Business Trip to Dallas with Monika Pt. 02

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(Sharing my wife with family and strangers)

* This is the follow on to the story, I hope you enjoy!

My business trip continues…

The knock on the door and “Room Service” being called out gave me a start. I rubbed my eyes and called back asking for them to come back after 12. They acknowledged and went about their way as I turned to see if my wife Monika was awake. She was stirring a little due to the noise and I glanced at the clock to see that it was already 9:45. It felt great sleeping in after the business meetings were now over and we had enjoyed a wonderful reunion and catching up the day before after not seeing each other for several days. I snuggled up behind her and let my hands start to caress her body. We slept nude so I wasn’t hindered by any clothing which was nice.

It was awkward on occasion when her daughter would join us sometimes in the mornings to wake up or when her sister would walk in Saturday morning early wanting her to go shopping or something else crazy like that. My hand was gliding up and down her arm before moving lower to caress her hip and silky smooth leg. I leaned forward and kissed her on the shoulder and nuzzled my way up to her neck. The feeling of her warm body against mine was nice and my cock enjoyed the pleasure of being nestled between the cheeks of her ass. I moved my hand up to her hip and forward caressing her stomach before moving higher. My fingertips gently gliding across her skin which I knew she enjoyed.

I pushed forward with my hips enjoying the soft feeling of her ass against me as I nibbled on her earlobe. She raised her hand up and placed it on the back of my head and turned slightly towards me. My fingertips were caressing the lower portion of her breast before taking it in my hand completely and caressing softly. I loved caressing her breasts as they filled my hands completely. I tugged on her earlobe with my teeth as my fingers caressed and tugged on her Right nipple in unison. Her nipple grew quickly to their full aroused state. I loved how they felt between my fingers as I twisted and pulled on them. I used my index finger to circle around and around her nipple and I could feel the scrunched up excited feeling around her areola.

Monika shifted and turned towards me slightly and my mouth moved lower to take her nipple into my mouth as my hand caressed her other breast. I thought to myself what a lucky guy I was to have this beautiful woman laying next to me, her large beautiful firm breasts for me to enjoy. I enjoyed the feeling of her excited nipple in my mouth and I used my lips to tug and pull, stretching them out. My hand slid down her body and between her legs. I caressed her inner thighs and she parted them inviting more. I brought her Right leg up and over mine. I let me fingertips run in circles starting from her knee up her inner thigh until I was caressing her sexy butterfly pussy lips.

Monika was blessed with extended pussy lips which I enjoyed sucking on and playing with. My fingers caressed up and down between them and I could feel her clit starting to respond. I started kissing my way down her body as I wanted her in my mouth. As I neared her hip I shifted and moved around her leg so I could move lower and lay between her legs. I slid a pillow over next to her hip and she lifted up so I could position it underneath her. My lips were moving along her inner thighs kissing and licking along the way.

My tongue was soon enjoying the softness of her pussy lips. I took them into my mouth and sucked on them. My tongue swirling around in circles as I played with them. I pulled stretching them out away from her body and this caused a tingling sensation on her clit which I knew she loved. I released them and took each of them into my mouth one at a time, sucking and enjoying how they felt. After doing this several times I sucked on each one tenderly before laying them open. I pulled back and looked at her sexy pussy as it was on display for me to enjoy. Her pussy lips laying open and in the shape of a butterfly’s wings and her clit at the top standing up proudly.

I leaned forward and brought my lips together to gently blow warm air on her clit. I looked up and saw that Monika was caressing her breasts and twisting and tugging on her nipples. She then reached down with her Left hand and placed it on the back of my head pulling me into her. I kissed her clit and ran my tongue up and down between her pussy lips. Each time when I would get to the top I would circle her clit with my tongue. Her motions with her hips told me she was getting more and more excited and each time my tongue circled her clit she lifted up pushing her clit harder against my tongue.

I used my lips to mouth and tease her clit pulling on it. I then used my tongue to move back and forth, side to side as the tip of my tongue danced on the tip of her clit. My hands moved behind her knees and lifted up her legs towards her chest. I drove my tongue deep in her pussy to enjoy her sweet nectar as my nose rubbed against her clit. I then moved lower and ran my tongue around in circles on her excited gaziantep escort reklamları asshole. She moaned and tugged on her large nipples hard at the same time. I grabbed a pillow and pushed it under her hips to keep her in this position.

I moved up onto my knees and scooted closer so I could place my hard cock against her sexy pussy lips. I rocked forward and back slowly allowing the crown of my cock to rub and hit her clit each time. Her pussy was wet with desire and her juices were coating my cock nicely. I looked down to watch my cock glide up and down before pulling back further and allowing the tip of my cock to rest against her puckered rosebud. I pushed forward and was awe stuck with the view as her puckered little rosebud slowly opened up and allowed me to enter her. She gasped in delight holding her breasts firmly in her hands. Yes, yes… fuck my ass she groaned.

I moved slowly at first allowing her to get accustomed to my hard cock moving in and out. It wasn’t long before I had my cock gliding all the way in and out, feeling the tightness that she caressed my cock. I leaned forward and placed my hands on the bed making sure my arms were behind her knees. This caused her knees to be pushed up against her breasts and allowing for me to drive deep into her bowels with each stroke. Harder… Harder she groaned.

Who was I to say no and I started to drive into her harder and harder. I was enjoyed the feeling of my hard cock drilling her asshole that my whole body was rigid. I only had my hands and toes on the bed as I pulled back and thrust forward driving myself harder and harder into her. The sweat was dripping off my forehead and our bodies were glistening in the morning light as all I could hear was the sounds of our bodies colliding together with each downward thrust of my hips. I slammed my hips forward one last time. My cock pulsating as I erupted. Monika was screaming out as her orgasm overtook her body. I could feel her sphincter muscles squeezing me as my cock dumped load after load of cum deep inside her. As my orgasm subsided

I collapsed onto her body and she wrapped me up in her arms holding me tight. I could feel the continuing muscle spasms around me cock as she came back to earth. We both loved it when she had these Outer Body Experiences or OBE’s as we affectionately called them. After a few minutes to catch our breath and get back to some sense of reality, we jumped in the shower to get cleaned up and start our day. It felt amazing having the warm water cascade down over our bodies and even more amazing to get my sexy Monika’s body all soaped up and caress her wet sexy slippery body.

My stomach started to growl from hunger and I asked if she wanted to go out or have room service, she asked for room service as it would take her a bit to do her hair and stuff. I got out and toweled off first allowing her a little more time in the shower. I ordered a smorgasbord of food off the breakfast menu and they stated it would only be 20 minutes and they would have it up to the room. I threw on some shorts and a polo and tidied up the bed a bit. I opened the curtains to get the mid-morning light in the room before moving out to the front room of the suite. I opened the blinds a couple of feet and moved the chairs around a little to where I thought we could have our breakfast.

Monika came out of the steamy bathroom in one of the big fluffy bathrobes feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy the day. I turned on the TV and was flicking through the channels when I saw movement across the front of the suite in the hallway and then came a knock on the door, room service! Monika moved over to the door to open it before I had a chance to respond. She opened the door wide to allow for a large cart to be wheeled in, followed by a tall young man dressed up in his uniform.

He looked to me and asked where I wanted the cart and I pointed between the sofa and chairs that I had arranged. I looked over to Monika and I could see she was checking out the physique of the young man. At home I had always dared her to seduce the pizza delivery boy however, she always declined as she said it might get around the neighborhood. As he set up the table, I watched as Monika close the door and adjusted the tie on her robe and allowed a good amount of her breasts to be on display.

She joined the young man at the cart standing across from him and leaned forward slightly to take in the aroma of the various foods that he uncovered. She asked me what all I had ordered and did I leave anything for anyone else in the hotel. She moved to the side of the cart next to the young man and reached down to take a piece of bacon. She mentioned to the young man that everything looked and smelled delicious. His eyes moved up to hers and he couldn’t help but look down into her robe and see her sexy large breasts on display.

She stayed leaned over and his eyes rejoined hers and she smiled at the young man. Monika had done this over the years and enjoyed having men lust over her breasts. Monika gaziantep escort bayan reklamları asked me if I had ordered any sausage for breakfast or just the ham and bacon that had been uncovered on the plates. I let her know that I had ordered all 3 as I knew that she would be hungry after her long trip yesterday. The young man had all the plates uncovered and looked at me than back to Monika saying that he had brought all the items up that was on the order and he would go back to the kitchen for whatever else was needed.

Monika looked down at the table and then over to the young man’s slacks noticing a large bulge that had not been there before. She took a step closer to him and said that she believed that she had located the additional sausage that she wanted as her hand moved over between them so her fingers could caress his engorged and growing cock through the material. Using her other hand, she untied her robe, allowing it to fall open completely and the young man’s eyes shifted to her large breasts. Monika asked me if she was allowed to start enjoying her breakfast and I gave her my approval.

The young man looked at me and I gave him a nod of approval so he knew that everything was ok. Monika unbuckled his belt and worked the snap to open up his slacks before moving closer and having only inches between them. She looked up at the young man’s face as she lowered the zipper and pushed his slacks down, they fell to the floor as her hands reached to caress his cock through his boxers. She felt his cock throb and grow in her hands as she told him to remove her robe for her. His hands trembled as they moved up and pushed the robe back over her shoulders and allowed it drop to the floor.

His eyes now glued to her large breasts she told him to caress them and suck on her nipples. He did exactly everything she asked for. She worked her hands down inside his boxers to caress his firm hard cock. She loved the feeling of his large balls hanging low in her hand as she stroked him. She could feel his precum coating the palm of her hand as she caress the crown of his cock. She was wondering what it would feel like in her mouth.

She stepped back and then kneeled down between his legs. She tugged his boxers down his legs and his slacks and boxers were kicked to the side. She started by using her tongue to glide up and down the length of his cock as one hand caressed his balls. Her tongue swirled around the crown of his cock and her lips kissed up and down his shaft before taking his cock between her hips. He groaned loudly and pushed his hips forward giving Monika more of the sausage that she had asked for. She started a slow movement taking more and more of his into her mouth and throat.

It wasn’t long before she had her nose against his stomach and the young man shaking with excitement. She pulled back and stroked his cock with her hand as she took each of his balls into her mouth, sucking on them one at a time. She then attacked his cock moving up and down quickly. Her mouth covering his cock with her saliva and making loud slurping noises.. fuck, I always loved this when she had my cock in her mouth and she did this.

She was enjoying the feeling of his hard cock parting her lips every time he pushed his hips forward driving his cock into her mouth. The crown of his cock pressing past her lips and then hitting the back of her throat. She reached out and held the sides of this legs as his hands moved up to hold her head in place as he started a steady rhythm with his hips forward and back. I watched as he steadily fucked her mouth with his long thick cock. The room was filled with the slurping noises and Monika moaning as she enjoyed the feeling of his balls hitting her chin with every forward thrusting of his hips.

I saw out of the corner of my eye that someone was at the window watching. Monika was positioned perfectly for someone to watch each stroke of this young man’s cock being driven between her lips. It took me a bit to focus and noticed that the person watching was her son, his Left hand holding the handle of a suitcase while his Right hand stroked his cock through his slacks.

The young man started to groan and looked up towards the ceiling. His hips moving with short quick strokes forward and back. Monika could feel his cock swelling up and took his cock down her throat as he pushed forward one last time. His cock erupting and spewing load after load of cum down her throat. I knew from experience that she was working her throat muscles on his cock and it felt amazing. He shuddered and groaned several times before he was spent. He moved back slightly and released his grip of Monika’s head allowing her to breath. She took over and continued to take the cock in and out of her mouth making sure she had gotten everything out.

She used her tongue to glide up and down the length of his shaft getting every bit of his cum. She cupped his balls and brought the head of his cock to her lips with her other hand kissing the tip as she looked up at him. escort gaziantep reklamları She told him that it was just the sausage that she was wanting for breakfast. I heard the door to the room next to us open and close and the person at the window was now gone. I took care of the signing for breakfast with the young man and he departed the room as we started to enjoy the rest of our breakfast.

It was no surprise that we had cleaned off all the breakfast dishes from the delicious treats as we were ravenous from the past 18 hours. We were chatting about what we should do today when Monika’s phone started buzzing from text messages. Her eyes lit up after reading a couple of the messages and I asked what was up. She let me know that her son had texted to let her know that he would be in town as a change in his work plans was bringing him through Dallas. He let her know that he had reached out to his auntie and she had let him know the hotel and room number we were in and had worked it out to get the adjoining room next to us.

I smiled, knowing it was him watching outside the window. We made our plans as supposedly he wouldn’t get in until later in the afternoon. We did some site seeing and some shopping at out favorite store, Victoria Secret, and found some fun exciting new things for her to wear. We unloaded our bags in the room and decided it was time for an afternoon trip to the hotel bar. Monika said she wanted to freshen up and for me to go down and get us a table. I proceeded to do so and ordered our drinks.

I made sure that I had my back to the bar entrance so I could see her walk in and also made sure we had a table big enough for more to join us. I didn’t wait too long before she came walking though the door looking absolutely beautiful and all dressed up in a Spring dress which accented all her womanly features. She treated me to one of the things I enjoyed the most, she wasn’t wearing a bra, and her dress had a very low cut front which exposed an ample amount of skin and her sexy large breasts. Her breasts bounced and moved side to side as she made her way to our table the majority of the men and a couple of women gave her a once over and the lust in their eyes said it all.

Seated at a tall high top chair, she positioned herself between my open legs and leaned in for a deep kiss. My hands wrapped around her and pulled her in so I could feel her breasts against me as my hands moved down her back to caress her sexy ass. I could feel that she was wearing a thong as her ass cheeks filled my hands with joy. Our tongues danced playfully as I enjoyed the soft curves of my sexy woman. She adjusted the chairs and sat to my Left. We toasted our glasses and she savored the margarita that I had gotten for her. I ordered a double shot of tequila to help get the ball rolling for a fun evening ahead.

We chatted about the day as I ran my hand up and down her back, caressing her sexy ass every now and then. She placed her hand on my leg and every time I caressed her ass she would move her hand up to squeeze my cock. Her eyes were sparkling as I pulled her in for a deep kiss. I caressed her leg with my Right hand and moved it up her body to cup her full breast. I could feel her nipple respond in the palm of my hand.. oh damn I loved sucking on her sexy big nipples. I could feel several people watching us as we parted and took a much needed sip of our drinks.

I could see the material of her dress had shifted enough that a portion of her areola was on display. I loved having my sexy baby on display for all to see her beauty. This always got me overcharged and concluded with some awesome sex before day’s end.

I scanned the room for our waitress from the previous evening and didn’t see her so figured she may not be working. I was thinking that it would be fun to continue our sexy banter and if lucky, get her to join us in our room. It was about half past 4 when we saw Monika’s son come walking into the bar to join us. She had texted him letting him know where we were at and to come join us for a drink before supper. He was about the same height as me, 6’1″ with broad shoulders and an athletic build.

James was one of Monika’s sons from her previous marriage. His dad was not quite 6′ and Monika met him while he was stationed in Germany. His family warned her about getting hooked on this black man however, she couldn’t resist. Monika’s face lit up and her eyes sparkled as her son gave her a big hug and kiss as she moved from the table to greet him with open arms. He pulled her in tight for the hug and he could feel her soft large breasts pressing against him. He helped his mama sit on her chair before he pulled up a chair beside her. His mama had always been affectionate however, he had not see her as a sexy woman and admired the curves being shown off by the dress.

They were chatting away when our waitress came over to get his drink order and I ordered another round for us as our drinks were almost empty. We decided that it was better to get something to eat there since we hadn’t arranged for dinner reservations. Shortly before 6 the waitress from the other night showed up. She checked in with the bar tender and surveyed the fairly crowded room. It wasn’t long before she came over with our current waitress and greeted us saying that she would be taking over as it was her friends end of the shift. I cleared our tab with dinner as our waitress introduced herself to James as Angela. She gave James a once over than hugged and kissed Monika on the cheek.

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