By the Pond

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As Martina ambled through the field, she relished in the soft, cool grass pressing against the bare soles of her feet. Above, the sun shone bold in the sky; and its warm rays massaged at her exposed flesh. She wore a long, strappy white summer dress and her breasts bounced and bobbed beneath the flimsy material — braless — with each step. Their size and weight tugged at the thin straps which clung into her shoulders.

A small pond lay ahead with clear, still water. Martina padded to a tree that had sprouted up not far from the water’s edge, placing her bag against it and lifting out one of the small bottles of water inside. She gulped at the cold liquid, grateful for the few drops which escaped the sides of her mouth and dripped onto the voluptuous swell of her cleavage. She sighed and snaked the tip of her tongue over her full, glossy red lips.

Bending over, she removed a blanket from the bag, taking hold of two corners to snap the material with her wrists and flatten it out. She laid it out on the ground beneath and after patting a few stubborn spots, she dropped to her knees.

She gazed at the surface of the pond. Her hands planted on the blanket and she shifted her weight, swinging her legs around in front of her. She lifted the hem of her dress to just above her knees and dipped her limbs into the water. A long, deep exhalation purred through her lips as the moist coolness licked from the tips of her toes to the tops of her calves.

She reached up with an extended fingertip and scratched at a little spot just below her chin, with the manicured nail, before allowing the palm to trail down over her cleavage and the hardening bud of one nipple, before she returned the appendage to the blanket.

Her attentions returned to the bag. With one hand she reached inside and pulled out a portable radio and a bottle of sun cream. Once switched on, the radio informed her, “this station plays rock music all day and every day” in overexcited tones. She fiddled with the volume control and, once happy with the outcome, balanced the appliance against the base of the tree.

Flicking open the lid of the sun cream, she milked a generous helping of the thick, aromatic contents into her cupped palm. The chilled liquid caused her limbs to jolt as it made contact with her skin. Her muscles relaxed as her fingers worked over each exposed inch of her neck, shoulders and cleavage.

She twisted her lips into a mischievous grin and lowered her lids at the soothing sensation. Her eyes glanced from one side to the other. Her still slippery fingers eased under the material of the dress, caressing at the pliable breast beneath. The nipple tingled and stiffened as it rolled against her digits.

She leaned back her head bursa escort as her fingers continued to tease the excited nipple. Her throat and chest pushed forward as if offered to an unseen lover. She narrowed her eyelids and the moist, pink tip of her tongue savoured the fullness of her top lip. Her toes curled under the water, causing ripples which lapped the entire breadth of the pond.

Leaving her feet and calves submerged, Martina lowered herself down onto the blanket. On her back, she turned her gaze to the heavens. She lazed her lids and peeked through the slits. As her fingers closed around her nipple — squeezing it — a dry squeak escaped her lips. The cheeks of her bum clenched beneath her, edging her hips into the warm air.

She closeder her eyes tight. Martina moved her free hand to rest on her belly. The fingertips brushed across the fabric of her clothing with delicate pressure.

In her mind she imagined a splash from the pond, as long dark hair pushed through the surface. A stranger rose up through the water. Her heart pounded in her chest as she saw the chiselled outlines of his jaw and the thick, straining neck that led into bulging shoulders and powerful arms. His chest stretched across the expanse of his torso, savage in its muscular build.

Martina nibbled on her bottom lip. She squeezed her swollen nipple between her thumb and forefinger. The digits pinched hard. Her thighs parted and her feet pushed in opposite directions under the water. The rise and fall of her chest became rapid as she worked the erect nub in her tight grip.

She imagined the stranger moving closer. His motions caused the water to swirl and splash around her legs. She wiggled her toes on either side of his statuesque thighs.

She shifted her weight on the blanket, letting her fingers roll one of the straps of her dress down over the goose-pimples of her bare arm. One breast popped free from its restraints. She gasped as a breeze trickled over her exposed nipple. Her back arched. She pushed out her chest to chase the caress of her digits as they toyed with the swollen, pink protuberance.

The stranger approached her.

She watched his eyes probing her curves. Her thighs parted further until the soles of her feet faced each other in the shallow water. The hem of her dress lay strewn around her hips, exposing her lack of panties.

His eyes lowered to her uncovered sex.

A warm flush radiated across her cheeks and chest. The wet tingle between her legs, begged to be touched.

The tips of her fingers squirmed down over her tummy to the hem of her apparel. She paused. Her back arched and her pelvis pushed out, as if calling for attention. The digits travelled lower, finding the smooth skin bursa escort bayan of her pubis. Her eyes remained closed. Her breath rasped in her throat as they slid over the hairless flesh.

His fingertips made contact with her thighs.

A gasp attempted to escape her dry mouth. It caught mid-effort and crackled through her lips.

He towered over her as he stood up. A lustful grin crossed appeared between his cheeks and he replaced it with a lap of his tongue.

She slipped her fingers lower. Her inner thighs twitched to the audible rhythm of her breathing. The tips found the swollen nub of her clitoris. Her movements quickened. In one fluid motion she pushed her hand down over the moist folds and parted them to allow one finger to slide inside. She tensed her heels into the bottom of the pond. Her bum left the ground and her hips rose to engulf the penetrating probe.

She gazed at the stranger’s naked form as he fell to his knees between her accommodating thighs. Her breath caught in her throat as she waited. The bulbous head of his member glistened as it bobbed above his full, heavy testicles. His large hands gripped her ankles. The thumbs massaged her pale flesh with an almost imperceptible pace.

She gripped her bottom lip between her teeth. Her finger slipped free from the wet warmth of her sex. She pinched the folds of her labia between her digits and pulled, pushed and stretched them in savoured slowness. Her chest heaved and her breath came in short, wanton sighs.

He pushed his hips forward. The moist tip of his erection lingered against the soft flesh of her inner thigh.

A low, guttural moan oozed from her lungs and sneaked through her lips. She pushed herself harder against his excited flesh. “Oh God,” she murmured, the words weak and almost breathless.

Martina pushed the tip of her middle finger back between her swollen lips. She rolled her eyes. Her thumb searched for, found, and stroked the erect bead of her clitoris.

She quickened her efforts.

Her thumb circled, flicked, prodded and squeezed at the twitching nub. She pushed deeper inside. Her moaning filled the air as she thrust the digit in and out. It twisted and curled through the puddling cleft.

A high pitched moan seeped through her lips. She envisioned the bloated tip of his erection peeking through her parted folds. Her finger squelched as she pulled it out of her eager sex. She snaked it up over the slit and darted it around her swollen clitoris.

The slick juices on the digit served to make the entire area slippery.

Her finger slid around her clitoris in small circular motions. She added her forefinger and pinched the wet nub between the two. Her back arched. She moaned escort bursa aloud in short, rasping bursts. Her stare penetrated the soft blue of his eyes and yearned him onward.

He pushed his toned torso tight against her body. The thick, blood-engorged shaft of his sex slid back and forth over her slit.

She clutched her arms around his powerful shoulders. Her fingertips dug into the expanse of muscles that covered his back.

Her hips gyrated and her pelvis bucked. She imagined his bulk on top of her and his hot, hungry breath against her face.

He forced the throbbing tip of his excitement inside her.

She parted her lips to moan.

Leaning over, the stranger took them, kissing her with fevered passion. Their groans mingled in each other’s saliva.

Martina lifted her shoulders from the ground, chasing his tongue with hers.

With a forceful grunt, he thrust his solid shaft all the way in. His smooth testicles bounced against her tensed buttocks.

She turned silent. Her body froze. A breathless gasp pierced the silence. She intensified the tips of her fingers. They rubbed and squeezed her clitoris without mercy. She rose her hips into the contact and her muscles pulsated.

His breath surged inside her mouth as he drove his hips back and forth. The muscles of his back stiffened between her fingers.

She thrust her hips against her imaginary lover. The top of one arm arched her chest and she heaved the sensitive tips of her nipples against it.

A burst of short sighs racked her body. She clenched her bottom lip between her teeth in an effort to muffle her moans. It didn’t work. An overwhelming ecstasy surged between her thighs and deep into her tummy. She bucked her hips and screamed lungfuls of air into the summer breeze. Her limbs spasmed.

The muscles in her stomach stiffened and she froze. She eased back the slick tips of her fingers, afraid continued stimulation might be too much to bear. Her breasts jiggled against her body as her chest heaved in an effort to nourish her heaving lungs.

A loud, raucous barking made Martina’s body jerk. She sat straight up. Her eyes bolted open. She creaked her neck and scanned the wooded area.

Across the pond and bounding through assorted foliage, a golden retriever barked at its owner. The man, tall and well built, stood motionless. He gripped a tennis ball in a clenched fist. His eyes met hers and his lips spread across his face into a hearty grin.

Martina’s cheeks flushed hot. She pushed her arm back into the strap of her dress and, to the best of her ability, lowered the hem back down over her thighs. She wiped her fingers on the blanket beneath her and sank her hand into her bag. She fished out a paperback novel and rolled onto her side and opened the pages to find the bookmark.

Her heartbeat continued to throb in her veins as she calmed herself with an entirely different fantasy crafted on the pages.

The end.

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