Brownmailed Ch. 02

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James brushed a comb through his hair nervously. He couldn’t help thinking of the previous day’s events. He tried his best to throw up all the crap in his stomach, and wash the taste out of his mouth but it was to no avail. He couldn’t stop thinking about the meeting with Juanita and her lawyer, Gloria. Gloria was family friends with Juanita and James had only met her once at Juanita’s birthday party. It was a long, extravagant affair that cost him upwards of 10 grand to put on; everything about the party was to Juanita’s specifications. James hoped he would finally get to have sex with his wife, but to his dismay Juanita went home with Gloria. He masturbated furiously that night to the image of the two beautiful, buxom hispanic women making love to each other. That was what confirmed to him that Nita had no use for his cock; all he was to her was a tongue to lick her filthy asshole.

He drove over to Gloria’s office solemnly, praying the day’s events would be smooth. At least in a public place, Nita couldn’t humiliate him in such a disgusting way, he thought. He entered the building and was greeted by a tall African-American woman at the desk.

“Hello, you must be James,” she beamed at him, getting up to shake his hand. “My name is Cassandra! Come on in, the ladies are waiting for you!”

James followed Cassandra and couldn’t help staring at her thick, protruding bottom as it swayed from side to side. What do these women eat to get such enormous asses, he thought.

She opened the door to a conference room, and his stomach turned as he saw Nita grinning at him. The room was very spacious, and decorated immaculately, with a large marble table with gold trimmings around it.

“Good afternoon James,” Gloria said, walking over briskly. James was stunned at how shapely and curvy she was. In high heels, she was just over 6 inches taller than him.Maybe she had worn something less tight to her body the first time he saw her, or maybe he had tried to block out just how thick her legs and hips were. She had extremely wide hips, going out far past her shoulders.

“Sit,” she said, pointing to an open chair. She turned around to walk to the other side of the table and for the first time, James got a look at her huge, round, firm behind as she slowly lowered it to her seat.

“This will be quick, hopefully. We will go through everything you have signed over to Juanita, and finish the divorce process today. How does casino siteleri that sound?” she said with no emotion, looking at him skeptically.

“Great,” he said quietly, hoping in his head it would really be that easy. Juanita had said he wouldn’t be able to divorce her but maybe Gloria had talked some sense into her.

“Now, without further ado, let’s open up to the first contract, page 8. The contract states that you, James Conway, will give Ms. Juanita Rodriguez sole ownership of your car dealership. The title shall go under her name, and the name of the business shall be under her name as well. Pretty self-explanatory. Any questions?”

James felt ringing in his ears, and felt sick to his stomach. This bitch was taking his business?? That had been in his family for 4 generations! He looked over at Juanita who sat there staring at him with a smug expression on her face.

“Um…” he stuttered.

“Let the record show, Mr. Conway had no objection to the first contract.”

He faintly heard the rest of the contracts over the ringing in his ears. Something about giving her the deed to his house and his vacation home in the woods as well. Something about giving her his car. However, the worst was yet to come.

“Ms. Rodriguez is suing you for $10 million in psychological damages for the sexual abuse she suffered. As you will be giving her all of your possessions, we have figured out a way for you to pay her what she deserves over a long period of time,” Gloria stated, licking her finger and turning to the next page.

Sexual abuse SHE suffered? James felt like his head would explode with rage. The bitch had used his mouth as her toilet! She had psychological damage all right, but from long before she met him. And where did she come up with $10 million? He could never pay that back.

“I know you must have many questions, James, but they will all be answered,” Gloria said, with a faint smirk on her face. “The loan will come from myself, on certain conditions. You will pay it back over a period of 35 years. You will work for myself and Ms. Rodriguez, paying it off by servicing clients of ours who require your… services.”

James was horrified. He could never pay that off! He would be their slave for life!

“But, but…” he stammered.

“-That’s right sweetie,” Juanita cut him off. “You will be servicing our clients’ bottoms. They will pay Gloria and myself by the hour, and we will slot oyna determine your wages, which will be used to pay off your debt.”

Gloria began talking more about the logistics of the deal, and what had been signed for, but James couldn’t hear a word she said. His ears rang as he thought of his future, being degraded by these cruel, big-bottomed women. His head ran wild with these terrible thoughts, but soon he felt a pair of hands start rubbing his shoulders. He looked up – it was Juanita.

“Relax, honey,” she said sweetly. “It will all be fine. You get to spend the rest of your life with me.”

He closed his eyes, hoping it was a dream he could wake up and disappear from. However, he began to smell something strong, which he felt growing stronger. He opened his eyes and felt Juanita turn his chair. He saw a massively thick rear end coming towards his face. He knew it was Gloria’s, and soon it reached his face.

“Enough business for today,” Gloria whispered down to him, her huge ass inches from his face. “Now it’s time for you to pay us back!”

With that, several things happened simultaneously. Gloria pulled her tight khaki’s down, exposing her thick, wide, light brown rear end, protruding in James’ face and taking up all of his field of vision. While this happened, James felt Juanita’s hand firmly grab the back of his head. Gloria grasped her bulbous, fattened cheeks in each hand and spread them slowly, giving James a close up view of her dark brown hole.

“Put your mouth against her pooper, darling, be a good boy,” Juanita whispered seductively, giving his head a light push towards her anus. “Open wide, pretend you’re a baby bird eagerly waiting for Mommy to give you a worm”.

James felt trapped; physically, emotionally, spiritually. He wanted to cry but knew he couldn’t show them any weakness. He knew no good would come from resisting these larger women. He smelled an incredibly strong scent of rotten eggs, cabbage, and beef emanating from her backside. He obediently put his lips to her hole.

“Very nice, James. Now let’s see if you’re as good as Nita says,” Gloria breathed. He felt her grunt, and as she did so, he felt her anus start to expand. He had never felt so humiliated, being forced to eat a woman’s dump with his ex wife watching gleefully, holding his head in place so he couldn’t free himself even if he tried.

“We want only rave review from our clients, sweetie,” Juanita canlı casino siteleri said as James felt the huge turd widen his mouth. “We want you to do such a good job, that all of our clients will want to use you again and again.”

James tried his best to chew the huge poop in his mouth, but despite how fast he chewed, Gloria gave it to him faster. He heard her moaning, as she relished the pleasure she received from making this man eat from her asshole. Juanita pet James’ head as he ate, whispering to him about what she and Gloria ate for lunch, stuffing themselves with bean and cheese burritos for breakfast. He wanted to disappear, but knew the only way out was eating this woman’s waste. After the second huge log broke off, James chewed quickly, forcing it down into his already full stomach.

“Just about halfway there! You’re doing very well, James! I’ve been known to clog quite a few toilets, so if you can handle my load then you can handle any!” Gloria said excitedly.

James felt Gloria rubbing her vagina while he consumed her logs. He felt Gloria’s body begin to shake as her moans intensified; soon, the pleasure of relieving herself into the mouth of her new slave overcame her and she shuddered with the deepest orgasm she had ever felt. She pinched off the final log, and rose off James’s face on unsteady legs. She looked him in the eyes with a deep, powerful satisfaction as he finished chewing her shit.

“Say cheese,” James heard behind him as he turned and felt his heart drop again. Juanita was holding her camera on him. She had recorded the whole thing. “Now go show Gloria how nicely you can clean up her bottom hole, but make sure to thank her first. This is good practice.”

“Thank you,” he muttered, looking down, disheveled and humiliated that he was doing this.

“No, no, no,” Juanita chuckled, grinning at Gloria. “There was no emotion in that! What will our clients think, darling? You do want them to come back and use our services again don’t you?”

He forced himself to nod solemnly.

“Now look in her eyes and say it like you mean it,” Juanita ordered, holding his chin up to make sure he looked at Gloria.

“Th- Thank you,” he whispered, briefly looking in her gloating eyes.

“Anytime, James,” she said, turning her broad bottom and sticking it in his face. “Now clean me up nicely, and don’t miss a spot or Nita will have something to say about it, won’t she?”

Dejectedly, he pulled apart her thick, fat buttocks and saw her shit-stained bottom. He gulped, and leaned his head forward to lick her foul shitter, as he heard the two woman laughing in delight at the newfound obedience of their new employee.

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