Brother’s Incestous Bet Chapter 2: Sister’s Teasing Delight

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Brother’s Incestuous Bet

(An Incestuous Harem Story)

Chapter Two: Sister’s Teasing Delight

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2018

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

Maria Reenburg

I woke up with energy the next day, eager for the bet with my brother before I realized I had to wait a week. A week before I could start seducing dad. I just had to give my brother a head start. I was being charitable. After all, I was a cute, sexy nineteen-year-old temptress. When I went to work for my daddy’s political office over this summer break, I would get his dick in me in a flash.

How could he deny me?

My brother, however, was starting his work at our mother’s law office today. We made a bet to see which of us could seduce a parent first. I wanted Daddy in me, and Sean wanted to be in Mom. It was so naughty. If I won, my brother would have to give me his expensive car that Dad bought him.

If he won, I’d have to have his baby before I could let Daddy breed me. And I wanted Daddy to breed me! He was sexy. My brother but older. I mean, I liked fucking my brother. It was fun, but… Daddy was a man!

Feeling naughty as I bounded out of bed, a wicked idea popped into my head.

I darted to my dresser, my naked breasts bouncing and heaving. My blonde hair swayed about me. I yanked open a drawer. I dug around in there and found a pair of yoga pants. I jammed my legs into the stretchy, gray material. It slid up my toned thighs. I glanced at myself in the mirror, my round breasts jiggling. My nipples pink and hard. I was half-bent over, my cute, firm tush looking so nice and round as I rolled up the yoga pants.

Then the pants swept over my rump. It hugged my butt-cheek like a second skin. The stretchy material melted into my crack. It hugged my shaved pussy. My vulva was plump and on display, a yummy camel toe. I couldn’t seduce my daddy today, but I could do my morning yoga.

And if he watched… Got ideas…

I grabbed a sports bra next and wiggled into it, cupping my round tits. I adjusted the dark-purple bra, shifting it, my blonde hair swaying as my tits looked just so delicious in it, my body sleek and beautiful. I nodded at my reflection, my blue eyes shiny with desire.

I. Looked. Hot.

Lastly, I grabbed a purple scrunchy and tied back my blonde hair into a cute ponytail, the perfect way to compliment my outfit. I smiled, my bare toes wiggling in my carpet. Then I darted out of my bedroom, eager to get my work out on.

I rushed downstairs, my bare feet slapping. My daddy wasn’t a man to sleep in. When he was home, he would watch the various cable news channels to start the day while reading his newspapers. He was a state senator for California, but he had plans to go higher. To Washington D.C. and dominate there.

It was so sexy.

My brother was coming out of the dining room dressed in a suit and…

I blinked at my brother. He looked… handsome in his suit. It was a soft gray blazer and slacks, his tie a dark red that fell over his white shirt. His blonde hair was slicked back, his face chiseled. For a moment, he looked like daddy and a wave of heat washed through me, a tingle forming in my pussy.

He looked too handsome. I bit my lip, my eyes flicking up and down him.

“You’re wearing that to work at Mom’s law office?” I gasped.

“Of course,” he said. “It’s a law office. You expect me to wear a yoga outfit.” His eyes flicked up and down my body, a suspicious look on his face. “Why are you wearing that?”

“D’oh, yoga,” I said. “I do it every morning.”

“Right,” he said, shifting. “I’ve seen you do it sooooooo many times.”

“Not my fault you missed out on perving on my fine, young body,” I said, a strange worry swirling through the growing lust in me. He looked not just handsome but… hot. Damned sexy. What if he seduced Mom before I was allowed to seduce Daddy? He had a free week to get her before I could allow Daddy to slide his cock in me.

And Daddy would. Next Monday.

I had to do something. The way he looked at me. That bugle formed in his pants. My twenty-year-old brother was ogling me. I licked my lips and smiled. An idea popped into my head. I had to do something about his mojo.

“Do you like my yoga outfit?” I asked, sauntering to him. His eyes felt so hot ravishing my body. My nipples poked hard against my sports bra. My hips swayed and wiggled as I came closer and closer to him. My toes wiggled and flexed in the carpet as I stopped before him. “Huh, Sean?”

“Yeah,” he said, his voice hoarse. “It’s great, Maria.”

“What do you like most?” I asked. “Seeing my nipples poking against the material? How cute my flat, toned stomach is? Or maybe…” I grabbed his hand and pressed it against my pubic mound, letting him feel the heat bleeding through. “You like that hot, sexy cameltoe outlined by the stretchy material.”

“What are you doing?” he groaned, rubbing at my hot pussy.

My hand rubbed at his crotch, squeezing him. “I need my breakfast. I’m on a protein diet and…” I groped his cock again, feeling it throb. “Care to help me out, bro?”

“You know semen has sugars in it,” groaned my brother as my hand stroked up him.

“I like sugars,” I purred. “But I also love something salty.” I arched an eyebrow. “Do you have time to let me suck you off before you go?”

“Fuck,” he groaned, looking over his shoulder. Our mother was in the kitchen. “Maybe. Yes.”

I grinned. This would be so easy to seduce Daddy. My brother was putty in my hand. Once I drained his cock, he’d lose some of his mojo. It would make it harder for him to seduce mom with his balls drained.

My pussy clenched as he rubbed me through my yoga pants, my juices flowing, soaking the gray material. I would drain every drop from him.

I pulled him towards the sitting room. It was a formal room, decorated by our mother and off-limits most of the time. Especially when we were younger. I bit my lower lip as I pulled my brother to it by gripping his cock through his slacks. He throbbed in my grip, his shaft hard and aching. It was such a naughty treat I’d get to enjoy.

We slipped into the sitting room. It was dark in here, the curtains pulled tight to keep the sun from harming Mom’s antique furniture. The smell of sweet potpourri filled the air, tickling my nose. I pulled my brother to the side, past a marble tabletop, and to a china hutch. I sank to my knees by it and licked my lips.

I stared up at my brother as my fingers unfastened his slacks. I loved kneeling before my brother. I couldn’t wait to do this for daddy. His zipper rasped as he stared down at me with such lust, his blue eyes burning.

“Mmm, your suit fits you well, bro,” I said. “You’re a sexy guy.”

“It’s why you like sucking on my dick,” he said, grinning. That cocky confidence. He couldn’t have that with Mom. I should be insulting him, but…

Damn, he was sexy this morning.

I ripped down his blue-striped boxers next. His cock popped out. My pussy clenched. The only dick I’d ever enjoyed. He filled my pussy to the hilt. I loved it when my brother fucked me. I was so glad Clint and his sisters got wild at our college. That he’d opened my eyes to the joys of incest.

“Fuck!” my brother groaned when I engulfed his dick. My lips slid over his cock. I sucked on him, my head bobbing fast. “You are just greedy for it this morning.”

I was. This was so hot. I wanted to masturbate, but it felt even naughtier letting my pussy just soak my yoga bottoms. The stretchy material clung to my pussy lips. My hips wiggled from side to side. My eyes squeezed shut, my heart hammering in my chest.

I moaned as I worked my mouth up and down his dick. My cheeks hollowed. His precum coated my tongue. My eyes squeezed shut. My hips wiggled from side to side. My juicy cunt grew hotter and hotter. This wondrous delight leaked out of me.

It was incredible to feel my pussy growing hotter. I felt so naughty. So, wanton. I was blowing my brother with my parents in the house. I could hear the TV in the living room. Daddy was so close. He could find me, see just how wanton I was. He’d wish he was in my brother’s place. Mom moved in the kitchen, getting ready to go.

“Come on, you naughty slut,” my brother groaned, his hand seizing my blonde ponytail. He thrust his cock forward. “Make me cum. I’m going to give you such a big breakfast. That’s what a little, slutty sister craves.

“Her big brother’s jizz.”

I did. I sucked so hard. My right hand stroked the base of his cock now, fisting it as he fucked my mouth. My left cradled his balls, full of his cum. My body burned as the delight swelled in me. I rubbed my thighs together, my stretchy yoga pants whisking together. They hugged my ass. My breasts jiggled in my sports bra.

I sucked harder. I loved this amazing dick. I pleased it with all my might. I stopped bobbing my head, letting him just fuck my mouth. My tongue danced over his cock as it plunged over and over past my lips, brushing the back of my throat.

“Fuck!” grunted my brother. “Maria, goddamn, you have a hot mouth. I love fucking it. Mmm, I’m going to spurt my jizz into your mouth. I’m gonna give you what you want.”

I whimpered about his cock.

Drool ran down my chin as my sucking and slurping grew louder. I massaged his balls. They were heavy with jizz. They were brimming with that seed. I wanted it. Craved it. My eyes squeezed shut as his nuts twitched in my hand.

Then he let out a grunt. His cock slammed to the back of my throat. His handsome face twisted izmit escort bayan in bliss. His cum spurted into my mouth. Hot jizz spilled over my tongue. It splashed across the back of my throat. It was amazing. So thick and creamy.

I swallowed.

I gulped his cum down as it fired into me. His balls twitched every time. He groaned, his face twisted into this wonderful expression of bliss. I sucked hard, drawing out his cum. My pussy clenched as his jizz warmed down to my belly.

He felt so wonderful in me. I shuddered, my hips wiggling from side to side. My yoga pants clung to my shaved pussy lips. I felt so juicy down there. It was so wonderful. My brother’s hand relaxed on my ponytail as the last spurt of cum fired into me.

My eyes fluttered as he panted, saying, “Damn, Maria. That was great.”

I popped my mouth off his dick, panting. I opened my mouth to say something when Mom shouted, “Let’s go, Sean!”

“Fuck!” my brother groaned.


Sean Reenburg

Panting, I scrambled to put my cock away while my sister knelt before me, saliva and some of my jizz staining her chin. Her blue eyes were glazed. She looked so sexy. A barely legal temptress, her blonde hair swaying behind her in that cute ponytail, those round breasts jiggling, nipples hard and begging to be played with.

I shoved my cock back into my boxers. I pulled up my slacks in a hurry. I shoved my shirt into my pants, tucking it in fast as Maria rose. Her crotch was soaked with her juices, making her cameltoe more pronounced. Her sweet musk filled my nose.

I wanted to eat her out now but…

Why did she want to blow me? I felt so… drained now. Flushed and panting. I didn’t have that confidence I had when I put on the suit. Flustered, I darted out of the room before Mom found us. I felt sweaty now. My tie didn’t feel perfect. My clothing felt rumpled.

Was she trying to sabotage me? Was she trying to drain my lusts so I didn’t have that hungry drive to seduce our mother?

That little slut. Of course she was.

Mom entered the foyer a moment later, her heels clicking, drawing my eyes to her calves clad in her beige pantyhose. It was such a delight to see. My eyes followed up her legs to her dark-gray pencil skirt. It stretched over her thighs and hugged her curves. She was such a sexy woman. She could make a corpse rise from the dead to worship her. My eyes kept climbing, a mauve blouse with a scoop neckline to show off her large tits, a dark blazer over it. She had a pearl necklace around her neck, almost hugging her tight like a choker.

My soft dick twitched. I wanted to give her my own pearl necklace.

She was a beautiful MILF, her blonde hair feathered and falling in lush waves around her gorgeous face. She was Maria matured to perfection. Her tits were so large. My mom was built like a brick house, as they say. She kept herself in shape. I wished she was in yoga pants right now.

“You ready to go?” she asked, glancing down into her open purse as she walked up to me, hardly noticing me.

“Yeah,” I said.

She looked up and smiled at me. “You are looking handsome, Sean. Just like your dad.” She adjusted my tie then smoothed a lock of hair off my forehead. She frowned. “Were you running around the house?”

“Yeah,” I said. “Maria was teasing me.”

Mom rolled her eyes. “That girl… I hope she doesn’t drive your father wild working at his office.”

“Me, too,” I said. At least not until I’d driven Mom wild at hers.

“Well, let’s go,” she said, smiling at me, a soft perfume floating around her, light and airy.

I opened the front door and said, “You look great today, Mom.”

“Oh, thanks,” she said, her ruby lips spreading in a smile. “That’s so sweet of you to notice.”

Oh, I’d noticed. “The pearl necklace looks great on you.”

“Oh, your dad bought it for me,” she said, stroking the strands.

I winced. I couldn’t have that. I didn’t need her thinking of Dad, only me. I had to be more careful. I swallowed as I followed her to her car, a dark-blue Lexus. I didn’t know how to seduce my mom. She wasn’t a girl at my college. She wasn’t my horny sister.

She was a mature woman. My mother. She didn’t think anything of incest. I had the vague idea compliments were the way to go, but I didn’t know more than that.

As I sat beside her on the drive to her law office, I strained myself for ways to compliment her more that didn’t sound pervy. I mean, I couldn’t say that blouse showed off her lush tits to perfection, or that her pantyhose clung to her calves and gave them such a lovely shape.

I kept staring at her legs as we drove, squirming in the seat. I needed help to seduce her. I had to come up with a plan. I had a week head start, but was that enough? With Maria wearing that naughty yoga outfit and prancing before Dad…

She was skirting a line, priming him. I didn’t want to give up my car. I wanted to breed my sister. My mom. I wanted them both pregnant at the same time. It would be so hot. Our family could change into something awesome.

I just needed to seduce my mom.

We reached her law office. It wasn’t a big firm, but it was in a nice building in down town. The June day was already growing hot. I climbed out of the car, glancing at the building. My secret weapon was in there. I grinned, eager to unleash it.

“You ready, bud?” Mom asked as she climbed out. “I’m going to work you. You want to be a lawyer, well, I’m going to get you ready. Research, research, research.”

“I’m ready, Mom,” I said.

“Good.” She flashed me a motherly smile that felt so… naughty with the thoughts bursting in my mind.

We rode the elevator up to the third floor. Her office was already unlocked, her name printed on the frosted glass in gold letters: “Elisabet Reenburg, Attorney at Law.” I opened the door, ushering her in with a bow. Then I ogled her tight rump as she swayed in, her perfume filling my nose.

Damn, she smelled good.

I followed her in and shut the door behind me. Stepping out of a small conference room was the pregnant Cheryl Elliston. I grinned at the MILF, her body glowing. She was so round. Her breasts bounced and jiggled. Her breasts filled out that low-cut blouse of hers, a hint of her lacy bra cupping them. She smiled at me, her bleached-blonde hair tumbling about her face.

“Well, he did show up,” Mrs. Elliston said. “And looking so handsome.”

“He’s growing up into a man,” Mom said.

I straightened up at her words. I was a man. I would show her.

A knowing glint appeared in Mrs. Elliston’s dark eyes, her smile growing… naughty.

“Well, get him helping on your research,” my mom said as she strode past towards her office. “I need to get to work on the Miller brief.”

“All the materials are uploaded to Dropbox,” Mrs. Elliston said. “I found something that I think you’ll like.”

My mom nodded. “A good paralegal is worth her weight in gold.”

“I get that,” I said.

Her office door closed behind her.

“So…” Mrs. Elliston said. “Got it hot for your mom?”

I nodded my head, glancing at her. “You’re going to help me. Mentor me.” I gave her a grin. “You’re here to show me the ropes, right?”

She laughed and took my arm. “Let’s talk.”


Maria Reenburg

I sauntered into the living room. CNN was on one TV, Fox news was muted on the other. Dad was reading his paper. He had two more sitting by his chair already folded and read. I stopped before him, my yoga pants still soaked with my excitement at blowing my brother, clinging to my juicy pussy.

The flavor of Sean’s salty cum lingered in my mouth.

“Morning, Daddy!” I said brightly.

Daddy’s face appeared as he lowered the paper. He was a dark-haired version of my brother. Hazel eyes instead of blue, but the same chiseled chin. Only he didn’t have that boyish look about him. He had the look of a man. All hard lines, age giving him more of a weathered look. He didn’t have that soft look of other politicians.

He liked to maintain his blue collar cred, as he put it. It was why my brother and I went to public school and not private university.

“I’m going to do my yoga,” I said. “Is that okay, Daddy?”

“Oh, sure,” he said, his eyes flicking up and down me. The paper rustled as he lowered it more. “That’s quite the… outfit.”

“Oh, this?” I asked, shrugging. “Just something I threw on. Do you like it?”

“It’s… daring,” he said as I turned around and faced the TV, letting him stare at my rump clad in it.

“Really?” I asked, bending over and reaching for my toes. My ponytail fell past my head. I could feel him looking at me, the cloth stretched over my pussy. There would still be a wet spot from my excitement. It clung to my flesh.

I might as well be naked.

“It’s just yoga pants,” I continued. “Every woman wears yoga pants.”

“Uh-huh,” he said.

My stomach burned from holding the stretch, my body almost folded in half. My breasts rubbed against my thighs, nipples tingling. My fingers caressed my bare toes.

Then I straightened and lunged my leg forward, stretching out my legs. I stretched my arms up, my breasts jiggling. His chair creaked. His paper rustled. He was ogling me. It wasn’t a seduction. I was just doing my morning yoga.

If Daddy happened to get turned on and start thinking about me in a certain way, well… That wasn’t breaking the rules.

I couldn’t help it if Daddy found me hot.

I launched into kocaeli escort bayan my yoga, moving through my poses, feeling my daddy’s hot eyes on me. He shifted, the news fading from my attention as I went through every naughty pose I could. I showed off my body. I shook my ass. My jiggles twitched. I let him see all my curves and delights. He had to be getting excited. He had to be thinking of me in naughty ways and—

The doorbell rang.

“Could you get that, Maria,” Daddy said.

“I…” I frowned. I was just in the middle of my routine. My body had that wonderful gleam of sweat on it, making my skin glisten. I felt so healthy and hot and…

The doorbell rang again.

“Please, Maria,” Daddy said, his newspaper rustling.

“Fine,” I muttered and stomped off, my ponytail bouncing behind me. My tits jiggled. I put a wiggle to my hips, hoping he watched. “Stupid doorbell,” I hissed beneath my breath. “Ruining all my fun. I was there. He was getting so hard.”

I reached the door, wrenched it open, groaned. “What are you doing here?”

Vanessa, my father’s “secretary,” arched her eyebrows. The leggy Black girl, her fake titties swelling the tank top she wore, gave me an interesting smile. I knew my dad paid for those tits. I don’t know why Mom put up with Daddy fucking this bimbo. Maybe she didn’t realize it.

I should be the bimbo Daddy fucked. He should keep his adultery in the family. Where it belonged.

“Are you going to let me pass, Maria?” she asked with a sugary fakeness that churned my stomach. “I have to talk to your father.”

“Fine,” I huffed and stepped aside. “Dad, your dumb secretary’s here!”

“Good, good,” Daddy answered. His paper rustled. The TV turned off. He appeared a moment later, wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, the comfortable clothing of a man on vacation. “We’ll be up in my office. Have fun with your yoga.”

“Fine,” I muttered again.

He followed his secretary to his office. She clutched some files, but I was sure it was all just a pretense. I stared at the closed door. I could just see it from here. I bit my lip, wondering how long it was before she was bent over the desk getting fucked.

My pussy grew hotter and hotter as I imagined the bitch bending over his desk, shaking that ass at him. She had a plump booty. Did Daddy like that? A little junk in the trunk. I had a tight tush. Firm and toned, round with my perkiness. Sean loved my ass.

Daddy should, too.

But he’d rather fuck his secretary. She was almost thirty. That was so old. While I was nineteen, young and nubile. I was so ripe and ready to be fucked. Only Sean had used my pussy. It was practically fresh. I shuddered, my pussy growing hotter and hotter.

It was so unfair. I wanted to masturbate, but not with them in there. I didn’t want to cum thinking of my daddy fucking that slut. She would be gasping on the cock I should be enjoying. She was stealing his dick from me.

I sat down on the couch and stewed. I ground my teeth together, rubbing my thighs tight together. My clit throbbed. My juices flowed. Tingles raced through me. But I was too furious to masturbate now. I wanted to claw her eyes out.

“Yes, yes, fuck my cunt, Senator Reenburg!” I imagined that slut moaning, her ebony booty jiggling as Daddy slammed into her. “Dump all that cum in me!”

I ground my teeth. So unfair. And I bet Sean was seducing Mom, too. He would be fucking her over the desk, and I’d have to be bred by him. And… I mean, that wasn’t bad, but I wanted my daddy’s baby growing in me.

But at this rate, Daddy would knock up that stupid cunt in there before me!

After about thirty minutes of stewing in my own juices (literally, my pussy was soaked with excitement), Daddy and the whore emerged. He had a flushed gleam on his face, a big smile on his face. He whistled.

“Hey, honey,” he said while his secretary headed for the door, a shake to her rump clad in those tight, tight shorts. “I’m going to play some golf. You okay by yourself?”

“I’m not a child, Daddy,” I said, trying not to sulk. I bet he was so hard because of me, but that stupid cunt got it. Not me.

“Okay,” he said. He glanced at me, his eyes flicking up and down me, then he left.

I was so annoyed. So wet. This was unbearable. Then an idea popped into my head. There was one way I could get some satisfaction.


Sean Reenburg

“You need to have physical contact with your mother,” Mrs. Elliston said. “Get her used to your touch. Hug her. Touch her hands. Compliment her cleavage. Tell her that she’s beautiful.” She smiled, rubbing her pregnant belly. “Every woman loves to hear that.”

“Okay,” I nodded as we worked in the law library, a collection of books that my mom had collected over the years.

“Make her feel like a woman. Remind her of that fact.” Mrs. Elliston had a smile. “That’s a wonderful thing.”

“Just like your son does for you?” I asked.

“Just like my Master does for me,” she said. “He owns me. But you don’t need that with your mother. Just make her feel loved. Give her what your father’s not. Intimacy.”

I nodded.

She gave me a considering look. “Offer to massage her shoulders. You have strong hands. She’ll like that.”

“Oh, that’s brilliant,” I said, my dick getting so hard. “Thanks, Mrs. Elliston.”

She gave me a wink. “It’s a special bond a mother can have with her son. I miss my husband, but Clint… He stepped up. Do that for your mother, and you’ll have something magical.”

So that was why, an hour and a half later, I was in my mom’s office dropping off some files. She sat at her desk, her tits looking so lush and lovely, cradled in that tight, low-cut blouse. “Here you are, Mom,” I said, a nervousness sweeping through me. “How’s it going?”

“Tedious,” she said, not looking up at me. “Thanks.”

“Your shoulders look stiff. Care for a massage?” I held my hands out before me, flexing them. “I’m told I give a good one.”

She glanced at me now, her blue eyes… considering. She shifted in her computer chair. “I suppose I can take a quick break.”

I smiled and moved behind her, my dick so hard. Her airy perfume filled my nose again as I gathered her blonde locks and shifted them to the side so I could stare down her lovely cleavage at the perfection of her tits. They looked so big and ripe, swelling out her blouse. I licked my lips, hungry to do things to her.

To tease her.

Please her.

Drive her wild.

My fingers rubbed her through her silky blouse, wishing it wasn’t in the way. Her chair creaked as she leaned back. She let out a slight groan as I massaged her shoulders, my thumbs brushing the bare skin of her neck. She was so warm. So delicious.

My heart raced. My dick was so hard in my slacks. I wanted to pull my cock out and rub one off right here. Right now. I wanted to give my mom such a surprise. A naughty pearl necklace. Better than the one dad gave her.

“Sean,” she groaned, her back arching. Her tits jiggled in her blouse. So big and soft. I was lost staring down her cleavage. “You’re good at that.”

“Thanks, Mom,” I said. “Just want to make you happy. You deserve it. You work so hard.”

“I do,” she sighed, her chair creaking. She let out another groan. “Mmm, yes, that’s what I need. You’ve got just that special touch.”

I could have massaged her forever. Would have. I worked her shoulders for what felt like hours but was only minutes. I was drifting through my fantasies, imagining all the naughty things we would do. I would slide my dick into her. I would make her cum over and over. She would gasp on her desk, crying out in release as I gave her a truly satisfying massage.

And then she said, “That was nice, Sean.”

“Oh…” I tried not to sound disappointed like a petulant boy, but… “You don’t need me to continue.”

“No, no, I’m ready to get back to it.” My fingers squeezed her one last time and she groaned, “Please, Sean, I have to work. But… thanks.”

“Sure,” I said, my dick so hard.

I pulled my hands away. For a moment, I didn’t know what to do until she said, “Close my door on the way out, please.”

“Yeah, Mom.” I swallowed and headed out, my dick throbbing. I needed to do something. Maybe I could slip away and jerk-off. It would be better if Mom did something to me, but…

I closed her office door behind her.

“I’ll say that went well,” Mrs. Elliston said from her desk.

“Huh?” I asked.

She glanced down at my crotch and smiled. My cheeks burned and I shifted, which only made her laugh wickedly. I felt even more like a boy. A part of me wanted to turn around, march in, and show my mother I was a man right here, right now.

But Mrs. Elliston didn’t advise me to do that.

“Your sister’s in the conference room,” she added. “She says she needs to speak to you.”

I frowned. “Why?”

Her smile only grew and she winked at me.

I headed to the conference room, opening the wooden door. It was a small room with a long table in the center, a laptop charging in the middle, chairs around it. My sister sat perched on one wearing a tennis skirt and a tank top, her round breasts molded by the white fabric, her lithe legs crossed, the skirt short.

“Why are you here?” I asked. “Checking up on me? Trying to sabotage me.”

“Just being a good sister,” she said as she slipped off the table and turned around. She wiggled her ass at me. “You’re getting nowhere with mom, right?”

“I’m making progress,” I answered, kocaeli escort her skirt swaying about those tanned thighs, the cloth falling over her tight rump. My dick throbbed.

“Mmm, but that’s not the same as satisfaction.” She bent over lower. “So I thought I’d be a loving sister and help you out. How can you concentrate on seducing Mom with that big dick tenting your pants?”

“You are here to sabotage me,” I groaned as I stared at that teasing ass.

Her blonde hair fell loose about her face as she looked over her shoulder at me. Grinned.

“You fucking bitch,” I groaned.

I couldn’t resist. I needed to cum. And she was here. Her pussy was available.

I pounced.


Maria Reenburg

I needed this so much. My brother wasn’t the only one horny.

“Fucking A, no panties?” he groaned, his clothing rustled.

“I’m just such a good sister,” I purred. “Fuck me! Hard!” We might get caught by Mom.

That only sent a wicked thrill through me. Part of me didn’t want to hide the incest. If we seduced our parents (so long as I got Daddy first), then we could be open about our fucking, too. We could have family orgies. It would be so hot. Daddy was a stud, of course, but Sean was a close second and—

“Yes!” I moaned as his cock rammed into my pussy.

I didn’t need foreplay. Sucking him off this morning then performing yoga for Daddy was all the buildup I needed. My pussy had craved to be filled for hours. Now I had that satisfaction as his crotch smacked into my rump, his balls slapping my clit.

My brother’s balls full of his incestuous seed.

My cunt clenched down on his dick, drinking in the friction. His dick pumped into my silky sheath. He massaged my walls. Rapture ripple through me with every hard thrust. I gasped. With no bra to support them, my tits jiggling in my tank top.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I hissed, not caring about being quiet. Let Mom find us. Let her witness our passion. “Pump that cock in me, bro! I need to cum!”

“Just such a slut for my dick, aren’t you?” he growled, thrusting with such power.

“I am!” I gasped. “I’m your sister-slut!”

“I am breeding this cunt!” he snarled, pumping away hard. “When I win, once you’re off the pill, you’re going to get bred by your big brother!”

“I’m going to get bred by Daddy!” I hissed, squeezing my shaft down around his cock. “Oh, god, yes, Sean! But you can cum in me right now. You can pump all that jizz into my cunt you want! Give it to me!”

“Slut!” he snarled.

“The biggest! For you! For Daddy!” Just saying that sent me over the edge.

I couldn’t believe I was cumming already. My pussy convulsed around his thrusting dick. His hard plunges churned up my snatch. Rapture rippled out of me. It flooded through my body. Stars burst before my eyes. My back arched as the ecstasy melted my mind.

“Such a slut!” he grunted, burying into my cumming cunt over and over again.

Every thrust kept my pleasure alive. My pussy writhed about his cock, sucking at him. I wanted his cum spurting into me. I wanted to feel that incestuous, taboo delight pump hot jizz into my depths. I wiggled my hips, stirring around him as I gasped and moaned.

“Cum in me!” I groaned. “Do it! Just pump all that jizz in me!”

“I will!” he growled, burying into my cunt. He didn’t pull out, but he didn’t cum, either.

I shuddered as my orgasm burned hot through me. I whimpered, my eyes fluttering. My hair fell about my flushed face as I collapsed on the table. The smooth veneer was cool on my left cheek. I whimpered, my nipples throbbing as my pussy’s convulsions slowed, then died around his dick.

“You didn’t cum in me,” I panted.

“I will,” he promised. “I just wanted to enjoy your pussy for one more second.”

“What?” I panted, struggling to think what that meant.

Then he ripped his cock out of my snatch. My poor sheath felt suddenly empty. I whimpered and lifted my head. I was about to ask what he was doing when he pressed his cock between my butt-cheeks. His pussy-drenched tip found my asshole.

“Sean!” I gasped as my brother thrust.

My asshole tried to resist. It did. But his cock was slicked with all my cream. I was a gusher. I produced so much juice. They stained my thighs and filled the air with that wonderful, sweet scent. My back arched as my anal ring widened and widened.

My sphincter swallowed my brother’s cock.

First the tip popped into my bowels, then he thrust deeper. I took more and more of his shaft. The velvety heat erupted in my asshole. I whimpered, squirming on the table as he plundered deeper and deeper into my sheath.

“You’re just such a slut, you love it all, don’t you?” he growled.

“If it’s you or Daddy,” I groaned, squeezing around his dick. “I’m just a slut for my family!”

The table creaked as he leaned over me, his hands planted on either side of my body as he bottomed out in my asshole. My nipples throbbed in my blouse, feeling the firm surface of the tabletop as I squirmed. My brother drew back, my bowels rippling with him.

Pleasure rippled out of my anal sheath.

My pussy grew hotter, drinking in the bliss. I groaned as he drilled his cock back into my asshole’s depths. His crotch smacked into my rump. His balls thwacked into my taint. I groaned, loving it. My toes curled in my sandals.

The slap-slap of our flesh meeting echoed through conference room. He sodomized me hard, fast. My pussy juices lubed him, letting him drive into me again and again. A new orgasm swelled inside me. A naughty one. So hot. So ready to burst in me.

“Yes!” I panted, squeezing my bowels around his dick. “Oh, I love it up the ass, too!”

“You’re going to cum so hard, aren’t you?” he demanded. “You’re going to cum on my dick and milk my balls dry, aren’t you, my little sister-slut!”

“Big time!” I moaned. I arched my back as he pounded me, the table creaking louder. “Fuck me! Hammer that dick into me! Tear my ass up and make me explode, bro! I’ll drain your cock dry! I’ll empty your balls! Yes!”

I needed this so much. Daddy should have done this to me, but my brother was amazing. His cock felt wonderful as he rammed it into me. He thrust it over and over into my bowels. I glanced over at my shoulder at him, loving the intensity in his face, the way his blue eyes burned as he sodomized me.

He loved my asshole. I gave my brother such pleasure with my tight sheath. I bucked into him, pussy juices running down my thighs. My cunt swelled in heat. In intensity. It was amazing to feel. This wondrous delight surging into me, filling me to the hilt.

“Oh, my god, yes!” I hissed. “Keep fucking me this hard! I’m going to explode on your dick!”

“Good!” he grunted, thrusting faster, harder. He buried his dick to the hilt in me. He filled me to the brim.

I loved it.

My orgasm swelled faster. Every time he buried into me, every time his balls smacked into my taint, I shuddered. My bowels loved his dick. The velvety friction burned in my nethers, bringing me closer and closer to my eruption.

I wanted that explosion of bliss to flood through me. My eyes squeezed shut. Stars danced in the darkness. I whimpered, tensed. His dick drilled into me again and again. He filled my bowels to the hilt, grunting every time.

“Brother!” I moaned. “I… I… Yes!”

It happened.

My brother gave me another orgasm.

It started in my pussy. My cunt convulsed. Juices gushed hot down my thighs. Then it spread, rippling out of my body in waves of ecstasy. My bowels spasmed about Sean’s cock. My asshole worshiped my brother’s big dick plunging into me again and again.

“Fuck!” Sean groaned. “What a slutty sis! Cumming from anal!”

“Such a slutty sis!” I screamed as the ecstasy washed into my mind over and over. “So cum in me! Pump all that wonderful jizz into me! Please, please, give it to me, big bro!”

My brother grunted. He buried to the hilt in my spasming asshole. His dick twitched. His hot cum pumped into my asshole. I groaned as the incestuous heat flooded my bowels. My flesh writhed faster around him, another orgasm exploding in my cunt.

“Oh, fucking yes!” I howled, my back arching. I milked him. “Fire all that jizz in me! I love it!”

“Me, too!” he grunted. “Damn, your ass… I love your ass! I can’t wait to fuck our mom’s ass.”

“Mine’ll be better,” I panted, my orgasm peaking in me as my bowels massaged out the last of his jizz. “Mmm, you’ll see.”

He grunted. “Mom’s going to be amazing. I can’t wait to fuck her.”

I smiled, loving the feel of being bent over the table with my brother’s softening cock and all his jizz in my asshole. “But I’m going to win. You’ll see. Daddy will be fucking my asshole in a week. I’ll be bent over his desk within an hour of showing up at his office.”

“You forget I still have my head start,” Sean said. “I have all week to seduce Mom.”

I giggled. “We’ll see.”


Sean Reenburg

I promised I would show my sister that I could seduce my mother. I had my ace in the hole. Mrs. Elliston. She would mentor me. By Friday, she would ensure that I had my mother’s pussy wrapped about my cock.

So when I came in the next day with Mom, eager to get farther in my seduction, Mrs. Elliston wasn’t there, I frowned. “Mom, is she running late?”

“Oh, I forgot to tell you,” Mom said, a big smile on her lips. “She went into labor last night. Last I heard, she’s still in delivery. We should find out soon, though. Isn’t that wonderful?”

My stomach sank. My secret weapon gone. “How long is she going to be on maternity leave?”

“Oh, six months,” Mom said. “Her temp replacement will show up tomorrow.”


To be continued…

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