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This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author”s imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts of boys and men discovering their sexuality. It contains graphic scenes of sex between consenting underage boys, consenting adult males and boys with adult males (eventually). If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18, do not read it.


If it is illegal to read such material where you live or if you find the topic distasteful, then please stop reading now. You have been warned.


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Author”s Note:


I started writing this story, never intending it to grow into what it has become. It seems to have taken on a life of its own. I hope you enjoy.


Also, if you are enjoying this story, my first story can be found fty//gay/adult-youth/moments


Chapter 25 � Ken  

I headed to the study and pulled out the school directory. My first call was to the main office.


Perky and cheerful answered the phone, “New Berlin Schools, how can I help you?”


“Good afternoon, this is Max Sanders. I”m Joey and Alex Allison”s dad. We met yesterday when I came in for a meeting with Ms. Carr.”


“Oh, good afternoon, Mr. Sanders, how are you today?”


“I”m not sure. Joey and Alex told me that their teacher, Mr. Thomas, wasn”t at school today and they”re worried about him. Was he ill today?”


“I”m sorry, Mr. Sanders, I”m not allowed to discuss that situation.”


“And what situation is that? According to the boys, he”s the best teacher they”ve ever had and I hate to see the school lose a good teacher.”


“As I said, sir, I can”t discuss it?”


“Well, may I talk to Ms. Carr, please?”


“I”m sorry, Mr. Sanders, but she”s in a meeting that I believe will run late. I”ll be happy to leave her a message you called.”


“Please do, I”d like to find out what”s going on.”


“I”ll let her know you”d like to talk to her. Is there anything else I can do for you today?”


“I guess not. Thanks.” We hung up and I grabbed the school directory again. I looked up Ken”s information, found a home phone for him and dialed the number. After four rings, I got his answering machine or voicemail.


“You”ve reached Ken Thomas, please leave a message after the beep and I”ll return your call as soon as I can.”


“Ken, this is Max Sanders, Joey and Alex”s dad. The boys just told me that you …” I was interrupted by the click of someone picking up the phone.


“Mr. Sanders, is that really you?”


“Of course, it is, and please call me Max. Then tell me what”s going on. The boys said you weren”t at school today and they had made it sound as if the sub was going to be there a while. Are you sick?”


“No, I”m not sick. I”m sure the boys told you Valerie was in my class all afternoon yesterday.”


“They did. And they said you didn”t seem too happy about it, either.”


“I wasn”t. That evil witch was looking for some reason to get rid of me. I knew it was going to happen after my little announcement during our meeting. You saw how she reacted.”


“I did. Then what happened.”


“After the students were gone for the day, she left and went back to her office. I was just finishing up straightening my desk and getting ready for today when she came back in. She told me that after witnessing my performance for the afternoon and making several phone calls, it was decided that my contract was terminated, immediately. That bitch fired me, just like that.”


“She can”t do that, can she? Doesn”t the school board have to meet to make those decisions?”


“I sure thought so, but she apparently had a conference call with four of the seven members and talked them into canning me. I have no idea what she told them, except it had to be lies. Schools never dump teachers in the middle of a school year unless it”s something really major.”


“Did she tell you which board members were on the call?”


“She only told me about the board president, wouldn”t give me any other names.”


“Well, I think I need to make another phone call. Fortunately, the board president is listed in the school directory. Thanks for the info, Ken. I”ll make good use of it.”


“Max, you don”t need to get involved in this.”


“Yes, I do, Ken. My sons” education and future is at stake and I”m not going to have it screwed up by some misguided and vindictive woman just because she doesn”t approve of who we love.”


“Well, I wish you good luck, then, `cause you”re going to need it.”


“Don”t worry about me, Ken. I”m a big boy and I know how to take care of myself. Thanks again for the information. I”ll let you know what I find out.”


“Thanks, Max.”


We hung up and I called the board president at his home.


“Speak,” a gruff male voice answered.


“Good afternoon, is this Steve Furman, the president of the New Berlin school board.”


“It is, who”s this?”


“Mr. Furman, my name is Maxwill Sanders. I am the father of four boys enrolled in your school and I have a question I”d like to ask.”


“Go ahead.”


“My two oldest told me this afternoon that their regular teacher, Mr. Thomas, was not at work today and they”re worried about him. They really like him as a teacher.”


“I”m sorry, Mr. Sanders, but I can”t discuss personnel matters outside of a board meeting.”


“Well, it”s my understanding you did just that yesterday afternoon, so you broke your own rules. Now, tell me what”s going on.”


“No can do.”


“Excuse me, Mr. Furman, but have you ever heard the name James Cantrell?


“Can”t say that I have.”


“Well, you should know that he”s my attorney. And he”s one hard-nosed son-of-a-bitch. I”m prepared to retain him to represent Mr. Thomas in a course of action against the school district, Ms. Carr and the entire board.”


“You can”t do that.”


“Sure, I can. When James is done with you, you”ll all be lucky to get new jobs at McDonald”s. I believe I know why Ms. Carr instigated this and I intend to stop this witch-hunt right now.”


“What are you talking about?”


“Let me explain what happened yesterday.” I relayed the reason for my meeting yesterday. “I believe Ms. Carr fabricated any excuse that she could use to get Mr. Thomas fired yesterday afternoon and I want to know what that reason is. If it”s serious enough to get a qualified teacher fired in less than an hour without an actual board meeting, it”s bound to come out in the news.”


“There won”t be any news because the situation”s been dealt with.”


“There will be news after Mr. Cantrell digs into it, I promise you that. Do you want to take that risk? Think of the damage that will be done to the district if the board is charged with a false termination. Now, tell me what excuse she used or my next call is to Mr. Cantrell and I assure you that you, Mr. Furman, will be his first call.”


“Fine. Ms. Carr told us that Mr. Thomas was touching students inappropriately during the afternoon. We can”t have that behavior in our school and we acted to protect the students.”


“Do you have any other witnesses concerning this supposed behavior, or did you just take her word for it? Did you talk to Mr. Thomas to see what he had to say?”


“We took her at her word. And, no, we didn”t talk to Mr. Thomas.”


“Would you listen to two students who were in that classroom yesterday afternoon and hear what they have to say?”


“We don”t normally do that, especially with 3rd graders. But if you think they can shed some light on the matter, I”ll listen to what they have to say.”


“Good, we”ll be right back.” I stuck my head out the study door and called for Joey and Alex to join me. While I waited for them to appear, I switched the phone to speaker so we could all hear what was being said.


“Yeah, dad, what”s up?” Alex Asked.


“Boys, come here, please. I”m talking to Mr. Furman, the president of the school board, about what happened in your class yesterday afternoon. Mr. Furman, I”d like you to meet my sons, Alex and Joey Allison. Say hi, boys.”


“Hi, Mr. Furman,” they chimed.


“Hello, boys. Your dad thinks I may have been lied to yesterday afternoon and since you were in the class with Mr. Thomas and Ms. Carr, I”d like you to tell me what you saw.”


Joey started, “Well after lunch, Ms. Carr came in, said she”d be observing the class for the afternoon and then she sat in the back of class taking notes of some kind.”


“Yeah,” Joey added, “Mr. Thomas didn”t seem burdur escort too happy to have her there, either.”


“Boys, I need to ask a question that I normally wouldn”t ask over the phone, especially of children, but I need an honest answer. Will you promise to tell me the truth?”


“Always, Mr. Furman. Dad says it”s really important to always tell the truth.”


“Your dad”s right, boys. Lord, I can”t believe I”m doing this. Okay boys, here”s the question. Did either of see any kind of inappropriate contact between Mr. Thomas and any of the students in the class? Do you know what I”m asking?”


“Yes, sir, we know all about that.” Both boys grinned at each other and I gave them a stern look to stop any more being said. “I didn”t see anything, did you Joey?”


“Nope. Nothin” like that happened. It couldn”t have.”


“Why do you say that?” Steve asked.


“Because Mr. Thomas never left his desk after lunch, right, Alex?”


“Yeah, he was either at the board or his desk all afternoon.”


“Did any of the other students go up to his desk?” Steve asked.


“No, sir, we were working on math all afternoon, studying for a test we were supposed to have today,” Alex reported.


“We both do real good with math, so we kinda let our minds wander when we”re supposed to be studying it. I didn”t see anybody get anywhere close to his desk,” Joey added.


“Thank you, boys, I appreciate your honesty. Can I talk to just your dad again, please?”


“You two run along. Thanks.” I waited until they left the room, then closed the door and picked the phone back up. “Now that you”ve heard from them, what do you think now, Mr. Furman?”


“I must ask my daughter about this. She is also in Mr. Thomas” class, but I do believe I was lied to yesterday afternoon. Do you have any idea why that may have happened, Mr. Sanders?”


“I have a very good idea. During my meeting yesterday with Ms. Carr and the boys” teachers, I explained that I was gay and there was a good possibility my sons are, also. I was trying to make sure they all knew that I would not allow the boys to be bullied by anyone at the school, including staff, for any reason. When Ms. Carr said it was impossible for them to know that at their ages, I explained when I knew I was gay. When Ms. Carr asked the boys” teachers for their opinions, Mr. Thomas explained that he knew he was gay around the same age as Joey and Alex. At that point, the meeting ended abruptly with Ms. Carr essentially kicking us out of her office.”


“So, you believe this all comes down to the fact Mr. Thomas is gay and Ms. Carr doesn”t approve.”


“That”s exactly what I believe. And, if that is, indeed, the case, it”s perfect grounds for filing an unlawful termination lawsuit. And I firmly believe Mr. Thomas would win the suit. The damages to the school in terms of financial and personnel costs would be catastrophic.”


“I agree with you, Mr. Sanders. I want to thank you for bringing this to my attention. I”m going to talk to my daughter and make a few phone calls myself now to see what I can find out. Will you be home this evening in case I have some news to pass along?”


“We”re not going anywhere, Mr. Furman. And I”d love to hear from you. Thank you for your time and I appreciate you hearing us out.” We ended our call and I headed out to find the boys. I found them in the twins” room playing UNO.


“Where did you guys find that game?”


“We had it at the Mueller”s. It”s one of the few they let us have,” Joey answered.


“Great. I used to play that growing up, too. We”ll have to play together some time. Alex, Joey, I want to thank you for talking with Mr. Furman.”


They looked at me and Alex asked, “So what”s going on?”


“I”m not 100% sure right now, but it looks like Ms. Carr went to great lengths to get him fired yesterday.”


“Fired!? Why would she do that, he”s a great teacher,” Joey yelled.


“I didn”t tell you yesterday, but I had a meeting with Ms. Carr and all your teachers to find out what would be expected of me now that I”m your dad. During the meeting, I informed them that I was gay and the four of you probably are, too.”


“What!?! Why the hell”d you tell them that? We ain”t told nobody yet.”


“Calm down, Joey. I was trying to impress on the four of them that I would not allow anyone to bully you four for any reason, whatsoever. When Ms. Carr didn”t react well to that, saying there”s no way you could know at your age, I told her when I knew I was gay. Then, Mr. Thomas told her when he knew about himself.” I saw Joey and Alex share a knowing grin. “Ms. Carr kinda lost it and kicked us all out of her office. After school was out, she fired Mr. Thomas.”


“I told you he was,” Alex said, “but you said no-o-o-o.”


“Okay, okay, I was wrong and you were right, happy little mister smarty-pants?” Joey whined.


“Very. Ha! Maybe, next time you”ll believe me,” Alex crowed, sticking his tongue out at his brother. “So, what”s gonna” happen now? Is Mr. Thomas coming back?” he asked, looking back to me.


“Mr. Furman”s going to talk to his daughter, who”s also in your class, and then make some phone calls himself. Beyond that, I don”t know.”


“I sure hope he comes back.” Joey said.


I heard the ding of the drive sensor and headed out to see who was here. I was relieved to see the Shelby come down the drive and pull in the garage. “Boys, Uncle Tom”s home. Let”s get ready for supper.” Four lads ran to the kitchen to start getting the table set while I waited for Tom. When he came in the door, I met him with a hug and kiss, whispering in his ear, “Glad you”re home safe. I missed you.”


“Missed you, too, lover.” We headed to the kitchen where he was attacked by the four wild monkeys. “Whoa, down boys, I just got here.”


“But we missed you, Uncle Tom,” cried Mike.


“We were hoping you didn”t get hurt.” T.J. added.


“I missed you too. And I”m just fine. If you”ll give me a couple minutes, I”m going to hang up my uniform and get comfy. I”ll be right back, okay?”


“Hurry, Uncle Tom, it”s almost time for supper.”


“Two minutes, okay?” He looked at me and asked, “What”s for din-din, Boss?”


“I thought we”d have pork tenderloins and fries. Sound okay?”


“Sounds great. Be right back to help.” He planted another kiss on my cheek as he headed to the bedroom to get undressed. I had just plugged in the fryer when he returned and I asked him to turn on the oven to keep our food warm as I couldn”t fit everything in the fryer at one time. “Boys, we”ll need ketchup, mustard and pickles, too. T.J., why don”t you get the buns out?” Joey and Alex hopped off their stools and carried the items to the table while T.J. retrieved the buns from the pantry. When I had enough tenderloins and fries for six hungry guys, we sat down to eat. I was really getting used to all of us eating together and was starting to look forward to it every afternoon.


With our appetites sated, the boys cleaned the table and stacked dishes in the sink while Tom and I cleaned up the fryer and associated mess. With that task completed, I asked, “Why don”t you four sit at the table for a minute. I have something for you. Tom, come help me.” Tom, puzzled look on his face, followed me to the study to retrieve the pictures and new movies I”d picked up earlier. I told him what I had and he nodded his head in understanding. On our return to the kitchen, I laid the wrapped 8X10 picture in front of Joey and Alex and the sack of movies in front of Mike and T.J.


“What”s this?” Joey asked.


“Open it and find out. But be careful, it”s breakable.”


Joey and Alex carefully removed the paper while T.J. and Mike watched. When they had removed enough wrapping to recognize what was inside, they both broke down in tears. I walked over to the twins and wrapped my arms around them.


“How”d you get this?” Joey cried.


“Yeah, it was trashed?” sobbed Alex.


“I had some luck today. The man I found to try and repair the picture turned out to be the same guy who took it originally. He still had the original and was able to reprint it. And we have another one for you.” I had Tom present them with the 16X20 and we stood back for the unwrapping. The paper was carefully peeled back and the tears started flowing again, dripping on the glass. Tom handed me some paper towels to dry the picture and the twins” faces.


When the tears subsided again, Joey looked to Alex and said, “I remember this,” he whispered. “We weren”t very good that day.”


“Funny you should say that Joey, that”s exactly what Ed, the photographer, said.”


“I don”t `member it,” Joey replied.


“You will, I”ll help you.”




“We”ll figure out where to hang them later.”


“Thanks, dad, this means a lot to us.”


“I know.” I looked to Mike and T.J. and asked, “So, did I do okay picking out some movies for you?”


“You did great, dad, I love the Cars movies,” Mike squealed in joy.


“Yeah, these are great, can we watch one tonight?” T.J. asked.


“Why not? Pick one and we”ll get it started.”


After some serious debating, they finally agreed on Real Steel with Hugh Jackman and Dakota Goyo. I led them to the theater and while they took their seats, I got the movie going for them. Once they were settled in for the show, I went back to the kitchen to rejoin Tom where I bursa escort found him wiping tears from his eyes.


“What”s wrong, Tom?”


“Nothin”,” he mumbled.


“Don”t try to bullshit a bullshitter.”


“That thing with the pictures is about the nicest thing I”ve ever seen someone do for someone else. I can”t believe you did that.”


“Why not?”


“Well, you”re gonna” be their new dad. I didn”t think you”d want a reminder of their real parents around the house anywhere.”


“Why not. Sure, I”m their new dad, but I”m just continuing the work their real mom and dad started almost nine years ago. I don”t want them to ever forget where they came from. While I hate the fact they lost their parents the way they did, deep inside, I”m kinda glad, too. Otherwise, those two wouldn”t be here right now. Does that make me a sick bastard? Probably, but, I”ll learn to live with it.”


“You”re too good to be true, Max, you know that, right.”


“Time will tell, Tom.”


The phone chose that moment to ring, cutting off any further conversation on the subject.


“Max Sanders,” I answered.


“Mr. Sanders, Steve Furman.”


“Good evening, I hope, Mr. Furman.”


“Can we dispense with the `Mr.”? Call me Steve and, if it”s okay, may I call you Max?”


“That depends on what you to tell me, sir.”


“I figured as much. Here”s what I”ve discovered. In my conversation with my daughter, she backs up what your sons told me over the phone and I believe the three of them. She was not at all hesitant to answer my questions and I”m pretty good at knowing when something doesn”t quite have that ring of truth with her. Seems she thought yesterday afternoon was a `bit off”, as she put it, also. After making a few phone calls to relay what I learned from your sons and her and receive more input from the other board members involved in the conference call yesterday, we”ve come to a decision.”


“And what would that be?”


“I just got off a phone call with Mr. Thomas, apologizing profusely to him, and letting him know that we expect him to return to his job as of tomorrow morning.”


“Is that really going to solve the problem?”


“That, in itself, won”t, but the call I made before talking to Mr. Thomas will.”


“Go on, please.”


“I called Ms. Carr, told her we had an emergency meeting of all seven members of the school board at my home this evening and by a vote of seven to zero, her contract as principal of the elementary school has been terminated, effective immediately. I am meeting her at 9:00 in the morning to supervise as she removes any personal belongings from her office and then I will personally escort her off the property. The police will also be present to ensure she complies.”


“You”ve had a busy night, Steve. I believe you”ve come to the correct decision and I thank you for that.”


“Ha, I must have said the right thing, you called me Steve.”


“Yes, sir, you did and I did. I always prefer to refer to my friends by their first names.”


“I”m glad to hear that, Max. In the interests of pursuing that new friendship, would you have time to meet with me in the morning, say around 10:00? I think the unpleasantness should be over by then.”


“I”d be happy to, Steve. I”ll look forward to it.”


“Excellent, Max. Thank your boys for me and tell them they”ll see their favorite teacher again in the morning. Thanks again for bringing this issue to my attention. We can always use input from our student”s parents. I hope you and your boys enjoy the rest of your evening and I”ll see you in the morning.”


“Thanks, Steve, you too. I”ll look forward to meeting you.” Tom had been watching and listening to me for the entire conversation, confusion etched deeply on his face.


When I finally hung up the phone, he wasted no time in asking, “What the hell was that all about, Max. Since I could only hear your side of the call, I”m confused.” I told Tom what the twins had told me after school and the calls I”d made when we got to the house, then what the call from Steve had been about. “Somebody”s been busy tonight, haven”t they?”


“I guess so. I”m tired of seeing gay people treated like shit in this country and I guess I”ve decided to do something about it.”


“Good for you. Hope you leave some time for us.”


“Don”t you worry, I will. Shall we go tell the boys the good news.”


The phone rang again and I answered it on the first ring.


“Is this Max?” a shaking voice queried.


“It is, may I ask who”s calling.”


“Ken Thomas, Max. I”ve been trying to get you the last half hour.”


“Oh, hi, Ken, are you feeling better about things now?”


“Much better, thanks to you. I don”t know what you said to Mr. Furman, but it worked.”


“I just explained the facts of life to him, Ken. He decided he would rather avoid a lawsuit and the resulting publicity by righting the wrong perpetrated on you yesterday.”


“Well, it”s more than that, Max, way more. Not only did he tell me I was expected back in my classroom in the morning, the board has also authorized a one-time payment of $250,000 to me, and I quote, `in thanks for not filing a lawsuit we”re certain to lose”.”


“Good for you, Ken. You deserve it for being abused the way you were. Valerie had no cause for what she did and now, she gets to pay for it. Good riddance to bad rubbish.”


“I couldn”t agree more, Max. Thanks again for your help.”


“You”ll really need to thank the twins and Steve”s daughter for their help. They were the ones who told Steve the truth about what happened yesterday afternoon and got him to see yesterday”s event for what it was, a giant mistake.”


“I”ll make sure to pass my thanks to those three, also. Well, you guys have a great evening. I have to go wash some clothes so I can go to work tomorrow.”


“Good night, Ken. I”ll talk to you soon.” I ended the call and turned to Tom.


“Ken, huh, is he cute? Do I have competition?”


“Yes, Tom, he”s cute, but he”s no competition for you. He”s the twins” teacher I helped out today and he was just calling to say thanks. And you won”t believe what the school board did.”


“You mean besides firing and re-hiring him, all in the space of 24 hours?”


“Yeah, besides that little faux pas. They”re paying him a quarter million dollars, basically to keep his mouth shut about the whole situation.”


“Whoa, bet he loves that.”


“I”m sure. Now, shall we give the boys the good news?”


“Let”s go. I wanna see this.”


We walked to theater where I grabbed the remote and paused the movie. Four boys turned to look at me with daggers in their eyes for interrupting what must be a good show.


“Hey, what”s the big deal, dad?” asked Joey


“Yeah, it”s almost over,” added T.J.


“I wanted to tell Joey and Alex some good news, but if the movie”s more important, we”ll just forget it. Bye.” Tom and I turned to leave.


“Come back here and spill it, bucko,” Alex called to my back.


I spun back around and said, “Bucko, huh. Now I”m never gonna” tell ya”. Be nice or you get nothing.”


“I”m sorry, dad, will you please tell us your good news?” Alex whined.


“Since you asked so politely this time, I will. Mr. Thomas will be back at school in the morning. And Ms. Carr will be gone.”


“What!? How”d you do that?” Joey asked.


“Yippee!” yelled Alex. “I didn”t like that sub at all.”


“Actually, I just made a phone call. It was you two and Mr. Furman”s daughter that really made things happen. Since you three told him the same story about what happened in your class Tuesday afternoon, he realized that Ms. Carr had lied to him and the other board members, and that they had made a decision based on bad information. They”ve corrected their mistake. This is a good example of why you should always tell the truth.”


“We will, dad. Thanks,” Joey said.


“Okay, I”ll let you finish the movie now and when it”s over, shut everything down and come out for your snacks. Then, time for a chat, okay?”


“Thanks again, dad.”


Tom and I headed to the living room and sat by the fireplace.


“Well, you”ve heard about my day, so, tell me, how was your day, Tom?”


“Unusually quiet. I drove around all day and did nothing but write one speeding ticket.”


“Good, I hope the rest of your days on the job are just like today.”


“Me too. I really want to come out the other side in one piece.”


“We all want that, Tom. We”re both long overdue for something good in our lives.”


“What”s going on out at the end of the drive. I saw the big, cleared area. You building another house to get away from us all?”


I laughed and answered, “Not a chance, Tom. I”m in for the long haul. No, I”m having a shelter built for the boys to be able to wait for the bus without freezing or getting wet.”


“That”s a big bus stop. They must have cleared a 30-foot square area.”


“The building”s only going to be 8″ by 8″, but I wanted a decent clear space all around it.”


“How much is that thing gonna” cost?”


“Not a clue. Can”t say I really care, either.”


“Damn, I don”t know if I”ll ever get used to that.”




“Not having to worry about money. I”ve worked 5 years as a cop, drive a 10 year-old çanakkale escort car and consider myself lucky to have about ten grand in a savings account. And here you are, dropping at least that much just so the boys won”t get cold or wet.”


“Nothing”s too good for our boys, Tom. If I can provide it, I will.” Tom started to tear up. “Now what are you crying about?”


“What you just said, `our boys”, I guess it hadn”t really hit me just yet. Hearing you say it just drove it home. I”ve been pinching myself several time a day since Sunday, making sure this ain”t just a dream. I know it”s not, but, sometimes, I have to wonder.”


“Nope, not a dream, you big softy. Tom Wright, this is your life.” I sat next to him, took his hand in mine and gave him a sloppy wet kiss on the cheek. I immediately heard giggling from behind us and turned to find four hungry boys standing there. “Movie”s done, I take it.”


“Yep, dad, and we”re ready for that snack now,” Mike said.


“Okay, kitchen boys, we”ll be right behind you. C”mon, softy, we have some hungry monkeys to deal with.” I helped him up and we followed the boys to get their snacks. “You guys okay with cookies again tonight?”


“Please,” answered T.J.


“And thank you,” added Mike.


“Ah, manners, nice to know at least two of my sons have some.”


“Hey, we got some, too,” complained Joey.


“Yeah, we just don”t like to use `em much,” Alex chipped in.


“We”re gonna” have to work on that, aren”t we?”


“Yes, sir,” they responded.


I set out the cookies for each while Tom poured the milk. While the boys were munching, I said, “This looks like a good time for that chat we need to have.”


“Oh, man, again, do we hafta”?” Alex whined.


“Yes, we do. Can you please tell me which part of the house rules you missed? I was sure we were all present.”


“We were there, but we don”t like em” much,” Joey answered.


“Well, whether you like them or not isn”t nearly as important as following them. If the wrong thing happens with the wrong person, it could kill your adoptions.”


“They can”t do that!” Alex yelled.


“Yes, they can, in a heartbeat. The state and, by extension, Carol and Anna, are still responsible for the four of you. If word gets out that I”m allowing intimate contact between you four and anybody else, I would be going to jail and you would end up back in foster care. If you don”t want that to happen, you need to control your impulses. I know it”s not easy, but you have to figure out how to do it. Do you understand?”


“Yes, sir,” they answered.


“Good.” I looked to the twins and asked, “Now which one of you two tried to wrap a hand around Dylan”s penis last night?” Alex slowly raised his hand while he kept his eyes glued to the countertop. “Listen to me very carefully, all of you. Something like that cannot happen again, ever. What happens between the four of you is your business and not something I could control even if I wanted to. But such contact between adults and children is not allowed, in this house, or anywhere else.”


“But, dad, his dick was humongous. I just wanted to see what it felt like.”


“Look, I remember what it”s like to be your age. You”re curious about your own and other people”s bodies and if they feel the same things you do. I can tell you, we do. Everybody has the same curiosity, but they”ve learned to control those impulses. Would you have ever tried to grab Mr. Mueller like that.”


“Hell, no,” Joey spat. “He was a disgusting old fart and probably doesn”t have nothin” to grab anyway.” Tom turned his back to the boys and coughed to cover his laugh.


“Joey, Joey, Joey, what am I going to do with you? You really have quite the potty-mouth.”


“Sorry, dad.”


“Look, boys, I know you want to be able to more fully explore the feelings you”re having. But, now is not the time. Some day in the future, maybe, but not now. I don”t want to lose the chance of adopting you because you have no self-control. Do you think you can restrain yourselves, please?”


“Yes, dad,” answered Joey.


“I think so, dad,” from Alex.


“I”ll try, sir,” T.J. added.


“Yes, daddy,” mumbled Mike.


“Thank you, I truly appreciate the effort it will take from each of you. Now, it”s past your bedtime. Go jump in bed and Tom and I will be in to say goodnight after we clean up the snack mess.”


They slowly ambled towards their rooms while Tom and I cleaned up and loaded the dishwasher.


“Do you think they got the message?” I asked. “I wasn”t too hard on them, was I?”


“No, I think you were calm enough. Calmer than I would have been. As to whether they got the message, only time will tell.”


“I know. I remember being young and horny and I know it”s not easy, but dammit, they gotta” learn now or they”ll screw up the adoption. If that happened, I don”t know what I”d do.”


“I know, Max, I”ll do what I can to help. But, I”m with Alex, Dylan”s dick is humongous and I kinda” wanted to grab it, too.”


I laughed and said, “Fine lotta” help you”re gonna” be,” I said as I punched him in the shoulder. “But, in all honesty, I guess I kinda” did too. Maybe next time he comes out, we can ask for permission,” I chuckled.


“Careful, Max, haven”t you heard the old saying, `once you go black, you never go back”?”


“Oh, I”ve heard it, just don”t know if I believe it. Well, let”s go check on the boys and make sure they”re settled.”


The light in T.J. and Mike”s room was off when we entered so I turned on the light on the dresser. The two were curled up together, T.J. holding Mike, sleeping peacefully. We kissed both on their foreheads and headed for the twins” room. Light was seeping through the gap around their partially open door.


I looked at Tom and whispered, “Uh-oh, you sure you”re ready for whatever may be going on in here?”


“What the hell, why not?” he whispered back.


We crept to the door and peeked through the gap between the door and frame. We found Joey and Alex lying flat on their backs, hands wrapped around the other”s penis and calmly stroking each other.


My knock was immediately answered with, “C”mon in.”


Tom and I walked in and stood at the side of the bed. “Boys, it”s time to go to sleep.”


“We know, we”re just making it easier to fall asleep. You wanna” join us?” Joey asked.


“Um, not tonight guys,” I answered as Tom choked beside me. “Would you, at least, stop for ten seconds so we can say goodnight?”


“I suppose,” Alex said, “but be quick, we”re almost there and don”t want to lose it.”


We leaned over, gave both quick kisses on the forehead and said, “Love you guys. Lights out in five.”


“Love you, too, dad, Uncle Tom,” Alex answered.


As we headed to the door, I heard Joey whisper, “I can”t wait until they give up and join us. You can tell they want to. That”ll be some real fun.”


I quietly closed the door and looked at Tom who stood there shaking his head. We headed down the hallway while I said, “I warned ya” and you didn”t believe me. Believe me now?”


“Yeah. Those two are way ahead of where I was at that age.”


“Me too. The worst part is, I think they”re right.”


“”Bout what?”


“About it only being a matter of time before we give in and join them.”


“Don”t think like that, Max.”


“Tom, do me a favor and look down.”


He did and pulled his head back up, shock written all over his face.


“Apparently, neither one of is thinking with the right head at the moment.”


“Oh, fuck, I knew this was gonna” happen?” he moaned.


“Well, I didn”t, but it”s happening to me, too. C”mon, big guy, let”s go to the bedroom and talk.”


We went to our bedroom and I closed the door while Tom sat in a chair in the corner. I pulled the other chair closer and sat down, knee to knee. “Look, Tom, I know this isn”t easy to think about, but we have to. I have never, in my life, looked at or thought of a boy in a sexual way. Except for when I was still a boy, myself.”


“Me either. Why now?”


“I don”t have the answer to that. Having them running around the house nude all day doesn”t faze me at all. But, I have to admit the fact that watching those two jerking or sucking each other excites the hell out of me. I think we can safely say that it excites you, too.”


“Well, duh, why else would I have a boner?”


“Well, I would like to say you were thinkin” about me, but we both know that”s not what happened, not this time anyway. Maybe it”s kinda” the same effect as when you watch porn.”


“I wouldn”t know, ain”t never seen none,” he smirked.


“Bullshit, you expect me to believe that?”


“I was hopin”,” he grinned.


“Well, you know how it is when you watch that crap. For whatever reason and no matter how you might try not to, you get aroused. I think maybe it”s kind of the same thing. You know, like our own private porno show.”


“Well, I guess that”s possible. But it don”t explain why I almost answered yes when they just asked us to join them.”


“Almost. That”s the key word. We said no.”


“Correction, Max, you said no, I didn”t say nothin” `cause I was afraid of what I”d say.”


“Whatever, Tom. We can control this. We have to.”


“I know, Max. I”ll do my best.”


“I know you will and I will, too. Now, let”s get to bed and get some sleep. I”m wiped.”


I moved my chair back to its corner and we climbed into bed. I curled up behind Tom, holding him gently as we both settled in for a night of restless sleep.


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