Business Class Pt. 01

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Big Ass

Maggie is one of those corporate executives that everyone loves. She’s smart, personable and works just as hard as her employee’s. Clients love working with her because she makes them feel like they are her prime focus, employee’s love her because she listens to them and men love her because she is sexy as hell.

At 5’3, she is absolutely stunning in an adorable hometown girl kind of way. She sports a short blonde pixie cut that goes perfectly with her bright green eyes She has full pink lips that frame a a smile that shines brighter than Times Square at night. Maggie is certainly a force to be reckoned with because although she is petite in stature, she is mighty in charisma and personality. She is an avid runner and it shows. Her body is hard and athletic, tight and firm. For years she struggled with the size of her breasts. She always thought they were too small so, a few years ago she invested in a new set of tits. Now, they are big, round and exactly the way she likes them. At first, she was concerned that she would lose sensitivity in her nipples, because although her natural breasts were small, she always got a lot of pleasure from her nipples. She went to the best plastic surgeon in Manhattan who was able to retain all sensitivity. Now she has the best of both worlds – beautiful big boobs with long, sensitive nipples. Nirvana!

Maggie travels all over the world, meeting with clients to ensure customer satisfaction. She strategizes on product expansion and tries to maximize profitability by bringing in more product lines for new and existing clients. Quite a tall order.

All of these responsibilities don’t leave much time for herself. Although she exercises regularly, and stays in touch with her friends and family as often as she can, it doesn’t leave much time for dating. There are times that she gets lonely and would love to go to dinner and movie with someone – have good conversation that don’t involve product or analytics and spend time getting to know someone on a personal level. Other times, she’s horney as hell and just wants to get laid.

Today is one of those days.

It’s 5 AM and she’s headed to JFK to catch an early morning flight to Japan to meet with clients. She has a layover in San Francisco for a few hours – which will be a nice break, but she has a few very long and stressful days ahead of her. Sitting in the back of her hired transport, she’s going through emails on her cell thinking about how great it would be to fuck her way through the stress. It had been months since she’d seen Sam, a friend with benefits who antalya escort lives in her building. He had recently met someone and decided to move into a platonic relationship with her. That was unfortunate because he was a convenient, no strings attached, non-emotional, fantastic lay. Since Sam, she’d been too busy with work and with life to go out and meet anyone else.

She sighed as she thought about her last time with Sam. The thought made her pussy wet and tingly. Her nipples got hard and she could feel them poking out of her blouse. She needed to get laid soon. Knowing that the driver wasn’t paying any attention to her, she slipper her hand into her jacket and brushed it gently over her blouse. The feel of her touch over the fabric made her nipples ache and actually throb. She took her fingers and pinched her nipple gently and then pulled it. The sensation made her entire body feel like it was on fire and she could feel the wetness between her legs get her panties wet. Given her response and current location, she thought it best to hold off any further ministrations – and she pulled her hand away and tried to compose herself before she reached the airport.

The airport security and check in process is always tedious but once on board the aircraft, she settled into in first class, with a mimosa and some warm nuts and felt relaxed enough to close her eyes. She dozed off briefly.

“Excuse me?”

She was dreaming of riding a camel in the desert when she heard the camel speak. Disoriented, she didn’t understand why the camel would be speaking to her in the first place. Then she realized that she was on a plane and opened her eyes. When she did, she saw a striking man standing in front of her. He was tall with short black hair and blue eyes. He had a goatee and a beautiful smile. He was wearing a shirt and tie and for a moment she thought he worked for the airline.

“Hi, I’m good, thanks!” She smiled.

“Actually, I’m sitting next to you and I’d prefer not to climb over you to get to my seat,” he smiled “unless you’re good with that?”

She must have turned a deep shade of pink before she stood up and said “Oh, I do apologize. I dozed off and was a little disoriented when you spoke to me”

Moving to his seat, he chuckled as he responded by saying ‘no problem, I got that impression when I saw a bit of drool on the side of your mouth.” A look of utter mortification came over her as she touched her right hand to the corner of both lips and realized that he was teasing her. She sat back down, buckled in and relaxed. lara escort

“I see you like to tease,” she smiled.

“I do actually, you’re perceptive.” He reached his hand out to her and introduced himself. “I’m Jason Nash, good to meet you!”

“Maggie Sutton, so nice to meet you, Jay!” She took his hand and shook it briefly – feeling a tinge of electricity when their skin touched.

He clearly felt it too because he had a perplexed look on his face and then asked her “Do you feel that Maggie?” He asked.

“Yes, I do,” she responded softly and left it at that.

As the flight prepared for takeoff, they talked about their trips. He was headed to China, she was headed to Japan, both clearly going through San Francisco. Both with an overnight layover. As the flight continued, they engaged in great conversation where they got to know each other fairly well he lived in NYC too and was an attorney with one of the largest advertising firms in the country. She also lived in the city and was the senior vice president of for one of the largest manufacturers of women’s accessories in the world.

The conversation and mimosas flowed freely and Maggie found herself intrigued by him. Not only was he beautiful, but he was smart, successful and sexy. She enjoyed watching his mouth as he spoke. Thinking about what it would be like to kiss his lips or feel his goatee brush against her most sensitive parts. Unbeknownst her her, she stuck out her tongue and was licking her bottom lip as he was telling her about a recent acquisition.

He smiled and leaned in to whisper in her ear. She turned her head to accommodate:

“Maggie, you’re sexy as fuck and you’re making me lose my focus with that tongue of yours.” She turned her head to respond and as her lips aligned with his, he moved closer and kissed her.

This was the kiss of a man who knew what he wanted and took it. A strong, powerful, controlling man and the thought turned her on so much that she relaxed and kissed him back. His hand went to the nape of her neck and pulled her closer to him so he could taste her mouth and her lips more deeply. The sensation made her head spin and her body ache. She was so hot for this man she thought she would explode.

She felt her nipples stiffen through her blouse and her pussy soak her panties. Her hands went to his shoulders and chest caressing him gently. She pulled her thoughts together briefly and remembered where they were – on a plane. It was early morning though and not a full flight. Could they actually manavgat escort get away with it?

“I want you” she whispered against his lips

“I want you too, but not here, it’s too risky,” he responded, kissing her with an intensity that jumbled her thoughts.

He rang the call button and asked the stewardess for a few blankets noting that it was chilly. Once they were brought, he unwrapped them and covered Maggie with one and himself with the other.

“We can’t fuck right now, but we can certainly do other things” he whispered as he kissed her and started to unbutton her blouse. She moaned against his lips as she felt his hand brush against her cleavage, over the lace of her bra and gently over her stiff left nipple. When his fingers found their way inside of her bra, against her bare skin she moaned gently with pleasure in anticipation of his touch on her nipples.

He kissed her deeply and whispered “I want to suck on your nipples, pull each into my mouth and feel them between my lips, but for now, this will have to do.” At that moment, he brushed his fingers gently over each of her nipples feeling them pucker and stiffen, reaching out to him for more. Her breath quickened and he slipped the straps of her bra lower so he could gain better access to her beautiful tits.

Peeking under the blanket, he whispered to her “Maggie, you are beautiful, you have the most gorgeous breasts – I am such a breast man – I can’t wait to get you naked, tease you and play with them for hours,” Maggie smiled and reached down between his legs to touch his hardness.

He was big. And hard. And throbbing. All she could think about about as she touched his cock over his pants was how badly she wanted it inside of her. She wanted to see it, touch it, lick it, tease it. She found this man so sexy and enthralling that she wanted to take him to heights of pleasure that he’s never been to before. She wanted to please him.

As she unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, stroking him and caressing his harness, he continued to touch and tease her tits and nipples with his fingers and hands. Pulling and pinching softly, then twisting them gently. One hand on her breast, the other between her leg, gently stroking her clit over her pants, he could easily feel her heat and her wetness through the fabric. This made his cock throb hard. They were both in the height of passion and close to cumming when the announcement came that they needed to prepare for landing.

Kissing softly, they reluctantly composed themselves and buttoning up.

“Our fights aren’t until later tonight,” he whispered in her ear, that gives us plenty of time – and I have an idea. Are you up for an adventure? He flashed a big, beautiful smile.

“I’m always up for an adventure, Jay” she smiled back wondering what he had in mind.

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