BUNSNUB: Another Love Story Ch. 16

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Chapter Sixteen: Life at the Altar

I found it very difficult, crawling instead of walking, and strange for my penis to be pierced with a ring that helped my boner bob excessively. My nose ring was bizarre and the metal pearls in my mouth weirder still, and yet the strangest sensation of all came from my tail. I knew then and there it would take a long time, many days, many many days, months, maybe a year of practicing, before I became accustomed to carrying a mane of hair with my anus. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t comfortable, having to carry something so heavy with just my asshole. It was another distasteful sensation I couldn’t elude, a feeling deep inside of me. As I wiggled along it pulled me from side to side, both inside and out. The stem was tapered thick to thin, but softly unyielding and its end squiggled intermittently. The wiggling tip brought me to stop and become tense, wince, crouch over and sometimes jump in fits of shocking discomfort, and you know who loved that.

My curiosity compelled me to look briefly at the new female. She seemed proud, arrogant, stood very tall and held my nose very high. She was a chubby girl, but exciting to look at, with an olive complexion, dark hair and light brown eyes, the color of sand. She had small round titties that vibrated rapidly as she walked, nothing compared to Ms. Handlesmen’s heavy breasts, which swung back and forth like a pair of partially filled sand bags.

The girl had a very round delicious looking behind, but not quite as orbicular as Ms. Handlesmen’s. My lover’s twin globes were so round, so well-proportioned and so perfectly separated they kept my every thought reverberating around in the crevice they formed. The girl carried herself on a pair of short legs encased in a pair of long high-heeled black boots, that ended just under her ass cheeks. She wore a pair of skin-tight black leather gloves that came to her shoulders, to under her arm pits. I caught her staring down at me, ogling actually, with a hot leering glare. She had a very juicy mouth that glistened in the light, of which there was a cozy amount. The light was provided by candles along the walls. Hundreds of candelabrums ran the length of the corridor above my mistresses head, down both sides. I’d seen all I needed to see and my eyes rushed back to Ms. Handlesmen, the woman I loved.

I padded along beside the girl, while struggling to keep my tail high and bouncing just like a puppy’s. I figured that must have been why they’d fitted me with one, and besides the tail left me no choice. I kept both eyes on Ms. Handlesmen, and like a hungry French chef foraging for truffles, I used them to begin digging into the moistening crevice created by Ms. Handlesmen’s cheeks. I was mesmerized by the way her globes moved in tandem with her stride, lost in their seductive rhythm. Her long legs were perfectly turned and moved more gracefully then anyone’s I’d ever seen. Her back was the work of Michelangelo and it brought back childhood memories of my high school library. I can still remember leafing through the old books of very early European art, at the erotic paintings produced by the masters.

I knew ms. Handlesmen’s breasts were swinging back and forth on her chest, I even caught fleeting glimpses of one, as it swung with the other, far to the right. Not being able to see my lovers breasts fed my madness and knowing they laid bare only made matters worse, and at one point caused me to pull on my chain, in a mistake that received a warning. I would follow Ms. Handlesmen anywhere and at any price.

The corridor was long and narrow with high ceilings, and the only other door, other then the one we’d exited, was at the other end. Ms. Handlesmen slowed her pace and started moving in a more leisurely manner, giving my mind the opportunity to catch up. It came to play in erotic daydreams while climbing with my eyes about on her body. I was also afforded a moment to ponder the metallic pearls I’d been rubbing on the roof and bottom of my mouth. I kept sucking on them, but hadn’t a clue as to why I’d been given them. We eventually reached the other door and I followed Ms. Handlesmen into a room.

It was a warm softly lit room with a giant bed in its center. It was the biggest bed I had ever seen. It had a heavy wooden frame, a giant headboard and massive corner posts. The mattress was outrageously thick as was the comforter and pillows. Candles provided the light in this room too, which gave the chamber a warm cozy glow in complement to the rooms warm wooden interior. There was little furniture about, a couple of tables at most. The rug was thick and I could feel my hands, or should I say paws, sink into its deep pile.

I watched Ms. Handlesmen intently, as she walked to the bed and crawled onto it. I caught a glimpse of her breasts as they swung under her. She let herself fall and roll over onto her Muğla Escort back. Her body went into a great arch and her hands moved behind her head. In that position her breasts stuck in the air in an exciting display my eyes devoured. I was led to the bed, then allowed to kneel up and place my paws on it. Like this I got an excellent view of my lover, the woman of my dreams, the one I adored. I watched her chest move to her every breath, watched her stretch till her breasts wobbled in a most delicious display. Her smooth peaches and cream complexion and fiery red hair, in the light of the flickering candles was devilishly inviting against the deep blue satin comforter. Her long arms and legs were vines I wished to become entangled and rolled up within. Her legs stretched out, her toes wiggled and then her head turned in my direction.

“Don’t forget It’s pouch dear,” she said to the girl with my leash.

“Oh yes ma’am,” the girl replied in a deep voice, with an eager overtone that worried me. She picked up a small cotton sheath from the foot of the bed and knelt down beside me. “Be still,” she ordered.

I glanced to her for only a second, before rushing my eyes back to my dreams. I had never seen a woman naked before and I never imagined it would be one so beautiful. Like with super sweet frosting, just looking at Ms. Handlesmen hurt my teeth. I knelt by her bed, caught-up in and consumed by passions eating away at my insides. My gray matter and brain cells were soup, boiling rapidly in an olio of desires. From her hair, to her eyes, her lips, breasts, over belly, thighs, legs, feet, toes and back, over and over again, my eyes surveyed, settled and raced to survey again. Over hill, into dale, and along valley my eyes traveled, always discovering new, unable to find enough, or some small part of her body that didn’t excite. The girl worked a cotton tube over my penis and the ring through a conveniently located button hole. It was a sleeve she inched up my entire length and then fastened in place, by tying the ends of two strings together the other side of my balls. She cinched it tight of course.

“It’s on ma’am,” the girl said. She detached the leash from my nose ring and stood.

I felt as if my heart were about to explode from the excitement, burst from my chest. All of the itching I had been laboring under for almost the entire day suddenly migrated to my throbbing hard-on. My eyes, though never at rest, never strayed from my lovers body. The flickering candle light caused her breasts to dance, their long thick nipples to gyrate erotically and me to swoon. Already the cotton sheath secured about my penis was soaking wet and it alternated between hot and cold. The girl stood near the bed, to my left, stooped over slightly and smiling wickedly. Her right hand was playing gently with my testicles while her thumb pressed up and into my tails plug. The sensations inside of me caused by the end of the stem wiggling in short rapid oscillations, teamed up with the girls playfulness and together caused me to churn out seed as never before. She kept my balls so hard and so tight it was beyond painful.

My penis had a problem… Mmmmmm, it couldn’t decide which part of Ms. Handlesmen’s body it wished the eyes to settle on. The very thought of settling on one area meant excluding another, which bothered my intoxicated other-self, who was rapidly becoming more me, then what was left of me. The old me could articulate, but the new me was lucky if it could spell. Did I wish to deter myself from becoming my penis? Could I? Wasn’t I simply admitting the truth! Aren’t almost all men simply penises? Penis-brained?!

What long pretty toes Ms. Handlesmen has, both sleek and chubby all at once and how much more titillating with nails painted a bright pink to match her panties, lips and fingers. What pretty feet she has and such pretty hands. She has long slender fingers and long nails ready for war and love. Her hands are learned in the art of male anatomy and prepared to take possession, torment and gratify. They’re long graceful hands, but damn sure hands, part of an entire female package that understands her responsibilities, especially in dealing with males. The arm nearest me fell across the bed in my direction and landed palm up. Her head turned to me and our eyes met. Now I knew better than to let my eyes wander from hers once snagged. Or should I say, my penis knew better. My handlers hand was alternating between my balls, pinching first one until I jumped and then the other. She had me hopping in tiny starts and uttering.

“Ow… Ow… Ow… Ow… Ow… ” in tiny barks, that made my lover smile. Ms. Handlesmen’s index finger arose, calling me come hither.

“Come here, Joey. Bring those little balls of yours here and place them gently in my palm. Come on Joey, like a good little puppy dog. Come on little Muğla Escort Bayan pussy,” she whispered in long, passionate, well-rounded words. Like the room, her articulations were deeply embellished and struck at my very root. I shook my head yes and eagerly obeyed.

I complied without hesitation and jumped up onto the bed. My tail pulled my buttocks back and forth as I fought for control. My entire behind wobbled with the situation and waved the tail in the air above me, as my butt carried it along with my leap. I landed true, with a knee on either side of my lovers hand. Looking down between my legs, I guided my balls and set them to berth as gently as I could onto her warm palm. I watched her fingers close around my scrotum and thought about the Venus fly trap. Her hand turned in self-facilitation, in order to obtain a better grip and then she brought me down, stretching me out along her arm.

I rested my chin nervously on her shoulder, my eyes staying with hers obediently, and then she rolled over on her side to face me. She brought her breasts between us, lined them up with mine and pressed them into my chest. I almost screamed to the branding as my flesh was seared and cauterized by the white-hot irons of Eros. I would wear Ms. Handlesmen’s nipple brands forever, like a corralled and herded calf, a slab of beef on a hook. They penetrated deep, burned into my astral-self and soul.

I could take no more and was about to orgasm when she pushed my head back into her soft down pillow. She had known of my limits and crisis long before me, I could see it in her smirk, her air of confidence and by the way her hand moved. Ms. Handlesmen had stemmed my discharge long before I’d become conscious of it and easily manipulated me in that way.

Periphery viewing was insufficient here, totally unsatisfactory. I needed to look directly at my mistresses breasts, to stare, to study and hold one in my hands. Here they were, the finest treasures a man could hope to hold, so near and yet so distant I couldn’t yet see them. And when allowed to see them, I wouldn’t be able to touch them with my hands… Ms. Handlesmen rolled her mounds of hot flesh against me, driving me crazier and crazier and she knew it, reveled in it. She glanced past me, to the younger lady, grinned, then came back to me with a snicker and shake of the head.

“You look adorable with a tail Joey, just perfect. I do hope you learn to appreciate it as much as I do. I want you to carry it for me proudly, like my little man, little male doggy that is,” Ms. Handlesmen whispered with a nodding smile and a softly blown kiss through rounded moist lips. To me this woman could do no wrong and I smiled to her in a simply gleeful way, from ear to ear. My lover and the lady both burst out in laughter and of course I chuckled quietly along.

At that moment I surrendered to temptation and moved to steal that quick glance at one breast, but I found Ms. Handlesmen waiting. She held my eyes in check and used hers to begin scolding. She pinched my left testicle till I whimpered and began worrying it. When sure of my submission and her control, my mistress became gentle again. She even allowed me to move my body against her hand and arm.

Ms. Handlesmen rolled me up, over and closer, capturing my shoulder and chest between her breasts. Then she draped her right leg onto my lower back, over my left ass cheek and her side of my tail. I could feel all of my lover now and struggled to breathe slowly, so I could stay conscious. All of her was naked beside me, the most beautiful woman I had ever seen was naked beside me and our bodies were pressed together. I was in heaven, yet concerned about what to do with my left paw, the one between us, not wishing to upset the moment. Her body was unbelievably firm, yet soft, well-toned, warm and cuddly. I felt more secure and more excited then ever before.

“Joey,” she said quietly, but in a way meant to get my attention. She was looking at me in a very serious way and I sensed we had indeed entered a special relationship. I couldn’t quite understood our attachment, but understood why I enjoyed it and never wanted to lose it.

Ms. Handlesmen had my attention, she had all my concentration all of the time. I no longer could stand against myself, I was resigned to reality. What I’d dreamt of all these years is turning out to be more than I could have envisioned, and I thanked God for that. As her fingers moved to pinch one of my testicles I felt myself surrender another thick wad of lubrication, quickly sopped up by my cotton sheath. I decided once and for all to cease my self-resistance and return to my pre-bicameral past. To when my mind did not think about itself or differentiate. I bowed before my prick, the recently unleashed monster, my organ of barbaric thirsts and desires, which I had kept subdued for so Escort Muğla long, for so many, many years. The bottle was uncorked and my prick was freed to demand its due, its reparations for Reasons’ years of intolerance. My soul obliged my pandemic self and with six feet of fertile psychic-soil filled the grave containing Reason. Then it joined my Prick and his pals, Dionysus, Bacchus and all the Sybarites in unending revelry and debauchery.

My hips jumped a little whenever Ms. Handlesmen pinched a testicle, but that gave me opportunities to move closer, to wallow between her breasts and wiggle deeper. I bathed in our perspiration’s and thrilled to her scent, her breath, the feel of her nipples. I could never get enough of them and wanted nothing better then to pinch one and suck it into my mouth. As always it began involuntarily, but I was soon humping, this time against my lovers wrist. I was rubbing the wet sheath and ring on her, as my tail bobbed in the air above us, in a shameful display of sexual addiction.

“Be still Joey,” was all she needed to whisper and I brought my throbbing hard-on to an uneasy rest against her wrist. I was the space shuttle with all systems go, at full throttle, aiming for orbit around the earth, but I was chained in place. I was held fast, as flames scorched my face and I tested the threshold of self-annihilation. “Do not be vulgar, Joey.”

Our eyes never left one another’s, yet we traveled over each other’s body, hers to use and abuse, mine to beg and collapse in ecstasy. The girl rolled over me and knelt on the bed to my right. From there she leaned forward and kissed Ms. Handlesmen. I watched my lover respond, her lips meeting and yielding to the girls. Moisture bubbled up from the joining of their soft fillets and Ms. Handlesmen tightened her grip of my testicles. I moaned aloud, as they slobbered in a heated exchange. The girl then climbed over Ms. Handlesmen and the next thing I knew, I had both of them looking down at me. I had hoped this would have been a romantic evening, whatever that actually means. My eyes now darted between both dominatrix and Ms. Handlesmen, who released my balls.

“Show me your tongue Joey,” she demanded and I extended the organ in her direction, sticking it out from between my lips as far as I could. Both woman smiled, giggled to one another and reached for my tongue with one of their hands. Both hands came to my face, blocking my view as their fingers grabbed me. One was soft and sweetly scented, the other smelled of leather and filth. The filthy fingers forced their way down my throat and clutched my tongue as near to it’s base as they could get, causing me to retch.

The girl held my soft tongue between leathered thumb and fingers, in an intentionally tight pinch. Ms. Handlesmen’s fingers toyed gently with the black metallic pearls now secured to its tip. My mistress went on speaking as she continued exploring. Unable to swallow, my drool flowed freely from my mouth, down my chin to the bed.

Soon the girl released my tongue and went for Ms. Handlesmen’s breast, I could feel her lift the soft orb from me and slip her hand under it. She purposely took the breast away from me, into her own hot mitt and snickered while doing so. This girl had to be at least a year younger than me, but she knew I was afraid of her and she knew how to hurt me.

I was left with Ms. Handlesmen’s left breast and leaned on it for support and comfort, coveting it jealously, as if it were all mine. I watched the girl nibble on my lovers ear, causing shivers in Ms. Handlesmen even I felt. She kissed Ms. Handlesmen’s cheek and my lover’s eyes closed, then she moved with tongue extended. Their delicate pink organs soon fenced and slobbered together in a passionate duel that caused my balls to tighten up in more spermatic production. Ms. Handlesmen stopped and spoke to me quietly.

“Joey. I want you for my own. I want to own you.” She spoke while releasing the tongue and reaching once more for a testicle. She was looking at me seriously again, yet reached in play to accept the girls tongue as it came with a dollop of saliva. I could feel the girls hand working on my lover, her leather tough mitt mauling my lovers tit and I couldn’t believe it. I jumped to Ms. Handlesmen’s squeezes and then nuzzled in as I could, looking to both ladies in askance. “I know you love me Joey and want to be owned by me. These artificial limbs, the tail you now wear and will wear from now on, are just the beginning.”

‘Artificial’, my limbs were artificial. I was so happy to hear that.

“I also want you to wear my tattoo and my brand. But for right now, I want you to begin your career and earn that salary I promised you.” As always, her words left me perplexed, worried and happy beyond my wildest dreams. The girl moved to allow room for Ms. Handlesmen to roll onto her back and from the corner of my eye I watched my mistresses breasts wobble into mounds upon her chest.

“Explain to it what to do, dear,” my lover said looking up at the girl. The girl lowered her lips to Ms. Handlesmen’s while reaching for my nose ring. It only took a slight tug.

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