Brother, Sister Look Up Ch. 01

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This story does include pee and poo, so if that offends you, you’ve been warned. Everyone is 18 or over.


I remember the first time I realized my younger brother was taking my panties and jerking off in them. It actually turned me on that he was likely sniffing the crotch so he could enjoy my most personal smells. Of course, as a 21-year-old woman intent on establishing myself in the world, I wasn’t exactly cranked on having to deal with a brother only two years younger who was getting off on my underwear.

For one thing, it meant I had to keep better track of my panties so that I could be sure I had some to wear every day. But then I started thinking that maybe this could turn out to be something that would do something for me as it obviously was doing for him. He was in his third year at a local college and we both lived at home, although I had a decent job and had I not wanted to save up for my own life’s goals, I could have moved out and gotten my own place.

Mom and Dad pretty much left us alone and we each had our own friends. We had not been wildly close growing up nor had we been enemies. I had many friends in high school and a few steady guys. He too had his girlfriends and certainly his pals with whom he played ball and hit the bars.

Rob was tall, had a nice frame and handsome face, and usually wore a beautiful smile. I was no beauty queen but I do have natural blonde hair, decent figure, perfectly proportional 34Bs, and a friendly face. Neither of us were virgins and we even were able to have our significant others stay over for the night although the parentals did not appreciate extra guests at breakfast which sometimes made life a bit awkward for us both.

One day I returned home from work early because we had had a group lunch after which no one was in the mood for work, beginning with the chief executive officer who in a moment of joy for us all, told us to take off the rest of the day. I quietly entered the house and tread lightly on the stairs. Rob’s door was closed so I saw the light under the door and quietly knocked. I heard a slight cry of surprise but I opened the door to find my brother jerking himself off with my pale blue hicuts wrapped around his spurting member.

“You know,” I found myself saying as if it were the most usual occurrence I’d seen, “if you had asked me I’d have been happy to supply a few of my less snappy undies for you to employ in your pleasuring.” I was surprised at how articulate I managed to react but perhaps this was because I had suspected something like this was going on when some of my favorite underpants had been missing from my lingerie drawer.

Rob reacted a bit more defensively.

“I’m sorry, Sis,” he blurted out, “I didn’t think you’d be all that pleased with my using your panties for…this.”

“Well, it doesn’t exactly send me over the moon, sweetie,” I forced myself to reply, “but I do get a charge out of your possibly thinking of me while you are engaged. Maybe you’d like to take a look at what I have on right now.”

I knew that he likely would get a charge out of seeing what I actually wore to work, having recalled a previous boyfriend confiding to me that guys liked the normal underwear girls wore, even the plain white cotton panties that we all have in reserve or when needing to wear to get over a yeast infection down there.

His eyes lit up and he stared at my skirt as if to burn a path right through it to my panties and thence to my most intimate places—oh heck with the euphemisms: my pussy.

Nonchalantly—yes, I wish I could have been so cool—I did unzip my relatively modest knee-length red wool skirt and let it drop as if I were doing this onstage. On display now Escort were my lilac hicuts, trimmed with some lace and a cute little bow in front. I turned round so he could see my adequate ass cheeks enpantied and then slowly slid them down and off.

“You’re getting quite a nice free show for a jerkoff, aren’t you, Rob?” I teased as I handed the warm, silky undies to my brother. “Yes, do sniff the crotch if you want to get the full essence of moi,” I kept up the patter.

“Now I need to get out of the rest of this darling outfit,” I said with a flourish. “So enjoy and remember there’s much more where they came from.” With that, I departed his room with my skirt in my hand, my sense of self intact, and no particular annoyance at catching him doing his thing with my panties.

Later that evening, Rob knocked on my door and asked to come into my bedroom. I said he could and he began to apologize for his behavior regarding my panties.

I stopped him before he could go too far—I think he was about to get down on one knee—and told him that I was flattered that he got a charge out of sniffing and using my panties the way he had.

“I’m sorry, Sis,” he went on, “but seeing your panties in the wash just was such a turn-on. I’ve always been so fond of you and I kept thinking how close we were here and yet so far apart.”

As usual, our parents were out for the evening and would likely not return home until the wee hours. I had changed into some blue shorts and a tee. I had put sox and running shoes on, so I didn’t feel wildly sexy.

“Do you have any plans for tonight?” he asked, seemingly innocently.

“Why do you ask?” I asked. “Have you suddenly become a homebody, Rob?”

His face flushed yet again. “I’m sort of between now,” he began. “I haven’t broken up with Deirdre or stopped seeing Kathy, but …I guess I can tell you…I just find you a real turn-on, Sis, and would enjoy being here with you.”

I hadn’t made any plans for that night. The idea of staying here and watching TV or maybe making out with Rob was not something I’d ever given any thought to doing.

I smiled at Rob. He sat down next to me on my bed and while I half figured this could happen, I was still slightly surprised when he took me in his arms and hugged me tight.

“Wow,” he exclaimed, “that feels really good!”

“Wasn’t half bad from my end either,” I grinned.

We rolled back on the bed, somehow shed our shoes in the process, and held each other, just enjoying the feeling of being so close to one another. Rob started to slip my tee up and off and I didn’t offer any resistance.

Then I took the initiative and unhooked my lacy white bra and let myself be bare atop. Rob first caressed my boobs and then nestled into them.

“I remember when I first saw you in a training bra, Sis,” he said with a reminiscent smile. “Did you actually need one then?”

“I never had anything like that until I needed it,” I recalled to him. “Mom noticed that I was popping out up there and that the boys would notice it if I didn’t at least put on a training bra. I didn’t like it a whole lot because it felt tight and confining—it still does—but it wasn’t long before I really did need to wear a bra.

“And in case you’re interested,” I went on, “because Mom told me to keep this totally to myself, I told her one day that I had noticed a trace of blood when I peed. She had told me to come to her when it looked like I was getting my period. We went into the bathroom and she actually had me hold myself open down there—this was my intro to what happens at the gynecologist’s—and she noticed a tiny trickle of menstrual flow. So I had a sanitary pad in my pants before I ever had Escort Bayan a chance to stain my panties.”

“Now you know all about how your sister grew up fast and became a woman,” I said with a flourish.

“Why don’t you take off your shirt and whatever else and get comfortable/” I suggested.

Rob proceeded to strip down and I saw that he was wearing what are now called boyshorts. Those are the panties that look like cut-down boxers and are worn, usually, by girls, not boys.

“You really are into the panty thing, it seems,” I couldn’t help commenting.

“I learned from Kathy how comfortable they are, so she got me a couple of pairs,” Rob answered, without much embarrassment. “Now I don’t wear them when I go to work out.”

I slipped my shorts down and then the plain white cotton undies I had put on under them.

Rob stared quite intently at my nicely trimmed auburn-haired bush and then we fell into each other’s arms as we rolled on the bed. Rob was playing with my nipples, which were getting longer and pointy and hard. I started toying with his cock, which looked quite impressive and was rapidly growing even more impressive as it stiffened in my fingers.

Soon we decided to move under the covers and his fingers began to rub my labia and start to poke into my quim. I reacted like most girls would—ones who like this, that is—and moved my bottom in rhythm with his poking. He even let a finger from his other hand that had been feeling my ass cheeks move in between them and start to gently push into my asshole.

I really was liking all of this. I’m very sensual, as my lovers tend to remark. I felt I was getting wet and my parts down below were definitely getting hotter by the second.

Then Rob pulled down the covers and got between my legs and started licking me. It didn’t take too many tongue strokes to get me into a tizzy. I’m often a squirter too so when he brought me off, he also got some of my juice right in his face.

I’m not too enthusiastic about oral, that is, on giving blowjobs. I thanked him for bringing me off so nicely and told him that this was one thing I’d rather pass on but I was ready to have him nicely inserted inside me. He took time to finger me some more and rub some of my juices onto his cock, as if he needed any more stimulation or me, any more lubrication.

He propped himself on his arms so he didn’t put his weight on me and his prong moved ever so smoothly into my quim. It was nice and long as well as thick and it made me feel really good to have it in there. Soon he began the in-and-out thrusting that I do like, so long as he doesn’t hit my cervix or engage in some other rough fucking.

You may wonder why we didn’t stop and consider what we were doing, you know, the brother-sister thing. At this stage, where we had known each other for so long and had had these feelings, there was no thought required. We were hot for each other and had spent all of our growing-up years preparing for this moment.

I realized at that moment that we were made for each other. We knew so much about ourselves except, until now, about our sexual proclivities, except, of course, that we both tended to the heterosexual world. I did now and then have a hankering for the right woman but that was not something I had yet felt much inclined to do anything about.

I guess it was sort of a miracle that we turned out to be more than sexually compatible. Rob seemed to adore every inch of me and I him. He played with my ass, fingered me deeply there, and I did the same for him. He was only slightly embarrassed when he spurted after I had given him one of those internal prostate massages and I had to reassure him that this had more Bayan Escort to do with him being male and having a prostate than wanting a cock in his ass.

We kept at it for quite a while, no wham bam, thank you ma’am. I was enjoying this sex more than any other time and I think he was more relaxed and yet excited and turned on than he had ever been with any of his girlfriends. This time we were locked together for quite a while. I enjoyed quite a few orgasms, many more than my regular partners ever induced. Rob spurted inside me and it didn’t take long for him to be ready to do it again quite quickly.

We decided to shower together because we shared a bathroom with a complete tub and shower. Walking in together, I told him that I hoped he wasn’t hung up about peeing in the shower.

“I guess I do it all the time,” I said rather plainly, looking at him softly in his eyes.

“I do too, Sis,” he answered, “and I’m glad you said something because I figured most girls through it was gross to do that.”

“It’s perfectly natural,” I said, “and it ends up in the same drain whether through the shower or the toilet.”

He soaped me up with special attention to my quim and asshole. Spunk was still dribbling out of my pussy and I liked it that he bent down and licked me a little before we turned on the shower.

I returned the favor and enjoyed playing with his cock, soap in hand. He was pretty much played out so even that didn’t get a physical rise out of him.

Mom had had bidets installed in two of the bathrooms in the house, hers and the one I shared with Rob. I sat down on ours and started running the warm water to fill it.

“It was a long time before I realized what that was for,” Rob said with a grin.

“You could use it, too, you know, to clean your balls,” I rejoined, “although it really is most useful if you have a pussy to clean.”

I proceeded to do just that once the water was high enough in the bidet. Rob watched as I used the water to soak my labia and inside, washing out the contents he had deposited inside me.

“It really looks cool, Sis, seeing all that water flowing out of your cunt,” he said calmly. “I hope you don’t mind my using that word.”

“It’s not a problem, really, Rob,” I responded equally coolly. “We’ve all made it a very naughty word but I don’t have any special aversion to it. Of course, if you went so far as to call me a cunt, you’d be a complete dickhead.”

We both laughed and I felt an imminent need to sit on the adjacent toilet to have a bowel movement.

“You might want to go if you mind the smell but I’m about to have a pretty major poop,” I said without any feeling of embarrassment. I guess I must have felt we had gotten close enough to deal even with something like this.

Rob said he’d stay, which is probably more than I would have done if he told me he was about to take a dump.

I sat on the toilet as he gazed at my spread legs and hairy front. I felt it starting to slide down out of my anus and quietly fall into the bowl. We both heard it hit the water and couldn’t restrain ourselves from giggling like children.

“Turn around, Sis,” Rob said gently, “and I’ll wipe you clean.”

“Wow,” I said, “now that’s something no one has done for me, since…I was in diapers and that I don’t remember.”

Rob did take some toilet paper and carefully wiped me from front to back, pressing the tissue deep into my anal opening to get me really squeaky clean back there.

“I remember when I was taking care of you once when I was about eight and you were maybe six,” I said to him as I prepared to put a fresh pair of panties on. “You didn’t seem to mind my watching you pee and then make a doody,” I said, but you said you could wipe yourself as you were weren’t a baby any more.

“I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship,” Rob smilingly commented, as he stared into my eyes and flushed the toilet for me.

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