Brown Sugar Worship Pt. 02

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This is the second part of a story of the time that I got laid by Lamar, and I think that you should read “Brown Sugar Worship Pt 1”, first to get the full context.

Having my Black friend, Marcus’ nephew over for a couple of days had shown me how good it could be to fuck someone nearly half my age. He was strong, hung, and gay. And he was determined to claim me as his, (and quite successful at it, I might add).

With his softening cock still inside me, he reached to the bed table and got the butt plug, and as he pulled himself out of me, he pushed the plug in, holding it until my sphincter clenched it tight.

He laid beside me, saying: “Baby, get some sleep, and when we wake up I will hit you with some good morning wood.”

As I rolled to my side, I saw that it was after 3AM. We had been fucking for nine hours. That I was ready for sleep was plain to see. What a beautiful workout. Lamar rolled to his side, against my back and I reached between my legs and pulled his cock through, putting it between my thighs.

I woke up feeling a huge black baseball bat between my legs, with Lamar pulling the plug out of my ass. Opening my eyes, the morning sun was coming in the window, and looking at the clock I saw that it was after 10 AM.

His cock was not only rock hard, but pulsing, throbbing, and the tender inside of my thighs could feel every twitch of it. Setting the butt plug on the bed table, he pushed his dry cock into my ass a little to wet the head of it on the juices that were inside me. Putting me to sleep with his big load of cum in me, and it mixing with the lube while we slept, made it easy to make his cock slippery enough that he could push it to me.

As he pushed into me, Lamar held one of my tits in his big hand, and with the other, pulled my long hair back, keeping me close to him. Having the plug inside from the time he removed his cock until he put it back in, had kept my sphincter able to take his thickness, but he still felt huge inside me. Stroking nearly to the bottom, he pulled his chest away from my back, and made me lay on my back, with one leg over his hips.

On his side, pushing that huge cock in and out of me, he bent his head to my chest and sucked my nipple into his mouth. With a hand on my chin, he put one of his big fingers in my mouth for me to suck. I was cumming in no time.

Lifting his face away from my nipple, Lamar said: “Damn bitch, this ass is so good that I could think of keeping you for my private stock. This ass and these nice tits could be easy to get used to. I am going to be coming over this way more often. I didn’t know that skinny ass would fuck this good.”

I moaned: “Baby, I didn’t know that someone your age would be such a considerate lover. You have given me what I needed, even more than I knew that I needed. I love having you in me, fucking me like this. I will always want you to lay me down and give me this big cock. I want to make you happy, any way that I can. Use my hole baby, and make your strong love with me.”

He fucked me for twenty minutes, then stiffened up and said: “Take it. Take this nut. I am emptying my balls in your deep hole, baby. Take it.”

He pulled his cock out of me, rolled to his back and began to get off the bed saying: “I am going to shower. You go make a pot of coffee and then you can shower.”

I grabbed a towel from the linen closet, wrapped it around me and went into the kitchen and made a pot of coffee. As it was perking, he came into the kitchen where I had set cups, sugar and cream on the countertop.

Standing in front of me, Lamar said: “Damn, I like those little tits and big nipples of yours. They look good, and feeling them up really makes you move that ass.”

I lifted my mouth to his and he kissed me, flicking his tongue across my lips but not pushing it inside. The coffee finished perking, and I poured a cup for each of us, put some sugar in mine, and took my cup and went into the bathroom to get a shower. I sat on the toilet and I could feel his cum running out of my ass. Knowing that we would be fucking, I cleaned myself out again, and then got in the shower and bathed my body.

When I came out of the shower, Lamar was sitting on the sofa, naked, and he had his coffee on the table in front of him. I refilled mine and came to sit beside him. I put a hand on his bare thigh, and worked it over to his soft cock.

Looking up at him, I said: “Baby this looks so edible.” Bending to him, I moved myself around until I could lay on the sofa with my head on his thigh, and his cock at my lips. I put it in my mouth, and just gummed his cock head, enjoying that it wasn’t fully stiff, and huge. I wasn’t even “sucking him off”, but just tasting, feeling, loving on his man meat.

As I sucked on him, he was caressing my breasts, feeling me up, feeling the fullness of the growth. He asked: “Eddie, what is it that attracts you to black cock, really?”

Taking his cock out of my mouth, I replied: “Baby, you can’t know how casino oyna many hours I have spent thinking about that, but I have it pretty well figured out. I noticed how much pleasure women get out of being fucked, and also noted that the pleasure increased with the size of the cock that they were taking. Long ago, long before I ever considered taking a cock, I felt that if I would ever try one, it would have to be a big one. I couldn’t see much sense in a small one.”

Hefting his, I continued: “Being a swinger, and seeing women taking all sizes, and even black cock, it didn’t take me long to notice how much better most black guys were at getting the job done than the white guys. From simply fucking their partner, to making love while doing it, black guys know how to do it best. And I also noticed that most white guys, even those with the big cocks, were just one hit wonders. Busting their nut, usually before the woman got off really well, and then needing an hour or more to get themselves ready for another round. You black guys just keep on stroking, keep on satisfying your partner. You are the best.”

He said: “What if I had a friend, a white guy with a big cock, that I wanted you to fuck, do you think that he could get you off?”

That got my attention, and I raised my head off his thigh to say: “I don’t want to fuck any white guys. I only want black guys, and only Mandingo men, and mostly, just you, baby. Why would you want me to fuck a white guy?”

He replied: “I just wanted to know, that if I needed you to fuck a friend, that you wouldn’t want to hook up with him. You wouldn’t have to get off, just get his nut for him, and that would be it.”

Why would I need to get him off? Why would you want me to?” I asked him.

Lamar said: “He and I go back a long ways, and we have shared a lot over the years, and he has wanted to try a man, I told him that some day I would have the right one for him. He is straight, and he let me suck his cock once, but he wants to fuck, but it would take someone who can be “the girl” to get him interested. You and I will have him over and then you can get him to fuck you. I will let him know that it is alright with me for you to fuck him once. His cock is almost nine inches long and quite thick.”

All I could say was: “Baby?”

He said, more as a statement than a question: “Just get him to fuck you.”

As we had been talking, I could see his cock growing. I took it in my hand and began stroking it, holding it firmly, sliding the skin on his rigid shaft. As I worked on it, I was admiring it, and wondering how a white guy could even think that he could compete with something this beautiful.

Looking into his eyes, I moaned: “Baby, I am wanting this. Do you want my ass again? I want to feel you on me, with your body holding me down while this hot muscle fixes my insides. Please?”

Standing up, he helped me to my feet, and we walked to the bedroom. He picked up the lube, handed to me and said: “Grease my pole and let it lube your hole.”

Sitting on the bed, I spread some lube around his cock, and left a dab on the tip of it to work into my hole. I moved to the middle of the bed, and began to lay on my back.

Lamar said: “Lay on our belly on a couple of pillows. I want to lay some pipe so I can satisfy you before we go out to get something to eat.”

I situated two pillows under my lower belly and pelvis, and laid on them. Crawling between my legs, he held his cockhead at my hole and leaned forward, pushing his cock into me. With the first few inches in, he then laid his chest on my back and pushed his meat deep into me.

I squirmed under him and said: “Oh fuck, baby, is it going to feel this thick every time we fuck? You are so big., and so deep in me. Yes, push it to me. Give me your best. Let me feel what I haven’t had before you. M’mmm your body feels good on mine.”

With us lubed up, he was sliding his cock in and out of me easily, deep stroking me, pulling back through my sphincter, then spreading it wide to come back in.

He said: “This ass is wanting me. It is ready, and now it needs to feel the meat that it loves. Get some of this baby.”

He started giving me harder strokes, using the full length of my ass to give me all of his cock. Getting deeper with each stroke, and making me feel all that he had to give. I was loving it, and cumming deep inside.

I wailed: “Oh fuck, Lamar. I love your cock. I love the way that you are putting it to me. Knock the bottom out of it. Fuck me silly. You have destroyed me for anything but your black snake. My ass belongs to you and your black cock. I am yours baby. Fuck me!”

He fucked me. I fucked back to him. My ass felt every vein in his cock, every stroke brought new pleasure to me, and I knew that he really did own me now.

I pressed my knees harder into the bed and began to move my ass under his cock, trying to give him some of what he was giving me, wanting to show him that I loved the way that he fucked slot oyna me.

Fucking me hard, slamming every stroke to the bottom, it didn’t take long for him to be worked up again. When I heard him begin to grunt, I knew that he would be filling me with cum again. I wanted to feel him push his seed into me, and I wished that I could be female, and grow a baby for him.

He grunted, and panted and let me know that I was getting his load. He held his cock deep into me and spurted some cum, then, stiffened his whole body and slammed several strokes into me, then held still and spurted some more.

I cried: “Oh fuck baby, baby, baby, I am cumming too. It is yours. Fill it with your love. Take mine while you empty your balls in me. I love it.”

As he finished cumming, he let his weight lay on my back. I felt so owned by him, and I loved it. This is more of what the woman enjoys from a strong sex partner. Under him, like this, I was powerless to move, and didn’t even want to. I was content to just lay under my man, supporting his weight.

After resting ourselves for a couple of minutes, Lamar pulled out of me, and rolled to his side. I rolled to my side and faced him.

Putting a hand on his face, petting it, I said: “Baby, this is so good. You have made me want no one but you. I don’t care if I never got fucked by anyone else again as long as I know that you will take care of me. You are the best that I could ever want, and anyone less than you just won’t be able to take me where you take me. Please baby, this is not easy to say, but I love you.”

He said: “Eddie, is it that good? Is having me fuck you really that satisfying?”

I told him: “Baby, since the first time you went to the bottom of my hole, I have been running my whole past through my mind. I have had some good pussy, even some great fucking from women. Seven years ago a black man took my ass for the first time, and I knew then that my true satisfaction would come while under a black man, but living around here, I hadn’t been able to pursue it. Seven months ago, I met a man, someone that your uncle Marcus knows, who also took me to new heights, and I thought that was pretty damned good. Then Marcus came along and introduced me to Mandingo sex. Best fucking I ever had, but it was all about the strokes, about having a big black cock in me. But you, baby, you are much more.”

I continued: “Baby, others claimed my ass as theirs, and I didn’t argue with it, but you have claimed all of me, and I am alright with that, even loving that I can feel like I am yours. But what will we do from here? I want more of you, but you have to go home to Savannah, and I have to stay here.”

He said: “You and your ass are mine, and yes, I will go home and you will be here, but I will be back, and you can come to Savannah now and then. I am sure that you will be getting more good cock, with Marcus and his crew wanting to tap that ass of yours. It will only be fucking, but you will be waiting for the loving that we can do. I am going to be up in some ass too, once in awhile, but it won’t be as good as yours, and it won’t be on a nice body like yours.”

I said: “Thanks love, if I do fuck someone else, I will know that they aren’t you, and that it is you that I would rather be laying under. I am starved. Can we go out and eat something. It is after noon already and we haven’t eaten for ages, honey.”

He replied: “I know a good place in Florala, good soul food, and good people. I want to show you off.”

We got out of bed and showered again, and then Lamar said that he wanted me to wear panties, and some really short shorts, and a button up shirt. I had some jeans that I had cut into Daisy Dukes for wearing around the back yard, so I got them out, and some really hot, lavender panties with lace at the legs and waist. I had a light blue button up shirt that I put on last, and then got into my sandals. I hoped that I looked good enough for Lamar. My ass was draining cum and lube so I had to put a panty liner inside my panties so they wouldn’t stain. I felt slutty, but loved that I was his slut.

We drove up to Florala, and when we got to the place to eat, there were several cars there, even though it was mid afternoon on a weekday. Going into the restaurant, there were only a couple of customers, but I could hear music and conversation coming from another room. We ordered Porkchops, Beans and greens and sweet tea to drink.

After eating, Lamar went to the bathroom, which was through the other room, and when he came back, he said: “Some of my homies are back there. We are going to go back so I can show you off to them. Let’s go.”

As we got in the short hall from the dining room to the bar, Lamar unbuttoned the two bottom buttons on my shirt and tied the tails in a knot, leaving my midriff bare. As soon as we got into the back room I could smell weed, and see that some of the guys were drinking beer. One of the guys took a hit on a blunt, and passed it to his friend. All of them were eyeing canlı casino siteleri me, looking me over from head to foot.

One of the guys nodded to Lamar and came over to us, asking: “Is this your bitch, homie?”

Lamar said: “It is. We met yesterday, but we are made for each other, both liking to get in the bed and do the wild thing.”

His friend turned to me and said: “I am Antonio, where do you stay?”

Lamar laughed, and said: “Nigga, don’t be trying to get next to my bitch. He takes my cock and that one of yours wouldn’t do anything but make him hungry. You can look but don’t touch.”

Antonio said to me: “You got one nice looking body for someone as old as you. How long have you been fucking Niggas?”

Ready to hold my own with him, I said: “Long enough to know how to find the best there is, and I done found it with this man. It is more than his moves. It is also the way he puts his loving on me even when we aren’t fucking. Where is your bitch?”

He thought for a moment and said: “I ain’t had no ass in a long time, looking for a new ho now. All the bitches around Florala want to do meth and shit and I am not into that.”

I said: “If you have the right meat, just get yourself a good guy to fuck. We know what a cock should feel and we work to make it good for whoever is pounding our ass into the bed. Have you got ten inches or more?”

He snorted and said: “White boy, I got eight inches but it is one hard working eight inches. Ain’t many asses that can take it all and not love it.”

I laughed, patted Lamar’s crotch, and replied: “Haha, my man has that and 6 more besides. It took him a lot of stroking to put it all to me, but when he did, he gave me the fucking that I had been looking for. I don’t know if an eight inch cock would do me any good. I might fall asleep horny after that.”

Lamar said: “Eddie, turn around and lay over the stool so I can show him the mark.”

I turned and he pulled the leg of my daisy dukes even higher to show my Mandingo tattoo. Seeing that Antonio backed away, and said: “Hot damn!, you be taking some dick.”

Lamar asked Antonio: “Nigga is the back room empty?”

Antonio replied: “It was a few minutes ago, when I went in to fix a blunt.”

Lamar said: “Let’s go in there, so I can show you something.”

Taking me by the wrist, we walked into another room to the back of the bar area, and when Antonio was in, Lamar locked the door. He turned to Antonio and said: “Go into the washroom and wash your cock off and come see what I have for you.”

When Antonio was gone, Lamar pulled the tube of lube from his slacks, dropped them and his shorts, and told me to drop my shorts.

I said: “Baby, I don’t want to fuck that guy. He doesn’t interest me at all.”

He said: “You aren’t going to fuck him. I am going to fuck you, and if he gets hard, you are going to suck his cock while I fuck you, get on that bed.

I climbed on the bed, still in my panties, and Antonio came out of the bathroom, and seeing Lamar’s cock, said: “Nigga that is big, what you gonna show me with that?”

Not answering him, Lamar climbed onto the bed with me, put my ankles on his shoulders, hooked a finger in the crotch of my panties and pulled til they ripped, exposing my ass. He bent to me and pushed his cock in, and began to stroke, getting it deeper until he had bottomed out in me.

Watching Antonio, I could see his cock grow in his pants. He dropped his slacks, and then pushed his boxers down, showing his stiff, sort of thick, eight inch black cock. Wanting to please my man, I did what he wanted and reached for it and pulled him closer to my face. I licked the head, spit on the shaft, and began to move my head on it, while Lamar slammed the meat to my ass.

Getting into what we were doing, Antonio put his hands on my head and began to fuck my face. I had taken much more in my mouth from the Mandingos, so he was an easy fit. Worked up because Lamar was fucking me in front of him, it didn’t take much from me to have him squirming, and then cumming deep into my throat. I held him deep until he finished, and when he pulled out, I didn’t have to taste any of his cum.

Antonio’s cock went soft right away, and Lamar pushed deep, then pulled out saying: “Baby, I will finish this when we get home. What do you think of my bitch now, nigga? He can take cock in both ends, and do it like it is supposed to be done. This is why this skinny white boy is my bitch. He loves what I give him, and loves to do what I need him to do. When we are gone, you can tell the guys that you saw some deep fucking going on. I had all of this in him, and when we get home, I will have him screaming for more, and taking it all again. This motherfucker knows how to please his man.”

I looked at Antonio and asked: “Did I do you any good? Your cock was nice and hard, baby.”

He said: “You got my nut and took it deep. I’m good.”

We left the room, and Lamar walked over to the guy with the blunt, took it, pulled a good hit from it, and handed it to me. I took a pull on it, and handed it to Antonio as Lamar told them that it was nice to see them, and invited them to come to Savannah to see him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32