie whispered from the open door, “Sleep tight, if you can. I’ll see you at work.” Holding the younger girl’s hand, she led her out into the hallway as I weakly waved goodbye.

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