Bring Me Lunch

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Sometimes I fantasize about you. How you are at work and I secretly show up at your office to surprise you.

The day would start off in the morning with me preparing myself. I would take a shower, taking care to use some vanilla scented soap, wanting to smell yummy for you. Stepping out of the shower and, wrapping the towel gently around my cleansed body, I fix my hair. I smile at the mirror, pinning my hair loosely behind then drying with the hairdryer to curl it a bit, knowing that you like my hair down. After finishing my hair and satisfied with how it looks, I start on my makeup. Tired of clasping the towel with one hand I let it fall to the floor.

Standing at the mirror naked, I apply just a touch of blush, and then cover up; not completely done up but enough to be naturally pretty. One last look over myself and I step to the bedroom where I have the ‘planned’ outfit laid on the bed. Sitting to run lotion over my legs, the stockings follow, running smoothly up to my thighs then leaving at my waist. Putting on the push-up bra and clasping it, I plump the girls up and grab the tight white t-shirt. I carefully lower it over my head to not mess up my hair. I grab my skirt off the bed and pull it up over my legs, a nice pleated short skirt, and add heels as the final touch. One last look over my entire body in the full length mirror on the way out of the bedroom puts a satisfied smile on my face. I grab my keys and purse, then head to the car.

Sliding into the driver’s seat of the fairly new Mercedes I start the car and drive the 20 minutes to your office. The whole way my stomach is full of butterflies anticipating what your reaction will be. I know that I am taking a risk just showing up but it adds to the excitement. My nipples grow taut when I think of me on my knees before you as you sit in your chair. I pull into a parking spot close to the door of the building, flip open the visor mirror, and double check that all is in place. I close the visor, get out of the car, and almost skip to the door. I am so giddy with excitement and I am so turned on my face is flushed. Thankfully I only used a dab of blush.

I reach the lobby door and have to take in a deep breath, mustering all the courage I can to continue on with this little surprise of mine. Finally opening the door, swaying my hips in a sexy way, I not quite saunter but not quite run to the elevators. A smile crosses my lips as I see the men in the lobby look at me as I pass by them. Pressing the ‘up’ button, I wait to hear the ding of the elevator, walk on and push the number 9 to get to your floor. My heart picks up its pace, and I can hear it thumping in my ear, almost like it’ll hop from my chest any minute. atakent escort I exit the elevator, walk to the front desk to say hello to the receptionist.

“Hi Jessie, how are you today,” I politely inquire and add, “Is my guy busy with clients or a meeting at the moment?”

She looks slightly busy but smiles at me saying, “Oh no Mrs. Sinclair he is just eating his lunch in his office,” she reaches for the phone, “I will let him know you’re here!”

“Oh no, please don’t Jessie. I wish to surprise Mr. Sinclair today.” I exclaim quickly so she doesn’t have the chance to announce that I am here.

She replaces the receiver then says with a knowing grin, “Okay Mrs. Sinclair please just continue down the hall to his office.”

At this point also thinking to myself that a lunch bag would have been a nice distraction, something surprise you with. Guessing that Jessie now knew my intentions. I was glad that you didn’t know I was coming, that wasn’t part of my plan. I walk down the hall to your office, seeing your door closed means that you are expecting to be left alone. I move my hand into a fist and rap on the door gently, eyes and lips formed to smile with excitement.

“Yes hello, come in,” I hear his very rough, manly voice say with confusion.

I slowly open the door, first I step one leg through, my stocking and skirt showing my thigh, then bring the rest of me through. Closing the door and leaning against it, I trail my finger from my belly button to my mouth. I gently suck on it, my grin apparent around it and mischief dancing in my eyes. My eyes meet yours as I see a smile sparkle in your eyes, tugging at your lips.

“Hey Babe. Brought me lunch…. – or are you lunch?” You say playfully, adding a wink.

I slowly shake my head, my eyes cast down at the desk. Removing my finger with force to have it make POP sound. Giggling as I stride sensuously to your chair, I place a hand at the top of your chair, firmly pushing at it, so you face me. Guiding my palm down your chest, to your waist, I capture your already aroused bulge, groaning at the fabric between my hand and your cock.

Excited, I turn, wiggling my ass at you, then gyrate in the air for effect, going lower to meet your bulge. I see your hands grip the arms of your chair, ready to pounce on me. I reach for them, still swaying my hips as I move backwards to bring my ass just above your bulge. Placing my palms over your tightly gripped hands I use that as leverage to move further down, feeling the fabric covering your hard cock, tickle the bare part of my ass the thong doesn’t hide. I remove one of your hands with mine over it, replacing it atop my breast, ataköy escort holding it there until you get my message to massage. Gently at first then firmer, I moan as I grind my ass into you with more passion and power.

“Oh yeah, baby! Grab my tits harder! Yeah, like that,” I moan breathlessly.

I hear how excited you are in your reply, “Oh god, sweetheart if you don’t take my cock out of these pants soon, it may bust out on it’s own. I am so hot for you right now.”

That was all the encouragement I needed to casually stand, your hands slipping from my breasts. Once upright, I turn to face you and sway my hips with smooth motions, my eyes catching yours, holding you with my stare. My hands roam over my body as you follow my every move.

Holding my hand at my aroused pussy, a finger slips in. “I am so wet,” I exclaim in a whispered, sensuous voice.

“Please let me have you, I want you so bad. Your pussy is wet for me.” You say with nothing but want.

I nod at you as I look straight at your crotch, “Let it out him out baby, I want him to come out and play!” I whisper while my tongue traces my lips.

Your hand undoes your button and zipper. I see your cock spring free, already poised hard and ready for me. Not wasting anytime I turn my spiraling hips and sway with urgency as my backside gets closer to your hard cock. One of my hands lowers to my pussy, taking the thong and holding it to the side. You’re so close that you can see my glistening wetness. I hear you gasp then swallow hard, and I feel your cock pulse just outside of me. A whimper and heavy breathing is the only thing that can be heard in the air. Suddenly I am shocked as I feel two of your fingers enter me, and not gently. They are forceful and urgent. “I want my cock in this tight pussy of yours, it’s so wet. Are you ready for my cock, sweetheart?” Your voice echoes softly in my ear.

I can’t muster up any words, just a nod, followed by another whimper. Your fingers leave me empty, but your hands on my hips push me down to meet your cock, and my hand still holds onto my thong so you can enter without the fabric to hinder you. I loudly moan as you penetrate me with force; my pussy is taken and completely filled with your size. You stay buried in me while I adjust to you and my pussy grips tight to your hardness. You moan as I look at you and see you biting down on your lip wanting to move inside me. I take control, rotating so my pussy is rolling over your cock. I let my thong go now that your cock obstructs it from snapping back into place.

I bend touching my palms flat on the floor, pumping you inside of me over and over. Leaning forward, your thrusts atalar escort meeting mine, and your thumb now over my clit. Rubbing, then pinching me. Pure ecstasy coursing through me, I warn you, ” I am so close baby, I am going to cum soon.”

“Yes cum for me, cum all over my cock.” You pant in my ear.

I shout out through gritted teeth, “Yes! Feels so good.”

My cum drenching both of us, your cock and body tense as the sensation of it gets to you. I feel your release spurt deep inside me as your hands grip my hips tighter and one last hard thrust, “You make me cum so hard, yes!” You groan with your husky pleasured tone that I love so much.

I stay put for a minute to recover, you growl and nip at my shoulder since we have both relaxed and sunk back into your chair. Pleasure shown by our smug grins. Then a rap at the door; jars us from our afterglow.

“Mr. Sinclair, sir. Sorry to bother you but your one o’clock is here and he seems perturbed that it’s 15 minutes after the hour,” Jessie says through the closed door, panic apparent in her voice.

We look at each other and giggle, knowing what we just did. As if we have our own inside joke. “Okay Jessie, just tell them I will walk Mrs. Sinclair down to the lobby and be right with them, please,” he manages without any indication of what we did.

I use the arms of his chair to push myself up and off of him, giggling again when I look at you and see our cum on your now softened cock. I notice the napkin on your desk from lunch and use it to dab away some of our wetness from you and then me. Toss it in the trash, and carefully tuck your cock back into your pants. You pull up your zipper and I straighten my clothes up.

“Shall we, Mr. Sinclair?” I ask as I offer my hand to you.

You take my hand, simply reply, “We shall, Sweetheart.”

Leading me to the elevator, no words are necessary at this point. We step inside, look to each other and smile, and giggles echo through the elevator as we struggle to gain our composure. In time to here the ding, letting us know we have reached the lobby, the doors open and I turn to you.

“See you for dinner!” I say to you as I turn, my eyes aglow from the effects of our office sex.

Your hand catches my arm as I go to leave, spins me back around to you, then you take me in your arms, firmly holding me there as your mouth captures mine and we kiss passionately. You hold me a minute, let me escape and I start to walk to the lobby exit.

You add, “Thanks for lunch, my wife. Will you bring me lunch tomorrow?”

I hear the laughter in your voice as I turn to see you wave with a smile, just as the elevator doors close. I walk to the exit, letting the doorman open it. Nodding at him gleefully. I wonder if he realizes what just happened in that office up there. I avert my eyes to the street as I pass him, and then return my gaze up to see where I am going. Leisurely I saunter back to my car quite happy that worked out well.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32