Broken Birds, Part 27 Coming Out Party -Prelude

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Part 27
Coming Out Party

Two months after the trip to Brisbane, Rafaela, Alice, Maria and Lynne joined the others, shopping for the first time. Discrete guards, male and female, watched them, but never had to intervene.

They visited the casino. The next day, Tim had his men check for any camera hits. Casinos routinely used facial recognition software. There had been no hits.

Over the next weeks, they discovered anonymity. Michael discovered the need for the usual paraphernalia of civilization – cell phones, credit cards, driving licenses, insurance and, of course, restaurants. It was a dizzying fall back into the embrace of civilization.

Sandy and Becka blossomed. Oddly, Sandy found a huge talent for surfing. Within months she had also developed a soft Aussie accent. The boys were enthralled. She became the mysterious American who lived in “the compound” by the cliff. Becka became Sandy’s older sister, a reversal of roles from their earlier lives. Tim struggled to find suitable guards for her. Few could surf well enough and it was difficult to hide weapons.

Michael and the harem decided to celebrate their freedom. The first step was to introduce the world to the compound without compromising security. They decided on a pool party for Sandy and her new friends. The pool deck had four cabanas with bathrooms, plenty of space, a covered kitchen and a huge covered terrace.

They sealed off the main house, pulling thick drapes across the normally uncovered windows. The security detail set up extra cameras to monitor all parts of the grounds, particularly areas that teens might find interesting.

Sandy, Becka and Jennifer spread the word among her friends. Michael began to feel uneasy about the party and asked Tim to assign additional security. Michael wanted at least one person on the cameras and one on the ground assigned to each of the girls. Alice, Rafaela, Jennifer, Beth and Michael sat on the far side of the patio, near the outside kitchen. Michael grilled a seemingly endless amount of shrimp Kabob, sausage, beef and chicken. For the first time in his life, Michael felt old.

Shoshana wore a stunning bikini. The boys ignored the girls to be around her. Alice had to ask her to join the “adults”.

Maria and Nita were introduced as Sandy’s half sisters. Maria charmed and enticed the boys. Three fit young men flocked to her.

As the evening progressed, one of the security guards received a message. Michael had said so long as it was consensual, anything went. They just watched.

Nita simply smiled at the boys. She had her man.

Ultimately, it was Sandy’s party. Attention centered on her. This exotic American who lived in a castle on the cliff enchanted them.

Becka found herself again.

She began to flirt with the boys. Her funny, happy side burst out of the wounded rape victim. Her hips swayed as she walked. She pushed her chest out a bit. The boys noticed.

Lynne was bored. These boys were fun but she wanted to be with her man. She joined the “adults”.

Alice watched and smiled. She looked at Michael, seeing a father struggling to let go of his little girl. With her eyes, she asked Beth to comfort him.

The hired DJ started to play teen and dancing music. Hormonal teens began to dance and swim. It was an old mating ritual.

The party moved into the semi-adult phase. Michael’s table moved inside, trusting the guards and camera jocks to watch over the party.

The party shut down at midnight. The aftermath lasted far longer.

The guard was uncomfortable. He’d followed Michael’s instructions, but felt he needed to report what he’d seen.

Michael was with Rafaela and their two children.

“Mr. Shannon, can I speak with you?”

Michael stood and followed him to a laptop. “Sir, I know you said so long as things were consensual, let it happen,” Michael nodded. The guard opened the laptop and clicked play. The screen showed a naked, writhing Maria, clearly impaled on a young Australian male’s cock, semen from another smeared on her chin.

Michael’s world started to come apart.

Rafaela saw him returning. She had never seen him like this, even when they had loosed the beast.

“What happened?”

He looked at her with wounded eyes. “Maria’” he said, turning away, heading for the door.

Rafaela gave her children to the nannies and went to find the guard that had called Michael away.

She watched the video and went looking for Maria. Rafaela’s eyes burned incandescent with fury.

Seeing Rafaela’s eyes aflame, the longtime guard called Alice and explained what had happened.

Maria was sitting in a secluded alcove off the pool deck, her eyes haunted. She remembered every moment. She had not been drunk, at least not on alcohol. She’d been intoxicated with the attention and freedom. She knew she’d betrayed Michael and the harem. The depth of that betrayal was only now becoming clear.

She saw Rafaela striding towards her, Latin eyes flashing.

Alice intercepted Rafaela. Angry brown eyes met angry blue eyes. The blue eyes won.

“Rafa, let me deal with this. Go to Michael.” Alice said forcefully.

Rafaela sent an angry glance toward Maria, spun and went looking for Michael.

Maria dissolved in tears and shame.

Rafaela found Michael in the gym. Michael beat an innocent heavy bag. She saw blood dripping from his hand wraps. Oblivious, he pounded the bag, over and over. Rafaela had never seen this part of Michael. She ran to Jennifer, fearing for him. Jennifer went to Michael and after convincing him to stop, stitched his hands.

Rafaela went looking for Beth.

Beth was beyond furious when she heard what had happened.

Having calmed a bit, Rafaela tried to help, “She made a mistake. She really loves Michael, she just got carried away.”

Beth folded her hands together in front of her mouth, “Rafa, we love you. Maria betrayed all of us for a hard dick.”

Rafaela nodded sadly.

“Look, I love Maria, but she can’t be part of the harem and fuck any convenient dick.” Beth said softly.

Alice tried to mend things, but failed. Betrayal was betrayal.

Oddly, Michael rescued the situation.

Michael went to Maria’s room and gently knocked on the bedroom door.

He entered at her permission.

She Escort was on her bed, her eyes swollen from crying.

“Chika, do you want to leave here?” he asked kindly.

She wailed, tear streaming.

“No, Michael, No!”

“Do you want that man for your life partner?”

“No, Michael, NO!”

“Michael, I made a mistake, a bad mistake. Please forgive me.”

“I forgave you after I saw the video last night. I’m hurt. So are your sisters. Everyone screws up. But don’t lie to me. If that’s the life you want, take it. Think it over before you decide.” He paused. “Chika you’re free. If you want to fly solo, you’re free.”

His last words terrified her. Solo. Alone.

Maria had never been alone in her life. In the compound she discovered what that word really meant. Nita moved out of their room. Beth would not speak with her. The others only responded to her questions.

She pled with Rafaela for forgiveness. Rafaela looked into her pleading eyes, and then pointedly stared at the ring she wore. Rafaela walked away.

Only Alice and Jennifer would speak with her, but only as professional caregivers. Alice tried to help her through her guilt. Jennifer tested her for disease.

For the first time, a female had done something intentional that caused them all pain. Her actions had attacked the very core emotional intimacy of the group.

Jennifer asked Sandy for the boy’s name. She went to him. He was a good kid and submitted to the disease tests. Like many teens, he had Chlamydia, but fortunately nothing else.

Jennifer treated Maria again.

Maria spiraled into a world of self-loathing. With her Latina cultural imperatives, she might hurt herself. Alice asked Michael to help.

”Michael, she’s beyond sorry. She was drunk on freedom and never thought of how much she would hurt you or us. Can you forgive her?” Alice pled for her patient, though a spark of fury remained for the pain Maria had caused.

“Alice, I told her I’d forgiven her. She has to make the choice, though. If she wants the freedom to fuck anyone she chooses, she’s on her own. We’ll make sure she has enough money, but I’m not going to have one of us spreading disease and distrust. She broke her commitment to us.”

Alice thought for a moment. She could not remember Michael using ”fuck” outside the bedroom. Even she had not understood the depth of Michael’s pain.

Several days later, at dinner, Michael rose. It was time.

“Girls, it’s time to talk about the elephant in the room. Freedom versus fidelity. Let’s get it out in the open and make sure everyone understands the rules.”

Beth started to speak, but Michael held up his hand. He wanted to finish.

“Years ago, we bonded out of danger and pain. The danger’s pretty much over. I hope the pain is as well. We shared our love. It’s time to move on to the next part of our lives. You’re all free now. I release all of you from any commitments you made to me. You’re free now to re-commit or to choose a different path.”

“Stop beating on Maria. She was just the first of us to embrace her freedom. Beth’s mother and I shared our bodies with strangers, but never our love. Maria did the same thing. So if you’re angry with her, you should be angry with me, too.”

Michael took his glass of wine with him to his office, leaving the girls to talk.

He’d finished work on his e-mails and was on the couch watching a replay of an American football game when he heard a soft knock.

Kat and Beth strode in, hand in hand. They sat beside him, Kat on the left, Beth on the right.

“Dad, we talked with the harem. Kat and I are in love,” she paused as Michael looked at Kat who nodded enthusiastically, “We love the girls, but we only want a committed relationship with you and each other. Does that make sense?”

“Kat, how do you feel about this?”

“Michael, I love her. I have since I first saw her video. I love you. Not for what you did for me, but for you. I need you in my … no, our lives. Please…”

Michael put his arms around both girls and kissed each tenderly.

Beth rose, “Each of the girls wants to talk to you, so stay put.”

Jennifer came next. She realized that the time in the harem had been the happiest of her life. She wanted to stay committed to Michael and her sisters.

Rafaela desperately wanted to stay. Michael and she had two children and a life she’d always dreamed.

Shoshana came in, confident and committed. She left his office the same way. In her mind, it wasn’t even a question. Michael was her man.

Alice came in hesitantly. “Michael, can you come to the living room? The other girls want to ask you something before they talk with you.

Nita, Lynne and Maria sat together on the center couch. For the first time in several days, Maria’s eyes sparkled. Michael sat on the ottoman directly in front of them.

“What’s up?”

“You said you and Vika shared your bodies, but not your love?” Lynne asked tentatively.

Michael nodded.

“How’s that work? I mean you were swingers, right?”

Michael nodded, then decided to explain. “Vika and I committed to each other very young. After a while, sex became routine. It’s unavoidable in any long-term relationship. Making love was special, but our bodies craved something new. About a year before she died, we went to Hedo II in Jamaica. It’s near the house we stayed in before we came to Australia. We met some wonderful people and had great sex.”

A flash of pain crossed his eyes. He knew he rarely mentioned Vika and they were curious.

“How did she die?” Nita asked, not thinking of the pain the question might cause. Michael never spoke of her death.

“She always wanted larger breasts. With Hedo and the lifestyle … that’s what they call it, “the lifestyle”… she went to have them enlarged. Many of the women we met at Hedo had boob jobs. Anyway, she went into surgery and never came out. She had the best plastic surgeon, but a lousy gas passer … anestheologist. A piece of equipment broke down and he couldn’t handle it.”

He took a deep breath, the pain clearly written on his face. He gulped his wine.

“Could we do that with you?” Maria asked, “Could we go to Hedo with you and share our bodies, but not our love?”

Michael thought Escort Bayan for a minute, his little head warring with his big head.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Honey,” Michael said gently, “We had a great time, but Vika sometimes felt like a piece of meat. She struggled with it sometimes. Since you have all had to overcome that pain multiplied many times over, it could really hurt you terribly.” He looked directly at Alice who nodded sadly.

“I’m afraid he’s right girls. There are a large number of cases of sexual predators making the women feel like shit and tearing apart marriages and relationships. I couldn’t let you take the chance. It could ruin everything you’ve accomplished over the years.”

The girls’ evident frustration needed an outlet. Michael and Alice desperately sought an answer. His eyes lit with one possibility, though it saddened him.

“Girls, let me talk to Alice for a moment.”

He explained his idea to her. She wanted to talk with Jennifer before responding.

An hour later, in front of his harem, Sandy and Becka, Michael made his proposal.

“Girls, I don’t think Hedo’s the answer. What about a party with pre-screened friends? Between Sandy, Becka and Jennifer, there are probably hundreds of possibilities. Anything consensual could happen. Jennifer would screen them. No diseases. We’d still want you to use condoms, but …” He never got to finish. Three young women launched themselves at him.

Jennifer was intrigued. The number of possibilities started to multiply in her head.

No one looked at Michael’s anguished eyes.

Alice looked lost in thought.

Beth looked unhappy.

Shoshana knew she would never need another man. She had Michael. Rafaela felt exactly the same. In an instant, the harem divided between the committed and the players. Alice saw it. So did Michael.

“Where’d we do this? It’d have to be someplace special to get the guests to submit to screening.” Jennifer said slowly, knowing the carrot had to be pretty awesome. Aussies hated being told what to do.

“I was thinking of renting Green Island for a week,” Michael’s eyes sparkled.

Jennifer gasped, both at the expense and knowing that the party would be epic! Green Island was one of the premier attractions in Queensland. It had 46 suites, the diving was awesome, the food legendary and the service fantastic. To stay at Green Island would be a fantasy come real. It would be a teen dream to be part of the intended party.

The five teen women raced to their laptops to learn about Green Island.

Michael looked into Beth’s eyes, “Want to be the chaperone?” Beth was near to the girls’ age and Michael wanted her to enjoy her youth. It never crossed his mind that she would find a lover her own age. Their bodies and souls were joined and would be until the day one died.

“Let me think about it,” she said, surprisingly not rejecting the idea out of hand. She was truly Vika’s daughter, he thought.

A day later, Beth agreed to go, but only on condition that Kat would join her. Michael asked Alice to go in case something happened that required her skills.

Michael would not go, nor would Rafaela or Shoshana.

They invited and screened 37 other women and 43 men, making the odds technically one to one. Most were in their 20s, but a few were older, accomplished men. Michael wanted Alice and Jennifer to enjoy.

Michael felt like shit the morning they left. He tried to look happy for Beth, but failed miserably. Tim’s men were in place. No one would be forced. Michael was forced to live with knowing he’d set in motion a situation that cold wreck his world.

The group left the Cairns Wharf at 2:30 PM. The trip took about an hour. It would be the last public ferry to Green Island until the group returned. Michael had generously reimbursed the Green Island vendors for a weekend of lost profit from day visitors. Many closed their shops and headed for the mainland. Others chose to stay and reaped a huge profit. Most of the guests were from wealthy families or had their own wealth.

Once free and out of hearing of the dock, Alice triggered the air horn and picked up the tourist microphone.

“Guys, we’re here to have fun. But there are still some rules. Break ‘em and your ass is on a ferry back and you’ll never be invited again,” Alice paused making sure she had everyone’s attention, “Anything consensual goes. If he or she doesn’t consent, it stops!” She looked over the crowd.

One boy with an abundance of arrogance, “What if she consents after?” he looked around seeking support for his words and saw two very fit men bearing down, “just a joke.” He said weakly as he was escorted forward.

“We take rape VERY seriously,” Alice said as she resumed. The point had been made. The young actor had been remarkable.

“Second, what happens on the Island stays on the Island.” Heads nodded enthusiastically.

Third, if any of you girls end up turning an EPT blue, it’s on you. There are condoms in all the rooms. Use them!” Alice said forcefully, then giggled, “So let’s have some fun!”

“Oh, one more rule. No violence. No fights or you go home,” Alice said to defuse potential jealousy.

The group disembarked from the ferry, laughing, trying to appear confident, but succeeding only in appearing insecure.

An athletic Aussie woman, her blonde hair in a ponytail greeted them, “I’m Jessica. I have your suite assignments,” she called out and began looking at her clipboard.

She recognized Beth, but said nothing. She’d been told that this weekend was confidential. As she gave out the room keys, she privately envied these people. She felt herself begin to wet. The aura of sex descended on Green Island.

The party’s center was obvious. Beth and Kat, Jennifer, Nita, Lynne, Maria and Alice had their own cottages. The others were in double or triple accommodation.

Their bags were taken to their rooms. Jessica led them to the private guest swimming pool where waiters and waitresses waited. Smiling bartenders stood behind their bars.

Alice led the harem ladies to the drinks, choosing a glass of white wine. Nervous, sexual tension filled the air. Jessica joined her to explain the resort rules, activity reservations and the restaurants. The welcoming party would be held after Bayan Escort dinner.

Jessica marveled at the welcoming party. Teens and older, accomplished professionals mixed freely.

Alice noticed Maria and one of the older men talking. Alice felt a void in her stomach. She asked Jennifer about the man. His name was Jeff Dugan. He was a 38-year old widower who owned a very successful factory near Brisbane. He had no children, but like most Australian men, wanted a large family. He and Jennifer had dated for a while after his wife’s passing, but Jennifer was too career-oriented for the relationship to work. She had actually invited him for Alice.

Nita’s animated eyes sparkled with delight as she got to know an environmental biologist from Cairns. His name was Erik. Sandy knew him as a short board rider with laughing eyes. She knew that he also spoke Spanish.

Alice motioned Jessica over and whispered, “Latin music for dancing?” Jessica had been told this might be requested. She went to the DJ.

Rhythmic Latin music filled the air. Maria and Nita automatically began to sway to the beat, enticing their partners. The group gave them room to dance. Beth, Kat and Lynne joined, pulling attractive males with them. Alice debated and joined her harem mates, grabbing Jennifer on the way.

Unlike at the compound, Maria and Nita enticed their respective males, their dark Latin eyes smoldering with sexual promise and need.

Maria took Jeff’s hand and kissed his palm, then placed it on her hip, all the time swaying and twisting to the music. She pressed her body against his, feeling his engorged cock through his thin pants. She brushed her braless breasts against his chest. He pulled her close. She molded to him, straddling he leg, rubbing her sex on his thigh. She looked up with pleading eyes. He gently placed his lips on hers. She pulled him closer. The kiss released the spark of passion that began to enflame them both.

The group watched in awe. The young Latin beauty and the older male started a fire that now burned in all their bodies.

Someone called out, “Get a room.” Maria pulled back a little and whispered, “I have a room.” Jeff nodded eagerly. She led him away.

The party continued, sexual tensions rising. Alice danced with a young man Sandy had invited. He was reputed to have a very large cock and incredible stamina. Alice actually wanted to see if his reputation was deserved. He was fifteen years Alice’s junior. It looked like Alice would find out.

Nita led Erik to the beach. She wasn’t sure if she could do this. The only man in her life that she trusted with physical intimacy was Michael. She wanted to go slow, to feel the romance her soul had so long been denied. Erik seemed to understand. Sandy smiled when Nita took Erik’s hand. This pairing, at least seemed to be going to plan.

Beth found herself beside a man about 30 years old, named Ian. Jennifer had invited him. He was a lawyer or, as they said it in Australia, a solicitor. He surfed and scuba dived, generally becoming a resident “hunk”. He came from a family of means, but avoided the “Tall Poppy” syndrome. His sense of humor was a bit odd, perfectly understanding Beth’s puckish humor.

Beth was direct, “I’m in a committed relationship, Ian. I’m not going to have sex with you.” Hearing her words over the music, Kat joined them, hugging Beth.

“Me too,” planting a passionate kiss on Beth’s lips.

Lynne had just exited a conversation with a drunken boy. He grabbed her arm to restrain her. Lynne tried to break free. He pulled her violently into his arms. Beth nodded to Jessica. A large security guard appeared from the shadows and removed his hand from Lynne, nearly crushing it. He started to escort the boy to his room. The boy became belligerent, but quieted as a young female guard took over and enticed him with a kiss. Beth smiled. The boy was on the boat to the mainland the next morning.

Rubbing her bruised arm, Lynne came over. They introduced her to Ian as he returned with a towel containing ice.

“You OK, Honey?” Beth’s scanned the crowd for Alice. Alice had disappeared.

She saw Jennifer, but hesitated. Jennifer had a lip lock on a man named Jonathon. They studied medicine together for a time, becoming casual lovers. He could have been “the one”, but they drifted apart. Jonathon married, had two children and divorced less than a year ago. Jennifer could feel her juice begin to leak from her pussy. Their bodies began to remember how to pleasure the other. Jonathon had not been with a woman in almost a year. Jennifer would reap the benefit.

Ian gently led Lynne to a lounge in a quiet area and sat her down. He returned with a drink, sitting on a lounge opposite hers. He looked at her and saw the terror still fresh in her eyes.

Beth stood a little distance away, unsure what to do.

“Want to talk about it?” Ian said softly as she sipped her drink.

Lynne shuddered and then spoke in a soft voice, “I was raped several times by two very sick men. It seems a lifetime ago, but my body still reacts when someone grabs me, like that boy,” she paused. Seeing his warm gray eyes, she reached a hand to his, “It took a lot of years and the love of a very special man to help me heal.”

“Are you committed to this man?” he asked looking at her commitment ring. He’d talked with Jennifer about the rings and understood.

She nodded and then added, “He loves us enough to let us go free. If we come back, that love is confirmed. If we don’t, it wasn’t a forever kind of love,” she stopped for a moment, “Several of us are just coming out of our cocoon. He wants us to know the choices before we choose,” she giggled remembering Maria. “Some are coming out a bit quicker than others.”

Lynne smiled genuinely, rose and sat beside him. He gently cupped her chin and raised her lips to his. When they broke, he searched her face for any resistance or fear. Her eyes sparkled in wonder.

Neither Becka nor Sandy paired off that night. Their only experiences with male / female sex had been intensely painful. They played, laughed and swam with their friends and potential lovers. No one pressed them.

As they trudged to their rooms, Becka voiced what they had both been thinking, “We should have made love to Michael first. Then we’d know for sure that we’re not damaged goods.”

Sandy nodded sadly. She giggled, “Let’s just see what happens. With as many hook ups going on tonight, I think we’ll have a great time tomorrow.”

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