Buttonnose Ch. 03

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I thank you all once again for your positive feedback. This is the third of the five-part series.

I wanted to develop the series more deeply and so I have incorporated a lot of sensuality. I would love to hear from every one, as usual, about your feedbacks, especially from the women. Hope you enjoy it just as much as you have appreciated the earlier parts.

* * * * *

Chapter 3 – Birthday present: The picnic

I was planning for your birthday at least for 2 months. I had been saving my pocket money and had been putting extra money aside for the past 5 months. I was going to buy you a very nice dress, complete with shoes and accessories. I had bought the dress about a fortnight before your birthday. I had looked at least in a dozen shops and for more than 2 weeks. I had a vision of the pattern in mind and that’s why I was not going to settle for anything less. Once I had it I was jumping with excitement because I could not wait till I could see you in it. I kept dreaming you in my sleep for the rest of the nights.

I wanted to treat you at home, in the comforts and the security of our place. But I also wanted to take you out for the day. So I decided to cook you your favourite dishes for the meals in the evening and decided on a picnic for the day. I wanted to celebrate the whole day. I had already asked you to take the day off. So everything was planned.

In the morning I had woken up very early and quietly gone down to the kitchen and prepared breakfast for you. Something very light and warm. I know you don’t like to feel stuffed in the morning.

Then I walked up to your room and laid the tray on the bed. By then you had stirred up and sat in your bed. You had your robe on. It had come loose in the night. Seeing me in the bedroom with a breakfast tray laid out next to you, you were amazed. You had totally ignored to cover your cleavage. I got a good glance of it when I bent and kissed you on your lips to wish you happy birthday.

I had a big card covering the entire breakfast behind it. There was small red rose in the middle of the card.

Your eyes were full of wetness already. I didn’t want to make you very emotional. But I wanted you to know how special you were to me. You got up and said, “I need to freshen up quickly.”

“It doesn’t matter. Just have the breakfast and then you can brush later,” I said pushing you back into bed.

“I won’t feel fresh. I am not comfortable being like this around you.”

“It doesn’t matter to me. Today you get to be lazy and enjoy the day without any hang ups.”

You looked at me and taking my face in your palms planted a quick kiss on my lips.

“Thank you so much for all this.”

We sat there enjoying the breakfast. I sat in the bed in front of you with the tray in between us. I fed you a few times. All the time I kept looking at you. I had never seen you so ‘natural’ in the morning. You looked so different, so you! No makeup and nothing done to the hair. My eyes were running all over you. You kept smiling at me. Every time I glanced at your cleavage, I seemed to get hard. You kept being ‘careless’ and let me enjoy the beauty.

“It has been a while since I have had breakfast in bed.” You said with loving eyes. “You have a loving way to please me.”

“That is why I want to make you feel very special today.”

“Just today?” you looked at me with hung face.

“No. I meant I would love to please you everyday. But today I wanted to treat you especially.”

“I know honey.” You stroked my face. “I was just pulling your leg. You make me feel special every moment. I wouldn’t be myself without you around.”

I just smiled at you. I felt so nice in my heart that you thought so dearly of me.

“I can’t eat anymore,” you started saying after a while.

“Ok. I don’t wish to force you anything today.” I smiled at you. As I took the tray away, I said, “Today is your day, but I have something planned, unless you have something else in mind.”

“I’d like to see what you have in mind, honey,” you said to me smiling with excitement.

“Well then, get ready and I will let you into the surprise.”

With the enthusiasm of a kid, you jumped out of bed. I loved to feast my eyes on you with the robe loosely hanging on your body. Without paying much attention to how I was eating you, you went straight into the bathroom.

After I cleaned up, I came into your bedroom. You were still in the shower. I could hear your blow dryer. I went to your cupboard and chose a nice dress to go out for the day- a nice V-neck top, with a lovely jeans skirt on nişantaşı escort the bottom. It had a big spit right in the middle, going quite high up. I had always loved to see your thighs when you wore that skirt. As you came out of the bathroom, you had your bathrobe on.

“Oh so I’m supposed to wear this huh?” you smiled at me. “Wonder what is in store for this mom today”

“Just go with the flow mom. I am sure you will love it.”

“I know I will, son.” You hugged me hard, and pressed yourself against me. I hugged you, wrapping my hands around your waist. You smelled of that heavenly musk that you often used to tease me.

“Want to do my hair today?” you asked me pointing at them.


You turned around and I made your hair just like I love it.

Then I stepped out of the bedroom and I was going to get changed too.

After we were in the living room, I had prepared a basket for a picnic – some sandwiches, drinks, and some cold wine. Everything was in there, ready and waiting. When you came down, I was packing it all in the car. As you walked to me, you looked stunning. This was going to be one hell of a lovely day for me!

As we drove out into the countryside, I pulled up into a small parking space and into a scenic area. There were benches to sit and the place overlooked a big lake. There were some trees in the distance, with some soft ground around them to sit on.

“Where do you wish to sit mom?”

You looked at me and said, “where ever you like son.”

“No you choose. It’s your day today.”

“Shall we sit under the tree then?”

“Ok. Let’s go. I will carry the basket.”

“Then I will carry the rug.” So saying we walked to the tree and spread the rug to sit on. I put down the basket and stretched on the rug.

The weather was kind to me that day. Just a day before it had been cloudy and wet. I was just hoping for some miracle, and surely the day was going my way.

“Do you wish to lie down on my lap?” I asked you.

You looked at me, and said, “You lie on my lap.”

“No. I want you to lie on mine. It’s your birthday today”

“So?” you looked at me with big eyes and shrugged shoulders. You were smiling lovingly.

“Well I want to pamper you today.”

“You do that at home anyway,” you said looking at me straight in my eyes.

“Well so I want to pamper you out here now”

“Ok.” You succumb to me requests. “How do you want me to lie down?”

“Here, sleep like this and put your head on my lap.” I gave you directions to lie down. After you were stretched, I ran my hands through your hair. You looked into my eyes.

“I’m so lucky to have you,” you said to me.

“With a mom like you, I am glad I was born” I looked into your eyes. I gently lowered my lips and planted a kiss on your forehead.

From where you were lying down, I could see quite deep into your cleavage.

I wanted to move the boundaries further that day. So I asked you, “Shall I say something to you?”

“Yes my love. You can tell me anything.” You looked at me with earnest eye.

“You have a very lovely cleavage.” I smiled slightly.

You looked down at your cleavage and said, “Thank you. I am glad you say that. I sometimes think I am too old.”

“You have no idea how beautiful you are mom.”

“Am I?” you gently stroked my face.

Then you gave out a sigh and looked away.

I started the portable boom box and the mood got lighter. I put my palm on your eyes and asked you to close your eyes and relax for a while. “I will fall asleep.”

“We don’t have an appointment today! You can sleep if you wish!”

“Yes but I don’t want to. I would like to spend time with you, son.”

“You are spending time with me.”

“But I like to see your face.” You gently stroked my cheek.

“Why don’t you lie down for a while,” you asked me. “I would feel so nice. I have not had you in my lap for a long time.”

“If that will please you, then ok. How do you wish to sit?”

“I will just stretch out my legs and you can put your head here,” you indicated to me.

As I stretch on the rug, you take my head on your lap. As you looked at me, you kept stroking my cheek.

The music on the radio played in the background. We sat there chatting about things. The sun was nice and warm. The air seemed fresh.

After a while we decided to take a small stroll around the area, without going too far. As I got up, I helped you up. We started to walk hand in hand first. Then as we slowly got closer to each other, I slipped my hand around şişli escort your waist and then we walked like that for a while. At every step, our hips were bumping softly into each other. At times I would let the hand run on your bum. Without becoming conscious you would respond with subtle encouragement. We were like two people on a date, touching, talking and exploring our selves.

“Lets play a game.” I suggested.

“Like what?” you looked with a big question all over your face.

“Umm I have a special game for us today. I just hope you will not get upset about it. It is a bit naughty.”

With piercing glance at me, you said, “well since you have been so nice to me, I think you could be a little naughty today. But I must warn you, no chickens.”

“Well it will be fun.” I just said smiling.

“So what is this game?”

“Well I had created it a while ago. It is played between any number of people and it just helps breaking the ice. It is particularly good to know people.”

“So why are we playing it?”

“Well there are a lot of things I don’t know about you, I mean we don’t know about each other.” I smiled realising I had made an obvious error.

“Oh so what do you wish to know?” you smiled.

“Well why not just play the game? You will soon find out, if you are lucky that is!”

“So it is about being lucky too huh?”

“Of course. Just to be fair.”

“Oh well, lets play then.”

I took out a pack of cards and shuffled them.

“Ok so now that we are only two, you pick a card that will represent ‘you’ and I will pick a card to represent me. For example, I will choose the King of Hearts as my card.”

“Ok then, I will choose the King of Diamond”, you said.

“Well you are a woman so choose the Queen.”

“Ok then I choose Queen of Hearts. Now what?”

I took the two cards and after adding them into the pile, I shuffled the cards.

“Now I will deal the cards to each of us, in turns, face up, until we get one of our cards. If I get your card, then you ask me a question, and if you get my card I ask you a question. If we get our own card, we just continue dealing. After all the assigned cards are dealt, we shuffle the whole deck and continue.”

“What kind of questions can you ask?” you looked at me with a piercing glance.

“It is all a matter of choice between the players. But for now anything goes!” I said with a heavy breath. With a little hesitation you agreed.

I started dealing the cards. After a while I dealt my card to you. We stopped and we both were excited.

“So what do you want to ask?” you looked at me.

“Would you get upset if I asked you personal questions?”

“Of course not.” You smiled.

I gasped a breath and asked, “What do you think about me?”

“You already asked me a question!” you smiled and exclaimed.

“No I didn’t I just was making sure. That was not my question!” I started to defend. You started smiling and giggling with a chuckle. “You are cheating. You have already had your go.”

“No mom. Come on that’s not fair. I have asked you a question. I need the answer.”

You stopped laughing, and said, “Ok what was the question? Could you repeat it?”

“You very well know it. Now stop playing around and answer it.”

You looked deep into my eyes and without shifting your eyes, you said, “You mean the world to me.”

I just breathed and let the moment pass by. I was eager to hear something ‘different’. I realised that getting you to really ‘open up’ was going to be very difficult.

I began to deal the cards again. You got your card and you gave out a big “Shit!” with a smile.

After a few cards I got your card. I stopped and you looked at me with a piercing gaze.

“What do you dream at night?” you asked me with a serious look.

I looked at you. You slowly leaned forward and let me get a glance of your cleavage. I slowly moved my eyes to meet yours and said, “Sweet dreams”

“You liar.” You just looked at me and smiled.

“It’s true” I smiled.

“I asked you what you dreamt about”

“No you didn’t. You asked me what I dreamt. And I gave you the answer.” I chuckled.

“Well well well. We are getting clever are we?” so saying you took the pack and shuffled it.

“Lets play” and you started dealing the cards.

I got your card and you looked at me. “So now mister. WHO do you dream about at night?” You added before I could open my mouth to answer, “Most of the time.”

“You” I just looked at you.

“Do you?” you just pressed your lip between your teeth mecidiyeköy escort and looked at me with a seductive gaze.

As you began dealing again, you got my card.

I looked at you and after thinking carefully I asked you, “Do you think I am attractive?”

“Very.” You looked at me with a smile.

As we began dealing again, the questions kept flowing.

You asked me, “What do you see when you look at me?”

“Most wonderful woman I love.” I replied

“What lengths would you go to please me?”

“As much as you like.” I said.

“Would you be jealous if I had a girlfriend?” I asked on my turn.

“Yes.” You looked at me and then looked down at the cards.

“What would you do if you did find someone how could fall for you?” you asked.

“I would find only if I’m looking. And I ain’t interested in any one.” I looked at you with deep eyes.

“What are the things you don’t like about me?” I asked.

“You are such a tease at times.”

I suddenly burst out laughing. “I am not!”

“Of course you are. And you love it too.”

You were serious a bit.

So I calmed down and said, “So does that bother you?”

“How would you feel if I teased you?”

“As if you don’t” I laughed again.

“I never do that.” And you started giggling too.

“Join the club”, I said smiling.

“I am already the founder member!” and we fell about laughing.

We played the game for a while. We had a good laugh.

When it was afternoon, we decided to have some lunch. I opened the wine, and you served the sandwiches. As we ate, birds and squirrels started to gather around. You seemed so happy about them twittering and moving about us.

After lunch, we lay down side-by-side facing each other. I kept looking deep into your eyes.

“I love you very much mom.”

“I know. And I love you too.”

As I rolled on my back, you moved closer and placed your head on my chest. We lay there like that for a while. I started to feel sleepy.

“Take a nap if you wish,” you urged me.

“No. I want to stay awake.”

“You silly Billy. Go on. It is fine with me. In fact I want you to take a nap. I want to see you sleep.”

I smiled to you.

After a quiet moment, I woke up. You were still next to me. When I woke up, you stroked my face gently. “You sleep like an angel, like a snoring angel,” you laughed with a giggle.

I smiled at you. As I got up, I saw the sun on the horizon. It was colouring your face with such beauty. Your eyes seemed to encapsulate the sun.

“Wish to take a walk?” I asked you.

“Sure. I would love it.” You took my hand and we got up.

As we walked slowly, the breeze was caressing our skin, with your gentleness. Your fragrance was haunting me. I was holding on your waist as we walked and our hips kept dancing with each other gently.

As we slowed down, we touched our heads together and I squeezed your shoulders to hug you.

“I hope you enjoyed it so far.”

You stopped and looking deep in my eyes, caressed my cheeks and gently kissed me on my lips with a soft touch.

“Everything you do is out of this world my love.”

“Happy birthday mom.” I kissed you on your cheek.

You hugged me firmly and I could see your eyes getting wet.

“Oh I’m so sorry. Don’t cry. I didn’t mean to make you emotional.” I was trying to stop your tears.

“I love you honey.” You said smiling with flooded eyes.

I hugged you firmly. “I love you mom. I love you very much.”

After a moment of silence we started walking again. To make you smile, I gently placed my hand on your bum as we were walking. You moved your hand and touched my bum too. We looked at each other and smiled.

“Let me know when you wish to leave.”

“Sure. Any time you wish honey. That was a lovely present. Thank you so much.”

“Huh?!” I looked at you with surprise. “It ain’t even started yet mom!”

“Really? Wow what more can a mom have?!” you looked excited.

“Well you will soon find out in the evening when we are home.”

“Why? What is at home?” you asked me in surprise.

“Well you will find out. You don’t want the surprise ruined now would you?”

“Oh no. I love your surprises. Come on then. Quick.” You started giggling.

“Its ok mom. It won’t run away.”

“I’m not hurrying for that. I am desperate for a wee.”

We both started laughing and on the way home I kept teasing you with thoughts of a trickle of water, and the leaking tap.

You kept telling me off for that “I will wet this car if you don’t stop.” You threatened me.

“Go ahead. I know you won’t.” I dared you.

“Please stop teasing me.” You said with a baby face.


Soon enough we got home.

to be continued…

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