By The Swimming Pool

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A short collaboration with raiguy
Edited by Sienna

She laid face down to the side on the lounger by the side of the swimming pool with her new friend, Michael. She enjoyed his massages, and his soft sweet voice, almost in a whisper. She was still wearing bikini bottoms with an unfastened top, wondering if this new young friend was trying to seduce her. Amanda finally got her answer when he began to bite and kiss her smooth skin gently. It felt so nice, the whole of her body tingled with thousands upon thousands of goosebumps.

He slowly let his hands trail down her back, his fingers probing her flesh, finding the muscles that were knotted up. “You need to relax,” he said, while his lips slowly trailed after his fingers along her skin, sucking gently, and teeth lightly scraping against her. His fingers moved to Amanda’s sides, running against her ribs, tickling the sides of her breasts, his lips making their way to the back of her neck, sucking and biting gently. Michael smiled as he saw the goosebumps form on her skin. He reached over to grab an ice cube out of the glass of water on the table beside the lounger. He ran the ice cube along her spine, and then licked the trail of water.

Suddenly she felt the coldness of the ice cube and melting water along with his licks and subtle kisses. “Turn over, let me see your breasts,” he whispered. Amanda smiled and looked up at him. His pale green shorts could not hide what he was thinking. He was so hard and sticking upright within them, clearly letting her know what he wanted. She turned around, letting her bikini top fall away and exposing her almost flattened mounds, topped with pronounced hardened nipples, indicating how aroused she now was.

He noticed her smile as she noticed he was not hiding his intentions anymore. He reached up to her waist and slowly pulled her bikini bottoms down before pushing her legs open. He slid his exploring finger between her lips, watching as thin strands of slick wetness clung onto it. He then leaned down and licked through her lips with his exploring tongue, hearing her moan. “Pinch your nipples and slide your hips forward more,” he said, watching has she followed his directions. Michael quickly licked through her outer lips, tasting her juices, and enjoying the natural flavour of her sex.

Amanda was not going to stop him from giving her oral sex. She squeezed and twisted her nipples, inducing the orgasms that were now building up within her sensorium. She was wet and he seemed to be enjoying himself. For a young man in his early twenties he was certainly very good at giving oral sex. Perhaps he was a spare time gigolo? She thought.

He grinned as he slid further up her body, and then finally kissed her on the lips. “You taste very good,” He said with a wink. Then his lips met with hers, pressing against them even more forcefully. Both their tongues glided along lips. His tongue sliding through hers, finally meeting her tongue. His hands slid around her slim body has they rolled over, pulling her on top of him as they fell from the lounger onto scattered towelling sheets. It did not matter because they had become indulged in a long wild passionate kiss. All they could feel was each other.

She could taste herself on both his lips and tongue, which made her even more sexually excited. Atleast she tasted good and exotic. She held him down to the ground, leaning on his shoulders once they had parted their lips and tongues. She looked down at his sexy eyes and could feel his hardness against her abdomen, pulsing against her skin as if he was making it jump. He gave her a wink and a cheeky smile. Amanda knew exactly what he was hinting. Besides, they were all alone at the isolated villa in the middle of nowhere.

Michael began to smile has he saw and felt the way she was grinding against him. He reached down to push his shorts down, releasing his hard throbbing cock for her gaze. He was larger than average and so continued to lower his hands, rubbing them against her clit. Then he slid her forward, her partially open pussy lips moving along the length of his cock, getting him nicely wet. His glans head slid into her wide open vagina, nudging deeper, with his hands resting on her hips.

Amanda realised that her new young friend had the most beautiful cock she had seen in a long time, although it was only a quick glance before he had entered her. She sat up on his thighs and nudged closer to him, both of them guiding his manhood against and inside of her comfortably.

Michel sent her a wink, enjoying the feeling of her tiny bud sliding against the head of his cock, has it slid in and out of her tight pussy. Their mixed juices created enough lubricant that he was sliding easily between her lips, enjoying the feeling as much as she was. Finally, he needed to be deep inside of her more than ever. He pushed up into her in one slow thrust, almost taking her breath away, with his hands firmly yet gently on her hips.

Amanda realised just how hard Michael was, and not only antalya escort hard, but wide has he slowly eased inside of her as deep as she could take him. The shape and ideal form of his glans touched every sensitive part within, making her contract and tighten around him. It had been a long time since she was made love to and it felt so good. She used her fingers on her swollen clit whilst getting into the nice steady rhythm of riding him. His manhood dragging out her creamy inner juices providing them with natural lubrication and the aromatic essence of sex to escape and sounds of wetness.

He could smell the essence and the feel of her sex, turned him on even more. Her accommodating vaginal walls started to rhythmically contract and loosen around his manhood. The feelings to him were amazing. Her walls were slick and velvety soft. They were still able to grip, holding him deep inside has she slowly rocked back and forth. Watching her play with her little nub, coating it in her juices, made him reach up and knead her breasts, squeezing them gently at first, and then getting harder. Her moans increased as the palms of his hands scraped across her nipples.

The wetness gave Amanda the power to edge her orgasms, one after the other with the help of her fingers. She leaned closer to him, her hands on each side of his shoulders, now riding the full rhythm, joining in harmony with soft moans that filled the swimming pool area, echoing off the stone walls of the villa, just enjoying every second. He cupped her swelling breasts and hard nipples even more, taking her closer to a huge climax. She wondered how long he could hold back before he too was going to cum. Amanda wanted to cum first and then finish him off, feeling his manhood deep inside of her throat.

Michael thrust up into her faster and faster, fully encasing his hardness inside of her. He wrapped his arms around her, and then rolled over on top of her. He started to use long, deep strokes. He tried to make sure that each thrust stimulated her clit as his mouth patched onto one of her nipples, sucking vigorously and biting gently. His other hand was rolling her nipple between two fingers, determined to make her reach her orgasm and watch the feeling of absolute pleasure take her as her moans got even louder and more frequent.

His excited thrusts just sent them both over the edge and Amanda eventually began to climax, screaming out his name repeatedly. She began to release, cumming over his cock with each thrust he made. She began to scream even louder with pleasure, pushing against him, trying to let him know that she was in the throes of ecstasy.

Michael felt the walls of her vagina tightening down on him has she contracted her muscles. The next thing he felt after thrusting continually into her was his manhood getting soaked in her love juices. He groaned loudly, and hearing her screams and crying out his name sent him over the edge. One huge thrust into her deeply, and his cock erupted inside of her, filling her with his loads of man cum, warm and sticky. Their fluids mixed, slowly leaking out of her as he shuddered through his own powerful orgasm. This was just the beginning.

Amanda began to take long deep breaths, feeling the cool tiles beneath her. Inside of her was that gooey feeling of his cum and her juices. She began to relax pulling him closer towards her so that she could hold him tightly and push their lips together, entwined in a growing passionate kiss.

She whispered “thank you”, because it had been a while since she had been fucked so hard. This new young friend had made her feel so happy and contented. She did not want to let go of his masculine form. She wanted to feel him closer than ever before and not let go.

He placed a cushion under her head, making things more comfortable, and they continued their passionate wild kissing for a while longer. The hardness of the tiles did not bother her because of the soft towelling sheets, now drenched in a huge wet patch of love juice. She rested her shoulders on his arms while his head lay on her breast, feeling him breathe gently upon one of her nipples. His manhood, still inside of her, turning flaccid. “I’ve not finished with you yet…” he whispered. And neither had she finished with him. She expected much more from this new young friend.

They had only met the night before. He was with two other student friends on vacation in Europe from the United States. Amanda sat at the bar, alone, drinking her favourite rum cocktail. She was on vacation with her twin daughters. She owned a holiday villa, where they were staying. she thought that the time out there would help her gain some solace after a busy few months, time to bond again with her children, but she found herself not only alone, but also in need of taking care of by a man.

One of the young men kept on noticing her more than the others. He would smile whilst drinking his Bud and eventually he came over to her and introduced himself as Michael. “How’s it going?” he asked. kepez escort That was where it all began. He abandoned his friends and joined her for the rest of the evening and they both began to get comfortable with each other, sharing information about each others lives. It had been a long time since she knew such a fit handsome student like him. His sexy smile was enough to make her juices flow by themselves as well has his sexy american accent. She just had to invite him to the villa the following day.

Michael rolled over, pulling her on top of him. She fit perfectly into his arms has he held her tightly. Her lips found his neck and she started placing little kisses all over has his hands roamed her back. The cool tiles and cushion felt nice. After the intense passion they both had shared, it still astounded Michael how much had happened from just a few drinks the night before.

He had gone to Europe on summer vacation after graduating. He was hoping to get into a graduate school in Europe, so my reasons for being there were two-fold. When the guys had asked him to go to a bar, he had reluctantly agreed. It wasn’t really his scene, but he grabbed a Bud and sat watching the crowd of loungers, quiet groups of people in their own company. A woman constantly caught his eye, she was alone and every time their eyes met, Michael flashed a small smile in return just for her. There was something unique about her that drew his attention.

Finally, he just had to make his way over to talk to her, and things had progressed from there. Now one day later almost, that beautiful woman was lying naked on top of him, kissing his neck, has his hands explored her body. His lips found her ear, gently nibbling along the edge before softly asking, “Would you like to move somewhere more comfortable?” His hands squeezing her small, perfect butt.

Amanda stood up, astride his body on the ground. He looked up at her. “Well, would you like to show me your bedroom?” He leaned up on his elbows and she noticed his semi hard-on, already this stud was seemingly ready for more action. His eyes wandered from firm small breasts onto her blonde neatly trimmed pussy. Amanda could still feel him eating her in her wild imagination. In all, she was lucky to find such an amazing young man with all the energy to keep on going.

He stood up, his manhood becoming more erect after seeing her glistening sex. He wanted to taste her badly. He took her hand and moved through the villa towards the bedroom. She willingly followed him. As soon as they were there, he pushed her down onto the bed, diving between her legs, his fingers softly stroking her blonde locks and his tongue finally tasted her slick nectar, surprised by the muskiness, but also the sweet flavour that he was finding, and he could not get enough. His tongue delved between her lips, finding her aroused clit, trying to produce more of her delicious juices.

Michael offered her his sticky fingers to taste. Remnants of their sex from earlier lingered upon them until the taste had gone. He was consuming the whole of her juices the quicker she was making them. His tongue so beautifully agile began to send her crazy again with more orgasms nearing their edge. This time she was determined to hold back and enjoy his play. She grabbed the sheets tightly and gave out deep breaths. The more Amanda shown her excitement the wilder his oral action became.

Her body started to jerk every time he would touch her clit, or glide his tongue across the wide opening of her vagina. She was close, and he could not get enough of her juices. His fingers finally moved away from her clit. His agile lips replaced them, tongue coaxing that little button out of its hiding place under her clitoral hood. And then he started to gently suck, feeling her hands move from the sheets on the bed to the back of his head. His sucking became more vigorous, tongue flicking across her clit. One of his hands started to squeeze and massage her breasts, taking turns with each. The other hand slid two fingers deep into her, gently but firmly finding her pleasure spots, and rubbing and caressing them. He was intent upon her imminent orgasm and the ensuing pleasure it would bring her.

Amanda began to tremble and arch releasing her warm liquid love, gushing them into his open mouth and face while she screamed out loud in pleasure. She did not want him to stop, but once she came he raised his head and smiled at her. “I have a confession,” he told me. “You are the oldest woman I have had so far. The others were my age or younger.” In the process of relaxing and recovering from his oral administrations, she began to think about what he was trying to tell her.

She didn’t seem to understand that her age drove Michael even wilder. He tried to tell her, but it did get through. “What do you mean?” she asked, trying to catch her breath.

“Let’s just say that there will be more rounds than a championship boxing match,” He said, tossing her a cheeky wink before diving back manavgat escort between her smooth damp thighs, sucking on her clit intensely, three fingers diving back into her tightness. He started searching for her g-spot, wanting to drive her wild once more and to taste and feel the warmth of her liquid love.

She let him continue, passing by his comments. He was giving her some amazing finger play, finding the g-spot and eventually massaging it. Her clitoris had grown somewhat numb, but her body still quaked uncontrollably with those orgasmic tingles and contractions. She just kept on cumming and he seemed to be enjoying flow of releasing love juices Not even her ex husband could make her feel or cum that way.

Michael quickly withdrew his fingers, greeted by a gasp from her. He looked down and then quickly rolled her onto her stomach, her head lolling to the side as she still tried to recover from her recent orgasm. He quickly slid his hard cock back into her vagina, sliding all the way in until their pelvises were grinding against each other. That seemed to bring her back to him, has he started thrusting into her, quicker and deeper. Soft moans escaped both their lips has his thrusts got more and more powerful, assisted by her slick juices and tightness.

She longed to taste his cum, hoping that he would pull out before she climaxed gain, so that she could taste and feel the warmth of his charge on her lips, tongue and skin. It had been a long time since she had swallowed cum; Amanda had almost forgotten its taste.

From the look in her eyes, Michael could tell she wanted something else. “What would you like?” he asked, feeling himself getting closer to his peak. Amanda managed to utter that she did not want him to cum inside of her and that meant only one thing to him. She told him about her need to taste his cum, and he just smiled. He too had wanted to let her taste the fruits of his orgasm, but had not known if she would like that or not.

She felt his hard throbbing manhood ease its way out of her vagina. Her wish was about to happen has she turned, letting him stroke close to her face. His moans getting louder indicated that he was about to cum. He held his breath and whispered with his eyes closed, “Oh fuck, yeah… yeah… take it…” A sure indication to open her mouth and let him cum, load after load upon her wanting lips and tongue. “Take it all, you dirty girl. Take it all, and you might get more later.”

She stared up into his eyes, watching him purge his orgasmic release, talking dirty to her and making her enjoy it even more. Once her mouth was filled with his warm thick cum, she opened it wide, letting him see how much had been ejaculated. A mixture of saliva and his salty cum. Amanda closed her hungry mouth and swallowed every drop. He watched, letting go of his cock so that she could take it into her mouth and gently suck and lick it clean. The sensation sent amazing post orgasmic shivers through his whole body, wondering, what it was she wanted next.

Michael was sexually high and slipped down her body, his lips trailing wet kisses along her neck, until he was back to her breasts. The taste of her skin had now turned sweetly tangy because of the humidity and the heat of the moment. He had not paid them nearly enough attention to her beautifully formed nipples, raised and still aroused, and so meant to rectify that, has he started gently sucking on them in turn, using his fingers to pinch and tug them.

Amanda began to writhe and arch her body towards his lips and fingers, moaning softly. She did not want him to stop because it was one of her most enjoyed sexual advances any one could make. It sent wild tingles into her groin that just made more upon more of her love juices. It was not enough. She took his hand and pressed his fingers against her clitoris, hoping that he would get the message that she needed more orgasmic pleasure. She was in ecstasy, and did not want it to stop, atleast not at that moment.

She at the same time I felt his glans and his young veiny shaft, slightly limp and sticky, and youth was on his side. She was ready to make him hard again and again. She also wondered about his encounters with those younger women, reminding her of when she was atleast ten years younger and single, getting as much sex where possible. Inside, she was a whore, waiting to escape. A nymphomaniac at best description.

His fingers started to rub and pinch her clit. Her moans turned into whimpers of pleasure. She opened her legs wider and his other hand made its way down her body, curling two, then three fingers inside of her quickly, finding her g-spot, playing her most sensitive spots like an instrument. Her body was trembling and humming with orgasmic energy. Her hands found his hair, then his back has she pulled him closer, nails raking against his skin. He could tell that her nails had drawn deep scars with the pain they left. It just drove him further into passion has his lips latched onto her nipple, sucking harder, while my fingers strummed her sex to a higher pitch, driving their symphony of passion faster and faster, taking her to the edge for the umpteenth time. She could hold back no longer, and she came in what seemed an endless gush of her liquid love. She seemed to tremble uncontrollably.

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