Broken Vows

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Day 1.

Father Thomas approached the convent. Fresh out of the seminary, newly ordained, he had been ordered by his bishop to spend a month here in retreat as final preparation for his first parish work. He didn’t think he needed any more preparation but he had just taken a vow of obedience and he wasn’t about to argue with his authoritarian bishop over his first command.

Pulling the old fashioned bell on the side of the high wooden gate, he looked around. The walls surrounding the convent were high and forbidding; he certainly was going to have time for prayer and contemplation here. After a few moments, the gate creaked open an inch or two and a young nun appeared, smiling.

“You must be Father Thomas; Mother Superior has been expecting you.”

The gate opened wide and he was welcomed in. As the gate closed behind him the young priest felt a shiver of foreboding run down his spine but he dismissed it and followed his guide to his hostess’s office. Asked to take a seat, the young woman quietly knocked on her Superior’s door and walked in. Closing the door behind her, she was no more than a few moments before she reappeared.

“Mother will see you know, Father.” Once again she smiled the smile that Father Thomas realised lit up her whole face before holding the door open for him and closing it behind him, leaving him with the impression he was entering the lion’s den.

“Sit down, please, Father.”

Thomas felt as nervous as a schoolboy being summoned to face his Headmaster but told himself that he was the man, he was the priest, and Mother Superior was there to be led by him. The nun had other ideas.

“The bishop tells me that you are here for your final preparation.”

“That is correct, Mother, but I really don’t see what I have to learn and I certainly don’t think there is anything I can learn in a convent!”

“Yes, the bishop did say you could be a bit obnoxious but I am sure after a month within these walls, you will have learned a lot.”

“A month? I’m not staying here for a month! I have God’s work to do and I mean to go about it in a few days. I am here only because the bishop has insisted that I do so. But, a month? No, not at all.”

Mother Superior ignored him.

“Have you ever had a girlfriend, Father?”

The question shocked the young priest.

“No, of course not. I entered the junior seminary when I was twelve years old and, apart from holidays spent with my saintly mother, I have been in different seminaries ever since.”

“I thought as much. So how do you intend to deal with the women, young and old, who are going to flirt with you, at the very least?”

“I won’t deal with them at all because that situation is not going to arise. I will not allow it. I will be a good priest, a holy priest, and keep myself away from situations that might tempt me into sin.”

“This is going to be harder than I imagined,” thought Mother Superior with a smile. “And so much fun.”

“Father, I’m not trying to embarrass you but if you’re going to work in an inner city parish, away from the security of the seminary, you are going to have to learn how to be at ease with women. For instance, have you ever seen or touched a woman’s breasts?”

“What? How dare you ask me something like that! Of course I have never done anything so sinful.”

The poor priest was so out of his depth he could hardly speak.

Before he knew what was happening, the nun got up out of her chair, walked round her desk and sat on the edge of it, inches from the startled priest. Suddenly, she reached round behind herself, under her veil, and began to lower the zip of her heavy black habit. Father Thomas could only stare in amazement as, for the first time in his life, he saw a woman’s bra and the tops of her large breasts. He sat there with his mouth open but what she did next nearly made him fall off his chair in shock.

Mother Superior smiled at his discomfort, reached behind herself once more and unhooked her plain black bra. As the straps slid down her arms, she raised her eyes and saw that the young priest could not tear his away from the sight before him, two very round, very full breasts topped by two very hard nipples.

“They won’t bite, Father. Why don’t you touch them?”

Father Thomas couldn’t understand what was happening here? He couldn’t understand why the bishop had sent him to this wicked place? He couldn’t understand why Mother Superior was behaving like a cheap slut. And he couldn’t understand why his hands were involuntarily reaching out and touching a woman’s breasts for the first time ever. When he made contact he thought he would be struck down by lightning.

Hesitant at first, his hands were soon moving all over her escort tits, cupping them, squeezing them, until Mother Superior caught his hands within her own and outraged him once more.

“Very good, Father. Now use your mouth.”

He looked at her in disbelief, in total dismay, but he didn’t need to be told twice. His head dropped and he began sucking and licking at the nun’s breasts, closing his mouth over her whole nipple before instinctively sucking as hard as he could, making her cry out in painful pleasure. Sucking first one then the other, he found he could push them together and take both nipples in mouth at the same time.

As he slowly ran his wet tongue between the two of them, he felt Mother Superior press his head harder to her chest. “Oh, God. Oh, Jesus,” she moaned and Father Thomas was sure she wasn’t praying.

Abruptly, he felt her pull back from him.

“So, Father, that didn’t take much encouragement, did it? What are you going to do when the girls start flashing their breasts at you during your sermons?”

With that, she stood up, put her bra back on, slipped her arms back into her habit and zipped it up. Walking round her desk once again, she sat down on her straight back chair and smiled at him.

“I think you’ve learned enough for one day, Father. Sister Angela will show you to your room.”

She watched as the young priest clutched his case in front of him, trying in vain to hide the erection that was tenting the front of his cassock. She smiled to herself as she thought about the fun she was going to have with that. But that was for the days to come; for now she needed something to scratch the itch between her legs.

She had felt the familiar stirrings when Father Thomas had first stared at her breasts and that was even before she had encouraged him to touch and suck them. Now, she knew, her knickers were soaking and her pussy was in urgent need of attention. She always liked this stage of training for the young priests but this one seemed to have even less of inkling about what he was in for than they usually did. The thought of being his first made her lick her lips in anticipation but, first, she would deal with her own needs.

She reached into her bottom drawer and picked up her trusty friend, the long thick candle which had been well used over the years. It always amazed her how little of it she could encircle with her hand yet she knew her pussy would easily envelop it with a hunger and desperation which never ceased to fascinate her.

She would have loved to have owned a real vibrator like she the one she used to have before she entered the convent but that would have been too awkward to explain should anyone ever come across it. Now if anyone ever found a large, smooth candle in her desk they would presume she used it for the purpose of praying.

Bringing it to her lips, she gently kissed the tip of the candle, her pleasure increasing at the thought of where it would be very soon. She could feel herself becoming even wetter between her legs as her breathing began to quicken.

Once again she brought the candle to her mouth, pretending it was Father Thomas’ virgin cock and how she longed to take him into her hot mouth. She slid the candle in, coating it, moving it in and out, letting it stretch her lips as she was sure he would do too. She knew she was teasing herself, prolonging the inevitable, but this was all part of the fun.

She wondered what he would think if he could see her now, sitting behind her large desk in her habit, the picture of holiness apart from the large candle wedged between her moist open lips. The thought only served to arouse her further as she began to lick and suck on it, her passion growing to an almost unbearable height. The juices flowing into her knickers were demanding that she do more than just suck on her candle.

Pulling it from her mouth, she pushed her chair back. Pulling her long, dark habit up, she tucked the hem into the rope she wore around her waist, moving the crucifix attached to it out of the way. Wasting no more time, she pulled down her drenched knickers and dropped them on to the carpet, kicking them under her desk in case anyone entered unexpectedly. She smiled again at the thought of Father Thomas walking in unannounced and catching her with her candle between her legs. The knickers lying on the floor would be the least of her worries then.

Reaching down, she parted her pussy lips, unsurprised but delighted at how wet she was, how sensitive her lips were and how engorged her clit was. Placing just one finger on that most sensitive of places, she immediately felt the familiar shudder course through her body as if she had just stuck her finger into an electric socket.

She bursa eve gelen escort closed her eyes and softly, gently, traced small circles tracing the outline of her clit and, almost before she even felt it coming, Mother Superior was having her first self-induced orgasm of the day, right there in her office. But her body wanted more and her fingers knew what they had to do, deftly probing further into her warm, wet pussy, delivering the feelings of familiar pleasure that she craved. She was sure she could smell the strong aroma of sex and wondered if she should have locked the door. Then again, the possibility of being caught always served to heighten her excitement. Now she knew it was time for something more then her fingers inside her body.

Reluctantly removing the candle from her mouth, she lowered it towards her waiting pussy. Raising her legs and resting her feet on the top of her desk, she watched in delight as the candle began its slow entry into her cunt. Even now its sheer thickness could cause her to gasp and she watched transfixed as she began to slide it in and out, watching as she slowly fucked herself. Her hand took on a rhythm of its own, pushing the candle deep inside then slowly pulling it out. She could feel her body begin to tense up as the stretching of her lips stimulated her even more and her homemade dildo pushed deep inside her, filling her with a deliciousness that never ceased to delight her.

Over and over she pushed the candle into her body, the room filling with the wet sound and heady aroma of a woman approaching orgasm. From somewhere she could hear a new sound and she vaguely recognised it as her own voice moaning in pleasure. Her whole body was getting ready now as her legs began to quiver in anticipation before she began to cum and her body trembled with a ferocity that was not new but always welcome. As the waves washed over her, she looked down at the beautifully obscene picture of the candle firmly wedged deep into her pussy, her nun’s habit still wrapped around her waist. This seemed to bring on one final surge of pleasure before her body slumped back down in her chair and her legs nearly fell off her desk.

As her breathing returned to normal, Mother Superior withdrew the candle from her still throbbing pussy and licked it clean. Dropping it back into the bottom drawer, she stood up and rearranged her clothes, looking every inch the holy nun she was supposed to be.

“That was fun,” she thought. “Wonder what tomorrow will bring.”

Meanwhile, Father Thomas was thinking exactly the same thing. He had followed Sister Angela as the young nun had led him to his room. His mind was in a daze but was it his imagination or was the pretty woman in front of him walking in a much more seductive manner than when she had first brought him to the office? Surely her habit was too tight? He could make out practically every curve of her young body and she had magnificent curves. He was sure she was wiggling her bum at him as he walked and, just when he was about to reprimand her, she stopped.

“This is your room, Father. I’m just next door so if you need anything, anything at all, just knock on my door.”

With that she opened the door and stood back, allowing the young priest to enter. As he heard the door close behind him he looked around. Whatever he was expecting, it wasn’t this. He had pictured a single bed in a tiny cell with maybe a basin for washing. Instead, he stood in the middle of a suite of rooms, ornate beyond belief, dominated by a large four-poster bed.

As he walked around his home for the next four weeks he was finally able to lower his suitcase. What hadn’t lowered, however, was his cock. It stood defiantly to attention and now, to add to Mother Superior’s breasts, he had to contend with the image of Sister Angela’s round arse jiggling beneath her habit.

“Prayer is what I need,” he thought. “Prayer and a cold shower.”

Walking through to the en-suite bathroom, he turned on the tap in the large, walk-in shower and hurriedly undressed. Standing under the freezing cold water, he began to pray as he had never prayed before.

“Father, forgive me. I have been tempted and I have succumbed. Help me to resist the charms of that evil woman and help to show her the error of her ways.”

The more he prayed, the colder the water became, the more his cock seemed to grow and stiffen until he could stand it no more. He turned the tap off and stepped out, looking for a towel.

“Is this what you are looking for?”

Father Thomas nearly had a heart attack as the curvy Sister Angela appeared before him like some kind of mystical vision, holding a large fluffy towel in görükle escort her hands. She handed it to the shocked priest and looked down the length of his naked body, her eyes fixing hungrily on his still-erect cock.

“Oh, Mother Superior said she thought you had a big one. She also said you might need some help with it. Well, that’s what I’m here for.”

For a single moment Father Thomas thought the young nun was going to ask him to hear her confession when she sank to her knees before him. When she reached up and took hold of his cock, however, all such thoughts were banished. As the young woman slowly moved her hand up and down, Father Thomas couldn’t believe how soft her hands felt around his hard cock but, then again, no woman had ever touched his cock before so he didn’t have anything to go on. He had always avoided touching himself there as he knew it was a grave sin and only sinners and perverts gave themselves pleasure in this way.

Even so, he couldn’t deny that the feeling rushing through his body was one he had never felt before and one he could only describe as “heavenly”. The more she worked on his cock, the weaker his legs seemed to become, as though all the blood was rushing to one part of his body, the sinful part, the part that was now giving him more pleasure than he would ever have thought possible.

He closed his eyes instinctively but when he felt her soft lips, even softer than her hands, kiss the top of his prick he let out a moan of undiluted lust. As her lips slipped over the head he felt the warmth of her mouth and really believed he had died and gone to heaven.

She began a slow and gentle sucking, slowly down, then slowly up. His breathing became fast and shallow and when she ran her hands up his legs to his backside, pulling him even closer, pushing his cock even deeper into her mouth, he could feel a stirring in his balls that was so good it had to be bad.

But his wasn’t the first cock that Sister Angela had ever sucked, nor was he the first virgin priest she had taken in her mouth. She seemed to know he needed to slow down for a few seconds and slid off him. He felt the sudden cold air assault his cock and he looked down at her, mystified as to why she should have stopped.

She looked up at him from beneath her veil and smiled a wicked smile; she knew the best was yet to come. She pressed his cock against his stomach and leaned down a little more, taking his balls into her hot mouth. As she ran her tongue over his very full sac, she began to hum her favourite hymn.

Father Thomas couldn’t have told you what tune she was humming but he could tell you that the sensations she was producing with her mouth meant that he would have married her on the spot. He had never looked at a woman in that way before but now his whole being was centred around his tight balls in the young nun’s mouth and he was ready to break every vow he had ever taken.

His moans increased once more and Sister Angela decided it was time for the final act. She released his sac with a loud smack and once again took his cock in her mouth, proceeding to run up and down it with much more pressure than before. She was bobbing furiously now and Father Thomas looked down and noticed for the first time that her habit was gathered above her knees. She had one hand under it, between her legs, seeming to rub herself as furiously as she was sucking him.

Her veil was whipping up and down so much now that he could no longer see her face so he just closed his eyes again and awaited for the inevitable, even though he had no idea what the inevitable was. All he know was that something was about to happen and that it would be something momentous, something incredible, and something positively sinful.

Without any warning his cock finally erupted in her mouth. Again and again he felt the surge of something shoot out, straight down her throat. His whole body tingled while the young nun stuck to her task with religious fervour. Her sucking continued and her rubbing continued until, finally, her body seemed to tense too and for a few moments neither of them moved.

Finally she let him slip from her mouth and stood to face him. He didn’t know where to look but Sister Angela had one last thing to show him. Opening her mouth she presented him with a mouthful of thick, white fluid that could only have come from him. Before he could say anything, she closed her mouth, smiled her wicked smile and swallowed. Once again she opened her mouth and it was empty.

Then the bell rang.

“Time for evening prayer, Father. Mother Superior doesn’t like us to be late.”

And with that she turned and walked sedately out of his bathroom as if she was the most innocent woman in the convent. She left behind her, however, a young priest who felt anything but innocent. He couldn’t deny that what she had done to him was the most amazing experience of his life but how would he ever be able to confess his sins. And what would tomorrow bring?

At least his cock had finally gone soft.

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