Brother and Sister’s Long Affair

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I am a forty something married woman with two children. Back when I was in my early twenties I became my brother’s lover. He was two years older than me at the time. This is something I have never been able to talk about. I still love Steve.

It started when I first moved out of my parent’s house. I was sharing an apartment with another girl. I would call Steve up and tell him to drop by. My roommate Amy would be out of our apartment for awhile. Sometimes Amy could be overbearing and I didn’t want her around when my brother dropped by.

My brother was big on fitness back then. He worked out at the gym and went running as well. I know you shouldn’t say this but I would check out his body when he was around me. I would also look at his crotch. His bulge would showing from time to time. I wondered what his cock looked like.

I had taken to wearing halter tops. I liked to show off, I guess. My brother stopped in and I went to the fridge to get him a drink. I bent over to put the can down on the table. I made sure my brother got an eyeful.

“Kim, do you normally like to show off like that?” He asked me.

“What if I do?” As I talked back to my brother.

I will always remember this day. Steve walked over to me and he placed his hands on the material of my halter. He pulled on it and ripped it from my body. My big tits were exposed to my brother. I was totally shocked. Steve lowered his face and he took a nipple into his mouth. I remember moaning out loud as Steve worked on one nipple and then the next.

My brother must have been in a mood that day. He took his hands and forced my shorts down to the floor. I was naked before my brother. It was my turn to see my brother undress. He stripped down and there we were naked. I had been right. Steve had this long cock hanging down between his legs. He came over to me and placed his hands on my shoulders.

I knew what he wanted but I resisted. We were brother and sister. That didn’t seem to matter to Steve. He forced me to kneel before him. He then put a hand on the back of my head. He moved his crotch right up to my mouth. I opened for my brother. I inhaled his fat cock. I did want him, it’s true. I bobbed up and down and made his dick hard.

Steve was rough with me. He made me gag on his erect shaft. When he was finally satisfied, he pulled me up to my feet. He moved me over to the sofa and I was on my back. Steve lifted one of my legs up into the air. I felt the tip of his cock at my wet gash and he entered me.

I have to say I was on birth control pills but I always made my lovers wear a condom. Not that day. Steve was the first man to use his bare cock on me. I hate to admit it but it felt so much better. I could feel the skin of his prick scraping my pussy walls. Steve was giving me these orgasms as he forced his dick deep into my passage.

I never Giresun Escort thought something like this could ever happen. I had fantasies about us both making love but that’s all they were, fantasies. Here we were, my brother was buried deep inside me. It felt like his cock was reaching up into my stomach. The other thing was, I wanted my brother so badly.

“Please Steve, fuck me as hard as you can!” I pleaded with him.

Steve was doing just that. He would push in and then pull out until only the head of his dick was resting at my pussy lips. I wanted to scream for him to ram me hard. I lusted for my brother that day. I knew this would not be a one time thing. Steve took me for over an hour there on the sofa. My pussy was beginning to feel raw. I watched my brother’s face as he finally let go.

He must have been full that day. He had to have squirted for five long minutes until he emptied out. I took it all. I squeezed his rod and milked him of all his warm seed. We were both panting as we finished up our lovemaking. When Steve finally pulled out I reached down and scooped up some of his cream. I brought it to my mouth and tasted it.

I wasn’t big on swallowing cum but this was my brother. I did manage to get up and go to the bathroom to clean up. When I got back Steve was sitting on the sofa. He was still naked. I knelt before him and used my mouth and tongue to clean his spent member. My roommate wasn’t going to be gone that long so Steve dressed and left me all fucked out there in my apartment.

That was the beginning of our love affair together. It was easier to meet at Steve’s place so that is where we bedded down mostly. I admit it. I fell in love with my brother. I was certainly addicted to his cock. My brother was probably eight inches in length when he was erect. I loved when he stretched me out.

I also found out I was a cum freak. I needed my brother shooting his load into my body as much as possible. All this sex went on for a couple of years. We came to a point where we took a break from each other. I realized I we could never be married and I wanted something more permanent. That is when I met Carl.

He wasn’t the lover that my brother was but he had a stable job and he made very good money. Before long we were engaged. I knew Steve wasn’t happy with me. I figured it would all blow over eventually. Carl and I did get married. My brother was at the ceremony but he stayed in the background. Carl and I settled into married life.

I soon found out there was a big drawback to being with my husband. Carl had to travel frequently. It was something I grew to dislike. We had talked about starting a family. I soon got off the birth control pills. A few months had passed and Carl was away once more. I was home by myself when the doorbell rang. There stood my brother Steve.

I Giresun Escort Bayan hadn’t seen him since the wedding. He still looked good. He had been working out still. I had gotten a little heavy since becoming married. I wasn’t happy with myself. I ushered my brother inside.

“I wanted to wait and see you when Carl wasn’t around”, he told me.

Just like that he took me in his arms and we kissed. I should have stopped him right there but I didn’t. Sex with Carl wasn’t all that satisfying. I could feel Steve’s bulge pressing into me. I was stupid that day. I let my brother fuck me this one more time. I admit it, I wanted him badly. I had missed feeling his cock inside me. We went back to the bedroom and got undressed.

Steve was on his back and I took his cock into my mouth. It was just like old times. I was licking and sucking his pole. I was soon looking at his erect dick. I mounted my brother that time. I lowered myself and took his long cock inside me. Steve had his hands on my asscheeks. He was pulling on them as I rode him hard.

Steve soon reached up and found my tits. He placed the palms of his hands on my nipples and then rubbed them. This always gave me orgasms. Today was no exception. My pussy was on fire from everything my brother was doing to me.

“You thought about me fucking you. You missed me, didn’t you?” He said to me.

“Yes, your cock had been on my mind day and night,” I said.

That is when Steve gave it to me harder. I screamed for him to take me and use my pussy. He did just that. Steve went deep inside me. He pushed my hips down onto his raging erection. Just about a few minutes later my brother came in me. He didn’t know I was off the pill. I didn’t stop him. I milked him dry that day. I wanted his baby cum to soak my fertile eggs.

We finished our session but Steve didn’t leave. We stayed in bed and talked. He said I was on his mind constantly. That was when I told my brother I was no longer taking the pill. He gave me a surprised look.

“You let me cum in you?” He questioned me.

I told him yes, if there was anyone I wanted a baby with, it was him. Steve took me a final time that day. I was on my back. Steve pushed my thighs up towards my chest. He stretched his legs out and proceeded to fuck me again. This time seemed more intense. I was already full of his love cum. I ended up pleading with him to seed my body.

I told him to impregnate me. I wanted his love child. Needlessly to say, things got intense. I was having one huge orgasm after another. Steve said that he didn’t care if I was married or not. I was his lover, and always would be. It surprised me that Steve gave me another load of cum. It wasn’t like the first time, but I didn’t care.

All I wanted was for my brother to give me a big belly. We finished up and Escort Giresun Steve left me there alone in my house. Carl did show up a few days later. He was all excited about some business deal he closed. I shrugged him off. He wanted sex and I let him mount me this once. Thankfully it was over in a few minutes.

If Steve impregnated me I wanted it to look good to my husband, like he was the father. I guess fate was on my side. I missed my period a few months later. I got checked out and found that I was pregnant. Carl was happy as a clam. I was happy too but not for the same reason. I knew it was my brother’s baby.

It ended up being a boy. I wanted the name to be Sean. That was Steve’s middle name. Steve did visit me in the hospital. He got to see his son. After that, my brother was out of the picture for some time. Life was hectic with a new baby. I knew Steve didn’t want to burden me. Little did I know four years would pass before I saw my brother again.

Just like before, Carl was away and Sean was playing in the backyard. The doorbell rang and there stood Steve. I let him in and then kissed him on the mouth. I called Sean inside and introduced him to his ‘uncle.’

Sean was the spitting imagine of Steve. Luckily my husband never made the connection. I told Sean to go next door and see his friend Ron. I watched out the door as Sean was greeted by his friend. I knew I had some spare time to be with my brother.

This is it, my last visit to see you,” Steve told me. “It’s too dangerous to keep doing this.”

I knew he was right but I was upset that our love life would be ending. Steve had me one final time. He used his fingers and tongue on my gash. Carl never did this for me anymore. I actually squirted all over my brother’s face. He cleaned off with some tissues and then had me get in all fours. My tits hung down the the bed sheets and Steve entered me this final time.

There was a sense of urgency in our lovemaking. Steve placed his hands on my hips and he pounded me senseless. I only hoped the neighbors could not hear my love cries. I begged my brother to give it to me hard. He did just that. You could hear skin slapping skin as my brother pounded my pussy. I clamped down as hard as I could. I wanted this last amount of cum from Steve.

He gave me what I wanted. I felt streams of his hot milk entering my tunnel. My whole body shook as he fill me with his steamy cum. We collapsed onto the bed. I so missed this lovemaking with my brother. Sex with Carl was sadly lacking. Steve didn’t linger around. He cleaned up and got dressed. He kissed me hard at the door and then he was gone.

I cried after my brother left. Was this truly the last time for us? I didn’t even bother to tell Steve I was still off birth control. I decided that maybe Carl should have a child of his own. In my mind, I knew my brother had probably planted his seed in me. Steve did impregnate me. I now have a daughter. Steve hasn’t seen her and I don’t know if he ever will. He seemed to have disappeared.

I miss him so much. My marriage is rocky these days. Worse yet, I want to feel my brother’s cock inside me again.

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