Business Trip Sex: The PM Day 06

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My deep slumber was disturbed when I felt a nice, warm, sucking sensation on my tits. Still half-asleep, I tried to ignore it thinking I was dreaming, but the sucking got more intense, then I began to feel a tingling sensation between my legs. As I forced myself to open my eyes, I saw a pair of heads buried on my chest, and that’s when I realized that Bojan and Ralph have started sexing me up even before I woke up. The guys had my nipples clamped against their lips, sucking, and licking them gently while also rubbing my labia and my clit. I didn’t have any clue what time it was but gauging from the dim light piercing through the gap in the curtains, I assumed it was between 6 and 7 in the morning. I felt it was too early for sex and I still wanted to sleep, but the guys obviously had other plans.

“Good morning!” Bojan greeted in between nibbling my left nipple.

“Morning!” I responded with a light moan as I started to get aroused with what they were doing.

“What time is it? Isn’t it too early for breastfeeding?” I asked.

“It’s almost 6!” Ralph responded with his lips still pressed against my right breast.

“No wonder I’m still sleepy! We should grab breakfast first.” I responded.

“We fly home in the afternoon, so we wanted to start early. We can grab breakfast after we fuck you.” Bojan coyly answered.

I guess they planned all this last night when I passed out, and from the looks of it, it seems they both slept in my room. After nibbling on my nipples a bit more after our morning greetings, Ralph slid down between my legs and started licking my pussy, while Bojan straddled me across my chest and lay the tip of his cock over my lips. While Ralph pleasured my pussy, I began giving Bojan a blow job. I sucked the tip of his cock a few times before I started bobbing my head up and down his shaft. As Bojan enjoyed getting his cock sucked, I also started moaning as Ralph’s tongue made my pussy really wet. Ralph then reached for my nipples and pinched them as he sucked my clit hard making me moan louder. As I opened my mouth to moan, Bojan shoved his cock deep into my throat making me gag and salivate on his cock. I pushed Bojan away so I could get some air, and when he pulled his cock out, he tapped Ralph’s shoulder and said, “Switch!”.

Ralph let go of me then Bojan unmounted and asked me to turn and go on all fours. As I knelt on the bed and followed his command, Ralph moved over to sit in front of me while Bojan sat on the chair by the edge of the bed, so his face was on the same level as my ass and pussy. Ralph combed my hair with his fingers and held them over my head so he could see my face as he pushed my head down his cock. As I devoured Ralph’s cock, I felt Bojan’s tongue brush against my asshole and slide down until it reached my clit, before going back down again. As I started to breathe heavily from the sensation in my crotch, Ralph continued pushing my head down his cock as deep as he could. We went on like this until Ralph said that it was time to fuck me.

Bojan pushed me gently toward Ralph who simultaneously slid underneath me on the bed. Ralph grabbed my tits as Bojan held my hips to guide me towards mounting Ralph’s cock. I sat on Ralph’s cock slowly and when his cock was completely inside my pussy, he held me by my nape and pulled my face near his, then he started kissing me passionately. As Ralph kissed me, I felt Bojan’s finger slide inside my asshole to line it with lube. Once he was done lubing me up, I felt his cock slowly slip inside my gaping ass. Just when he was about to go balls-deep in my ass, Bojan gave me a sudden thrust which made me squirm with pleasure.

The guys’ thrusts were like poetry in motion, perfectly synced from the start, Porno making me moan heavily and loudly as they stuffed my holes. Aside from fucking me deep and hard, they also asserted their dominance over my body with Bojan slapping my ass as he pleases, and Ralph groping and sucking my tits like a maniac. There was also an instance where Bojan pulled my hair to force me to arch my back, and when my tits were bouncing if front of Ralph, he pinched and tweaked them which made me screech as it stung badly. They were not lying when they said they owned me, and honestly, the feeling of getting dominated sent my libido shooting through the ceiling. I was moaning and panting like a bitch in heat as the sensation of getting double penetrated got the best of me.

The guys fucked me with reckless abandon for what seemed like forever, and they didn’t let up even when I begged them to stop as I had multiple explosive orgasms. I was having an out of body experience with the uncontrollable convulsions my orgasms were giving me, and I only got my wits back when I felt warm streams of semen splash against the walls of my anus and my pussy. They guys stopped fucking me right after they came in me, and I just collapsed on top of Ralph. I couldn’t believe that it wasn’t even 7 in the morning and I’ve already had multiple earth-shattering orgasms!

Bojan and Ralph started dressing up to go down for breakfast while I still lay on the bed with cum dripping out of my pussy and asshole. They asked me to come down with them, but I asked them to go ahead as I want to call home also. I cleaned up right after the guys left my room and called home as soon as I confirmed that I no longer have any traces of cum on my body. My husband was pleased that I was able to call because I told him that I would be extremely busy today, and I was also happy that I was able to catch up with him and the girls. When the kids left and he was alone in the room, I flashed him my tits but I was careful not to show my pussy as I was pretty sure they were red and sore from the early morning fuck I got. After our routine catch up, I told my husband that I had to start my day already, and to be ready for some good fucking when I get home.

After ending the call, I started preparing to join the guys for breakfast. I put on my black, spaghetti strap dress and white sneakers, without bothering to wear any bra or thong as I knew the guys will just take it off again immediately when we return to my room after breakfast. When I got to the restaurant, was a bit surprised to see Ally and Bernice with Bojan and Ralph as I thought they would sleep in in the morning. After exchanging greetings, the ladies invited us to join them for the day tour they took which I declined politely, after getting “the look” from the guys because they had other plans with me. The guys also declined as they needed to catch their flight home, Bojan will leave at 10 AM while Bojan will leave at 12 noon.

Ralph and Bojan ate quickly and excused themselves from the group as they needed to pack their stuff, while the girls stayed with me as I took my time eating breakfast. After chatting for a few minutes, the ladies excused themselves also as they needed to go to the pickup point for the tour already. I continued eating and was enjoying my alone time when Bojan and Ralph came back to the restaurant. Apparently, they have both checked out already and have left their luggage at the concierge and were planning to spend the rest of the time they had left in my room fucking me. I knew they were planning this all along and I have to admit I was looking forward to it as well, so I finished my juice and went back to my room with the guys.

As we walked toward my Altyazılı Porno room, Bojan told Ralph that we would make his fantasy come true before he flew back home. I was puzzled since after all the fucking Ralph has given me, I wasn’t sure which fantasy has yet to be fulfilled. When we got to my room, Ralph locked the door behind us while Bojan went to the window and pulled the curtains open.

“It’s showtime!” Bojan said with a wide grin on his face.

“Hell, no! It’s broad daylight!” I protested.

“Well, you really don’t have a say on this, honey!” Bojan responded as he grabbed me by the wrist to pull me towards the window. Before I could say anything else, I already found myself sandwiched between the guys. Ralph quickly pulled the straps of my dress down my shoulder exposing my tits as Bojan pulled his jogger pants down to release his cock. Bojan then grabbed my nape and pushed my face down in front of his cock and asked me to suck him. As I bent over to give Bojan a blow job, Ralph hiked the hem of my dress up to expose my ass and pussy, then he pulled out his cock and slapped my ass with it a few times. Ralph started rubbing his cock against my moist cunt, teasing my clit in the process. As he did this to my pussy, Bojan pulled my hair and asked me to look at the people passing by outside the hotel as thrust his cock inside my mouth.

The teasing did not last long as I felt Ralph’s hard cock penetrate my pussy from behind while I sucked Bojan’s cock. Ralph grabbed my arms and pressed them tightly against my back as he rocked his cock in and out of my pussy vigorously, making my tits swing wildly as they hung beneath me. The guys were spit roasting me in broad daylight and in full view of the people passing by the park beside the hotel. I was pretty sure there were people who saw us as the glass were just lightly tinted, and it just added to the excitement of getting pummeled by 2 cocks.

The guys switch sides after a few minutes, and this time it was Bojan banging me from behind while Ralph got a blow job from me. As Bojan fucked me, he raised my right leg and held it up, giving the passers-by a view of my pussy getting fucked, and my swaying tits. I was still busy pleasuring Ralph with my tongue, but I saw 2 guys at the park pointing towards my hotel room window, so I was 100% sure somebody saw me getting doubled teamed. The fact that we got caught fucking made me even more excited that I began shaking as I reached an orgasm. My moans became louder and soon after I felt heard the guys start to grunt so I knew they were about to cum as well.

After a few more thrusts, both guys pulled their cocks out of me and had me kneel between them while they jacked off their cocks in front of my face. Soon after, both Bojan and Ralph came, one after the other, covering my face with their goo to the enjoyment of the guys watching us from the park. When they were done cumming, they pulled me up to my feet and asked me to stand in front of the window and lick the cum near my mouth. I did as told which merited a standing ovation from my audience. I quickly ran away from the window after this as I was afraid the 2 guys at the park attracted attention and I didn’t want to be in trouble with the police. Bojan drew the curtains together before giving Ralph a high five for “a great show”.

I went to the bathroom to wash their jizz off my face, while Bojan dressed up as his ride to the airport would be arriving soon. After washing my face, I went back to the room still stark naked to say goodbye and safe travels to Bojan. He gave me a hug, and groped my ass in the process, and whispered to my ear how a great fuck I was. I took it as a compliment and told him that Brazzers I enjoyed the week of sex with him. He then shook Ralph’s hand as this may be the last time they saw each other for work, then we lead him to the door as he went to catch his flight. After Ralph closed the door behind us, I asked him what we should do before he left for his flight, and he coyly answered, “We can fuck!”.

I laughed at his response not knowing that he was actually serious. He grabbed me by my hips and led me to the bed where he asked me to lie down before taking his place beside me. He began kissing me on the lips, down to my neck, tits, belly until he ended up between my legs. He started licking and sucking my clit, then he inserted a finger inside my pussy and did a “come hither” motion which immediately hit mg G-spot and made me arch my back and moan heavily. He continued doing this to me and in a matter of seconds, I was shaking as I had another orgasm. He kept pleasuring me as I came, and I was doing my best to push him away so I could catch my breath.

When he finally let go of my pussy, he crawled on top of me and whispered to my ear, “I want you to do something for me.”

“What’s that?”

“I want you to give me a rim job!”

I’ve only done that to my husband, and I wasn’t comfortable doing that to other men, so I told him that I didn’t like doing that. He was gentleman enough not to force me, and instead told me to let him work on my ass then. He put me on all fours and asked me to prop my ass up, then he went on to lick my anus. He started with long, gentle, licks, then shifted to darting his tongue in my asshole. After a while, he got the lube and started preparing my ass for another anal session.

When he was done lubricating my ass, he pushed me down with my belly flat on the bed, then he went on top of me and inserted his cock in my ass slowly. After inserting his huge member in my ass, he started thrusting inside my ass which felt extra tighter as my legs were pressed together, making my ass hug his cock tighter. As I moaned in pleasure, he started kissing my ears and nape, and began whispering how nice and tight my asshole felt. He then pulled me by my hair to lift my head up from the bed, then started talking to me like I was his slut.

“Do you like how I’m fucking your ass?”

“Hmmmm, Uh-huh!”

“Say it louder! Do you like how I’m fucking your ass?”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, I like how you’re fucking my ass!”

“Good! Whose cock is bigger, mine or your husband’s?”


“Whose cock is bigger??” He asked in a louder tone as he tugged my hair back and thrust his cock harder in my ass.

“Yours….uhhmmmmm….your cock is bigger.”

“Hell yeah, I know! I will stretch your ass so wide he won’t feel a thing next time he fucks you in the ass!”

With that, he began fucking me even harder that I started screaming wildly as he abused my ass. He continued talking dirty to me, calling me his up-the-butt slut, while he pummeled my ass with his cock. He never let up his pace and fucked me crazy until he started to tense up and eventually shot his load inside my ass. As he pulled his cock out, he asked me to prop up my ass so he could admire how much he spread my asshole open. He then asked me to squeeze his cum out of my ass and he enjoyed watching me give him and ass creampie.

When he was done enjoying how he wrecked my ass, he helped me up to my feet and joined me in the bathroom to clean up ourselves. He hugged me as we showered together and told me how much he loved fucking me, and that I was a good sport despite him talking dirty to me. I told him that it actually turned me on, and that I hoped that I gave him a good farewell present. He hugged me tighter, and we made out a few more minutes inside the shower before he had to dry up and leave for the airport. After he finished dressing up, I led him out the door, then I went back to the bed to rest and massage my sore ass and pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32