Brother Helps Brother

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Early last year my older brother was in a bad automobile accident. He was banged up to the point he spent several months in the hospital then several more in physical rehabilitation. He still hadn’t fully recovered when they sent him to his empty house; he’d divorced his bitch of a wife a year before crashing.

A week after he got home, I stopped by his place to drop off his groceries as shopping was something he’d not be doing for some time yet with his back messed up the way it is. As I finished putting the groceries away for him, I heard him say something from the living room.

“Huh?” I asked as I walked through the dining room. “I had my head in the refrigerator.”

“I just got some new porn, you in a hurry or can you stay and watch it with me?” he asked.

“Let me get a soda. You want one?” I asked, turning around and heading back toward the kitchen.

“Please.”, he replied.

I returned to the living room just as the “FBI” warning finished showing as the DVD menu for the movie opened. He selected play; the usual “blah blah” encouraging us to defend our right to buy porn was soon replaced by a pretty girl blowing some near-middle aged man. As the credits flipped by, she was entered from behind by a younger man, supposedly the middle aged man’s son. As the action continued, I felt the stirrings of a bulge in my pants.

“It’s a shame.”, my brother said as the middle age man pumped his wad all over the girl’s tits. “With my right arm in a cast and my left shoulder fucked up, I can’t even beat my meat. But feel free to relieve yourself.”

“That’s okay.”, I reassured him. “I can wait until I get home.”

“I don’t suppose I could talk you into pulling my dick out?” he asked. “I think I might be able to jack off with my fingertips.”

I slid over, grasped his belt buckle and unfastened it. The action made me fully erect, surprising me. I’m not gay, had never been more than mildly Tire Escort Bayan curious. My erection began to ache as I unzipped my brother’s pants and pulled his limp dick out over the waistband of this shorts. He lifted his ass, I caught on and pulled pants and shorts down for him. I turned my attention back to the TV screen as he reached down for his limber dick with his cast encrusted arm.

“Damn it.”, he muttered after several minutes. “Besides the anti-depressants, I think my diabetes is keeping me from getting a hard on and I can’t even get a good grip to coax it to life.”

“Huh?” I asked, I’d been transfixed by the young woman blowing “father” and “son” on the TV screen.

“I can’t get it up.”, he said. “Is there any way you could jack me a bit because I can’t even get a grip?”

“That’s sick!” I replied even as my bulge strained against my jeans. “I’m not gay.”

“Hey bro!” he about shouted as he locked eyes with me, “Don’t get pissed man, I know you ain’t gay. It’s just that it’s been more than a year since I tossed a load, since before the accident, and it’s frustrating to not even be able to get a woody.”

I looked down involuntarily, the tips of his finger were trying to stroke the limp flesh tube. Without thinking beyond my increasing aching member, I reached over and gingerly took his meat in my hand. It was soft and pliable though it twitched a bit at my touch. He withdraw his cast covered arm as I began to slowly stroke the slowly hardening tool. I turned my eyes back to the TV as I unfastened my belt and loosed up my jeans to give my raging pecker some much needed room. We watched the action on the screen for several more minutes.

“This ain’t working.”, my older brother said after a while. “I don’t suppose you’d consider maybe kissing it and licking it until it gets hard?”

I didn’t want to do that disgusting thing. My mouth was terribly dry Tire Escort as I sipped a mouthful of soda. Despite myself, I found myself on my knees with my head between his legs, staring his semi-hard snake right in its one eye. I used my shoulders to open his legs a bit more, his breath caught from pain from one or the other legs, both of which had taken hits in the car crash. “Sorry.”, I apologized, my breath a hot breeze on his shaft.

My tongue flicked out, the tip touching a man’s dick for the very first time. His member again twitched in my hand, encouraging me to lick it from tip to hairy nut sack and back up. I heard my brother groan, the sound made my lips open to inhale his slowly filling pecker. Thinking of how I liked my ex-girlfriend’s mouth on my dick, I made a “v” with my tongue and used it to maintain pressure on the underside of his dick as I pumped it in and out of my mouth. Slowly his dick engorged and I let it flop from my mouth, though my hand continued stroking it.

“Oh please don’t stop!” my brother pleased. “Please, it’s been a year. I won’t cum in your mouth. I’ll blow you when I can. I’ll pay you fifty bucks. Just suck me off please?”

I looked him in the eyes as his dick slid back into my mouth. He didn’t know it, but I didn’t intend to stop sucking him. I just needed him to ask as I’m not gay, I’m just helping him relieve his built up sperm retention. I bobbed up and down on his shaft, hand matching the motions of my mouth, as my other hand gently cupped his balls and caressed gently. A drop or two of nasty tasting pre-cum leaked out in my mouth, I focused on the task of helping my older brother with his problem.

“Oh man I’m gonna cum.”, he breathed heavily. “Please don’t stop, let me cum in your mouth. Please? My wife never would. I’ll pay you. Oh man oh man…”

As I felt his nut sack tighten up and his dick throb, I knew he was about to blow his load. Escort Tire His good hand wrapped around the back of my head despite the pain it must have caused in his shoulder. His hips raised from the couch as a thick gooey stream of nasty tasting cum hit the back of my throat. I gagged, swallowed because I had no choice. The second streamer of cum rolled around on my tongue, lacking the force of the first shot. Unlike the movies and myriad stories, I had no trouble swallowing his cum with very little escaping my lips. I thought it must be for show or something as I held his dick in my mouth until the tiny convulsions finally stopped. I let the again limp member slip from between my lips, used my tongue to clean up the tiny specks of cum or spittle left on the shaft.

“Oh man!” he breathed heavily as I slipped his shorts and jeans back up. “Oh man you just can’t know what that meant to me.”

“Just forget it, okay?” I asked. “Just forget it.”, I repeated, thoroughly disgusted with what I’d just done, with just how much I enjoyed it, absolutely disgusted with how much I wanted to do it again.

“Oh damn I’m so sorry.”, he said. “Oh shit I’m sorry.”

Seeing the distress in his eyes, I couldn’t help myself. I slipped between his legs again and began to lick and tease the soft flesh again.

“What?” he mumbled before I watched him close his eyes.

I don’t know what he was thinking, don’t know who he was imagining between his legs. As it slowly grew hard while my mouth worked on it, I let the hand kneading his balls fall to the couch. I extended a finger, found his puckered asshole and slipeed the finger in. As my finger toyed with his prostrate his breathing became much more rapid and his pecker jumped to full hardness in my mouth. It didn’t take long before he blew his second load in my mouth. Again I licked his limp dick clean.

“Lift your ass.”, I said as I again pulled up his shorts and jeans.

“How can I ever repay you?” he asked as he peeled a hundred bucks from his wallet. “You just don’t know how very much I needed that.”

“I’m sure I’ll think of something.”, I replied, folding the cash into my wallet, feeling like an incest cum slut. “I surely will.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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