Brother in Law Sex

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


True Story – I moved in with my fiancee about a year before we got married. He was always working on projects and he always asked his older brother to help him.

His older brother was married. He was the strong silent type…very handy and attractive. He didn’t say much but I was intimated by his rugged good looks. He always looked at me with that “I want to fuck your brains out” look. Women know that look.

In any case I stayed clear of him…no teasing or joking around…he was off limits in my book. I wanted to be respectful to my fiancee. The last thing I wanted was to cause problems between the two of them.

This one time they were working on a project and my husband had to go out of town on business. He told me that he asked his brother to come around one evening during the week he was gone to finish the job. He told me to just let him in the house and he will do his thing. I wasn’t sure about this…but what could I say? When your brother looks at me with that look it makes me wet? I don’t trust myself being alone with your brother? So I agreed.

One evening I had just gotten home from work and found him waiting in his car for me. I invited him into the house and made small talk with him. He complimented me on how good I looked in my my dress and heels. I was a bit embarrassed but showed him to the room he was working on. I got some wine for myself and he wanted water. I went into the room and sat on a chair and watched him work for a bit. My legs were exposed as I sat there and he kept glancing at my legs as he worked. His looks were getting me worked up so I decided I better leave the room to do some chores.

I Merter Escort usually change out of my work clothes when I get home but he liked my dress so I kept it on as well as the heels. Bad thoughts were going through my head…

I had a couple of glasses of wine to unwind.

Before long he called me into the room to show me his completed work. I praised his work and thanked him for a job well done. That’s when he gave me that look… and said, “You can thank me better than that.” There was a split second of silence as I processed what he meant. I knew exactly what he meant but I played dumb and said, “Thank You… Very Much.”

He moved closer to me, not saying a word, just staring into my eyes. My heart began to race, no it was pounding…I bit my bottom lip, as I always do when I’m nervous…This was what I was afraid of. I didn’t say anything…I just froze. He moved right up to me. I fell back against the wall being a bit tipsy from the wine and as if to surrender… I felt his hand slide thru the split in my dress and his big strong hand slide up my thigh… oh shit it was happening.

He grabbed my ass and pulled me closer. I didn’t resist at all…I should have but I didn’t. I wanted him as bad as he wanted me. We kissed. I had tried to repress my feelings but it was too late. He kissed me with such passion…My panties were soaked… I grabbed his hand and led him into the bedroom. We had passionate sex for the next two hours. Then he left without saying anything. Damn what had I done…

The next evening he came by the house. I hesitate to open the door…I knew it was so wrong but I was weak. This was so taboo…so wrong… but it was so hot. My sexual urges overpowered Escort Merter my brain…I opened the door. As soon as he came thru the door he just took me. It was pure animal sex. No talking. He just took control of me and had his way. It was always wild passionate sex. The sex was incredible…he was much bigger and stronger than his brother, my fiancee.

Afterwards I was riddled with guilt. Here I was six months from getting married and I had not only cheated but I cheated with his older brother.

He was the strong silent type. A man of few words, not much of a communicator. This was part of his allure. Although we had not talked since the fling, I assumed it was a one time thing and hopefully I could get past my guilt. I questioned if I should even get married. I always feared I could never stay faithful to my husband and this just proved it.

About three weeks after our encounter my fiancée was away on a business trip. One morning at about 6am I was awaken by a pounding at the door. I was terrified.

It turned out to be my future brother-in-law. I thought something had happened but instead he was there for me. All he said was “I want you”. Then he grabbed me in his arms and took me. I didn’t resist at all. My housecoat was ripped off in the front hall and by the time we made it the the bedroom we were both naked.

I had no idea his brother would just show up like that and take me. I couldn’t believe what was happening. But I was so aroused I just couldn’t stop myself. I wanted to be taken. I wanted to submit, to be used as his sex toy. I can only describe it as wild passionate sex or maybe raw animal sex. He was big and strong and he would just take me and pound me so hard. Merter Escort Bayan I couldn’t resist the passion. He pounded me like no other man before or after. I was addicted.

He knew when my husband was traveling on business and he would just show up. He never called, texted, or emailed. He would just appear.

This went on for several months before I married his brother. I was so torn. I felt so guilty about cheating with his brother but on the other hand it was so erotic and taboo. His brother was in my head. The sex with him was all I could think of. As soon as my fiancee left for his business trips I was in a “heightened state of arousal”. Yes that’s the best way to explain it “a heightened state of arousal”. Would his brother show up today? tomorrow? later in the week? or not at all? I found myself masturbating continually in anticipation.

Even when my fiancee was home I found myself aroused and we were having much more sex than normal. My fiancee thought it was because I was thrilled to be engaged…lol…sure lets go with that.

We both knew this couldn’t continue, but it did right up to a few weeks before I got married.

Two weeks before our wedding my husband left for his last business trip before our wedding. His brother knowing it was our last time together came to the house six times in the four days my fiancée was gone. We had so much sex he almost broke me. He did everything imaginable to me and I loved it. My whole body was sore and I was taking pain killers all week. I thought I was going to walk down the aisle bow legged. Lol It was a week I will never forget.

Once married our affair ended. There was no discussion it was understood. He just stopped coming over. Its a good thing he did because I’m pretty sure I was not strong enough to stop.

I still see him around regularly but it’s like it never happened. I would submit to him in a heartbeat if he wanted me.

Have you had sex with an in-law? Love to hear about it.

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