California Lynching

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July 24, 1842

I’ve long kept this journal and told you my secrets because I aint gon’ tell any’n else. Meh…. probably for the best. I’ll always keep you on my person though, thats a give it.

I’m 24 and yet to have found a wife. That’s been the mass hysteria to my father. He plans on marrying me to some pretty thang from another town but I have no interest. No one ever asked me why I don’t want to get married. It can’t be forced. It has to be two people meeting each other in a blaze of passion. That’s how I see it, I tell you.

Today was a pretty bad day in the mines; Jerry has it out for my head, I swear. Goddamn smart guy though. I think the illusions of having a great life out in California with the gold is what brought me here…. and to amount to what? I miss my old life in Virginia. But then again, I was dirt poor there; Where is my real home, is it here?

July 25, 1842

Oh, man! What a funny tale today! Lil’ Joseph put marmalade in the guns again. I tell you, my brother has it out for dem police types. Dad’s always told me to respect them savages anyway. They don’t do us’a one! That’s for sure. But it just kills me when Joey goes and does that. I laugh writing it!

Oh…. also, There’s this trial for these thieves tomorrow. Seems mighty big to me. Got no clue how that’s going down. Apparently they were trying to rob poor ol’ Mr. Wrethold but got caught. Poor fools…

July 30, 1842

By, golly journal! This is a story for the books!

I feel kind of contemporary about myself knowing the past is over and that all is now the present and future to come. But its probably better this way, I’ll explain:

The day of the court changed everything. I watched in the courtroom as the criminals were being tethered up at the front near Markus, the leader of our settlement, here. There were three of ’em criminals. One was big, muscle wise, and such. The other two were hiding their faces though. Don’t know why, I just gave all my attention to the big’n and boy, did he look ticked!

I wasn’t paying attention too much to what Markus was saying to the whole village in the one cramped room. I was just starin’ at the big’n. He had his mouth gagged with a black cloth and wearing a rich man’s hat. He musta stol’n it.

I snapped back to reality when Markus shouted, “What do we do with these vixens?”

I looked at the big’n. He looked mighty mad at all us folk. Someone shouted, “Hang ’em all!” which was seconded and supported by most all in the room. The big’n opened his eyes all wide. Right then, I saw him staring at me. I felt really bad and all, he was in the prime of his life, the nicest looking face I’ve ever seen and in a position like a lil’ rabbit. But his bright blue eyes were starin’ into my very soul!

“No! People, let ’em be! Some jail time’ll set ’em right!” I shouted.

Everyone was looking at me then, I tell ya!

“You be quiet now, boy.” My father started.

“You best listen to your father, son.” Old man Hallow added.

But I couldn’t help it. I have been treated like a baby and a second-class citizen all my life. I had to take charge somehow!

“Let ’em go!” I continued.

“Boy, this is your final warning!” Markus yelled, outraged at me.

“No! I don’t care! This is autonomy! I was once an American! casino siteleri We don’t have values like this. We’re a people, so let’m go!”

“We aint American, boy. We’s Mexican citizens here in California! Get ’em fellas.” Markus finished.

Everyone was cheering as people came to get me, I was trapped. Assholes, I hate ’em all. They took me and tied me up. They had no legal authority to do this. They have to ask the ayuntaiento to a final decision like this. We were prosecuted to be hung and were taking to the center of town to be lynched. They stood us up atop a wagon and tied our hands good. I was on the left end, next to the big’n. No one tied ropes ’round our necks yet, they were saying something I couldn’t hear at the bottom. All I saw was my father pleading with Markus. They were dragging him away by the force of two men, his attempt failed.

I needed to do something in this opportunity, but there was Goddamn police everywhere and they were armed. I tried real hard to get my hands free, with no luck. I got on my knees and tried to undo the big’ns with my teeth. It was a lil more loose, but still tied. Markus saw me doing that and ordered them to tie the ropes ’round our necks now.

The big’n looked at me while someone moved his mouth gag to over his eyes; what an insult. I was never given a gag, I was spared sight during my hanging. They slowly pushed the wagon back and one by one, we all fell. I fell last, but what would it really matter?

When I fell, I felt like I had no air in my lungs. I was just trying to keep that one breath of air I had; it was all I had left. God, I was lucky I didn’t break my neck right then! I thought my life was over! I was a goner! But suddenly, as I look to the side to the big’n, I see his hands above his head. I watched as he pulled himself up to the post above all us. He untied himself!

The police pulled out their guns as I lost sight of him above me. I was being pulled up! I musta been all sorts o’ purple. But this man saved my life. I caught my breath and we jumped to the side. The police tried to shoot at us but all that came out of their guns was marmalade! What joy met my eyes!

The big’n just ran, so I followed him. We were getting chased by the whole town now. The big’n was all swerve-y like, and by golly, we outran every single one of thems town folk. I just ran along with him, it was the rush that kept me along with him, I guess.

We ran until it got dark and when we knew we were safe, we stopped running. The first thing he told me was that “It’d be best I go to the mainland Mexico. No one would know me there.”

I really didn’t reply, I couldn’t. I was exhausted. “Name’s Red.” He started.

“Richard.” I mustered, still exhausted.

We walked through a couple towns and it turned out we were going north, not south. It didn’t seem to bother him though.

We didn’t talk much until we got to another town on the third night. I used the last of my money on another inn and on some food and whiskey and we relaxed on the two beds. He told me how grateful he was though I felt like I didn’t contribute much to his survival. Even I or him didn’t stay for his friends, they died. We were tired, but for some reason I can’t figure out, neither of us could fall asleep. Finally, he came over to me and in one foul swoop, he kissed slot oyna the living heck outta me!

I never seen it coming and for some reason, I kissed right back. It was so passionate. We were similar in body structure, but it was obvious that he was more muscular. He had short brown hair and the cutest blue eyes I’ve seen in my life. He had stubble running across his face and had the smell of tobacco on his person. He took off my shirt and I undid his. He has perfect pecks and a beautiful six-pack they my eyes were drawn to.

This was dangerous! But I no longer cared.

As he lay on my bed, he took off his pants and took out his eight inch member. It was a big’n! I looked at him, “I’m not sure what to do now…” I started.

“It’s easy”-he started-“Just get ‘er wet’n sloppy, like.” he smirked.

I was scared but dropped my head onto him and put my tongue to his tip. His hands guided me down and around his shaft with my tongue and it was mighty comfortin’. Never in my life would I have imagined being a runaway and more surprisingly, sucking on a man’s cock! Sodomy or even being with another man was certainly a far more dangerous crime than being a thief in these parts.

With each downward movement of my head, I noticed his cock engulfing my mouth. Gagging slightly, I continued bobbing my head until my nose was hitting his base upon each motion.

“Wooey!” He exclaimed as his breathes got deeper and faster.

“I’d ask ya to hightail it, but I want a piece of that fine ass you got there!” He continued.

“Will you quiet down-“-I stopped-“What if someone hears us?”

“You know how many times I’ve gotten caught? Funny thing, when you’re running away from a town with your pants down! Heheh.”

I raised an eyebrow, but he was serious. With a full boner, he went reaching for my pants. He seemed extremely horny as he moved his tongue across his lips as he got my past my pants.

“S’ like im a drunken teen again!” He continued as he took off my pants. I was pretty stiff, seven inches and all.

“Now bend over!” He proclaimed.

“No…” I paused “Lay on the bed, we do it my way.” I said smiling. He shrugged his shoulders and did as I said and laid on the bed. I made my way over and aligned my arse right up to his aching tool. I felt him begging, I let him wait for it, real nice. Finally, I squatted until his tip plopped into me. I kept going down but it hurt; the pain equaled the pleasure as I continued to move down until he was halfway in. I moaned in pain; I yelled, my face wrinkled and my jaw dropped.

I started moving up and down using my hands and feet as support. All of a sudden, like I was being taken over, I howled like a doggie in ecstasy! I slammed his hard cock all the way up me up and down, over and over again. I felt so alive! It went on for a while until I felt him buck. I lifted my chest and laid my head back as he released his load all up inside me. By golly, it’s the best sensation y’ever knew! But my dick hasn’t been tended to yet and it was throbbing.

I leaned in for a kiss as I bounced back and forth. We aggressively kissed as he squeezed me in place. When we stopped, I smiled and got up. I picked up the bottle’ll whiskey and went back to him.

“Whatchu doin’?” He asked all confused.

“Well, you want to feel like a drunken teen, canlı casino siteleri don’t ya?” I smirked. He grinned.

I lifted his leg and he continued to stay all confused. I took the bottle and manually poured some into his ass. He winced, then widened his eyes.

“What in the hell are you doin’?” He questioned all stirred up.

“Having my turn at the fun. I learned this trick years ago!” I finished as I lined my rock hard dick up against his nice tight muscled virgin ass. He seemed unsure of himself but allowed my entrance. I pushed slowly and the wetness allowed me to slip right in. This was a totally different experience; my dick was engulfed by this hunk’s tight ass. He had an angry look on his face and yelled. I laughed a lil n’ continued to pump slowly.

His yellings soon turned into deep moans of pleasure. I chugged some whisky and changed my pace. My slow motions were getting faster as I started slamming my dick in n’ out of his hot ass. We went on for a long while and I noticed him get more and more comfortable. His face went from wrinkled to smiling. I halted my pumping and noticed his hips were thrusting back at me; he wanted my tool. I was in heaven.

Eventually, I pumped real hard until I was so deep inside him, I let go my huge load. I never came like that before in my life, it was the best feeling of pleasure one could ask for! We both moaned a big load moan of pleasure together as I squeezed him in place. I collapsed next to him and we continued to kiss aggressively until my mouth was sore.

Even though we had two beds, we laid naked in my bed together, naked and cuddled for the night.

I woke up around dawn and heard the door shut slowly; it was enough to wake me up. Red was leaving me. I quickly got dressed and ran out to him.

“You were just going to leave me there, all alone?!” I started angrily stopping him. He said nothing.

“And you took the whiskey! I paid for it, you bandit!” I finished.

He turned, “I stole yer money too!” he smirked as he continued to walk off.

“What do you plan to do with your life? You’re a criminal! make a life with me, here, now!”

He continued to walk off.

I teared up, “We could make a living here! Have money. How many times have you gone to bed without a bed, or a full belly?”

He stumbled a little. He was still tipsy from last night. He glanced at me and stopped. He looked down, then at me with spite.

“Just go… if nothin’ ‘ere mattered you, none.” I finished, turned away. All I heard were footsteps in the opposite direction. I wanted to cry, but I was just filled with so much disappointment. I held myself together as best I could; I was failing.

About ten seconds after, I heard the footsteps cease. I turned and I saw him in the distance with those same eyes he had when I’d tried to save him the first time. A tear fell from my eye and I laughed a little as we came together in one big hug.

“You know”-he started- “The reason I saved you from being hung wasn’t because I was glad you tried to save my ass. I wanted half the attention on you as I ran away.” He said as I grew flustered.

“But you followed me and though I tried, we were an inseparable pair, you n’ I!” He finished. I was confused, but smiled and hugged him harder.

The words ended there but we were to start a new life in this small town together. Red worked in the mines and I worked in a general store. But all that mattered to me was that when I got home at the end of the day, I was with Red, The big’n.

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