Bus Stop Bus Go

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Here she comes again, right on time, Joe thought. Every night he took the same late bus, and every night the woman got on at the same stop and sat one seat closer to him. He hadn’t noticed her the first week, but once she got to the middle of the bus, he did. And then once she got in the open space at the back where he sat, he saw her very well because she flashed him. She wore a camel coat four sizes too big for her, and nothing underneath, and she’d sit across from him, push her coat aside, and open her legs to show him her pussy, naked but for brown hair. And she’d put her feet up on the bus bench, too, so he had a very good view. She wasn’t a beautiful woman, but she wasn’t bad. Her pussy would do him very nicely, he thought. It certainly made him hard as a rock when she showed it to him. In fact, he’d start getting hard a few stops before her stop.

But she wasn’t inviting him to come to her. He’d tried that the first time she’d showed it to him. Any body would have thought she wanted to fuck. “Here’s my pussy, come fuck me,” right? But as soon as he moved toward her she’d stood up, rung the bell, and got off at the next stop, and the next night she was back at the same seat; she didn’t advance a seat as she usually did. He got the message loud and clear. Stay put or it would take longer. Same thing happened if he sat in a different seat. If he wasn’t in his regular seat, she wouldn’t even sit down, she’d just get on and get off without even paying the fare, and the next night she wouldn’t move closer. He didn’t know if there were other rules, those were the only two he’d broken, and he’d only done it once each. He wanted her to get to him. He had to know what would happen.

He knew what happened when he got home. When he got home, he’d fumble with his house keys, drop everything when he got in the door, yank his pants down, and jerk himself off. He’d even bought a box of Kleenex to have in the entryway. After eating something he’d sit on the couch and fondle aydınlı escort himself while he watched TV, then he’d stop in the bathroom for some toilet paper on his way to bed, save half for morning, jerk off before he went to sleep, and again before he got up.

At first he jerked off just thinking of her flashing her pussy on the bus. After awhile he jerked off thinking what he’d do with her pussy when it was sitting next to him. He saw himself putting his face in it, licking and sucking and nibbling. He imagined his cock in it, hard as he’d ever seen it from the waiting. He didn’t know how he’d do these things on a public bus, so he imagined she would lead him somewhere. They’d get off the bus and go to a room. He’d pay for the room if she didn’t want to. And once they were inside, the instant they were in the door, he’d put his hand on her cunt, he’d slide his fingers into it, he’d rub the clit and she’d moan and get wet and he’d slide his rock-hard cock into it and all those days of waiting would stream out of him and into her and he would come come come.

He’d find out tonight what happens. Tonight she would sit next to him. And there she was, right on time. He was hard. He was ready. The woman came up the steps as she always did, but instead of paying her fare and sitting down, this time she stopped to talk to the driver, who did some strange things. He turned on the “Out of Service” sign, turned out the lights inside the bus, got out, and closed the doors. Then she walked back toward Joe. She opened her flasher coat, and, as usual, she was naked beneath it. She pulled it back so he could see her. Her breasts were average, all of her was average, just an average girl you might notice, you might not, except here was her pussy walking toward him almost eye level. She stopped six feet in front of him.

He had no idea what she wanted. He was afraid if he reached for her, he’d break a rule, but after a minute, he just had bağdat caddesi escort to. He could just touch it if he leaned and stretched his arm out. He put his fingertips on it and stroked. She took a step forward. Looks like that’s ok, he thought. Now he could reach more. He could reach about halfway to her vagina, couldn’t get to the hole yet, still leaning out as far as he could, so he fingered her labia and gently rubbed her clit. That had an effect. She began moving her pelvis against his hand. She stepped forward. Now he could use his whole hand and get his fingers in her. If he did everything right, pretty soon he could reach her with his tongue. His mouth was watering. He worked his fingers in and out of her. She liked it. She was rocking with it. The more aroused she became, the closer she came.

Soon her pussy was close enough that he could lick the front of it. He licked her clit and the bit of labia his tongue could reach. Must have been good, she stepped forward. Now he put his whole face on her and he licked her vulva stem to stern, stopping to flick her clit with each lap. She tasted good. She was very wet. And here came the payoff for his patience. It was gonna get as good as he’d hoped. She was ready. She straddled him on the bus bench on her knees as he scrambled to get his fully engorged cock out of his pants. She lowered herself onto him and he moaned as she slid over him. She moaned, too. It was the first sound he’d heard her make. He rose to her and she fell to him with each stroke. The view he had of what was happening in his lap made him think of all the times she’d shown it to him, all the longing for her and the fantasies in bed. He put a finger on her clit and rubbed gently trying to stay with her as she slid up and down on his month-long erection.

He was five seconds from coming when she pulled off him. “No! Please!” he cried. She put a finger to her lips, then she got on all fours on the bahçelievler escort floor of the bus. He flung her coat away from her ass, fell to his knees, took his cock in hand, found her vagina, and thrust inside her. He began to really pump now. He was all in and far gone. If the driver had started boarding passengers, Joe couldn’t have stopped fucking. She seemed strong enough to take his weight, so he lay on her back, held a breast in one hand and worked her clit with the other. When she sounded close to coming, he let himself get closer, and when she let go, so did he.

He fairly bellowed as he came, arched his back, grabbed for the bus bench behind him, and pushed his hips against her and all of him into her as far as he could go as his cock spasmed and spit. And then, right in the middle of it, in the middle of his enormous climax, she slid off him, turned, pushed him back in his seat and quickly put him in her mouth and sucked him. “Oh! Oh! Oh!” said Joe, helpless. She finished herself off with her hand and gurgled and moaned while she sucked and swallowed all of the jism that Joe could pump, a long climax borne of a long wait, and then she licked him as his cock convulsed gently and emitted a few last squirts; he watched, unmoving, slumped in his seat as she licked and licked, her tongue flicking around the head, the hole at the tip, anywhere there might be his come or her juice, until he was clean as a whistle and nearly flaccid, at which point she stood, buttoned her coat, and went out the front of the bus.

Joe sat stunned, his mouth hanging open, his pants around his ankles, his dick flopped over. He came out of his daze when the driver boarded a minute later and he had to quickly jump up, pull his pants on and get himself back together. The lights flickered, the driver turned off the “out-of-service” sign, and the bus pulled away from the curb on its way to the next stop. Joe ran his fingers through his hair, straightened his tie, and made sure he still had his wallet.

The next night Joe got on, same as usual, and looked at the driver when he paid his fare, but the man wouldn’t look at him, so he boarded and sat in his usual place. At her stop, there she was. She paid the fare and sat in the front seat right behind the driver.

Thirty nine days to go.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32