Broken Zippers Pt. 01

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Shelley reveled in the adrenaline rush as she, her husband and their four friends flew down the long hill. The roar of the wind whipping by them made communication near impossible, but she could hear the men whooping and laughing around her as they sped down into the valley. She started to feel the cool blasting down her cleavage and tried to pull up the zipper but instead she felt it give.

She looked at the guys and realized if they were to look, her jersey had opened up fully revealing her lacy bra covered breasts. Letting them fly by, she put on her brakes and stopped by the side of the road.

Jerry saw his friend’s wife pull over and slammed on his brakes stopping just below her, “Shelly? Are you alright?” He laughed, “Ok, apparently having a wardrobe malfunction.” He laid his bike down in the grass and walked back to the cute girl clutching her top. “Let me see.” He saw she was blushing and vainly trying to cover her massive tits. She was the closest thing he’d ever seen to that actress that plays Howard’s wife in the Big Bang. Five feet, if that. Tiny hips, great legs and huge chest.

Shelly blushed furiously as her husband’s ex-roommate walked back up the hill. She couldn’t hold on to the pieces of fabric and fix the zipper.

Jerry grabbed the zipper and saw it came out of the track. He turned hearing a yell and waved, “We’re good. We’ll meet you guys at the parlor.” He yelled down to them. He went back to his bike and grabbed his wind shell. “Here take off your jersey and put this on. I can fix this, but it’ll take a few minutes.”

Shelley nodded and pulled off the bike jersey realizing her bra was extremely light and her breasts were bouncing around virtually unfettered. She couldn’t hand him the jersey and grab the shell while covering herself and knew Jerry could see her nipples through the worthless bra. “You better not tell anyone about this.” She hissed as she pulled on the shell.

They went over to the grassy slope and sat as Jerry worked the zipper back into the track. His fingers were feeling pretty raw by the time he was able to get the mechanism working right again. He held it up, looking at it, “I cannot guarantee it’ll hold so you might want to adjust it and don’t touch it. He openly looked as the girl took off the top and pulled the jersey over her head. He looked at the dark nipples and estimated they were a full two inches across. He sighed a bit too audibly.

“Ok, easy there, Jerry. Did you get a good look?” Shelly spat out.

“No, not really. I’ve always wanted to see those puppies.” He watched as she tried to set the zipper gingerly, “Hang on, stop.” He held up a finger, “Without being a bit forward, those tits of yours put a wee bit of stress on this poor jersey.” He had to grab the fabric right inside of where her nipples were to take the strain off the zipper as she got it just right.

Shelly felt so embarrassed as the man’s hands released the cloth and accidentally brushed his fingers across her breasts. She watched as he got up and ran back to his bike and came back with some pliers.

“Ok, I have to do this so you don’t show everyone down in Belle Valley those nice DDs.” Jerry grinned as he put a hand inside her top and held the zipper pull while he gently squeezed the track tighter.

“Gs.” Shelley muttered.

“What?” Jerry asked as he put away his pliers.

“I said, they’re G-cups.” She blushed. “I haven’t been a DD since senior year.”

“Nice.” Jerry said, “I’d love to see those someday, but let’s get caught up. I can taste the hot fudge malt already.” He stood and held out his hand pulling her to her feet. “Look, we’re even.” He said as he glanced at her chest.

“Even? For what?” She asked.

“Jerry waved his hand in front of his bike shorts, “Guys pretty much show it all in these things, so me getting to see a bit more on you makes us even.”

Shelley looked at the man’s penis outlined in his tight shorts and could see he was circumcised, she looked away quickly and laughed, “Ok, I can’t argue with that, however, we do pretty much have our own issues…” She bent over letting him see down her top.

“True, the things we do for exercise.” Jerry laughed.

Shelly checked the zipper and it felt secure and when Jerry was back on his bike, they took off and soon forgot all about the embarrassment.

“So, what happened back there?” Kevin asked his wife.

Jerry smacked his lips after taking a huge sip of the sweet creamy shake, “Her brake cable. Not the best thing to happen with all those massive curves.” He said before taking another sip.

“Man! You’re not kidding! You missed it, John almost bit it the last turn and barely stayed on the road.” Chuck laughed.

Shelly felt very grateful for Jerry making up the story and soon they were all laughing and discussing the route home. She caught his eye and winked at him before putting her straw in her mouth.

When they got back to Kevin and Shelly’s house, they all flopped down in the grass. Chuck looked up at the sky, “Holy shit! My first century ride.” He looked Konya Escort at the others, “I’m fricken beat.”

“No shit.” John said, “Why the fuck are we lying out here when you’ve got that great pool?” He looked over at Kevin, “You didn’t drain it or anything, did you?”

Kevin stood up and grabbed his wife’s hand, pulling her to her feet. “You guys brought suits?” Seeing them nod, he headed into the house. “We’ll meet you out back. I’ll grab some beers.” He watched Jerry, Chuck, John and Al climb into the huge van and get changed. He admired his purchase remembering how tough it was to convince Shelley to buy it. He could fit eight inside with all eight bikes on the top. They’d had so many great excursions in that thing, camping hiking, biking…. He heard the guys laughing as he went into the house.

Shelly was standing there trying to undo the zipper, but finally gave up and just pulled it over her head. She found herself stuck when she heard Kevin, at least she hoped it was Kevin, enter their bedroom. “Help! I think I’m trapped. Hey!” She said feeling hands mauling her tits, “Not fair, I can’t move.” She felt her bra being unclipped and lips on her nipples, “Ok, have your fun, but when Kevin gets here, he’ll be really pissed.”

Kevin chuckled, “Christ, I love these things. I feel really selfish, I should go get the guys. He gently slapped them from below and watched them sway. “Ok, I’ll help you.” He grabbed the hem and pulled the top off his wife, having to work the neck around her head.

Shelley groaned, “I shouldn’t say this, but thank God you were here. I’m not sure I could have extricated myself.” She pulled off her bike shorts and walked over to the dresser, naked.

Kevin grinned thinking it might be a lot better to give the guys the keys to the van and spend the rest of the day alone with his wife.

“Ok, enough gawking, get out of your biking gear and get a suit on.” Shelley ordered. She pulled out her one-piece she always wore and heard Kevin groan.

“Come on. We bought that bikini in Maui. You should at least wear it on the mainland.”

She picked up the white two-piece, “Sure, and we went to Little Beach, too. I’m not heading out there nude, or in this skimpy thing.” She wanted to add, Jerry had already seen enough of her already, as she dropped the tiny wad of strings back in the drawer.

Kevin shook his head, “Look honey, you got it, you should flaunt it.”

“You’re impossible. You told me in Maui if we went to the nude beach, you’d never bug me about it again.” She glared at him, “We went. People checked me out. I’m sure if you go out to the internet, you’ll find my tits out there.” She grabbed the suit and pulled it on.

Kevin heard her suddenly laugh as he stepped into his shorts, “What’s funny?” He watched his wife go through the ordeal of zipping up her suit, trying to mash her huge tits into it while pulling the zipper up. He walked over and grabbed a breast and shoved it in, then grabbed the other while she pulled the zipper up so it showed minimal cleavage.

Shelley thought about the zipper failing and had the image of this one breaking, “Nothing, I was just thinking how fragile zippers are…and perhaps I should invest in a little bigger suit.”

He looked at the suit and even with her large mounds, the suit seemed to fit perfectly, “I’m sure you’re fine. The nice thing about Lycra is it stretches a lot.” He laughed, “Of course, those tits of yours sure verify that theory.” He ducked as Shelley swung her hand at him, “You know. I was thinking, you could get a job testing the strengths of fabrics.” He danced away.

As they headed back to the pool. Kevin lugging the cooler and Shelly carrying a pile of towels, they saw the three young men all running and dive into the cool water.

Kevin plopped down on the lounge chair and opened a beer as Shelley dove in. He looked around his yard and loved how perfectly secluded it was. They could see for miles to the south behind the pool and with the hill on the east side and all the trees on the west, no one could see them, unless they came into the yard. He felt his cock throb remembering all the times he and Shelley had fucked out here, totally exposed.

Shelley loved playing with the guys as they never seemed to grow out of the teen years. Even though they were all in their 20s, approaching 30, no one seemed to get serious…to mature. So, laughing and playing in the pool was such a blast. She felt Jerry swim under her and lift her up, so she was on his shoulders.

She screamed as he threw her backwards in to the water. She jumped up and dove on his back trying to push him under, but he was too strong.

Kevin looked out at the guys were taking turns tossing Shelley across the pool and smiled. He was feeling the century ride and the effects of the alcohol as he lay back in the lounger. He heard his wife do a different scream and saw her arms covering her chest.

“Guys. What did you do? Did you break my wife?” He asked. He saw her bare sternum under her crossed arms and thought Konya Escort Bayan about getting up to help her, but saw Jerry go over.

Shelley tried to get over to the side of the pool, mortified she’d twice in one day, exposed herself, but when Jerry stepped in front of her, she stopped. “Christ, Jerry. I need to reassess my fastener choices.”

Jerry burst out laughing, “No shit. Hang on, just hold the side closed, I’ll zip it up.” He looked at the huge amount of flesh bulging out and wondered if the zipper might pinch her skin. He looked at the blushing girl, “Um, Kevin? I think this is something you might need to help her with.”

Kevin laughed, “Hey, you broke her, you fix her.” He looked at the crowd around her, lay back and closed his eyes.

Shelley glared at her husband and looked back at Jerry and the three other men and sighed, “Ok, since asshole over there won’t help his wife, can you please push my boobs in while I zip this up?” She felt too many hands to count grab her tits and shove them under the Lycra as she pulled up the zipper. Without making eye contact with the men, she thanked them and climbed out of the pool.

Kevin opened his eyes feeling cold drips on his chest, “Oh good. They got you back together.”

“Kevin! You pretty much told your friends they could grope me. I think all four of them know as much as you do about my tits.” She hissed.

“Oh relax. You’ve known them for how many years? They were being helpful.” He looked at his wife, “Have they ever done anything inappropriate? Ever suggested anything?” He looked over at them, “I trust these guys and I’ll bet they didn’t do anything more than was needed.”

Shelley turned and grabbed a beer, “Hell, I guess I’ll call them whenever I need anything. They’d just be doing me a favor.”

She sat on the edge of the pool watching the guys play and thought about their hands. No one every touched her nipples, no one grabbed more than they had to. Maybe this was just innocent exposure and no one thought much of it. She drained the last of the beer, and maybe I’ll look up and see a flock of pigs. She chuckled to herself. She looked over at Kevin and saw he was asleep and the bottle was slipping out of his fingers.

“Hey, wake up.” Shelley said. She pulled the glass out of his hand before it fell on the concrete.

Kevin opened his eyes, “So tired. That was a hot ride.” He looked at his wife and smiled before closing his eyes again.

Shelley took the bottle and put it on the table. She felt the heat of the sun and dove in.

Kevin kept drifting in and out of sleep and finally stood up and looked at the group splashing in the pool. “Hey guys, “I’m going to go in and take a nap.” He looked at the cooler, “Don’t forget the beers.”

Soon the guys were back to throwing Shelley across the pool. They had a contest to see who could throw her the farthest and Shelly loved it. The combination of beers, letting completely go in the moment feeling hands all over her, Shelly soon quit holding her zipper and gleefully splashed into the pool.

Chuck loved putting his hands right on her pussy and ass as he shotput the tiny girl into the pool and remembered feeling the copious amount of flesh when he helped her back into her suit.

As John was swimming across the pool, he saw Shelley flying at him and he dove back as the girl pressed her body against his. He found he had handfuls of tit trying to break her fall.

Shelley looked at the man and down at his hands, “Um, I think I’m safe now.” She giggled seeing him yank his hands off her. She’d been getting a bit aroused and thought about climbing out and waking up Kevin after four pairs of hands toucher her pretty much everywhere. She started to get out when she felt strong arms around the and was lifted into the air by Al. As she was let go, she felt all pressure on her torso release and as she puttered to the surface, she saw her suit had spilt completely open baring her entire chest.

“Oh crap!” Al said, I’m so sorry, let me get a towel or something. He looked at the huge tits capped by the largest pink nipples he’d ever seen. He thought about looking away and as he stared, Shelly just dropped her arms.

Shelly looked at Al and the others and all were just standing there staring. She gave up trying to cover her chest and reached down to pull up the suit, but saw the zipper had split and the pull was completely gone. She looked down at the bottom of the pool trying to find it, but gave up.

Chuck pulled off his trunks and threw them out of the pool laughing, “This is much better” He dove underwater, shoving his bare ass up as he arched in.

Shelley watched as three more pairs splatted onto the concrete and seeing the men just continue swimming and playing sighed and pulled her suit off and tossed it over onto the concrete.

In no time, the men were swimming under water right up to the naked girl. Sometimes they’d swim through her legs as she laughed. The men couldn’t really see anything because they didn’t have goggles on, but Escort Konya it didn’t stop them from swimming underwater looking up as they swam between her legs. Sometimes they’d blow bubbles which tickled her crotch, but she found the entire playful acts fun and innocent. Then she felt Chuck’s strong hands on her ass as she was lifted up and thrown.

Shelley was amazed how much fun it was to be skinny dipping with four men, men who found ways to touch her all over, all in fun. She jumped on John’s back and tried to wrestle him but as he pulled her over his shoulders, she found her face pressed against his cock. On an impulse, she nipped it with her lips. As John yelped and jumped back as she swam away giggling.

The guys got a bit more aggressive after that and she found herself grabbed, held, probed by the laughing guys as if they were simply tickling her. Finally, feeling exhausted, she waded over and leaned back against the side of the pool, her elbows on the edge.

John swam over and put his face between her legs and blasted the air from his lungs against the pussy, before jumping up and tossing himself back exposing his cock and balls to her.

Shelley screamed and laughed, so the men took turns getting right against her pussy and squirting jets of water, blasts of air and periodically, a flick of the tongue, before following John’s example. Shelley found herself enjoying the attention and opened her legs allowing better access to her privates and made sure she got a good look at the penises and scrotums flopping around. Her laugher became softer and soon she found herself panting.

As she felt herself getting more and more aroused, Jerry squirted water hard against her clit then began licking her slit, so she pulled his head against her pussy. She moaned softly as his tongue attacked her clit and hole. Suddenly, aware of what she was doing, she pushed him away and climbed out apologizing to her friend. “I should not have done that. We shouldn’t be doing this.” She walked over to the lounge chair and flopped back naked.

“Hey, it’s fine. We were just playing, and Kevin sure had no issue when your suit first opened.” Chuck said.

Shelley thought back how Kevin laughed it off and actually encouraged his friends to grab her tits. She could hear him laughing at her predicament. She looked up as the four men she’d known since elementary school stood over her. She looked at the fours hardening cocks and laughed. “Playing. Is that what you tell your girlfriends when you get like that? Wanna play?” She looked away and closed her eyes, “You’d better dive in a cool those things down.” She heard the boys laugh as the dove into the pool. She stopped hearing splashing and opened her eyes and saw all four staring between her legs. Realizing her legs were opened wide apart, she pulled them together and leaned over to grab a towel.

“Please, no. We’ve all talked about your body and we’ve all wondered what you looked like naked, so please don’t cover up. You are so fucking beautiful.” Al said plaintively.

“Yeah, you know us. We’re not rapists. We just want to look.” Jerry added.

Sighing, she dropped the towel back on the chair next to her and flopped back. She listened to them whispering and sat up, “Ok, what? What are you plotting?”

Chuck climbed out, “We wondered if you were going to burn. You know, if you needed sun screen.” He walked over and grabbed the spray can and held it out for her.

She took it and sprayed her body and was well aware how closely the boys followed her hands as the covered all her skin. Groaning, she tossed the can to Chuck. “Christ, go ahead. I know that’s what you want.” She looked and the others, “Come on. Make sure I’m fully protected.”

Kevin rolled off the bed feeling like his bladder was about to explode and felt the onset of a headache. As he came back from the bathroom, he heard giggling. He looked out and was shocked to see his wife lying naked on her back as his friends rubbed lotion all over her body. Why were they all naked? Skinny-dipping? Without him? He shook his head remembering the zipper on her one-piece broke and figured they wanted her to be more comfortable. However, they sure seemed to be spending a lot of time rubbing her huge tits, but saw they were holding the can of sunscreen, but still….He was about to open the window and yell at them to stop when he heard Shelly tell them, “That’s enough of my front,” and roll over. He watched them cover her back, spending a lot of time between her legs but again, when he thought about stopping it, saw Al slap Shelly’s ass and turn and dive in followed by the other three. Realizing they were just being friendly, he decided to crawl back into bed and soon was asleep.

John, Al, Chuck and Jerry got tired of swimming without the naked nymph and thought Shelly had the right idea. They all climbed out of the pool and flopped down on the lounge chairs on either side of their friend’s wife, mock fighting for the closer ones. Jerry picked up the sun screen and started to rub some all over his naked form when he thought of something. “Um, Shell? I think you owe me…us.” He held out the spray bottle. Shelly looked over at the boys on each side of her, their bodies completely exposed to the sun. Groaning she got up and patted over to Jerry and took the bottle. “I’ll do your back. Roll over.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32