Brother Bother?

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Baby brothers can be so annoying at times. Noisy when you need quiet, intrusive when all you want is a little space, nosy when privacy is a necessity – my little brother was so all that to me. How he got to be something…more, though…well, that’s quite a story…

It was wintertime, and where we live, snowfalls measuring in the feet – not inches – are not unusual. People make sure to take their underage kids with them to town or make arrangements; you never know when a sudden storm can move in and sock you in for a week or so. Farms here are few and far between, and no one wants to get stuck on the roads. This being the Christmas season, it was even more likely that major storms could sock in. My brother and I, though, at 20 and 22 were a little too old to worry about babysitting, plus the forecast was for good weather, for a change. So Mom and Dad felt safe enough to go into town to celebrate their anniversary.

“For once, we’ll be able to celebrate it on the actual date!” Mom said, giggling, as she and Dad got dressed in their finest. I watched Mom spritz perfume on and was slightly jealous. I’d been feeling restless and, yes, horny lately, and being cooped up in the house was not helping me out any. Factor in the only males nearby were my dad and my brother…yeah, like I was going to get any action! I knew for Mom and Dad it was different, they were a settled married couple and the sex was just different, is all, but still – it was sex. I’d take even settled married sex over nothing at all! But since no one had asked me, I guess I wasn’t going to get a choice.

Pretty soon, Mom and Dad drove off and I was left with a lot of empty house…and oh yeah, my brother. Speaking of which, where was he? He was supposed to be helping me fix supper. I started hunting him up. He wasn’t in his room, or mine – which was good for him and his continued existence! – not Mom and Dad’s room, the kitchen, living room, basement, etc. I searched all over…and then I heard a weird squeak overhead. I pulled down the ladder to the attic and quietly crept up the stairs. I didn’t know why, but I Bomonti Escort got a feeling I’d see something interesting if I snuck up on him.

Boy, did I ever! My little brother was sitting at an old desk, his laptop on top of it, his cock outside his sweatpants, and he was stroking it lovingly while watching something on the screen. I moved into position so I could see what was on the screen. A girl was getting fucked from behind by a guy…and the weird thing was, the guy and the girl kinda looked like my brother and me – build, hair color, stuff like that. It was really turning me on to see that porn on his computer, and I slid my hand down my pants. I tried to rub my clit but my waistband kept getting in the way, so I pulled down my pants and squatted on the floor, not thinking how that would make it hard to move if I had to make a quick getaway. That became important when apparently my brother sensed someone else was in the room as well and spun around.

Suddenly, I realized what kind of situation I was in. My brother was standing upright, his dick hanging out of his pants; I was on the floor, my pants bunched around my ankles and my legs spread, with my hand inside my vaginal slit. If any situation was made for insta-fuck, this was it. And to make matters worse, he had a dick most girls would die to have in them – thick, long, and curved just right. I found my mouth dropping open in shock…and my legs dropping open in heat. Oh my god, was this me? Getting horny for my little brother??

What was even worse, I could tell my brother was getting turned on as well. “Tyler…,” I tried to say in a commanding voice, but it came out more a hoarse whisper. I watched as his eyes zeroed in on my pussy, and his prick got bigger. Oh my god, BIGGER??? “Daria…,” he whispered back as he crouched down on his knees on the floor in front of me. “Oh wow, it’s even prettier than I imagined,” he murmured.

“Prettier…imagined???” I felt my brain seize up in shock. Oh, that couldn’t mean what I thought it meant! But then my brother lunged forward, pushing me back onto Bomonti Escort Bayan the floor and wedging himself between my legs. “Oh god, Tyler! No! We-we can’t!” I tried to push him off me, a bit of sanity reasserting itself, but it was far too late. My brother had been a football player in high school as well as being currently employed as one of Dad’s workers on the farm; he had muscles in places I didn’t even have names for, so I was defeated before I even started. It didn’t help that in a secret, nasty part of me, I didn’t really want to fight it; I really wanted his dick in me. He pushed my shirt off over my head; I was bra-less for an evening of relaxation and so my breasts swung free from the hem of my shirt. My brother was by this time panting and moaning, “Oh lovely…god, so beautiful…gotta fuck you…” His mouth descended on my breast and started to suck enthusiastically on a nipple. I felt electric currents racing up and down my body, and my back arched in response. Oh god, this felt so damn good!

His hips started to slide back and forth, rubbing his hard, fully-erect cock against my pubic area and stomach. I found myself pushing my hips upward, trying to capture his gorgeous dick in my pussy. I couldn’t believe I was so depraved, trying to fuck my little brother…but oh damn, he was so hot and so sexy. Finally his prick slipped into my hot wet vagina and I was in heaven…I’d never had a man’s shaft that filled me up so much. And oh did he know how to use it! “Jesus!” I gasped as he moved somehow in a way that made my whole body feel like one big g-spot. “How did you learn to fuck like this?”

Tyler laughed huskily, his breath short as he fucked me energetically, moving me several inches back and forth along the floor with each thrust. “Porn, of course,” he said with a twisted grin. I flashed back to the couple on the computer screen. “That couple…they…looked like us…,” I managed to breathe out as Tyler found yet another arousal spot on me, this one making my body shiver from head to toe.

“Um…yeah…well, I look for women that…,” Escort Bomonti and Tyler paused for a bit. I thought I saw where he was going, though, and reached up and stroked his hair. “Look like me?” I finished for him.

He buried his face in my shoulder, as if he couldn’t face me when making the confession. “Yes,” he whispered. I felt a warm glow spread over my body. What could be hotter than a sexy man confessing that he was a bit obsessed with me? At least, that’s how I chose to look at it…!

We’d been doing so much banging, of each other and of everything around us, that we’d neglected to listen to the sounds around us. As Tyler’s eyes glazed over and his thrusts got more frantic and forceful, and I felt that familiar ache in my groin begin to spread, a niggling sound began to poke at the edges of our consciousnesses. We kept on humping each other like the proverbial rabbits, though, until Tyler moaned, “Oh God, Daria! I’m cuming!” and I screamed a second later, “Fuck, Tyler, I’m cumminnnnng!” I felt his hot sperm shoot up into me as my cream flowed out and over his organ – too late, I wondered about protection – and then Tyler collapsed on top of me.

That was when we heard it – the familiar whistle of a storm socking in. Just at the exact same moment, the phone downstairs rang. Tyler and I looked at each other, and then Tyler sprung up, pulling up his pants and stumbling down the stairs as quickly as he could. He caught the phone on the fifth ring. “Hello? Oh, hey, Mom, Dad!” I heard him respond as I pulled on my clothes and followed down the stairs. “A storm is coming in? You’re stuck in town for a while?” Tyler turned and looked at me, a big smile spreading across his face. I knew an answering one was spreading across mine. “Don’t worry a bit, you know Daria and I can get along just fine. We’ll make sure everything is battened down and keep things warm.” As he said that, my brother reached out and began to play with my breasts again. “And yes, we’ll get along just fine.” He waggled his eyebrows at me which made me giggle. Oh we were getting along wonderfully well! “Don’t worry about us – you just take care of yourselves and get home when you can.” They said a few more things and then Tyler hung up. Grinning at me, he said, “So…it looks like we’re going to be home alone for a few days. Guess we better eat and get some energy for Round 2…!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32