Brother, Sister Bonding

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I was watching my brother Josh, who turned 21 the week before, through the window as he raked leaves in the back yard for our dad, thinking about how delicious he is with dirty blond hair, stunning blue eyes and a chiseled face. At 6’2 he towers over me by almost a foot, a point which he loves to use against me when teasing me by holding my key’s above his head so I can’t get them. Although I do have the added advantage of him being ticklish, we often get into tickling, rolling matches on the living room floor. It was during one of these matches last spring that I realized how sexy and strong he has become.

We were sitting on the couch together watching a movie which had gotten boring, Josh turned to me lounging in the corner of the couch and grabbed me above the knee making my leg jump, a feeling which I hate by the way. I reacted by grabbing his bicep and trying to pull his hand away from my leg to stop the tickling, his muscles were tight and unyielding. Josh grabbed me around my small waist and lifted me across his lap to tickle my sides, in the process pushing my pert breasts against his stomach.

It wasn’t long before I noticed that my reaction to our wrestling was not like it used to be, instead of wanting to get away, I had the urge to get as close to him as possible. There was a tingling below my stomach that I had never felt before, it was a little frightening so I tried to ignore it, that was going well until I started to feel pressure on my rib cage lying across Josh’s lap. I guess my wiggling had, had an effect on my brother as well. I was terrified of what this all meant, so I slid down his legs onto the floor giggling and ran to the love seat to get away from him. After that day we stopped the wrestling matches, with an unspoken mutual confusion as to what had changed that day.

A couple months had gone by and we were now in the midst of the hottest week of summer; I was in my bedroom putting on sunscreen when I saw myself in the mirror. I stopped and looked closely, I had a small waist with a soft curve to my hips. My breasts filled out my little bathing suit nicely spilling out the sides, and I loved my waist long red hair. All I could think was that I’m pretty hot nineteen year old, and the boys from school sure wanted to get a closer look… not that I ever let them.

I was floating in our pool drenched in sun screen hoping in vain to cool off as well as not burn. My inability to tan was something I got from our mother, that of course Josh did not. I could see him through the fence washing his car in the drive way, with nothing on but a cut off pair of cargo shorts, riding low on his hips. It took him another twenty minutes to finish toweling off his car, and as he bought the hose around back to put it away I yelled at him to join me and cool off. He agreed telling me he needed to get changed and would be right back, no need for sun screen for him never having had a burn in his life.

Once he got back he dove head first into the pool, drenching my hair which I had been trying to keep dry. Angry but accepting that I was going to be wet I jumped up and dunked him back under the water as he surfaced. Josh rolled over and gripped his hand around my ankle and pulled me back under the water, he began to tickle my ribs causing me to wiggle and squirm against him. We both surfaced for air laughing, me still held in his arms my suit top skimpy to begin with had shifted to the side, exposing one of my firm young breasts, a fact we both realized at the same time.

Silence followed as we both tried to recover and figure out what to do next, too stunned I did not know what to do as he set me down on my feet and gently adjusted my top to cover my breast. His finger tips lightly caressing the side of my breast as he pulled his hand away, causing goose bumps to tremble down my spine. I swam to the edge of the pool and lifted myself out, silently walking into the the house closing the sliding door behind me. I did not look back for fear I would run back into his arms, these feelings were something I had to run from.

It was a few days later that Josh’s sometimes girlfriend had to cancel on there weekend plans at a local spa, Josh suggested we go together. I knew its risky but I have been wanting to go to the spa myself for quite a while, I agreed to go with him and jump up to pack my things for the two day stay.

Our parents had noticed the rift between us and hoped that a couple days of fun would help to smooth things over. So the next day when we reached the spa on the outside of our city, I bounded out of the car telling Josh I would beat him to the doors, he of course beat me, his legs being so much longer than mine.

When we get Giresun Escort to our room the bell boy opened the door and allowed us to walk into the room before him, I skip ahead of the them both and stopped dead causing Josh to bump into my back. It took him but a second to figure out what had stopped my feet, a single king sized bed stood in the middle of the room. The bell boy slipped back out of the room unnoticed as the shock still held us both captive, Josh was the first one to come to his senses saying, “It’s no big deal we will just stay to our own sides of the bed, it’s huge after all”. I figured if he could be so causal about it, then so could I.

Once we settled in and unpacked it was late afternoon and the spa was pretty empty seeing as it was the middle of the week. We agreed to go down to the mineral baths before ordering room service. The waters were warm and soothing, easing out any aches and pains we might have had. It was so comfortable that we stayed longer then planned and the other few guests that had surrounded us had already left.

After being in the mineral waters we both needed a shower, since there were so few people at the resort we just went into the family changing rooms which were empty. They were beautiful tile with about twenty large shower stalls across from each other. Josh went into the first stall with his bag as soon as we walked in, I decided to go a couple stalls down so it wouldn’t be weird.

As I was getting out of my bathing suit I heard Josh’s shower turn on, about a minute or so later I jumped into the shower and turned on the tap, enjoying the warmth of the water. It wasn’t very long before I realized I had forgotten my shampoo, and there was none in my stall from the hotel. I really needed to wash my hair so I decided to run across to one of the other stalls to grab some from there. After stepping out of the shower I listened and could still hear Josh’s shower running so I figured I was safe to run across, and didn’t bother with the towel. Once I got into the stall opposite of mine I quickly grabbed the two bottles on the counter and turned to run back as I was starting to get chilled, causing my nipples to jut out.

I had just slipped out of the door when I started to slide, letting out a squeak as I began to fall, before I could I felt two strong arms around my waist pulling me back and around. I slammed into the sexy bronze chest of my savior causing him to give a soft grunt as we were both propelled into the the wall. I stood perfectly still unable to breath, held tight in slick strong arms that it didn’t take long for me to realize belonged to Josh. Even more shocking was my quick realization that he too was naked and soaked, I slowly looked up his chest, past his stubble covered chin and up into the beautiful blue eyes of my brother. The fire behind his eyes made me tremble, in a split second I saw his face change from one of desire to horror at the lust he was having toward me, his baby sister; Josh’s arms immediately dropped to his sides. He mumbled, “Shit, I’m so sorry Sarah.”

I was still standing there with my hands wrapped around his biceps, where I had put them when I tried to stabilize myself as I fell. I shyly looked up into Josh’s face and said, “I’m not.” lust over riding reason.

Shock spread across his face as what I said registered with him, before I could second guess the thoughts running through my head I stretched up on my toes and touched my lips to his, a light kiss full of pent up passion. I pulled back slightly to see Josh’s reaction to my boldness, his eyes were full of confusion but the pressure against my stomach showed me I wasn’t the only one burning.

His face changed suddenly from confusion to lust as he wrapped his arms back around my waist lifting me off my feet and plastering me against his chest. This kiss was one entirely different from the first, with passion no longer pent up and restrained. My arms were wrapped around Josh’s neck, making his free to slowly slide down and cup my small round ass, lifting me higher and pressing our most intimate parts together. I could feel my clit humming from Josh’s hard unyielding pressure.

I sighed and laughed as Josh spun us around so I was pushed against the tiled wall, goose bumps breaking out across my flesh. I felt the head of Josh’s hard cock against my moist opening, he pulled his lips away from mine to look into my eyes asking permission. I smiled and relaxed my arms around his neck as he slowly lowered me onto his throbbing cock.

At my sharp intake of breath as he broke through the last piece of my innocence his eyes grew wide with shock at his realization that until a moment ago I had Giresun Escort Bayan been a virgin. “…How?” was all he said before I pulled him back down for another blood boiling kiss.

Josh paused for a moment to allow me to adjust to this new sensation, and the pain to ease. He began to slowly pull his soaked cock out, until almost his entire seven inches had left me empty and aching to be filled again causing me to whimper in frustration. Taking this cue he plunged back into my moist channel as far as he could, pushing my back into the tiles. Our breathing was heavy as he slowly began to fuck my young, tight hole using all his will power not to cum right then from the sensation of my tight muscles milking him from the inside.

Our moans were echoing off the hollow walls, accompanied by the slick slapping sound of two wet bodies slamming together as Josh pushed into me over and over again, now able to push his entire length into my young pussy. After only a couple minutes I began to feel a pleasant tingling spreading from a spot deep inside me, where I had never been touched before. Confused and afraid I was doing something wrong I pulled my head away from his neck, to see if I had done something wrong. He was looking at me with a question in his eyes, like he was waiting for something that I wanted desperately to understand. Confused I asked, ” I don’t know what to do…” Josh just shook his head and smiled, bracing one arm on the wall above my head and the other under my ass he said, “wrap your legs tight around me.” I did so without question, trusting him unequivocally, knowing he would never do anything to hurt me.

This new angle caused the pressure deep in my pussy to build, my breathing began to hiccup out of me as my moans and sighs turned into near screams of pleasure. My chest pushed up high enough that he was able to take one of my hard nipples into his mouth for the first time. I was unable to control myself as I began pushing down onto my brothers lovely cock as he pushed into me. The feelings were so intense now, I felt like I was about to compart at my seams. My back bowed off the wall, as my own orgasm overtook me Josh moaned long and hard finally allowing himself release, pumping my pulsing pussy full of his white hot cum.

Standing in the empty hallway trying to recover from our urgent love making. Josh slowly set be down on my feet, giving me another soft kiss before pulling away and smiling down at me. My legs were so wobbly he had to help hold me up while we walked to my shower stall. Josh left me there for a minute to run and gab his things, he was back before I knew it to join me in a shared shower. Still saying nothing, communicating with sighs we washed each others bodies. Before long we had left the shower and I was straddling him while he sat on the bench.

Looking into my eyes Josh asked, “Did I hurt you?”

I ducked my head as I told him, “Just a little at first…”

“Thank you for letting me be your first, it was amazing… you were amazing.”

I couldn’t believe how right this all felt, his hard, hot pressure against my thigh. The feel of his hands against my breasts as he brought one of my nipples to his lips, running his tongue around and around driving me wild. I started to rock my hips back and forth, pushing his cock against my clit causing sparks of electricity to spiral outward. Sighing I held the back of his blond head as he moved to my other breast.

Lifting his head, he asked, “Are you sure your not too sore?”

To answer his question I slipped off his lap onto my knees in front of him, looking up into his eyes I opened my mouth and lightly wrapped my lips around him. I watched him close his eyes and drop his head back the air hissing out between his teeth.

“Oh god Sarah! That’s so sweet!”

I moaned as I felt his cock twitch in my mouth as I slowly lowered my mouth down further. With his sudden intakes of breath as cues as to what he liked best I wrapped my hand around the base of his delicious cock and began to lick him from base to tip like a ice cream cone on a hot day. Without warning I wrapped my lips back around his head and lowered my mouth lower then before causing this head to slide down the back of my throat causing me to gag. The feeling of my throat constricting around his tip made him thread his fingers through my hair and groan.

“Sarah; please, do that again!”

Wanting to give him as much pleasure as possible I pushed back down, causing myself to gag again. The pressure of Josh’s hands in my hair set my pussy tingling, knowing that his strong grip could control me so easily. I reached between my legs and began to rub slow circles Escort Giresun around my throbbing clit. Josh twisted my long red hair around his fist and began to pump his hips, fucking my face.

He tried to pull back saying, “God Sarah if you don’t stop I’m going to cum!”

This turned me on so much I moaned as I came over my fingers and thrust his cock down my throat just as he began shooting his hot load into my mouth. I swallowed every last drop, and giggled as I told him, “Now we need another shower.”

After another shower we wrapped ourselves in our robes and headed back up to our room, the fact that we had one big king size bed now exciting me. As the door clicked closed behind him Josh reached out and spun me around yanking the tie open around my waist. The material parted exposing my breasts causing him to sigh and lower his head to them, dropping kisses across my collar bone to the curve of my breast. My nipples aching for his touch, I whimpered as he pushed me away causing me to land on my back on the bed.

Josh made a low growling noise in the back of his throat as he shed his own robe and came after me. I squealed and tried to roll away, but he was quicker then me and wrapped his arms around my hips pressing his lips to my ribs. Making more growling noises he pretended to bite my sides tickling me mercilessly. After a couple minutes of us tickling each other we finally lay side by side catching our breath.

Josh lifted himself up on his elbow and looked down at me saying, “Man I missed you Sarah, it’s been torture trying to stay away from you these last couple months.”

“I know, every time I saw you my heart would beat faster.”

Smiling he lowered his head to my stomach, placing a kiss above my belly button making my stomach muscles spasm. He ran his hand down my side and around my thigh pulling my legs apart as he lowered his lips the my hip bone positioning himself between my legs. I sighed as he pressed a kiss to my inner thigh, I felt his breath against my lips before he placed a kiss there. My back bowed up off the bed as I felt the tip of his tongue touch my clit, this sensation was all new. The smooth soft pressure of his tongue against me causing my body to tremble and my breath to rush out of my body. Josh gently pushed one of his fingers up into my hot channel and began slowly pushing in and out all while sucking lightly on my clit.

I was rocking my hips trying to get more and more as Josh slowing fucked my pussy closer and closer to orgasm with his hands and talented tongue. All I could think was that I wanted more and I wanted it now! “Please; harder… harder…” Josh pushed a second finger into me and pushed as far in as his could. I screamed out, “Oh god! I’m cumming, I’m cumming!!!!” as wave after wave rolled over me, my juices running down his hand.

As my body relaxed, and my back dropped down onto the bed again, Josh pulled himself up and laid down on the bed next to me, wrapping us both in a blanket as I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I woke up wrapped in Josh’s strong arms watching the sun come up over the hills. After a half hour or so I felt him slowly begin to stir and press himself against my ass, his one hand gently running up and down my soft curves. “Good morning” I said on a sigh as I rolled over to face him.

“Morning beautiful” he said with a sleepy grin, “Sleep well?”

I nodded and snuggled in closer, nuzzling his neck. Josh groaned and said, “Are you trying to kill me?”

“No” I said, “I just love your body.” As I ran my finger tips down his stomach and around his hips giving his ass a light smack causing him to grab my hands and pin them above my head as he rolled me onto my back. My breasts were thrust up and out pushed against his warm chest. Josh moved down and began kissing the underside of my breasts, making me sigh and push against him. He rubbed his sexy stubble against my nipple causing me to hiss my breath out through my teeth and pull away; my nipples are far too sensitive this morning.

Finally he released my hands and rest his cheek against my stomach sighing. I thread my fingers through his hair and down to his shoulders, rubbing the tension out of them.

“What are we going to do?” he asked.

“I don’t know.” I said

“How can something so wrong, feel so completely right?”

I sighed and squeezed his shoulders, “I know, I want to wake up like this every day.”

He lifted his head and propped his chin on my stomach and looked up at me, “Lets just have this weekend and here and now.”

“Okay; lets start by ordering some breakfast.”

“Alright, you order and I’m going to start a shower. Join me when your ready.”

I ordered breakfast and sat down on the side of the bed, I could hear Josh in the shower humming. I was so happy and worried at the same time, I had no idea how this could work past this weekend but I tried to push the thought out of my head and went into the bathroom.

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