Burgers , Fries

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The minute I met him I knew he was someone special, the man who I should wake up next to every day, who should infiltrate my dreams and fantasies, and be the one to excite my body as I had always felt it deserved. However, the platinum band on my left hand reminded me of the fact that I already had someone to wake up to each day. But the day I met Ryan, oh I’ll never forget.

I was sitting on a park bench outside the mall, sneakily devouring the burger, fries and milkshake that would ruin my “healthy lifestyle.” My husband, Edward, and I had a daily routine that was very organized, very regimented, and very safe. Plenty of exercise, healthy food, intellectual discussion and boring sex; that was marriage to Edward. Once a week, on Thursdays, I had a date with myself to do something that broke my strict diet and the tedium that was my life. Little did I know that today a cheeseburger and fries were not the only things that would shake the boredom from me.

I almost missed him. I was sitting, poking the last bites of my burger into my mouth and digging into the container to find the last crumbles of fries I could reach. I looked around and sensing that the coast was clear reached to lick the last bit of grease from my fingers.

He walked up to the bench and asked, “Mind if I sit down?” I looked up at him, my pointer finger still within my lips.

“Not at all,” I replied feeling embarrassed at my ravenous appearance upon first sight.

Ryan was not the male model type of guy but for some reason I couldn’t get the thought of his piercing gray eyes, his plump kissable lips, or his knowing, intelligent smile out of my mind.

He was that kind of guy who could run his fingers through his wavy dark hair in a way that made you feel like you were in a movie and that all of the sudden his voice was on mute and your eyes focused on his hand moving in slow motion through his hair.

I sat on the bench wanting to turn to look at him again, to say something but I couldn’t so I pulled out my Cosmo and began to read. I had no real reason to stay there, but for some reason I found myself glued to the bench.

“Any good sex tips in there?” he broke the silence and I almost swallowed my tongue.

“Be cool.” I thought while trying desperately to come up with something fabulous to say. What came out was, “I don’t know.” Feeling sure I had blown it, I turned back to the article I’d been reading.

“So, can’t a guy ask a girl about sex tips? It’s 2004 you know.” he said as my heart danced and I began to tingle in areas I didn’t know were still intact.

“Well, of course you can. What would you like to know?”

“I’d like to know how a beautiful woman like you is sitting here all alone on a day like today?” his charm pulling me in.

“It’s just a line,” I thought. At the same time I wondered if he could sense the nervousness in my stomach and the aching between my legs. But as we talked I recognized in him all the characteristics I had been hoping he wouldn’t have, a great sense of humor, intelligence and a bit of sarcasm.

“Damn,” I pondered this wonder sitting in front of me, “I was hoping he’d just be another jerk I could blow off without thought.” Not today, and definitely not Ryan.

After nearly 45 Konya Escort minutes of conversation I was hooked. But I knew that soon I would have to leave him to head home to join my life, the one that would tick right along whether I joined in or not.

Then Ryan interrupted my thoughts. “Hey, do you like music?”

“Of course,” I responded.

“Well, right here in this bag I have the new CD by Maroon 5. I was going to head to my car to check it out. Want to come along? We could listen together.”

Every part of me told me that it was the wrong thing to do. But for some reason I trusted him, and I wanted to hear the CD. Most of all I wanted to be alone with him. I wasn’t sure if he was feeling the same electricity as me but he was sending me a friendly vibe. “It’s a great new friend at the very least,” I thought before quickly taking him up on his offer. “I’m Christy by the way.”

“Ryan here.”

“Nice to meet you Ryan.”

As my hand stretched out toward my shopping bags, he reached at the same time. He was a gentleman and as he offered to carry my bags, his hand brushed mine sending a tremble through my arm that seemed to be attached to the nerves between my legs. I sensed myself getting excited. As I walked I could feel the wetness develop in my pussy more with each step. I wondered if he could sense my raw desire and curiosity.

We headed toward his car, and I strained to cover my surprise as he pressed the keyless entry on his Mercedes M-class SUV. He opened my door and helped me up onto the seat. As he walked around the front of the car, I studied his stunning profile, his hands awkwardly sliding through the top of his hair again. I sensed he was nervous.

“So, a little music?” he asked flirtatiously and slipped the CD into the player.

“That’s what we’re here for, right?” I said feeling more daring by the second.

“I don’t know, you’ll have to tell me,” he said. I managed to hear him despite my inclination to get lost in his eyes. Before I knew I had done it, my hand had slipped onto his leg, not his knee, his thigh. I could feel my fingers mere inches from what, in my mind, promised to be the key to sheer ecstasy.

Ryan looked down at my hand and then looked to me. “I know you are married Christy and I wouldn’t want you to do anything that you would regret. I don’t want to feel that I’ve pressured you.”

All of the pent up sexual frustration was sitting in my throat and weighing on my mind. I knew it was the “wrong” thing to do but I had to know. I had to know what it felt like to have him touch me, to touch him, to please him and if my gamble was right, to know what it felt like to cry out in pleasure again.

“Ryan, I’m a big girl. I know what’s happening here. I have no expectations and neither should you.”

“Understo–,” he managed to get out before I slipped my hand even closer to where his cock was restrained under khaki cargo pants. Unable to finish his statement, he enveloped my face with his hands, pulling my face closer to his mouth. I felt his tongue divide my lips and meet mine. The heat from his mouth seemed to spread over me and I could feel a drop of sweat roll down the back of my neck. I thought to myself, “Now this, this is what passion is.”

“Follow Konya Escort Bayan me,” he said, crawling between the front seats into the much larger back seat. As I went to follow, I watched as his gaze fell on the cleavage that was revealed by my draping shirt. Quickly, and without hesitation, his hands were underneath my shirt and pulling me toward him. As I came into the backseat, he very smoothly slipped my shirt over my head and off revealing my black lace bra. I could feel my nipples quiver as he so gently rubbed his fingers over them through the bra.

Seemingly unable to wait to unfasten it, he simply pulled the straps down my shoulders and pulled the fabric down in front revealing my breasts. Nipples erect and deep pink, I didn’t even have to wait for his lips to find them. As he nibbled and licked, I found myself unbuttoning his shirt. When it was laid open, I then set my sights on his pants. Quickly, I had them unbuttoned and unzipped revealing silk boxers.

I ran my finger along the inside of the elastic, feeling the texture of the silk and feeling the hair on his stomach begin to stand. He wanted my hand inside there and I didn’t disappoint. As I let my hand slip inside, I felt his hand slide down my thigh and disappear underneath my skirt.

As I finally reached the treasure I’d been seeking, I took his cock in my hand and was impressed by its seemingly perfect size. I began to stroke him gently and could feel him start to react. At the same time, one of his hands had slipped to my ass signaling me to raise my hips up as to free myself from my black lace panties. I leaned up and he had them down in mere seconds. All the while, I was stroking his cock and waiting for my first peek.

I felt his hand slide closer to the heat that was being released from my pussy. It felt almost as a magnet trying to draw his fingers in, wanting to be touched, caressed. He smiled when he discovered that I was almost fully shaved, except for a small patch of hair right above my plump lips. He placed his fingers on me and let himself explore and gently tug at the bit of hair. While doing so, he let his middle finger press itself hard enough to find my wet clit and know how excited he had made me.

Inspired by my desire for this man, I helped him out of his pants and boxers. I took a deep breath and smiled at the sight of his cock. It was already hard and I guessed nearly 8 inches. Though his erection was stiff, I noticed the foreskin and realized he was uncut. I was excited, knowing that the pleasure for him would be quite intense.

I put one leg up on the seat as to let him have easier access to my wetness. As his fingers explored, I leaned into his lap and gently kissed the tip of his penis. It grew in my hands and as I began to lick around the head and down the shaft I could feel shivers through his whole body. I had a great desire to take him into my mouth, almost as much as he desired me doing so. I let my mouth surround his head and take him fully in, my hands pumping up and down as I took him in and out of my mouth.

At the same time, he had begun to enter me with his fingers, first letting only one enter and eventually working up to three. As his fingers thrust in and out of my pussy, I Escort Konya knew I had to have him inside me and soon.

He sensed this and he easily laid me back onto the black leather seats. Feeling my urgency, the gentleman in him stepped back and let the man take over. He was above me resting on his arms and in one quick motion he had thrust his throbbing cock into my wetness and sent a wave of pleasure throughout my body.

There is a time and place for sweet gentle sex, but this was not it. I needed a good fuck and he knew it. He began to grind in and out of my pussy, seeming to go deeper with each motion. His penis filled me, successfully hitting every pleasure spot inside me. My hands were on his shoulders and my hips were working in motion with his, wanting him to take me harder and faster. I could feel his body against my clit and the motion was sending me into a series of trembles that I knew were leading up to orgasm.

It seemed as if I could feel every inch of my skin drawing tighter on my frame. His smell was strong, musky, manly. The taste of his lips lingered on mine even as he leaned back to enter me and I caught sight of his taut stomach, glistening with sweat as it was rising and falling above me. The sound of our moans blended in harmony. And the touch, his stunning touch, gentle yet aggressive in all the right ways sent waves of satisfaction through my trembling abdomen. Every sense became heightened.

I could see on his face he was close too. “Cum with me Ryan,” was all I could muster. He looked down at me with those beautiful eyes and smiled. Then, he threw his head back and began to pump my pussy with everything he had. My back arched as I moaned in sheer ecstasy.

As he entered and exited me, it felt like his cock was communicating with my vagina, asking it what would make it shiver. Any spot that could encourage pleasure was awarded with the full attention of his member.

Unable to contain the sublime feelings, I called out his name in pleasure, asking him to fuck me harder. Though I thought it impossible, he seemed to go deeper and upon a particularly large thrust, I felt my muscles clench and my inner lips draw in before expelling a huge cum.

At the same time, I felt his heart speed up and his cock release a burst into me that I could feel throughout my inside. I sighed as our moisture combined and emitted a pleasant warmth inside me. He gently came down resting his entire body on me. I simply held him close, his cock still resting inside my vagina as it eased from the pressure.

I’m not sure how long we laid in silence. It could’ve been thirty seconds, maybe thirty minutes. All I knew was that I was unable to move and the smell of his body close to mine was too much to resist.

Finally, I felt his hand reach up and put a few stray strands of my hair behind my ear. “Damn Christy, I’ve never had an orgasm like that before.”

“I rarely have an orgasm at all. That was priceless Ryan. Thank you.”

Slowly we began to sit up and started to redress. We both were flushed and tired but smiling nonetheless.

“Christy, I have to see you again,” he pleaded.

I looked into his eyes, knowing that Edward was at home waiting for me. I knew it was wrong. I felt the only fair thing was to cut this off while we both could. I knew what I had to say. How could I let him down easy?

What escaped from my mouth was simply, “Ryan, Thursday is “Burger and fries” night. Same time next week?”

“Burgers and fries are my favorite. I’ll be there.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32