Cabin Fever

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Big Ass

I don’t like winter. Cold, snow and ice are not for me. I don’t ski, snowboard or snowshoe. I’m terrified to walk on slippery surfaces. Really, I couldn’t imagine a February trip to a remote cabin in the mountains to be anything but stress. But he promised I’d love it, and I trust him.

The ride up is great. Singing along to music, telling stories of our lives, laughing frequently, and the occasional touch that sends electricity through me. It is our first trip together and I am already having so much fun.

I am greatly relieved that we can park right at the cabin and that a path had been shoveled to the door. The chimney shows evidence that a fire is burning and there is no outhouse in sight.

My anxiety ebbs further as we enter. The interior is warm, colorful, and a lovely combination of modern and comfy. The kitchen is small but has every necessity, including a Nespresso machine! The four poster bed in the corner is made with luxurious linens, and the large TV is mounted in a way it can be visible from the leather sofa or the bed. But it is the bathroom that really thrills me! A stall shower big enough for two, oversized soaking tub, and a sliding glass door to a hot tub just outside. I am less and less nervous and more and more smitten with our location.

We unpack the groceries and start to put away the few things we’d packed. I joke that my suitcase contains not much more than a toothbrush, lingerie and sex toys; he says the same is true for him!

The room is warm but as we settle on to the sofa we get under the ultra soft throw. We start holding hands, caressing arms, and planting soft sweet kisses; but after a few minutes things escalate quickly. We haven’t seen each other for quite some time and our need is great. He pulls me close, holds me tight, and kisses me in that consuming, claiming way. Mmmmmm.

We pull away at the same time, both breathing heavily. After a beat of smoldering eye contact, we stand and move toward the bed. I excuse myself to change in to the new teddy I’d purchased for the trip. When I come back, candles are lit and soft music is playing. My sexy man is naked and, judging by his izmit escort bayan hard cock, ready for more.

The look on his face as he takes in the sight of me in my red ensemble is enough to stop my heart. I see it: true appreciation and desire. It is so intense I nearly lose my footing as I start walking toward him. He then moves in my direction, stopping just far enough away so he can take me in from head to toe. He tells me I look beautiful. I believe he means it.

He asks me to slowly turn around, which I do. When my back is to him, he moves quickly and embraces me from behind before I can complete my spin. He holds me so tight, just the way I love it. His strength never ceases to amaze me, or turn me on. His hands begin to roam my front from behind me. He lightly grazes my breasts then runs his hands over my belly. He leans forward and starts kissing and licking the side of my neck as his hands explore. It is sensual, tactile, and unbelievably hot.

Just as I settle in to this approach, he spins me around and crushes my mouth with his. This is a kiss more of possession than passion, and in that moment he makes me his. He licks and sucks and nibbles on my mouth as his big hands wander my body, and I think I’ll die of pleasure.

He pulls me over to the bed, sitting on the edge with me standing between his legs. I love when I have to bend down a bit to reach his mouth. Normally I can’t even reach on my toes when we’re standing. It’s a rush. He pulls me tight to him, and keeps me there by pressing his hands into my ass cheeks. After much more kissing, he lifts my teddy over my head, exposing my breasts which are just at his mouth’s level. He licks and sucks one, while caressing and pinching the other. He goes back and forth between the two, peppering in kisses on my mouth. I can feel his hard cock between us and I can’t go another second without touching it. I push him back on the bed and begin to touch him in the slow teasing way I know he loves. He moans in pleasure and I am emboldened.

Without time to protest I take his cock in my mouth. He’s told me, surprisingly, oral escort kızları is not normally something he likes, but I want him to find pleasure in my mouth he’s never found elsewhere. I take him in fully and suck gently. He moans. I begin licking his shaft, swirling my tongue around his head, fondling and sucking his balls, and playing with the crack of his ass with my finger. There are no protests, only sounds of pleasure. I am in heaven, hoping he is too. After a few minutes, he wrestles me to the bed, leaning over me and pinning my arms in place. I want to know if he stopped me because he wasn’t enjoying it, or because he was enjoying it too much and almost came. But I don’t ask and he doesn’t say.

His more aggressive nature is showing. He kisses me hard and uses his body weight to hold me firmly in place. He licks and nibbles my neck and ears and upper chest before devouring my mouth again. Then he orders me to move further up the bed as he releases me from the body pin. I grin because I know what’s coming based on the positioning. I do so love when he uses his mouth on me. But wait, he’s not crawling between my legs. Instead, he’s rooting around a bag. He brings out several items in a tangle and I can’t tell what they are. He tells me to close my eyes. I defiantly stare into his eyes. He tells me again, and by the intensity he’s displaying I know he’s serious. I slowly close my eyes, and then feel a silk scarf tied around them. He wraps it several times before tying it tightly. I open my eyes as far as I can, which is just a slit. I can’t see. This has been on my bucket list for so long, but now that it’s playing out I’m a mix of excitement and nerves. As I try to relax, my right arm is pulled away from my body and secured. OMG. He’s tying me to the bed post! It’s not tight, but firm enough that I can’t easily get out, that’s for sure. My nervousness, and excitement, increase. These feelings ratchet up even further as my left arm is secured. I’m in mostly a state of anticipation, but a little bit of panic is sneaking in. Just as I prepare to speak, he leans over and whispers in my ear, “I know this gebze escort bayan is your first time, and that you’re very claustrophobic. I don’t want to scare you, Babe, so I’m going to leave your legs free.” Then he plants an exquisite kiss on my lips and moves away. I take a few deep breaths and try to stay in the moment, grateful to be with a man who knows me well, and whom I trust to keep me safe.

A small tickle on my leg pulls my focus back immediately. What was that? Did I imagine it? Then it returns, but on my belly. Just the softest sensation. I can’t place it. He kisses me hard, and immediately the tickle is on my jaw. Then my inner arm. Then my thigh. And then… it’s gone. He leans down to say “you look delicious.” This is followed by a noise I recognize immediately: Reddi Whip! He squirts it all over my torso in lines and circles, and then uses his tongue to eat it from my skin. The feeling is soft and sticky and very sexy. He tells me to open my mouth, and I do, expecting whipped cream. Instead, I get a small piece of chocolate. As it starts to melt in my mouth, he kisses me, and using his tongue we are now sharing the morsel. Damn!

The tickle comes back every so often, interspersed with other sensations, foods and caresses. I still have no idea what it is. But then he’s moving down the bed to between my thighs and identifying the source of a tickle is no longer my priority. He kisses his way up and down my legs, front and back, licking and sucking on occasion. He spends what feels like indulgent hours lavishing my lower body, all the while carefully avoiding where I most want him. I try in vain to direct him, but with my arms tied it’s difficult. And I know it is pointless. He’s deliberately teasing me and he knows I love it, despite any protests. At last, his kisses zero in where I want them. First the crease of my leg, then the outer lips. Then, softly, his tongue licks up my slit and teases my clit. Mmmm. Bullseye! He’s so good at this it drives me mad with pleasure. Using his lips, tongue, nose, chin and fingers, he brings me up up up, then backs off just before release. He is gentle while I cool off, then starts the ride up again. It smells and sounds like sex, and we are both covered in the juices that show him how much he turns me on. On the last buildup, instead of backing off, he sucks on my clit while using his fingers to thrust into me hard and fast. I clench my muscles, moan loudly, and buck violently as my orgasm finally hits.

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