Cabin By The Lake

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Working at the paper mill wasn’t a lot of fun. It was hot and hard work. The guys were not nice to me, always pawing my ass or groping my boobs. I knew their fat wives, the ones they’d married right out of high school, had plumped up after a few kids, and were no longer putting out for them in bed. Maybe they never really did. Maybe only sucked their cocks just long enough to get a ring on their finger. When the guys hit on me, I’d just tell them to go to hell. Didn’t like guys anyway. Maybe it was because my Dad wasn’t much better than the jerks I was working with. Maybe it was because he ran off with my older Sister and left us. Wasn’t sure why Mom had married him anyway.

After Dad left, Mom started ‘dating’ Ray. I use the term dating loosely since about all they did was fuck maybe once a week. Not well either. I got the feeling Ray stopped soon after his orgasm and didn’t worry about Mom having one. Not a fare fuck. Ray didn’t even bother to spend the night afterwards. Not real sure who’s idea that was. Hopefully it was Mom’s. Between his cigarette smoke filled clothes and his body order, it was hard to stand him being there.

Mom’s brother, Jack, lived just down the road. His Daughter, Amy, and I had a crush on each other growing up. It was more than a crush after high school. No one else knew and not something I wanted known in this town. Sure Dad could sleep with his Daughter, that was okay, but two women sleeping together would get you run out of this town. Friday and Saturday nights after work, we’d take the truck to the drive-in theater and park in the back row to neck and fondle each other. Oh it got real hot and heavy too. Lots of fogged up windows. Who knew what the movie was. She tasted real good. She said I did too.

One day at the paper mill, Ray cornered me in a storeroom and tried to get his hand in my pants. I hit him on the head with a piece of steel pipe and he went to the hospital. I got fired.

Maybe it was the 3 beers I had on the way home that day, maybe it was that Mom had too much Jack Daniel’s before I got there, but as I told her about Ray and being fired, she started kissing me like there was no tomorrow. Maybe it started as a way to say she was sorry. I didn’t care. I was just enjoying what was happening. Before it was over, there weren’t any places either of us had not had our mouth. I was exhausted. Mom too.

That was the last of Mom and Ray. For the next few months she and I would fuck all evening and go to sleep in each other’s arms.

The day had been long at the Dairy Queen. Sad, but that was all the work I could find after the incident at the paper mill with Ray. I came home one evening a little early and I heard Mom moaning and screaming. I stood in the bedroom doorway and watched her with her legs high in the air and Uncle Jack slamming his cock in her.

“I love your cock in me Brother! Keep fucking me. … Why the hell did you stop coming around to fuck me? … Don’t let it be so long before the next time.”

As I ran from the door, he yelled at me.

“Bring that tender pussy here and try a cock for a change. … Better than your Mom’s or Amy’s mouth or fingers. Your Mom wants to watch. Ya hear?”

Everything I cared about fit into a single suitcase. Through the dust, I could see the doublewide trailer I’d grown up in as my pickup truck went down the gravel road to the highway.

I wasn’t a worldly woman and had always lived in the same small town. I did think I was pretty, not beautiful by any stretch, but attractive. Johnsonville was far enough away that I knew no one and no one knew me. It had at least 3 times as many people. Wow! Maybe 10,000. So big!

A hundred bucks got me a week at the Shady Grove Motel, a dump by any standards. Looked like a place out of a 50’s travel magazine, with a little golf course for the kids instead of a pool. It was a long single level building with all the doors facing the parking lot. At least it had a bed. Not a great one, but a bed. Even a bath, even if it was just a shower stall. I’d read many travel magazines growing up as I dreamed of all the places I would live if I could. The Shady Grove Motel was not on my dream list.

The mattress was like a rock. What seemed like sleep didn’t come easy, probably not at all. I ached everywhere as I dragged myself from the ‘bed’. The shower had no hot water to try and relax the tense muscles all over my body. I suffered through the cold shower with no signs of hypothermia. Next door to the motel was a Waffle House. Five cups of coffee started to take the edge off the dreadful night. A waffle and some eggs took the edge off the hunger pains in my stomach.

Trying to save a buck here and there, I stopped at IGA Foodliner to get some groceries for the tiny kitchenette in the room. The IGA had a sign about needing people. The job gods graced me and I was to start work the next morning as a shelf stocker. Four bucks an hour less than the paper mill job, but it would do for a while.

Everyone at the IGA quickly became like family to me, Zeytinburnu Escort real sweet, helpful, nice. Betty specially was. She was a lot like my Mom, kind of quiet, comfortable to be around, only more so. She was pretty in a country way, long hair gone gray early, still slim with nice features.

“Well Cindy, where you going to live?” she asked during the afternoon break of the third day.

“Looked at a few places, nothing I can afford though. I have 3 more nights paid for at the motel.”

“I have an extra trailer on my property you could use. Wouldn’t charge you for it. It’s nothing real fancy, way outside of town, real private, and real quiet. We could take turns driving to work.”

“Anyone else out there?”

“Nope, just my daughter and me. She’s probably your age. She works at the Wal-Mart.”

Guess I sat there without saying anything for too long.

“Don’t feel like there’s any pressure. You’re welcome to come look at it first.”

“Sorry. I was just thinking how nice it was for you to offer it to me. I’m a total stranger.”

“Cindy dear…” she reached over and put her hand on mine “… I can tell you are a good person.” She left her hand on mine and squeezed it gently and smiled.

“Okay. At least I’ll know someone where I’m living.”

After work, Betty followed me to the motel so I could get my things and checkout. Then I followed her about 10 miles out of town and down a narrow paved road a few more miles. Down a steep dirt grade into a valley a few hundred yards, there were three trailers, one of them a double wide. The trailers were about 100 feet apart with trees sprinkled here and there giving some nice shade in the otherwise hot sun. I parked next to Betty’s truck and got out.

“The big one is Paula’s and mine. You’re welcome to either of the others.”

An attractive woman walked out of the big trailer. Her blouse unbuttoned, one side blew back in the breeze revealing a nice looking breast. The waistband of her cutoff jeans was unbuttoned, but held up by her hips that were slightly larger than her waist.

“Hi Momma. How was work?”

She stopped by Betty and gave her a deep wet kiss. Betty pulled the blouse together, but left her hand over a breast for longer than was necessary.

“Hey Sweetie. This is Cindy, she’s going to stay in the empty trailer.”

“Hey Cindy. I’m Paula. How’d you meet Momma?”

“I just started at the IGA. New in town and she offered to let me stay here for a while.”

I picked up my suitcase and a bag of groceries. “Feel like I need a nap.” I walked towards the middle trailer. “Do I need a key?”

“Not out here.”

The inside of the trailer was neat and tidy, but otherwise like all the other trailers I’d been in. There was only one bedroom at the far end. Nice sized too. At least I could walk around the bed without turning sideways. I laid my opened suitcase on the shelf of the built-in closet. On top lay a ‘Travel and Leisure’ from 6 years ago. The wrinkled cover had a picture of a white sandy beach by the Gulf of Mexico. Is that all I have in the world? That one magazine, a few blouses, a pair of jeans, and some underwear? How pathetic.

I walked around the place opening the windows to let it air out. It was a little stuffy and hot from being closed up for who knows how long. The windows in the living room faced the back yard of the big trailer. As I was replaying the image of Paula with her blouse wide open, she walked out into the yard with a blanket. After the blanket was spread, she removed the only two pieces of clothing she was wearing, tossing them down on the edge of it. Naked, she laid down.

After the greeting between Betty and Paula, I should have been ready for the next sight. Betty walked out already naked and laid next to Paula. Following more than a motherly kiss, Betty began fondling Paula. First a nipple, a breast, and then her cunt. I watched, not caring if I could be seen. I could hear them talking too. I stripped down and stood naked, playing with my clit, as I watched.

“Oh Momma… I love the way you do that.”

“My lovely daughter, I’ll never regret that we started making love.”

Betty moved so she was directly between Paula’s legs pointing to the heavens in a large ‘V’. Her mouth now rested between them and looking like a dog lapping up water.

“Right there!” Paula screamed loud enough to wake the dead. “So-o-o fucking… good Momma.”

It wasn’t long before Paula was humping Betty’s face making it hard for her to maintain contact. Betty wrapped her hands around Paula’s hips to help keep her face in place.

“Yeah Momma! Here I come.”

And come she did, arms flailing and hands pounding the ground. There were plenty of sounds, but nothing that I could understand. I knew exactly what she was feeling as my orgasm started. My knees weakened and I fell onto the couch midway through it.

I woke up, who knows how much later, probably not much. Betty was screaming her way through an orgasm. Zeytinburnu Escort Bayan I raised my head to see Paula eating Betty just as well as she had been eaten not so long before. I fell back down and drifted off to sleep again.

A knock on the door woke me from a dreamless sleep. Not bothering to dress or cover up, I walked the few feet to the door trying to wake completely up.

It was just starting to be dark and I flipped the porch light on. A moth flicked around the light as I opened the screened door.

“Hey darling.”

Betty stood there with short shear robe on that was barely pulled together. It was obvious that there was nothing on under it. I had trouble not laughing at her for even bothering to put it on.

“Whoa, don’t you look scrumptious. Say, I was about to make a breakfast dinner. Have some biscuits already made. Want to join us?”

“Sure. Let me slip something on.”

“Don’t bother. You’re just fine like that.” Her hand moved and the robe fell completely open. “Whoa, you’re just fine darling.”

As we walked towards her place, she put her arm around my waist, a hand rested on my hip.

“Thanks for coming to stay with us. Hope we didn’t keep you awake earlier? Guess we’re not used to having anyone here anymore.”

“Not a problem. Hope you don’t mind that I watched?”

“Thought I noticed you watching. Not at all.”

“My Mom and I used to get it on too. Just for a few months.” I could feel her hand move, her fingers now resting in the crack of my ass. “Her brother started fucking her again and I left. Couldn’t stand it.”

Betty kissed me awake the next morning as my back rested against Paula’s chest. Paula woke as I moved. Her hand groped my breast a last time as it lost contact with me.

The days to come developed into a pleasant time with both Betty and Paula. Most, well all, evenings I spent with them. I was slightly concerned that I might mess up whatever relationship they had. Guess that was a little foolish of me to be concerned as I was to find out that Friday when we got out of Betty’s truck when Paula ran up to me first.

“Hey good lookin’!” she squealed as she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me hard, deep, and long. Her hand grasped a breast and held on like she might fall down otherwise.

“Harrumph.” Betty mockingly said, tapping a foot. “Anyone glad to see me?” She giggled.

Paula let go of me and hugged Betty. “Of course Momma. Cindy is becoming like a sister.”

“Of course dear. Now we just need to get her to call me Momma.”

I leaned against Betty with a hand resting over her hip. “Love you Momma.”

“That’s better.”

Paula and I stood on the other side of the divider between the kitchen and the living room watching Betty take the biscuits out of the oven. The way she bent over, her ass almost pointed up. She did have a nice ass and I was enjoying looking. A little disappointment washed over me as she stood up, her ass no longer exposed so nicely, and put the tray of biscuits on the counter. I was getting so used to her great breakfast dinners. Almost as much as having Paula holding me close like she was at the moment. Paula’s fingers were now dragging their way through the crack in my ass and down to my pussy lips.

“Nice to see my little girls.”

“Yes it is Momma.” I said as I pulled Paula closer. “I like our family.”

I had to start being careful about eating Betty’s biscuits; otherwise I’d start looking like them. I wasn’t quite sure why neither of them didn’t already. Maybe it was the thousand calorie fucks each night? Oh such wonderful nights between two delicious women. At least the best I’d known.

That night, my legs spread wide and Betty eating me like I was covered in gravy, Paula sucking my nipples, I was so close to coming.

“Oh Momma… suck your little girl… yeah Momma.”

The more I called her ‘Momma’ and myself ‘her little girl’, the harder she sucked. I was almost afraid to continue for fear of being sucked inside out, but then again I was enjoying myself so much I couldn’t resist.

“Eat me Momma. Aren’t I a good little girl?”

Wasn’t like I had much in the other trailer, the one I never spent much time in. By the end of that week, my few things were now in their bedroom.

After 2 years, I knew all the regular customers at the IGA and most of them would take a few minutes to chat with me. I enjoyed that kind of atmosphere, like an extended family. I probably spent too much time helping them, but now everyone looked for me when they needed help. I knew just what Sally wanted her apples to look like, what Alice wanted for soup. I loved to help them all.

Because we were on the road to a large lake, we often had strangers come in for food to take to their cabin. They represented the outside world and I loved to watch them and dream about where they had come from. In my dreams it was always some exotic place, Paris or Istanbul, never Atlanta or Birmingham. I always let them be Escort Zeytinburnu a sheik, a princess, or a rich tycoon. Maybe even a movie star hidden behind dark sunglasses with a big limousine waiting just out the door of the store with the driver in a dark suit standing by the open car door. They were never an insurance sales person or a garbage truck driver.

It was a Friday and I knew she was one of the strangers, the good-looking one by the bananas. She was maybe mid 50’s, my favorite age, almost as old as Momma. The long hair pulled though the baseball cap. The red lipstick on great lips, I sure could kiss that all off. That short skirt wrapped around the one-piece bathing suit, the flip-flops. All a good sign she was off to the lake.

I was stocking the peanut butter and jelly section as she walked by. I happened to be standing as she approached me. Oh voice, don’t fail me now.

“Is there anything I can help you with?” Yeah, could you lick my pussy? I knew she wouldn’t say that though. I could dream couldn’t I?

“Do you live around here? I’m looking for a Target store.”

No lady, I live in New York City and drive down every day. “Actually the nearest one is about 50 miles away. What do you need?”

“A blow up float.” But you could blow me instead.

The more I looked at her and heard her talk, the wetter I got. I knew I’d have to run to the bathroom and make myself cum before long.

“We have quite a few. Let me show you.” I turned and walked away with a glance over my shoulder to make sure she was following. She was. I let my hips move more than usual.

I stood in front of a huge bin of rafts in their plastic bags. “Bet there at least 10 more here than at Target.” I chuckled.

“You’re funny.” She laughed letting me know she was pleased rather than putting me down.

“Looking for anything in particular? I like this light blue one.” I held it up to her.

“A friend offered me her cabin for the weekend and I’ve never been to a lake before.”

“Oh Toto, this doesn’t look like Kansas.”

“Right Dorothy. I live along the Gulf Coast, so I’m used to that.”

“I’m jealous.”

“Ever been?”

“The lake some, but the ocean only in my dreams. Seen pictures. Would love to go. Just a poor country girl though.”

“I’m Kate.” She held her hand out.

Kate was more than making me wet as I held her hand. I don’t know quite what it was, maybe just the obvious fact that she was from somewhere else, from by an ocean, maybe it was the sophistication I’d never sensed, but I was being drawn to her like no one before.

“I’m Cindy, nice to meet you Kate. Pretty name. I’ve often wished that was my name.”

“Well Cindy, Would you like to join me this weekend? I promise I don’t leave big teeth marks when I bite.” She smiled a very sensuous smile.

It was damn obvious to me what her intentions were if I came along. There was an overwhelming ache between the tops of my thighs that was begging me to say what I knew I needed to say, to say yes. I was a little worried about what Betty and Paula would think, but they were fine before I got here and would be fine after I left. Anyway, I didn’t know if there would be anything more than just a few days with Kate then she would forget me.

As usual in my life, indecision overtook me.

She touched my shoulder. “I would enjoy having your company. Say yes.”

“I don’t get off until 4:30?”

“I could come back and get you or I could give you directions?”

“I actually don’t have a bathing suit.” I did, but I didn’t know what to say and I was fumbling my words. It was better than saying my second head was at the laundry. “But I’d love to come. Give me directions.”

“The cabin is supposed to be on a secluded piece of the lake. We could skinny dip. Sounds wicked doesn’t it?” The smile on her face matched the wickedness of the suggestion.

“Oh Kate… This WILL be fun.”

She took two of the light blue rafts from the bin and walked towards the checkout line. I watched until she was out the door.

“Betty… I’ve just been invited to spend the weekend at the lake. Any chance Paula could pick you up after work?”

“Sure. You going to be okay?”

I leaned real close to her ear. “Momma, I’ll be okay. Your little baby will be just fine.” As I pulled back, I could tell from her expression that all was okay, that she wasn’t upset.

At ‘Slightly Used’, I bought a casual dress and a bathing suit, but I knew I’d need neither.

It was about 30 miles to the lake and another 10 around to the other side where the cabin was. The gates to the single cabin opened as my truck stopped a few feet from them. The concrete drive curved down from the road. I didn’t know why they called this a cabin. It was nicer than any house I’d ever been in. I parked next to the shiny BMW in front of the 2-car garage. It made me feel like I was driving a real junker.

“Hi Cindy! Nice truck. I often wished I had one.”

I pointed at the house. “What a dive.” I laughed. “Better than the double wide at home.”

“Believe me, this is a lot better than what I live in too. Anything I can carry?”

Somehow I doubted it was, just a gut feeling I had. I held up my plastic bag. “Only this.”

“You didn’t buy anything just for the weekend? Let’s go au naturel.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32