Bring Your Daughter To Work Day

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Gina Devine

“Mom do I really have to do this?” Alice said in a pleading tone as she stepped from the car into the parking lot.

“Yes sweety you know that now you are 18. It’s company policy that I bring you to at least one bring your daughter to work day. Besides, it will be a fun day. All you have to do is help me out at work for the morning, then we have a big barbeque to celebrate the day. ” Her mother replied cheerfully.

Alice sighed defeated, she had known this day was coming for years. Her mom had reminded her of it for almost as long as she could remember. Her mom worked for the Department of Population Control at a meat girl processing plant. The thought of working in such a place had always made Alice’s stomach turn. Thinking about how many girls her mother had killed, about all the hopeful women just like her, who had been butchered at her mother’s hands. Despite Alice’s feelings on the matter, it was where her mom worked and as a single parent, it had been the only stable job she could get that would put food on the table every night.

Even if that food was discarded girl meat from work, she thought.

“Common sweety!” Her mother called as she began walking towards the factory-like building. Alice hurried along to catch up to her mom. Walking through the side door labeled “Staff”, Alice was immediately surprised to see a naked woman in her mid-30s sitting behind a reception desk.

“Hey, Jenny,” Her mother said to the woman.

“Morning Karen, you ready for a big day?” Came the woman’s reply.

“Yep just have to sort out my daughter here, for bring your daughter to work day.” Her mom said with a cheerful tone.

“Oh, this is the Alice I’ve heard so much about?” She said, “Great come up here and we will just sort out some paperwork and get you a lanyard.” She continued as she placed a form with a pen on the desk in front of her.

Alice approached hesitantly, unable to take her eyes off the woman’s naked breasts.

How was she ok being completely naked at work? Was she some sort of slave?

“Ok so this is just a standard liability form to allow you onto the shop floor, I just need a signature here and a date here,” Jenny said pointing to two spots on the form.

Alice barely glanced at the form as she picked up the pen to sign her name and date the form.

“Great, here is your lanyard. Your mom will be able to walk you through all the procedures and safety as you go.” Jenny said handing a bright orange lanyard with a card marked visitor to Alice. Alice accepted the card, for the first time noticing that Jenny wore a similar lanyard around her own neck, hers marked reception.

Timidly Alice followed her mother as she left the reception with a wave to Jenny and entered a room marked “Floor Staff Only”.

“Mom, why was she naked?” Alice asked quietly as the door closed behind them.

“Oh, well it’s company policy that all female staff go unclothed. It started on the shop floor as a way to save on the cost of decontaminating clothes every shift but soon spread to all staff so that we are all equal. Besides, it makes it easier to clean up, and makes the meat girls feel a little less embarrassed by their own situation.” Her mother explained as they walked down the hall.

“What!? I’m going to have to strip off in public?” Alice said shocked.

“Yep, just like everyone else here. Don’t worry you will be fine.” Her mom said as she opened a door ahead of them to the staff locker room.

Alice’s breath caught in her throat as she took in the site ahead of her. Dozens of women were already in the locker room in various states of undress. There were women of all ages and races in the room, some as old as her mom calmly packing their clothes and donning their lanyards, while the others chatted idly with each other appearing completely unconcerned with their nudity. Here and there another young face looked back at her, girls her own age or a little older who had been brought in for bring your daughter to work day. They seemed almost as shocked as Alice herself. Yet they too were stripping off, their fit unwrinkled skin standing and well-toned bodies standing out amongst the crowd of older women. Alice’s mom led her over to a pair of empty lockers next to a heavily pregnant woman who was just placing her clothes in the locker next to them.

“Ah I see we both came prepared for bring your daughter to work day.” Her mom said to the pregnant woman next to her.

The woman’s heavy breasts jiggled above her distended belly as she chuckled at the joke “Well nice of you to finally join me, I’ve been bringing mine in for the past 7 months,” she replied.

“Alice this is Sam. She’s one of my linemates who we will be working with today.” Her mom said introducing Alice to the woman.

“Nice to meet you,” Alice mumbled quietly.

“Oh don’t mind her, she’s just a bit quiet.” Her mom said, “Now why don’t we get ready, strip off your clothes, and put them in the locker here sweety.” Her mom said as she started pulling her shirt over her head.

Shocked and not seeing much other option, Alice began taking off her own clothes. Blushing as she removed her dress to reveal her small A-cup breasts in her pink lacy bra and matching panties. Seeing her mother stripping off next to her gave her some comfort though, and before she knew it she stood completely naked with her clothes bundled in her hands. Placing her clothes in the locker next to her mother’s Alice examined herself in the locker mirror, her nipples had perked up in the cool air and she shivered for a second as goosebumps ran across her fair skin. She wished her mother had told her about the nudity, she would have taken the opportunity to shave ahead of time, but instead, a light orange tuft of hair adorned her crotch. Despite herself, Alice found it difficult to not try to cover herself, her hands instinctively reaching to cover her crotch and breasts.

“It’s ok Alice, you don’t have anything that these women don’t see hundreds of times per day.” Her mother said gently touching Alices’ arm in reassurance. Despite her mothers comforting words Alice could only think of the meat girls that must be equally embarrassed as they were brought here to be slaughtered.

Donning her lanyard Alice looked around to see that there were fewer women in the room now and her mother’s pregnant friend Sam had left.

“Common Alice, we still have to go through decontamination first.” Her mother said closing her own locker and walking towards a door at the end of the room. They soon came to a hall where a thick spray of mist erupted from both of the walls on either side of them.

“Ok sweety, just wait a moment and then follow me through decontamination.” Her mother said as she stepped past the spray.

Alice watched her mother pass through the hall waiting a few seconds before following her as instructed. The cold mist hit her body, coating her in a fine layer of water from her neck to her toes as she walked through. As she continued the spray changed colors and she felt a slight tingle on her skin as she proceeded, by the time she exited the decontamination hall the spray had stopped to be replaced by a warm blast of air that dried her body within seconds. The whole experience was not entirely uncomfortable.

Alice gawked at the sight before her as she wandered over towards her mom. The factory floor she had everted was massive, tracks and conveyor belts ran in every direction with staff manning various stations along different tracks. It seemed that none of the machinery had been started up yet as a large digital clock ticked down with only minutes left on the far wall.

“Ok common Alice we have to get over to our station.” Her mother said grabbing her hand and pulling her along towards one of the conveyor belts. As they walked through the factory Alice noticed another young girl standing next to a woman who could have only been her mother, the girl’s bright ginger hair, well-curved hips and toned thighs mirroring her mother’s older yet still shapely form. The girl looked a little uncertain as she experimentally turned on and off a pair of hair clippers. Smiling when she saw Alice, certainly more confident knowing she wasn’t the only daughter today.

That’s the hair removal station.” Her mother said as they passed, “we are up ahead at the last station before they head to the freezer.”

“Oh, what station is that?” Alice asked.

“The most important one in the factory.” Her mother replied walking ahead a few steps to quicken their pace.

When they finally stopped at their station Alice was practically trembling with her nerves.

“Ok, Alice today we are on the cutting station.” Her mother said. Directing Alice towards a spot next to the conveyor belt beside her.

“When the meat girls come down that line we only have a minute to make the girl cum and cut slit her throat before the next one comes along. This is the most important part of the whole process as after this they are taken to drain and frozen for storage.” Her mom said.

“Wait what?!?!” Alice cried out in shock. “You mean we are actually killing the poor girls here? That’s horrible!”

“It’s not that bad sweety, trust me by the time they reach us here they are barely even human anymore. Besides you missed what I said we have to make them orgasm before we do it. All part of the humane slaughter legislation that went through a few years back. I dare say they enjoy this part more than any other part of their time here.” Her mom said as a loud horn sounded far off in the factory.

“Ok, the line has started. I’ll show you how to do it with this first one and then it’s your turn on the next. It can get pretty busy throughout the day so after that, you will have to do any that stops in front of you.” She continued, as she looked towards the conveyor belt.

Alice tried to keep her legs from trembling, as her stomach flip-flopped with nervousness.

Was she really going to have to kill these poor girls? What about making them orgasm, what if she couldn’t do it?

She looked on in horror as the conveyor belt chugged to life, the large slats moved past them at a steady rate. Her mother stood patiently by, a razor-sharp knife now in her hand as they awaited the first meat girl of the day. It wasn’t long before she arrived, the girl’s naked skin easily visible against the dark rubber of the conveyor belt. As the belt moved steadily on, the girl looked around frantically her bald head shifting from side to side as she took in her surroundings only noticing Alice’s mother holding the knife when she came to a stop in front of them. Alice looked on uneasily, the girl was spread eagle, with her limbs secured to the conveyor belt slat, by 4 cuffs which were clamped around her ankles and wrists. Her legs were forced wide to display her shaved pink crotch and her arms secured above her head leaving her considerable breasts to lie flat on her chest. She tried to call out to them, her eyes pleading for help, only to be blocked by the large gag secured in her mouth.

“Ok Alice make sure you pay attention, there is a camera overhead to ensure we are following regulations on this.” Her mother said as her right hand slipped to the girl’s crotch, her left hand holding the knife. Alice stood transfixed as she watched her mother slip a finger into the girls slick pussy. Her lips parted easily as her mother’s thumb pressed into the girl’s clit. Within seconds she had another finger deep inside the girl her hand working steadily as her fingers plunged in time with her circling thumb. The girl’s face went from one of shock and horror to a blushing embarrassment as she twisted and turned her hips as she was violated.

“Now they will do this more often than not. Just keep your hand steady when they move around and you’ll get them.” Alice’s mother said casually as she picked up the pace, her fingers producing a wet slurping sound as she fucked the girl’s dripping pussy.

Alice was transfixed barely noticing the growing wetness in her own tingling pussy, as she watched the erotic display. She couldn’t help but imagine herself in the girl’s position, watching as she bucked desperately against her mother’s skilled hand. Alice’s own hand drifted down to her own crotch, passing her light tuft of pubic hair as her fingers came to lightly rest on her sensitive lips. A pained, strangled moan sounded out from the meat girl’s throat her hips bucking up hard, her toes curled and her chest heaved as she orgasmed against Alice’s mother’s hand. Before she had a moment to blink, the knife had already passed across the girl’s throat. A red line formed across her neck as a spray of blood spurted from the cut. Her body trembled and shook as Alice’s mother removed her fingers from the dying girl’s cunt. Wiping them off with a nearby towel and pressing a button on the conveyor belt to send the meat girl off to the next section. Alice watched stunned as the dying meat girl steadily moved onwards, her blood leaking out from the gash across her neck and onto the track below. Suddenly very conscious of her own hand resting against her own yearning pussy Alice turned to her mother rushing to make it look like she had just been scratching an itch.

“Ok, Alice it’s your turn next. In a little bit they will be sending them down in lots of 3 so it’s better that we make sure you have the hang of this while we have the time.” Her mother said passing a knife to Alice and gesturing for her to step up closer. “Now if you are having a hard time getting them to cum we can get you a vibrator to help out but just for now give it a go, make sure you focus on their clit and time your movements to make the most of it.” She continued on as another meat girl came down the conveyor belt.

Alice felt like her heart was up in her throat as the girl came ever closer, she could hear the blood pounding in her own ears and her hands trembled as she held the knife. The woman was bound just like the last, her arms and legs spread wide to offer her no protection from Alice’s unskilled hands. The woman was maybe only a few years older than she was herself, with dark brown skin and a clean complexion. It was hard to tell her exact age without hair but if Alice had seen her on the street she would have thought her pretty. Hesitantly she reached her hand down to the girl’s exposed crotch experimentally pressing her fingers against the woman’s lips. To her surprise, the girl’s dark labia parted easily to allow her finger inside her slick pink pussy.

“That’s right, your going well dear.” Alice’s mother said as she watched her daughter penetrate the meat girl in front of them. “By the time they get to use they are usually already turned on a bit from being so exposed. Just do what feels natural.” She said assuringly.

Alice gently pushed another inside the meat girl’s slick womanhood, resting her thumb against the girl’s clit, just like she had seen her mother do. She had never had sex with a woman before, she had barely even kissed another girl during school. But she had learned something about pleasuring herself over many nights up over the years, and she put it to use. Plunging her fingers deep into the girl’s warm cunt she slowly teased her with her thumb, pressing deeper and deeper with every thrust. The woman’s face started shifting from anger to uncertain pleasure, her breaths becoming unsteady as she struggled to breathe through her nose. Picking up the speed Alice concentrated as she plunged faster and harder into the dark flesh in front of her, pressing her thumb hard into the girl’s clit, causing her to shake and shiver. The girls shaking became more violent, and she twisted harder as she started to press her crotch into Alice’s hand reciprocating Alice’s efforts. Suddenly the woman’s back arched and she emitted a loud groan into her gag, as her body began trembling uncontrollably. A spurt of slick wetness sprayed out into Alice’s hand as the meat girl came.

“Now Alice, cut her throat!” Her mother said hurriedly.

Startled, Alice struggled to bring her knife up to the woman’s throat, her hand trembling as she cut into the soft brown flesh. Unlike the clean, cut her mother had made, Alice’s cut bent jaggedly as she uncertainly pulled the knife across the meat girl’s thrashing throat. Blood instantly spurted out from the cut arching towards Alice and splattering out onto her fair skin. She looked down in shock, her eyes locking with the surprised, pleading eyes of the dying meat girl in front of her. Alice watched the sound of blood pumping through her own ears, and felt adrenaline coursing throughout her body. As the light slowly left her eyes, her blood drained from her roughly sliced neck. Alice’s crotch tingled with growing arousal and she felt herself blushing as her face grew warmer. A slick drip was forming on her thigh when she finally turned escort to face her mother, her breasts covered in splatters of blood and her legs trembling from the rush of emotions.

“You did great sweety. I’m so Proud of you.” Her mother’s words rang in her ears, she had never felt so alive.

“Now you just have to press the button to send her on and we can prep for the next one.” She said indicating the button on the side of the conveyor belt. Alice pressed the button watching as the body of the meat girl steadily moved into the next room through a set of rubber flaps. Her heart still pounding with adrenaline.

“Now that wasn’t so bad now was it?” Her mother asked with a smile on her face.

“No, it wasn’t,” Alice said uncertainly.

“Well better get ready we will have a full day of work ahead of us.” Her mother said taking her spot next to Alice as several more meat girls appeared ahead of them on the conveyor belt.

Alice barely had a moment to think before another bound and naked girl was in front of her. Barely a moment to breathe before her hand was deep in the soaked cunt of another helpless girl. Barely a moment to think on the insatiable arousal that now had her practically shaking with need. The morning passed in a daze of muffled moans and slick fingers, the scent of the orgasm of so many women building up with the coppery scent of blood, which filled Alice’s nose with an awful but intoxicating scent that she grew to crave as the morning went on. She lost count of how many meat girls she had processed with her mother, of how many throats she had slit, and how many cunts she had violated. By the time the mid-day horn had sounded, she was exhausted and no longer cared about her own nudity. Happy to simply get a break from the never-ending line of writhing exposed flesh that came down the line to meet their end at her hands. Her thighs were slick with her arousal and her chest was covered in dried blood, she could barely think of anything but relieving her own pent-up arousal as they headed towards the showers.

Alice let out an exhausted sigh as the hot water hit her naked body. The water slickened the dried blood that covered her skin from her breasts to her thighs, mixing with the blood and washing down her body to swirl down the drain. The room was full of other women like her, young girls who were in for Bring Your Daughter to Work Day, and older women who worked here every day all showering and cleaning off from a hard morning’s work. Alice and her mother stood out as the messier of the group, having been responsible for the final step of the processing line they were both splattered with blood. The images of so many dead and dying girls filled Alice’s mind as she stood beneath the hot water. The panicked look of their wide eyes, the startled gasps of their dying orgasms, the way they tried to plead and beg fruitlessly through their gags. Alice knew what she had witnessed should have shocked her, she knew that what she had done should have left her scarred. But despite how much she wanted to feel bad about slaughtering those girls, and despite how much she thought she should feel guilty about ending the lives of dozens of women just like her. All she could think of was how arousing the whole situation had been. She had never in her life asked what her mother actually did at work. In fact, she had actively tried to avoid thinking about it, not wanting to dwell on what might one day happen to her should she be stupid enough to volunteer as a meat girl. But now after seeing and experiencing what her mother had been doing day in and day out for years, Alice wondered if maybe she should have asked about it sooner.

As the morning had gone on she had begun to get better at the job. She had learned more about pleasuring girls in those few hours than she had over her entire life so far. It had become somewhat of a game for her, to see how quickly she could make the meat girls cum. Watching their breath and how they moved as she stroked their most intimate areas, prodding and testing to see how each one reacted until she found just the right spot. Each girl had been different, some came easily from the slightest touch of her thumb on their clit. Some required more work, forcing Alice to press multiple fingers deep inside them, curling her fingers to reach their g-spot or thrusting hard into their needy cunt. She had only had to use the vibrator on 1 stubborn girl who seemed adamant to resist her fingers as if preventing Alice from making them cum would save her life. Her mom had helped with that one, assuring her that it was a rare occurrence. As more and more bound and helpless women came before her she also got better with the knife, becoming more precise with her cuts and spraying less blood onto herself. She had even begun to enjoy that part almost as much as making the meat girls orgasm. There was a certain pleasure in a job well done, and especially in seeing improvement in her work.

Despite trying to focus on her work, showing her mom that she could do well, and trying to make her proud. The entire experience had left her insanely aroused, by the time they had finished Alice was literally dripping with arousal. Her thighs were wet with a sticky mix of blood and her own juices dripping from her slick pussy. Looking around the showers she saw that no one was paying particular attention to her. Her mom showering just a few feet away from her was completely absorbed in scrubbing herself down. While another younger girl on her other side was staring off into the distance clearly absorbed in her own thoughts about the morning as the hot water rained down on her. She recognized the girl from earlier, she had been at the shaving station and had smiled at her as she passed. Another daughter who had been brought in for the day, and was happy to see she wasn’t the only one.

I wonder how she would look on the conveyor belt.

The thought came intrusively into Alice’s head as she admired the girl’s plump breasts and well-curved ass. Almost without thought, Alice ran her hands over her own body, shivering as her fingers brushed over her nipples and slid down her wet stomach to her crotch. She wondered how long it would take to make the other girl orgasm, and how pretty her blue eyes would look as she bled out. Her fingers slid easily over her light ginger pubic hair and into her own sensitive folds. Biting her lip, she slowly worked her fingers into a rhythm, each time pushing a little deeper into herself as she stared off at the girl next to her. Her mind raced as she imagined the different women she had slaughtered that morning and pictured the girl in front of her in their positions. Her arms and legs spread wide, her needy pussy exposed and waiting for Alice to violate it. She reached her left hand up to her chest squeezing her small breasts and twisting her nipple lightly as her right hand thrust deep inside her wet pussy. She struggled to stifle a moan as her thumb came to rest lightly on her clit stimulating her further with every thrust, just like she had done to so many meat girls this morning.

“Alice you almost done the sweety?” Her mother’s voice came as her hand rested on her shoulder. Alice squeaked in surprise and almost slipped over from shock as her mom’s hand touched her. The girl in front of her turned at the noise, seeing Alice with her fingers in her pussy and her hand cupping her breasts, her face reddened in embarrassment as Alice felt her own face flush even harder.

“Oh, you were…” Her mother trailed off as Alice’s hands snapped back from what she had been doing.

“M-mom, I’m sorry, I just lost control for a second I.” Alice stammered out as she turned away from the other girl, wishing she could be anywhere but here.

“No it’s ok sweety, I’m sorry I interrupted you.” Her mom replied with a warm smile on her face.

“But isn’t it unprofessional to… Shouldn’t I feel bad… A-about what I did this morning?” Alice replied, uncertain of how she felt or what she was trying to say.

“No, of course not sweety. Everything you’re feeling now is completely natural. In fact, it would be weird if you weren’t at least a little turned on from this morning. I remember the first day I was here I almost got fired for trying to relieve myself with the handle of my knife in between girls. I’m proud of you for lasting this long and waiting until we hit the showers, it was the adult thing to do.” Her mom said reassuringly.

“But what about those women, a few of them couldn’t have been any older than me. Some of them could have been mothers just like you. I killed dozens of them and I don’t feel bad about it, is there something wrong with me?” Alice said, tears forming in the corner of her eyes as she tried to explain her chaotic mental state.

“No sweety you shouldn’t feel bad about what you did, each and every one of those women volunteered in some way or another. Whether they walked up directly to the Department of Population Control and asked to become meat, or signed up for a lottery, or didn’t read a contract is none of our business. What matters is that it’s their fault they are on the line, not yours. You are just here to do a job, and if that job brings you some pleasure, then there is nothing to be ashamed of. You are helping our overpopulated society, and bringing those girls the last pleasure they will ever have in life. You are doing the right thing and should be proud of yourself. Honestly, by the time you get to my age, you don’t even think of them as women anymore, just more meat to be slaughtered.” She said, reaching out to embrace Alice.

Alice hugged her mother back tightly, grateful for her reassurance. The warm press of her mom’s naked skin on her own filled Alice with a confidence and comfort that she didn’t know she needed.

“Now finish up your shower and dry off, otherwise we will be late for the staff lunch.” Her mom said, letting go and walking towards a bench with towels. Alice turned to realize that the girl and all the other workers had already left the showers. She hoped she hadn’t made the other girl too uncomfortable, it would be nice to make a friend and find out if she was the only one struggling to understand her emotions in this strange new situation.

Quickly she gave herself a final rinse, making sure to scrub the last bits of blood from her pale skin before joining her mother in drying herself off.

The smell of an open fire welcomed Alice and her mother as they left the factory floor to join the staff lunch that would be taking place in the back delivery dock. The loading dock was cleared of trucks and had been fenced off from the public access road. Picnic tables and a small stage decorated the area, and in the corner a pair of workers were preparing a firepit, feeding the flames with bags of charcoal. Groups of nude women stood here and there chatting and enjoying the afternoon off work. Alice felt a shiver run down her spine as she stepped into the open air of the loading dock. Being naked inside a factory with dozens of other nude women was one thing, but being exposed outside in the open air like this was something different, even if everyone else was still naked.

“Karen, Alice over here!” Came the familiar voice of Sam, who stood waiting in the opposite corner of the loading area with a small group of about 12 younger women around her. Alice thought she spotted the girl from the showers, but as soon as she noticed her glossy ginger hair, the girl blushed and turned away from her.

“We are about to start the tour for the daughters, and you are the last one to join us,” She said as Alice and her mother approached.

“Ok well you enjoy the tour Alice, I’ll wait here with the other workers and I might see about helping out with the barbeque prep.” Her mom said giving her a big hug before turning away to leave her with the tour group.

“Ok girls, if you will follow me we will start the tour,” Sam said loudly enough that they could all hear before walking off towards the factory, her hands resting around her pregnant belly as she walked.

The group of younger girls all shuffled on awkwardly. All of them still a little uncomfortable in their nudity and the unusual nature of their work environment. Peering into the group as they walked Alice saw the girl from earlier and immediately made her way over hoping to smooth things over with her.

“Hi, I’m Alice. I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable in the showers earlier.” She said trying not to look as embarrassed as she felt.

“It’s ok, really.” Said the girl, her face turning red again as she blushed. “My name is Rachel by the way.” She continued as she brushed a strand of hair from her face.

“Thank you, it’s just this place isn’t what I thought it would be and there’s something about it that is so… I just couldn’t control myself,” Alice said trying to explain herself further without seeming like a freak.

“Yeah, I think I know what you mean. I’ve always been a little curious about volunteering myself. I remember always going to the shops when I was younger with my mom and imagining what it must be like for all those girls in the window. How it must have felt to be so powerless and so…. dehumanized. There is something about it that has always fascinated me and turned me on a little. But being here is like that times 100. The whole morning I couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like to be in their place. I guess in the showers I was a little distracted too, wondering if maybe it would be worth volunteering to satisfy my curiosity. Maybe if I hadn’t been so out of it, I would have been just as horny as you. So I guess I know how you feel.” She said with an uncertain shy smile on her lips.

Alice was taken aback by Rachel’s admission, that she was actually aroused by the thought of being on the processing line. That she had always found herself interested in volunteering. Of course earlier that morning, Alice wondered how it must feel to be on the line and even found it a little arousing. But it was different for her. When she looked down at a helpless girl about to be slaughtered by her own hand, or her mother’s. It wasn’t a craving to be helpless that drove her crazy, and it certainly wasn’t a desire to volunteer herself to the same fate. But thinking back on it, Alice thought maybe she enjoyed the power she had held over other women, the knowledge that they were less than her and that she was better.

You are better than them. She deserves to be meat if she wants to volunteer.

The thought sent a shock down Alice’s spine and she felt her body warming again to the idea of Rachel bound and helpless in front of her.

“Yeah, I guess,” Alice said, her voice uncertain as she sorted through her thoughts.

“Ok girls we are almost at our first stop. On this tour, we are going through the entire process, so that you all get to learn about the different stations that you didn’t work on this morning.” Sam said standing in front of a large thinly meshed, metal cage. Inside the cage shoulder-high railings formed 5 lines where women were meant to queue.

“Now who worked here at the intake this morning?” Sam asked the group. Several of the girls raised their hands uncertainly.

“Would one of you be able to come up here and help me explain to the group what happens at this station?” Sam said towards the girls.

One of them, a skinny pale girl stepped forward. Her glossy, shoulder-length, brown hair bounced in time with her small, perky breasts as she walked over to stand in front of the group with Sam.

“Now there is usually always one in the group brave enough for this next part. If any of you would like to step up and be our example for the rest of the tour. Now is your chance. Of course, you won’t actually be processed. But having a live demonstration for the tour really gives everyone the best experience.” Sam said looking expectantly at the group. Alice’s heart beat faster as Sam’s eyes passed over her. No way would she want to be strung up on the processing line like those meat girls from earlier. Her most intimate parts on display for everyone to see. Something bumped her shoulder and she turned to see that Rachel had her hand up in the air. Her hand trembled slightly, causing her well-shaped breasts to jiggle. Her face was red with embarrassment and she bit her lip uncertainly but, looking into her eyes Alice could see a deep desire and determination.

“Ok great, if you will come up here I’ll let you in on the intake side. Oh and pass me your lanyard, you won’t need that for the rest of the tour.” Sam said leading Rachel over to the back end of the cage to open an access door.

Rachel shyly followed along, passing her guest lanyard over to sam as she stepped into the cage. “One more thing,” Sam said as she reached into a bucket on the side of the cage, pulling out a set of handcuffs. “Normally izmit escort bayan girls are stripped, cuffed, and gaged before they arrive by the collection officers, but for now, we will just settle for stripped and cuffed. I don’t think you will be screaming and begging during our demonstration,” Sam said casually as she grabbed Rachel’s arms, securing the cuffs around her wrists behind her back. Her work done Sam locked the door before walking over to the group of daughters Rachel’s guest pass now joining her own staff lanyard, resting between her swollen breasts.

Pointing to the girl who had stepped forward earlier, “Great now that we have our volunteer would you be able to hop in on your side and show us how it’s done. When you reach the confirmation page on your scanner just don’t submit it, wouldn’t want young Rachel here to be classified as a real volunteer.” She said with a laugh. Rachel for her part seemed a little less certain of her decision now that she was locked up in the intake cage. Her legs trembled slightly and Alice couldn’t tell if it was from excitement or nervousness. With her hands cuffed behind her back, her lanyard now around Sam’s neck, and her body completely bare Rachel looked like any other scared girl who ended up in the intake cage.

“Now if you will look to the back of the intake cage you will notice that the far wall has grooves that line up with the railings inside. This is intentional as every time a girl is processed the back wall will move forward, forcing any hesitant girls into the line and towards the intake workers.” Sam said pressing a button on the edge of the cage, which caused a loud beep from a nearby control panel as the back wall started slowly crawling forward towards Rachel. Rachel with little other choice walked into the queue path towards the other girl who had stepped forward to demonstrate. In her right hand, the girl held a strange device. It looked a lot like scanners Alice had seen in grocery stores, comprised of a smartphone attached to a handgrip with a trigger. Only this one had two metal prongs attached to the tip of the scanner that made it look something like a taser.

“Sorry dear, what was your name?” Sam said to the girl.

“Hannah” She replied.

“Great well Hannah can you just explain what your scanner does as you process Rachel here?” Sam asked.

“Sure, uh the meat girl scanner here is connected to the national DPC database,” Hannah said as she reached forward to grab Rachel by the back of her untied hair pulling her forward and holding her steady. Rachel’s face began to blush again as she helplessly stepped forward, wincing as her hair was pulled uncomfortably.

“This is the best way to handle the girls when they come in, a strong grip on their hair keeps them under control. With their hands cuffed behind their back, they can’t fight back. But if they do the scanner here can function as a low voltage cattle prod.” Hannah said, holding the trigger on her scanner for a moment, unleashing a loud crackling sound as the two prongs on the end of the scanner lit up with sparks. Rachel’s legs trembling became more obvious as she stared at the bright buzzing tool in front of her face.

“When a new meat girl comes through our station we need to scan her face like this to confirm her identity and designate her as a meat girl received at this facility.” She said holding the scanner up to Rachels’s face for a few seconds before it made a dinging noise.

“Once we confirm that it has identified the correct girl, we submit the form and take her to the conveyor start behind us.” She said pulling Rachel towards the other end of the cage where the wall appeared to be made of the same dark rubber material as the conveyor belt trays. Hannah pushed Rachel to the wall so that her back rested on the black rubber surface of the upright conveyor belt tray.

“Finally we restrain them with the inbuilt cuffs on the conveyor tray before sending them onto the next section.” Hannah said bending down to clip Rachel’s ankles into a set of cuffs. She had to pull her legs wide apart to reach the embedded cuffs in either corner of the tray. Next, she clipped a pair of cables to Rachel’s handcuffs before unlatching the chain that had held her hands together behind her back. Lastly, she stepped back and pressed a button on her scanner, which caused the cables to retract towards the upper corners of the tray. Rachel’s arms were dragged up above her head until they could stretch no further and no wider.

Rachel now sported an uncertain smile as she looked back at the tour group. Her limbs were spread eagle against the upright tray, her weight now supported by her wrist restraints which held her an inch off the floor. Her shapely breasts stretched out over her chest from the awkward angle of her arms, and her pink shaved pussy on display to the group as her legs were held tightly apart by the ankles. Rachel briefly flashed a smile at Alice looking at her new friend with a mix of nervousness and excitement. Butterflies fluttered in Alice’s stomach, and she resisted the urge to rub her own pussy at the sight.

“Great job Hannah, now let’s send her off to the next station,” Sam said with a cheery voice.

Hannah pressed one last button on her scanner, and the large upright tray started to move backward dragging Rachel along with it.

“This way girls,” Sam called as she started off towards the next section keeping pace with Rachel as the conveyor belt chugged along.

The group followed along eagerly, waiting to see how Rachel faired her turn on the processing line. The tray followed a railing that ran above their heads, a rhythmic clicking echoed around them as Rachels’s tray moved forwards. Her breasts jiggled constantly as her tray chugged along the track. As they walked Sam began to tell the girls about the benefits of working at a processing center for the DPC. “As most of you have probably noticed I am almost due to bring my own daughter into the world,” She said with a smile. “And while any job can be strenuous while pregnant, the DPC actually has a fantastic maternity program, with a full 12 weeks of as base maternity, with the option of extending this to a full 24 weeks. On the condition that you enter the State Meat Lottery on the first day of your leave. Meaning that you risk a small chance of being chosen in the state lottery every week during the 24 weeks off. But in exchange, you get paid maternity leave for a full 6 months.”

“Isn’t that risky? Wouldn’t that mean if you get chosen your daughter will grow up without a mother?” One of the girls in the group asked, shock clear in her voice.

“Well technically yes. But as you may know, our state lottery is capped at 600 women per week. Meaning that effectively there is only a very small chance that you would be chosen. It is quite normal for employees on maternity leave to take up the opportunity for extra quality time off with their babies and come back to work 6 months later without issue. But the DPC doesn’t only offer these benefits on maternity leave, there are dozens of incentive programs that allow our employees benefits such as. Bonuses, time off, and even educational opportunities. In fact, if you would like to go to university the DPC will even sponsor any employee as long as they enter both the national and state lottery for the duration of their course.” Sam said, turning to answer questions as the group continued towards the next station.

Alice stopped paying attention as she considered what she had just heard. She had always planned on going to studying to become an architect and had known that she would either need a scholarship or an expensive loan to achieve her dreams. It would be nice to not have to worry about the cost of her education, especially if she got to work here with her mom. However, her mom had always taught her to be careful of incentive programs offered by the DPC, knowing that the risks might not be worth the reward. She very much doubted her mom had taken up the offer of extended maternity leave, or any other such program.

As they came to a halt at the next station, Rachel’s tray lowered itself down so that her head was at shoulder height compared to the girls in the tour.

“Now who worked here at the shaving station this morning?” Sam called out to the group. A few girls looked around nervously, clearly not comfortable being the center of attention in the nude.

A few moments passed before Rachel spoke up “ I worked here this morning.”

“Well we can hardly have you give a demonstration tied up like you are, and to be honest we don’t usually do a demonstration of this section as most girls who volunteer for the tour like to keep their hair when we are done. So why don’t you tell us a little about what you did here this morning and then we will move on.” Sam asked.

“Sure, uh well as you can see the tray has lowered me down. This is important as it makes it easier to reach the back of a meat girl’s head. Here we remove all of a girl’s hair, and it can be quite a long process if you don’t have a lot of practice. We use the clippers on that bench to shave off all the hair on their heads, which falls to a collection chute below. We then move to their body hair, shaving off any hair on their armpits and pubic regions before using an electric foil shaver to clean up the stubble. As it is both embarrassing and sensitive most girls who come in shave their own body hair at home once they get their ***********ion notice. But for the ones who don’t, we have to be patient and press through it even when the girls struggle or thrash around.” Rachel explained confidently despite her exposed position. Alice looked her new friend up and down as she talked, admiring her curves and her exposed shaved crotch. Remembering back to this morning, each and every one of the girls she had processed had been shaved smooth before they arrived at her station. She wondered how many of those women had been shaved by Rachel before they made their way to her.

And now she’s tied up just like they were.

The thought sent a chill down her spine and a yearning in her crotch as she imagined what Rachel would look like without her bright ginger hair.

“Ok girls let’s get on to the next section,” Sam announced as she pressed a button at the station to send Rachel off down the lone.

The next station was only a short distance away, almost immediately after the shaving station. Again Sam called out to the group to find volunteers for the demonstration. Two girls stepped forward this time announcing their names as Pari and Aadya, twins who had worked with their mother this morning at the cleaning station. Alice felt a little better about not having shaved her crotch before coming to the facility, as she noticed the unshaved twins in front of the group. They were a mirror image of each other, with dark brown skin, black hair, and full perky breasts. Alice struggled to tell them apart even as they stood next to each other completely naked. If not for the piercing in Pari’s left nipple she would have had no hope of telling them apart at all.

“Here we clean the meat girls off any loose hair from the shaving station,” Pari said as she stepped toward Rachel.

“We also have to make sure the meat girls are cleaned inside” Her sister Aadya added as she too moved towards Rachel picking up a nearby hose, and applying lubricant to the rounded nozzle.

“The process is actually quite simple, first we insert the enema hose into the meat girl, and secure it to the tray wall with an electromagnet,” Pari explained as Aadya moved towards Rachel, reaching between Rachel’s spread legs to apply lubricant to her exposed asshole. Rachel gasped as she felt Aadya’s cold finger pressing against her sensitive asshole, she struggled not to twitch and move as Aadya thoroughly rubbed the slick lubricant into Rachel’s tight hole. With little ceremony Aadya pressed the rounded tip of the nozzle into Rachel’s lubricated sphincter, causing Rachel to grimace as she tried to keep still for the twin. She then held the hose to the back wall of the tray and flicked a button on the nozzle activating a magnet that held the hose in place against the tray to prevent it from slipping from its position in Rachel’s ass.

“Now we just have to engage the cleaning cycle, which will fill the meat girl with a food-safe soap mixture to clean out her inside while we spray her down on the outside to remove any hair or mess,” Pari said as she pressed some buttons on a nearby console and picked up a hose with a large spray nozzle. Rachel jolted and her face grimaced as the cleaning solution began flowing from the house into her rectum.

Despite being a little grossed out by the concept of an enema, Alice looked on eagerly as the twins began spraying Rachel from the neck down as she was filled internally. Her face openly showed her discomfort as she shifted her weight side to side in the little wiggle room she had on the tray trying to ease her discomfort. There was something incredibly arousing about watching her new friend struggle in her discomfort as her belly distended and she blinked back tears as her discomfort mounted to the point of pain.

“How much longer does this have to go?” Rachel asked desperately, her distended belly almost looking like she herself was in the early stages of pregnancy.

“Just a little longer before the cycle is done,” Sam said soothingly as the girls watched on.

A few moments later Rachel whimpered as she lost control of her bladder, the pressure in her gut forcing her to release a dark yellow stream that sprayed out to the floor below.

“This is quite regular. In fact, most girls lose control at about the 70% completion mark and Rachel here has lasted to 90%.” One of the twins said as she directed her hose to Rachel’s crotch cleaning off the mess she had made. Rachel squirmed as the water hit her sensitive pussy, her face reddening from her embarrassment and the stimulation. Moments later the console buzzed and the magnet attached to the hose turned itself off. Alice looked on as Rachel’s face became a mix of gratified relief and mortified embarrassment. The hose without the magnet to hold it in place, fell to the weight of gravity. Which caused the water that had been filling Rachel’s ass to explode forcefully from her body and into the drain below. The tour group looked on in a disgusted fascination. As the murky water poured from Rachel’s sore hole mixing with the suds and spray as the twins continued to spray her down ensuring that she was thoroughly cleaned. As the last of the water left her body and the hoses were turned off Rachel looked absolutely exhausted and utterly relieved that the ordeal was now passed.

“Now we just send her off on the line where she will pass through an automatic dryer before reaching the slaughter station,” Pari said pressing a button that sent Rachel onwards down the rail.

“Ok come on girls we are almost done and can get back to the barbeque with everyone else soon,” Sam said as they walked down the processing line.

As they walked Sam continued to talk about the worker’s benefits of the job and the current opportunities within the business. However, her words faded off onto deaf ears for Alice who was wrapped up in her own thoughts. She knew that her station was next and that she would get the opportunity to demonstrate her job. The thought of Rachel tied up under her knife sent chills down her spine. Her unrelieved arousal from this morning now burned deep inside her and she felt a slickness between her thighs as she walked. Alice felt excitement bubbling up in her body as she looked over to Rachel who was still being carried upright along the overhead railing, her body dripping water onto the grated floor below. Rachel noticed her attention and briefly flashed a smile to Alice before she was pulled through a large rectangular box that extended at least the next 30 feet. The sound of rushing wind and turning fans sounded from the box as the girls walked along and a minute later Rachel appeared on the other side completely dried, and her hair a mess. While her holding tray was reorientated so that she was lying on her back now, with her feet first going down the conveyor belt towards the last station on the line.

“Alright girls here we are, the final station on the line,” Sam said resting her hands on her belly, as Rachel came to a halt at the slaughter station.

“Now I believe only one of you worked here this morning, so Alice would you mind coming up and giving us a little demonstration of what you did here?” She asked.

Alice felt like her heart was going to burst out of her chest as she stepped up in front of everyone, suddenly more aware of her nudity than she had been all day. Taking a deep breath she tried to maintain her composure as she stepped up to Rachel izmit sınırsız escort and laid a shaky hand on Rachel’s pale freckled thigh.

“Well here is where we uh… finish the job,” Alice said awkwardly glimpsing at Rachel’s eager eyes.

“The process is really quite simple. All we have to do is cut the meat girl’s throat with a knife, like this one here.” She continued as she reached to the bench beside her picking up the knife she had used this morning, turning to show the other girls the deadly implement.

“However regulation states that for the humane treatment of meat girls they have to reach an orgasm prior to slaughter,” Alice said, turning back to Rachel and running her hand teasingly along Rachel’s exposed inner thigh as she casually held the knife in her left hand. Rachel for her part looked equal parts aroused and anxious constantly glancing at the knife while her thigh occasionally trembled from the intimate contact.

“My mom explained that it helps ease the pain of the knife while also accelerating the meat girl’s blood flow which in turn decreases the time it takes for them to bleed out and reduces their suffering.” She said as she let her fingers trail up and over Rachel’s pink outer lips. Rachel let out a stifled gasp as Alice probed and teased her womanhood, already slick with her desire. Alice drank in the sight in front of her. Rachel was laid out at her station like every other meat girl who had come down the line this morning, and like every other meat girl from this morning the sight of her filled Alice with adrenaline and need. Her heart raced as she gently pushed two fingers into Rachel, pressing past her puffy pink lips with ease. Rachel bit her lip as her breath quivered, her eyes locked onto the blade held just above her in Alice’s off-hand as she lived out one of her deepest fantasies. Alice experimentally pressed her fingers in as deeply as they would go, easily penetrating her new friend’s most intimate folds. Before retracting her fingers almost to their tips and pressing back in deeper. She stoked Rachel with long slow movements as she added her thumb to the mix, circling Rachel’s clit in time with her thrusting fingers as she built up a rhythm.

The outside world faded away for Alice the only two people who existed were herself and Rachel, the crowd of naked girls around her forgotten. A little part of her had questioned if she would feel different if the girl tied in front of her was someone she knew. Someone who wasn’t just another bound and shaved, anonymous meat girl. But instead of feeling awkward or put off by Rachels’s wide eyes on her, she felt even more aroused. A deep yearning and exhilaration that was fueled by the strange intimacy of violating someone she knew. She savored the warmth of Rachel’s wet pussy as her fingers probed deeper and harder. She relished the slight trembles that racked Rachels’s body with every movement, and she basked in the wide-eyed stare that Rachel held tightly to the knife in Alice’s hand. The scent of Rachel’s arousal filled her nostrils and fogged her mind as she put all she had learned that morning into practice.


Alice decided. Knowing the girl in front of her did make her feel different, if anything it made her job even better. If anything, knowing the girl in front of her just made Alice feel even more powerful like she held the whole world in her hands. She supposed in a way she did, at least for Rachel.

She watched how Rachel reacted to her every move, the subtle twitch of her toned thigh, the clenching of her fingers, the shallow breaths she took as her freckled pale face turned red, and her chest became flushed. Shifting her fingers and adjusting her tempo to get the most out of every stroke, out of every thrust as she read Rachel’s body language. It wasn’t long until Rachel was bucking her hips forward what little she could, timing her movements to impale Alice’s fingers deeper and harder into herself. Rachel’s quivering breath gave way to stifled moans as her legs stiffened, her abdomen tightened and her toes curled.


Alice’s instincts screamed out, as she pressed her fingers in deeply into Rachel’s slick cunt, pushing roughly into her bucking hips, and pressing her thumb hard against her clit.

Rachel gasped as her tensed body broke to the waves of pleasure that washed over her. Her legs trembled and her body shivered as Alice instinctively brought the knife against Rachel’s throat oblivious to the horrified look that lit Rachel’s face. After all, it was the same look every meat girl had given her that morning.

“Alice!” Sam’s yell broke through her daze. Shattering her daze and bringing her back to reality.

The knife dropped from her hand and clattered harmlessly on the floor leaving only a light hair-thin cut on Rachel’s otherwise unmarred skin.

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry Rachel! I didn’t mean to…” Alice said shakily uncertain of herself as she saw the looks of horrified astonishment on the faces of the assembled nude girls.

Would I really have…

The thought trailed off in her mind as she felt her face redded and tears start to well up in her eyes.

“Ok well thank you for that demonstration Alice. I’m sure we can imagine how this ends for most meat girls.” Sam said as she pressed a button on a nearby console which caused the clamps on Rachel’s limbs to unlock.

Rachel for her part lay on her tray a moment longer, still shaky from her orgasm and near-death experience, untill Sam walked over to lend her a hand getting up.

“Ok common girls we still have one more room to visit and then we can get back to the barbeque,” Sam said helping Rachel to her feet before pressing another button which sent Rachel’s empty tray onwards towards the wall and through the rubber intake curtain.

Alice felt uneasy and ashamed as she followed along at the back of the group. The other girls occasionally turned to look at her while whispering to each other. A pang of guilt flashed through her as she saw Rachel touch the spot on her neck experimentally pulling her hand back with a thin red mark from where Alice’s knife had touched her.

Would she really have killed Rachel?

The thought echoed in her head as they entered the next room.

Immediately Alice was hit by the cold air, her nipples stiffening, and her skin breaking out in goosebumps after a few seconds in the chilled room.

“Here is the last section of our facility,” Sam announced to the girls rubbing her hands together in the cold. While the empty tray that once held Rachel came through the rubber flaps and began to turn upright, so that had there been a meat girl strapped to the tray she would now be upside down. The vertical tray then continued to an overhead rail where it was diverted to one of 5 lanes.

“Here is where the meat girls are held until they can be loaded onto trucks and sent to their prospective buyers. If you look down you will notice the floor here is grated. This is so they can bleed out and drain themselves before they are loaded. Most girls are still conscious when they reach this room, but it only takes a few minutes at most for them to pass. The whole room also acts as a refrigerator allowing stock to be held here for up to 2 days if necessary without damaging the meat. At this facility we don’t do any of the actual butchering, rather we are responsible for the initial processing and humane slaughter of meat girls that are then sold in bulk to businesses all across the state. We sell them by truckloads of 50 to supermarkets, restaurants, fast-food chains, and large event caterers who can make the most of wholesale rates. In fact, you all have probably had a burger or a steak from a girl that was processed at this very facility at some point in your life. Normally this room can hold up to 250 processed girls. This morning we had a reduced quota to make time for the Bring Your Daughter to Work Day barbeque so the product has already been loaded and sent off.” Sam explained to the group as she rested her hands on her belly.

Alice shivered as she imagined the room filled with the bodies of 250 girls just like her and the other girls on the tour. She wondered how many of them she had been responsible for this morning. How many girls she had sent through those rubber curtains to bleed out their final moments alone and afraid, surrounded by the limp naked bodies of girls just like them. Despite herself, the thought only renewed her desires and sent a tingling warmth through her abdomen to her slick pussy.

What is wrong with me? Am I a monster?

Alice thought as she tried to process her feelings and actions from the day. She had come in here so worried and so uncertain of herself. She had always avoided thinking about where her meat had come from, uncomfortable with the thought that she could one day end up on a plate. However, in the short time she had been here a new side of the coin had appeared and she had latched into it with a gusto that she didn’t know she had. A new side of the uncomfortable truth had become apparent, and that was that she liked where her meat came from, as long as she was not the meat. The revelation had left its mark on her and now she didn’t know if she could ever go back to the way she had been before today, or if she could ever see other women the same way as she had before.

As people.

Lost in her thoughts Alice barely noticed as she followed along with the tour back towards the barbeque area. The smell of woodfire smoke and roasting meat now greeted her as the tour returned. The loading dock was now filled with activity, groups of nude women stood or sat at picnic tables chatting idly, while others rushed back and forth getting everything ready. On the small stage, someone was doing a mic check, while in the corner 2 spit roasts had been erected over the hot bed of coals, to which two golden brown meat girls now were roasting. Honey gold basting and oil dripped from their perky breasts and full buttocks as they rotated slowly over the fires. A pair of women stood to either side to ensure that they applied more basting and rotated them so they cooked evenly.

“Alice sweety! How did you like the tour?” Her mother said as she approached pulling Alice into a tight hug. Alice hugged her mom back enjoying the warmth of her body as their naked skin touched.

“It was ok mom, I just need some time to think,” Alice replied solemnly as she hugged back even tighter.

“That’s ok sweety, I know what an ordeal your first day can be. But just try to enjoy this afternoon, we can talk about everything later if you want to.” Her mom said in the same comforting voice that she used when Alice had hurt herself as a child.

The microphone screeched momentarily as Sam stood up on the stage one hand resting under her pregnant stomach as she held the microphone with the other.

“Thank you all for coming in today. It has been a pleasure meeting your daughters and seeing them excel in their roles today. They are truly all a credit to the amazing women who have raised them and one day I hope that my own daughter will be here to join them.” She said patting her stomach for emphasis.

“Now as many of you know we are always looking to offer new opportunities to the wonderful young women who join us, and we will soon be hiring for a new facility that is opening up across from town. If any of the daughters today would like to enquire about applying I implore you to take to opportunity to join us. As I mentioned today the DPC can offer some fantastic opportunities for employees looking to study or start their careers within a respected government organization such as ours. If you are interested please take an application form at the end of the barbeque and send it back within a week to apply.” Sam continued.

“Now with that out of the way, I hope everyone has a wonderful afternoon and enjoys the barbeque. Which should be ready to serve in about 10 minutes!” Sam said as stepped off stage and music started playing from a nearby speaker.

With that, the barbeque had officially started and everyone got back to their conversations or went over to line up early at the spit roasts hoping to get the best pieces for themselves.

The afternoon passed in a daze for Alice who for the most part stood by her mother lost deep in her own thoughts. Occasionally joined in on a conversation or returned a greeting from another employee. It wasn’t until she had followed along to the spits where she was served a thick thigh cut to go with her salad that she began to come out of her shell. The thought that one of the girls she had processed this morning might be the girl she was about to eat now filled her mind with a new sense of lust and strange pride. She sat down at a nearby picnic table alone as her mother continued to chat with another employee leaving Alice to her own devices. The rough wood of the table reminded Alice of her nudity as her bare body touched the wood. Idly she prodded at her lunch, wondering what the girl’s name had been.

“Do you mind if I join you,” Rachel’s voice cut through Alice’s idle thoughts as she sat down next to her.

“Um sure,” Alice replied her face turning red with embarrassment. “I’m sorry about before by the way,” She said nervously.

“It’s ok. I knew you weren’t really going to hurt me…” Rachel replied warmly.

Alice sat in silence for a moment unsure of what to say.

“But you know what the crazy thing is?” Rachel said.

“What’s that?” Alice asked uncertainly.

“Well,” Rachel said leaning in to whisper in Alice’s ear, her full freckled breasts pressing against Alice’s shoulder. “Part of me really wanted you to.”

“What! Seriously,” Alice said incredulously as her heart jumped into her throat.

“It was the hottest thing that’s ever happened to me.” Rachel said taking Alice’s hand in her own. “The whole time I was strapped down in that tray, whenever I looked into your eyes I could see a hunger to them, a deep desire for me. It was so intimate and so arousing seeing you look at me as if I were a piece of meat on your plate. The moment you touched me I knew that I wanted nothing more than to give myself to you, to give you everything I had and more.” Rachel whispered, an air of need filling her voice as she pulled Alice’s hand towards her hairless crotch.

“Rachel I…” Alice trailed off, as her mind worked overtime to understand that maybe she wasn’t a monster, maybe this was natural.

“You don’t have to say anything. Maybe I’m not ready to go yet, and I would like to get to know you better, maybe we can go on a date. Maybe today is even our first. But when I am ready I want you to do it.” Rachel said as she pressed Alice’s finger against her slick pussy, her face blushing as she admitted her feelings. “Just promise me that you will treat me like you did today and I’m all yours. I’ll even sign the forms and I’ll be your personal meat girl untill you are ready to finish me off.” She finished as she pushed Alice’s finger inside of her folds.

“Rachel,” Alice said her mind swimming with emotions as she leaned forward placing her lips on Rachel’s. The softness of her lips complimented the softness of her breasts pressed up against her body, as Alice’s fingers slipped deeper inside of the desperate redhead in front of her. She kissed her deeply, releasing all the pent-up emotions that had come upon her throughout the day. All the confusion and anxiety left her, as she felt the body of her new lover pressed up against her own. Her fingers sought deeper and harder into Rachel as they passionately embraced the rest of the world fading away to leave just the two of them. Pulling away from the kiss, Alice looked deeply into Rachel’s eyes admiring the hopeful loving gaze that was returned to her. She ran her off-hand down Rachel’s pale freckled face, along her jaw line to see her pristine neck marred by the hair-thin cut she had left her earlier. Alice’s heart beat even faster as she remembered that moment, the absolute arousal she had felt making Rachel cum, and the exhilarating thrill of holding the knife against her skin. She trailed her fingers lightly along the cut drawing blood from the healing wound as she pumped her fingers hard against Rachel’s cunt. Rachel shuddered with the sudden onset of her orgasmic peak, the multiple sensations quickly driving her over the edge.

“Deal,” Alice whispered back into Rachel’s ear as her body shuddered against her own, Rachel’s head resting against Alice’s shoulder.

The two remained by each other’s side for the remainder of the day, and when it came time to go home Alice left with an application form while Rachel left with a form completely different. Hiding it from her mother and promising to return it to Alice filled out to become her property.

“So what did you think about my job?” Alice’s mom asked when they arrived home.

“I think I know what I want to do with my life now,” Alice replied with a genuine smile, as she hugged her mother, feeling strange now hugging her with clothes on.

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