Burned Ch. 11

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This is the complete version of Chapter 11. It replaces a mistakenly submitted rough draft of general ideas for this chapter. Hopefully everyone enjoys this version more than the uncompleted version originally posted.



I crumpled to my side and watched Mom’s breasts slowly press into the welcoming softness of the bed as her body languidly stretched out beside me. She turned her head towards me and smiled.

“That was quite a dream Chris,” she said as she took my still somewhat erect cock in her hand. “Mm, I’m so relaxed and sleepy,” she whispered as her eyelids drooped and closed. Within moments her breathing was soft and regular. She was asleep.

Little twitches of her fingers squeezed lightly against the circumference of my shaft as she slumbered. The sensation of her grip was a reminder of what I had nearly done. I shivered in reaction to the intense post-orgasmic sensitivity of my glans as it pulled across the little bumps of her encircling fingers. My cock slipped free of her hand. I took her cellphone, carefully rolled from the bed and quietly padded out of her bedroom.

The video file took only minutes to airdrop to both my cellphone and laptop. As soon as the transfer was complete I deleted the video I had covertly made of my mother and myself from her phone. Her little video, of Leah and me, I left intact. I returned to the master suite and replaced the phone by her side.

I regarded my mother’s naked body as she slept. Her bum was covered with the drying issue of my ejaculation. Wet streaks of moisture disappeared into the crack between her ass cheeks. Pearlescent globs of my sperm clung to the prominent lips of her pussy. My cock stirred as I thought of how close I had come to pushing deep inside my mother’s body. I had resisted the forbidden carnal urges. I had only run my cock through the groove formed by the plump folds of her labia. My hips involuntarily humped forward at the still fresh memory of being enveloped by the warmth of her soft wet pussy lips.

The conflicting fiction of my dreams had invaded reality. My internal dissonance churned in what was left of my crumbling pathetic morality. I wanted to take her. I wanted to feel the glove of her vagina around my shaft. I craved to fulfill the awakened subliminal urges of my dreams, but knew that I should not fuck my mother.

Sexually explicit dreams of my mother had plagued me since puberty. I think it is not uncommon for guys to have them. But mine have continued to occur. In retrospect, I suspect Mom is somewhat culpable in that I’ve been exposed to her nude sunbathing for years. I think she knew and enjoyed that I watched. I think she knew I masturbated too. I masturbated a lot. I dreamed a lot.

These erotic dreams have always provoked emotions of intense desire laced with anxiety. Seeing your mother naked is one thing, but touching her boobs, sticking your cock between her legs and fucking her is quite another, even when only in a dream.

I always experience a simultaneously running duel role in these erotic dreams of my mother, a separate observer-self and a dream-self. The observer-self monitors what dream-self is doing. Observer-self watches with growing horror as dream-self sets about fucking Mom with lusty intent and without a hint of guilt or remorse.

“Don’t do this,” observer-self commands impotently. Dream-self is totally oblivious to observer-self. Dream-self is always intent on the building tension and imminent explosion of an orgasm as he prepares to fuck dream-mom’s pussy.

Sometimes dream-self prematurely ejaculates before actual penetration and remains asleep with a totally irrational feeling of humiliation laced with both disappointment and guilt. Observer-self views this with ambivalent relief and we remain asleep. We didn’t fuck Mom.

Sometimes dream-self slowly explores dream-mom’s body, fondling her breasts and toying with the folds of her pussy. In this slower version of the dream, observer-self experiences growing unease and intensifying feelings of guilt as dream-mom brings him close to orgasm with her hand. The nightmarish quality snaps them awake to leave awake-self in a cold sweat. No orgasm. We didn’t fuck Mom.

Sometimes dream-self rushes rapidly towards full penetration of dream-moms pussy with an imminent anticipated orgasm about to explode. The tip of his cock feels the initial enveloping caress of her pussy as he begins to enter her opening; the sensation is overwhelmingly intense. Panic. Observer-self’s horror jerks dream-self away prior to full insertion. We are always past the point of no return. Dream-self fights to stay in the dream. Failure. Observer-self always overcomes and leaves awake-self dealing with the mess of an always less than satisfactory orgasm. We didn’t fuck Mom.

I was still beset by a wall of guilt. But the wall had some serious cracks and was obviously crumbling with my real world inappropriate interactions with Mom.

I was still conflicted to say the least.

I Gümüşhane Escort needed to talk to someone. I thought of Joe. He had on occasions participated with me in clandestinely watching my mom sunbathe in the nude. He has had a crush on Mom ever since I can remember. He always gushed about how sexy my Mom is. I know he must have masturbated thinking of her too. Gay? I never had any reason to suspect.

I went out back and called Joe.

“Hi Chris. I was wondering when I’d hear from you again. Still angry with me?” asked Joe.

“No. Just very confused and not sure what to say.”


“Yeah. How in the hell did I…, um…, not know…, uh…, you’re gay?” I asked awkwardly.

“Because I’m not.”

Surprised and somewhat irritated I asked, “Then why did Leah say you’re gay?”

“It all started with the misunderstanding that day in our pool. That thing with Missy and you, and then with Leah and I, it got blown way out of proportion in her head.”

“The kissing thing?”

“Yes. It was a silly misunderstanding on Leah’s part. It became very clear when she asked me to go shopping the next day. She kissed me to get back at you for kissing Missy. She was obviously jealous of Missy.”

“Yeah, yeah, Leah and I talked about that. I get it. But what has that got to do with you being gay?”



“We ran into Joel at the mall. To make a long story short, it came out that I was dating Joel”

“I’m confused. That sounds like you’re gay.”

“Bi,” Joe simply replied.

I was nonplussed. I’m not speechless very often, but I was speechless.

“I have a complex sex life,” Joe interjected into my silence.

“No shit!” I exclaimed. “So Leah doesn’t know that you’re not gay?”

“No. I haven’t seen or talked to her since. You’ve kept her all to yourself. Are you guys good?”

I took a deep breath and replied, “Yes. We talked it out. We’re good.”

“I like that girl a lot,” said Joe, “She’s very cool. Tell her hi and give her a big hug for me.”

“I will when she gets back.”

“Back? Where is she?”

“California with her parents. She’ll be back in a couple of weeks.”

“You must be bummed,” Joe said sympathetically.

“Yes. I do miss her. Joe?”


“So Missy knows about Leah and me too?”

“Duh, yes. It was obvious within minutes.”

“I guess we didn’t hide it too well from anybody.”

“Who else knows?” asked Joe.


“No kidding. How’s that going? Fucking shit must have hit the proverbial fan!”

“That’s why I called. My life is getting complicated. I need someone to talk to.”

“Listen, why don’t you buzz over here? We can have a couple of beers and you can fill me in?”

“Ok. Sounds good. I’ll be right over. Thanks Joe.”

I left a note on the kitchen counter to let Mom know where I would be and not to wait up.

A few minutes later Joe greeted me with a hug saying, “Good to see you man. Lets grab a beer and go out by the pool.”

I followed him out to the back deck. The pool sweep was lazily snaking through the blue water. I looked over and noticed Missy was asleep in the hammock under the gazebo.

“Don’t mind her. She tied one on last night and is still a bit hung over,” Joe said with a chuckle.

We sat in a couple of recliners that were in the shade of the gazebo and sipped our beers.

“Ok my friend, what’s happening that has you so conflicted?”


“Yeah, I figured as much. How is she taking your incestuous relationship?” he bluntly asked.

“That’s just it, she’s taking it all too well,” I said ignoring Joe’s not so subtle jibe.

It was Joe’s turn to be speechless. I don’t think I had ever known Joe to be speechless.

“Your mom knows you and Leah are getting it on?” Missy asked incredulously.

Our heads snapped around to see Missy looking my way very attentively. Missy never has a problem with being speechless.

I felt my face blush as I quietly said, “This is really embarrassing.”

“Come on Chris,” Missy ignored my obvious discomfort and said, “out with it.”

“Well, despite being what we thought was careful, Mom figured out pretty much from the beginning that we were messing around.”

“And she didn’t get upset and put a stop it?” Missy asked even more incredulously.

“No.” I hesitated.

“Man, I can tell this is going to be rich,” Joe said with a friendly laugh.

“You have no idea,” I said under my breath.

“Don’t leave us hanging,” Missy said as she got out of the hammock and walked to Joe’s recliner. She nudged him and Joe shifted over creating room for her to sit in front of him facing me.

I looked at the pool sweep again as it continued its meanderings through the still water. Looking at the pool triggered a rush of memories to flood back. I described how Mom had applied sunscreen to the white skin of Leah’s breasts and how Leah had assumed it was my hands that gently applied the lotion. Missy’s face flushed Gümüşhane Escort Bayan as I described how Mom had lightly traced a circle around each of Leah’s nipples. The blush rapidly spread down her throat and across the exposed upper portions of her breasts. I realized Missy aroused.

Missy took a deep breath and whispered, “No way.”

“Way,” I lamely said.

“And she knew you were watching her touch Leah’s breasts?” Missy asked as her blush darkened from pink to deep red.

I nodded yes.

Joe’s hand absently rubbed Missy’s back as he asked, “Is there more?”

I didn’t know how to relate the rest. How could I talk about Mom and our sessions of mutual masturbation much less describe what transpired earlier today. It was just too much.

Joe’s cell phone rang. He looked at the screen and stood up. A very large obvious bulge in Joe’s shorts drew my eyes to his crotch. Missy glanced where I glanced. She very nonchalantly and with easy familiarity reached over and straightened what must have been an uncomfortable fold in Joe’s cock.

“Missy!” I exclaimed.

“Oh, sorry,” she said with mild embarrassment as she withdrew her hand.

“Like I said, complex.” Joe cryptically interjected with a hangdog smile on his face. “I have to take this call. Don’t say or do anything until I get back,” he ordered as he walked away.

I looked back and forth at each of them. “You guys…?” I left the question hanging.

A coy smile played across her face.

It dawned on me that both of my friend’s moral compasses might possibly be somewhat compromised.

Now my cock was beginning to bulge. I pulled off my shirt and emptied my pockets onto the adjacent table. I quickly stood and turned hoping my erection would go unnoticed. I dove into the pool to gather my thoughts. “Why was I getting an erection?” I wondered as at the same time I imagined them fucking. “Stop it,” I uselessly ordered my fertile imagination and continued to swim.

After several laps, with crossed arms I supported my upper body on the edge of the pool. Joe had come back outside and was sitting next to Missy. She was showing him something on her cellphone. With sudden realization I looked at the table where I had dropped the contents of my pocket. No cellphone. With shock I realized she was holding my phone.

“Missy, goddam it!” I exclaimed.

“No!” I exclaimed again as I pushed myself up and out of the pool.

They both looked up with amused expressions. “Wow,” said Joe, “this is hot.”

“Yeah,” agreed Missy, “But I can hardly see it on this little screen. I think we should go inside.”

“Come on you guys, don’t,” I pleaded as I reached for my phone.

Missy snatched it away from my outstretched hand.

“Don’t come inside with those wet shorts on,” Missy threw over her shoulder as she and Joe marched inside.

I quickly peeled off my shorts, grabbed a towel and ran to the door. I could hear Joe and Missy’s animated voices drifting from the family room as I cinched the towel around my waste.

“I know there’s one in there somewhere,” I heard Missy say to Joe as I approached the door.

“Here it is. What a fucking tangled mess,” he complained. “Ok Missy, it’s plugged in.”

I walked in as the TV came on with a ‘No Signal’ message across the screen.

“Goddam it,” Missy complained as she continued to push buttons. “Which input did you plug it into?”

“HDMI 4.”

Missy pushed one more button and the video came to life on the huge TV. Mom’s tits hung down between her arms and her naked ass loomed large with her pussy fully exposed on the monstrous 80″ screen.

“Wow, look at the size of her clit!” Joe exclaimed in awe. “And look at those pussy lips. Amazing.”

“Joe, Missy! You guys, turn it off!” I implored.

Missy sat next to Joe. Joe looped his arm over Missy’s shoulder with a spontaneous and very casual motion. She didn’t react as his hand slipped under the edge of her bikini top and intimately fondled her breast.

“Oh my god you guys. What the fuck?”

Joe glanced briefly at me and then said as his eyes went back to the screen. “Like I said, a I have a complex sex life.”

“You and Missy?”

“Yes,” Missy answered. “It’s one of the reasons we recognized the signs of your and Leah’s incestuous infatuation so quickly.

“Oh my Chris. Um, such a nice cock,” she cooed with approval as the head of my cock suddenly appeared and pushed into Mom’s moist pussy lips.

Missy stood and quickly stripped off her bikini. Her tan lines starkly demarcated the whiteness of her large breasts and the whiteness of her smooth ass. She positioned her self on her hands and knees with her naked ass pointed at Joe.

“Missy, what the f…?

“Shh,” she cut me off.

I realized she was mimicking Mom’s actions on the TV.

Joe smiled a broad smile of understanding, stood and stripped off his clothes as well. He knelt behind his sister and promptly split her pussy lips with the tip of his stiff erection.

“Jesus Escort Gümüşhane H Christ,” I said in shocked disbelief with my erection looking like a tent pole under the towel.

My mother’s voice from the video intoned, “Oh god Chris, I feel your penis. You’re going to make me cum!”

Missy’s body rocked back and forth, her tits swayed and jiggled below her chest as Joe traced the line of her pussy’s lips with the head of his cock.

Missy chuckled and repeated sotto voice, “Oh god Joe, I feel your penis. You’re going to make me cum.”

As I stood there and continued to watch Missy and Joe, I realized my moral compass was in no better shape than those of my two friends. Perversely, I enjoyed watching my naked friends. I was turned on watching them watch me. “You’re a fucking pervert,” the silent self-accusation drifted through the back of my befuddled mind.

“Oh fuck this feels good,” Joe grunted as his fat purple cock head poked up between his sister’s ass cheeks. He groaned as globs of cum erupted out of his cock, arced across, and splattered onto Missy’s ass and back. Cum continued to ooze out of his dick and pool in a little puddle formed by his shaft and the crack between her ass cheeks.

Joe looked at me and sheepishly smiled as he said, “Chris, the box of tissues please.”

Joe took the tissues and wiped the wet mess from his sister’s back while he said with an even larger grin, “Wow. How did you not do it?”

“What?” I asked perplexed.

Joe pulled his cock away from Missy’s ass and trapped the pooled cum with a handful of white tissues and said, “Not plow your cock inside Jean’s beautiful pussy. I could barely resist entering Missy’s tight little hole while watching your cock slide around in Jean’s gorgeous pussy lips.”

“Joe, Jesus…,” I muttered unable to coherently form thoughts. Missy remained on her knees with her large breasts swaying between her arms as Joe finished wiping away the mess of his ejaculation. “She’s my Mom,” I whispered.

“Yeah, shades of gray man, shades of gray,” he said as he stepped away.

“What…?” I began but stopped when I felt Missy’s fingers take hold of my dick.


She let go of my cock, grabbed my towel and pulled as she lay down on the couch. The towel dragged slowly, hooked on my erection and then suddenly dropped to the floor.

“Oh my,” Missy said with a tone of approval. “Is that for me?” she added as she spread her knees.

“Missy. I can’t. You’re like a sis…,” I paused when the irony of the situation abruptly dawned on me.

Missy rhetorically quipped, “What, pussy got your tongue?”

I chuckled in response to her sly little pun and stated mostly to myself, “Nope. No moral compass at all.”

Missy reached out and firmly regripped my cock. My little one eyed head had taken control. I let her pull me down and I settled snugly in the warm saddle of her legs. She put her hands on my face and guided me to a kiss. Her lips softly pressed against mine as her tongue probed my mouth. I tasted peppermint.

She came up for air and whispered into my ear. I’ve loved you since the first time Joe brought you home. She reached between our bodies and guided my cock to her wet and very ready sex.

I slid easily inside the tight caress of her vagina. Slowly I pushed my way deeper into the enveloping warmth of her pussy’s walls.

She held me there as she ground her pelvis against mine and asked, “I haven’t cum yet, do you mind…?”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Let me get on top.”

“Ok,” I said as I continued to thrust in and out of her wet pussy.

“Anytime soon?” she asked with urgency in her tone.

My cock withdrew from her pussy’s warm wet embrace as we changed positions on the couch. I felt Missy’s residual warmth as I reclined against the cushion.

Missy straddled me, guided me to her opening and impaled herself on my cock. She leaned and dangled her breasts over my waiting mouth. I licked and sucked each nipple in turn to her obvious delight. She wiggled her hips in small humping motions that teased my cock in a most glorious way. She sat up, reached between her legs and masturbated her clit as she began to more vigorously hump my dick.

I groaned as her rhythm increased with her obvious excitement. Her pussy began to clench and contract on my shaft. I resisted the almost reflexive urge to thrust and hump back. She repeatedly impaled herself on my rock hard shaft as her breathing quickened and became a long moan as she orgasmed.

“Oh fuck Missy,” I screamed as my cock spasmed with pleasure as I thrust myself into her now motionless pussy. Contraction after contraction pumped my cum into her pussy and released my built up tension.

Missy’s large soft breasts pressed against me as she slowly sank down onto my chest.

“I’ve wanted to do this forever Chris. I love you,” she whispered softly into my ear as the ring of my phone intruded into our post-coital bliss.

I looked toward the sound of the ring and was startled by what I saw. Joe was standing there with his phone. By his posture and stance it was obvious Missy and I were the subjects in another video.

“Joe!” I exclaimed.

He reached over and picked up my still ringing phone. He turned, looked at us with a quizzical expression and said, “It’s Leah.”

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