By The Pool

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Marie was very nervous that first Saturday in May. She had a good reason to be nervous: it was her first speech and debate tournament, and she was representing her school alone. So at 7 a.m., Marie had arrived at her school to head down to New Jersey with her debate coach for her first tournament. She dressed herself in black, a theatrical sort of choice, for the pieces she was performing were “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe in Poetry and a section of “The Silver Kiss” for Prose. She would also be taking part in a category called Impromptu, a category she was very nervous about.

But the black went well with her long, breathtaking jet hair and her bright green eyes that had a sort of feline sense to them, alluring underneath her long lashes that any model would have killed for. Her 18-year-old body was slender, like a dancer combined with a runner. She had a dazzling smile and pouty, gentle pink lips like the color of a rose in full bloom.

Marie gazed at her reflection on the car’s window as the sun rose over the school where the tournament was taking place, prepping herself in her mind for what would happen. She took a deep breath and slowly let it out as she got out of the car.

Oliver was stunned the moment he saw the girl dressed in black walk up the steps to the New Jersey school doors. He had heard this girl was representing her school by herself. She may take us all by surprise. She’s certainly dressed to kill. Her black velvet skirt clung to her curvy figure, and her medieval square

Oliver was there with his school from New Jersey, doing Prose and Improv Pairs. He was aspiring to be an actor. With brown-blonde hair and a fun smile, he had a way to make people laugh and smile, being generally good-natured and comical. Oliver, who had just turned 18, was about average height, not muscled or athletic, but he wasn’t fat or anything of the sort.

Marie saw the boy eyeing her from the door. He’s puppy dog cute. He was wearing a blue shirt and shorts, very laid back for a tournament. She began to wonder what he was doing there. Perhaps he came here to support friends. At any rate, she had to get herself to her room where her first category, Prose, was taking place.

Oliver watched the dark girl enter the classroom, a nervous look on her face. We are both doing prose. He decided to finally say something. “Hey, you look a bit nervous,” he whispered, leaning over towards her. She had taken the seat next to him.

“First time doing any of this,” she replied a bit shakily.

“Just try not to get first, and take notes on what other people do to mark time and such.”


“I’m Oliver.”


“What else are you doing?”

“Poetry and Impromptu.” Marie was a bit perplexed and annoyed. Who was this guy, and why was he interrogating her?

“Quite a bit for someone so new.”

“Coach thought I would have a shot at all of them.” Marie raised her chin a little angrily. And how did he know I’m new? Oh, why didn’t I sit somewhere else?

“What about the rest of your team?”

“I am the team, today.”


Someone who looked like a teacher came in. The judge for this round. “Quiet everyone! We are about to get started. Now, everyone please write your number, name, and piece for this round on the board.” The tournament had begun.

As the day wore on, and the two moved on to their separate events, Marie noticed that Oliver arranged to see her between his event rounds for the tournament. After the first round, they never had an event in the same room again. It appeared that she was partaking in more events than he was, and he could afford the time to come find her after their first round together. At first, she was a bit suspicious of this behavior, but she had come to enjoy the attention during the last few rounds. He likes me, she thought, and she smiled slyly to him as he slipped into a chair to watch her perform in her final round of Impromptu.


Oliver Kuşadası Escort ran up to Marie after the award ceremony. “I can’t believe you placed for both Poetry and Impromptu and even scored your school sixth place all on your own! I’m very impressed!” And he threw his arms around Marie in a warm hug.

“Thanks,” was all Marie could muster from the shock and surprise of the hug. I barely know him, but I hope this hug can last. To her disappointment, he let got of her, pulling back a bit to look her full in the face. She saw something that looked like a sort of longing in Oliver’s eyes.

“Marie! Time to get going!” her coach called from the stairs.

“Listen, I need to get going, but I hope I get to talk to you sometime. Here is my screen name and my number.” Marie handed him a piece of paper, her hand brushing against his has he closed his fingers around the paper. “Call me tonight, ok?” Marie asked as she walked away slowly.

“I will,” Oliver promised.


Several years had passed since Oliver had smelled the vanilla perfume coming off of Marie’s hair, her body pressed against his. Marie was a recent college graduate at 23, living at home, when she got a message from Oliver, whom she didn’t recognize at first. Perhaps it was the fake afro he had been sporting in the picture she saw that had thrown her off.

“It’s been how many years since that day?” Marie typed onto her AIM window.

“At least five, if not more,” came the reply from Oliver.

“I want to see you, hang out, have lunch or something. It has been so long! We have so much to catch up on. When can I see you?”

“Well, it may not be for some time, but we will think of something. I have been taking up any jobs that come my way, but I am sure we will figure out something.”

The opportunity came several days later. Marie needed to get out of her house, or else she would scream. “I’m going into the city to see a movie. You want to join me?” she texted to Oliver early one Monday morning.

Try The reply took some time, and after Marie anxiously waited for ten minutes, a “Sure!” came back. Before grabbing her backpack to catch the next train, Marie texted back that she would be in Times Square and would meet Oliver there.

When he saw Marie climbing up the stairs from the subway, Oliver took a second before he fully recognized her. She looked a bit different after more than five years. Her hair was shorter, and she wasn’t slender but had grown into her curves beautifully. Her eyes were still a brilliant green, and she still had those beautiful, soft lips.

He gently bit his lower lip with an urge to pull her close and kiss her passionately right there in front of everyone. He wondered how smooth those luscious, pink lips would be against his own.

Oliver hadn’t changed too much, Marie considered as she spied him coming towards her. She remembered that smile–even at 22 it was the same. Already she began to remember the crush she had on him way back then, and, gently licked her lips as she walked towards him.

Oliver suggested that they change their plans from lunch and a movie to something else. “Let’s go back to my place. Everyone is gone, and it’s sweltering hot out here. We can go use the pool to cool off.”

“That sounds fun, but I have no suit,” Marie commented.

I don’t think that will be necessary, he thought but said, “You can swim in your underwear, it’s not a huge deal. We can dry it off before you leave.”

“Cool! That sounds like fun!”

“Then let’s go,” Oliver said, grabbing Marie’s hand to take her to the bus station.

In New Jersey, he led Marie around to the pool in the back yard. Marie wanted to cool off, so she began to strip down.

Oliver stared at Marie as she shed her Capri pants and tank-top to reveal her baby blue bra and thong and her beautiful body. Instinctively, Oliver came up behind her and ran his fingers down Kuşadası Escort Bayan her spine, which gave her chills. He decided to kiss the back of her neck gently, moving slowly over to her shoulders. His hands began to roam around her body, moving along her waist and up to her chest, where he gently grabbed one of those big, beautiful tits in his hand.

Marie closed her eyes as she felt Oliver’s lips, making her gently moan. Her hands moved behind her to find Oliver, and she could feel him pressing himself against her through his clothes.

Well, those clothes will have to go, Marie thought lustfully as she reached back to feel her way towards his shorts, found the button and zipper and undid them while Oliver kissed and bit her neck. She turned and faced him, kissing him hard the lips.

Oh, her lips feel so good. Oliver got weak in the knees from the soft touch of Marie’s lips against his, kissing him deeply. He had often imagined what her lips would feel like, but he never imagined it would feel so good. His cock grew more as the kiss continued.

He wanted to have some fun. Oliver reached around behind Marie to unclasp her bra and pushed her thong down off her hips, letting it slide down her legs the rest of the way, leaving her stark naked. Then as he knelt in front of her, he grabbed her hips and began to kiss her stomach, running his tongue down towards her pussy.

She was shaven bare; her skin was smooth, very smooth, the pink lips of her pussy already glistening a bit with the first of her juices. He could smell her sex, and he wanted a taste.

Oliver certainly knew how to use his tongue, and Marie loved it. She shuddered as his tongue ran along her slit and flicked at her clit. Then he latched his lips to her pussy and began to suck, softly at first, but then harder, gently biting her clit from time to time. Marie dripped a bit with the first wave of juices flowing from her cunt, and it ran down onto Oliver’s lips.

He sucked on her like he was trying to make her cum. But Marie wouldn’t have that, not yet. No, she was first going to get him off so he would last longer. Marie grabbed Oliver and pulled him up, kissing him on the lips and tasting herself while she took off his shorts and pulled his shirt over his head, breaking the kiss briefly. She pulled back a bit and licked Oliver on the lips. Then she began kissing her way down towards his waist, pulling down his boxers as she did.

Oh man! She’s getting me so turned on! Don’t think—I’ll last! Oliver thought and gasped as Marie’s tongue licked the rock hard shaft. He ran his fingers through her hair as Marie’s tongue licked at his cock like he was a sweet lollipop. He moaned when her tongue flicked the tip of his cock, licking off the precum.

And now, to get him off, Marie thought as she wrapped her lips around his cock, taking all of him into her mouth, deep-throating him, her jaws and throat getting used to his length and girth. She held him in her mouth for a few minutes, just letting her tongue swirl around Oliver’s cock. Then she slowly moved her head up and down his length, licking him. She could feel his cock pulse, and Oliver moaned and gasped.

“A talented tongue!” he moaned, running his hands through her hair. “Marie, you are gonna make me cum.”

Marie took her lips off his cock long enough to say, “Then cum for me, Oliver. Cum in my mouth and cum on my tits. Cum for me.”

That did it for Oliver. His cock pulsed as he began to cum in Marie’s mouth, then he took his cock out and let himself cum all over her beautiful breasts. He came quite a bit, but she enjoyed it, licking up cum from time to time. Watching her tongue flick out and lick her lips or his cock was just so enticing, he felt himself getting turned on again; it was time for a little foreplay.

Oliver pulled Marie up off the ground and grabbed at her right tit, bending down to take the left one in his mouth. His lips wrapped around her nipple, licking Escort Kuşadası it with his tongue. Marie moaned as she reached down to gently grab at his cock, slowly stroking it as he played with her nipple. Oliver moved his mouth over to her right nipple and began to suck hard, his hand grabbing her left tit. Marie had begun to stroke him faster, his cock getting harder. He knew he wanted more and he wanted to please her.

Oliver got an idea. He gently grabbed Marie’s hand, leading her over to the ladder, and bringing her into the water up to their stomachs. There he ducked under the water and gently licked at Marie’s pussy. He felt her shudder, and he came back up to kiss her.

Marie grabbed Oliver’s rock hard cock while she kissed his wet lips deeply. She gasped as Oliver’s fingers probed her pussy, pushing two fingers into her tight cunt.

“You are so tight,” Oliver whispered.

“Yes, I am. I bet you want to feel more, don’t you?”

“Oh, god, yes, I do!” With his two fingers lunging in and out, Oliver wrapped the other arm around her waist and pulled her close, nibbling at her ear. “Inside you! I want to get inside you!”

Breathing hard, Marie gasped, “So do it! Do it now! Fuck me! Now! Hurry!”

Oliver didn’t need any more encouragement. He picked Marie up off her feet, floating in the water in his arms, and he moved her closer to the wall for a bit more support. She wrapped her legs around his hips, and grabbed his cock to position it at the entrance to her pussy. He teased the opening of her pussy with the tip of his cock gently, pressing the head of his cock against her opening. Then he lost all control and thrust up into her hard. Marie moaned loudly. She was so wet, both from her own juices and the water, and she was tight as a vise. He couldn’t help himself, he just started fucking her hard and fast. Marie felt so good, such smooth skin, the water making him slip in and out of her so easily.

“Oooooh, Oliver,” Marie moaned, pulling herself as close as she could, her arms and legs wrapped around him, her pussy tightening around his cock.

“Marie, goddamn, you feel so good!” He kept thrusting hard into her.

“Aaaaaah! You’re making me cuuuuum!” Marie cried out.

“Cum for me, I want to feel you cum onto my cock,” Oliver gasped, moving one hand down to her pussy to start rubbing on her clit. “Cum for me, cum hard for me, and just keep cumming.”

The water added a wonderful sensation, one Marie had never felt before — Oliver’s cock was a slick lance thrusting harder and harder into her, but the surrounding water gave his cockshaft an incredible velvety texture, making her shiver with ecstasy as if millions of tiny, velvety fibers passed over her cunt-lips with every stroke. She bit Oliver’s shoulder, and dug into his back with her nails as a powerful orgasm washed over her. Her pussy tightened around Oliver’s cock, and she lost control, convulsing in climax. She was on fire as wave after wave of pleasure racked her body, her back arching slightly, and her cunt tightened automatically in pleasure-spasms around Oliver’s cock. Marie lost control of her body, writhing in pleasure, her eyes closed, her voice lifting in a loud, long moan.

Oliver felt Marie’s pussy become slick, but he was just kept thrusting up into her. His hands grasped at her hips, and pulled her hard against him, trying to get as deep into her as possible. He pushed Marie up against the wall to give himself more support, as he kept pounding into her tight cunt. As her juices flowed, his cock pulsed as he began to cum again, his cum spilling out of her pussy.

The two of them came together, moaning loudly, almost loud enough to be heard by the neighbors. As they both came down from their orgasms, the two locked eyes and kissed gently, still locked in their sexual embrace.

“I believe we should get out and dry off,” Oliver whispered, gently nipping at Marie’s ear, making her giggle and moan at the same time, “and get back to the city so you can head home.”

“Will we get to do this again?” Marie breathed, wiggling her hips against him.

Oliver laughed, gently biting Marie’s neck. “You think I am going to let you off that easily? Just wait ’til you feel what I have planned for the bus ride back to the city.”

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