Brighton Hairy 1st Round

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This is a story of the early sixties when I was a young boy in London. I was just out of my teens, painfully shy and ordinary looking. The one thing that literally stood out was my exceptionally massive penis. I am small built just over five feet six inches tall but no underwear is big enough to hide my huge cock. The one time that I managed to entangle with the opposite sex was when I went to Brighton on a hot summer day with my family.

While the rest of my family went swimming I wandered off to a secluded part of the beach and stripped to my swimming trunks. I adjusted my massive penis and since nobody seemed around I swam a bit before returning to the beach only to find their were two women with their two piece bikinis lying on the beach. They looked ravishingly beautiful, both brunettes in their thirties. As my clothes were next to where they were lying , I tiptoed gently attempting to pick up my clothes and rush away without disturbing them.

As I reached them, I stole a glance to the one closer to me. She had her eyes closed and her arms were tucked underneath her head. Her armpits were filled with thick tufty black hair. Her breasts were hard and big and she had taken off her Aydınlıkevler Escort bikini top and her nipples seemed surprisingly hard. I must admit I loved hairy women and seeing this fecund hirsute woman with tufty black hair in her bushy armpits made my limp cock erect. It was ready to burst out and my massive cock seemed to be trying to come out of my wet trunks. As I fearfully looked at her pussy covered by her bikini, I could see thick black hair peeping from the top and even some wild undergrowth from the sides. She was a hairy goddess.

I don’t know if I grunted but some kind of sound escaped my throat as the hirsute beauty opened her eyes and looked at me. My raging hard on must have been so obvious that she gasped as her hand flew to her mouth. Her raised hand displayed even more, the thick tufty black hair of her armpits creating more disturbance in my swimming trunks. I could feel the precum oozing out of my erect penis as I turned away in embarassment.

The brunette turned to the other woman and shook her and pointed to my manhood and now it was the other one’s turn to stare at my massive cock. She too, surprisingly had very bushy armpits Aydınlıkevler Escort Bayan dark as coal. The first brunette got up and walked towards me and touched my penis though the material and looked amazed at the size of my extended penis.

Without as much as blink, she removed my trunks and my huge cock burst out. I cringed in embarassment, though they were at a loss as to why my cock was so hard not knowing my fetish for thick underarm hair.

“Wow Suzie, his cock must be at least 12 inches long and so thick” the hirsute brunette purred. The other woman exclaimed “Yes Silvia what will happen if he gets turned on”. Little did they know that my cock was bursting looking at the wild bushy armpits of these hairy women.

Silvia, then bent down and without even a word started jerking my painfully hard cock. I seemed transported into heaven. Here I was a shy boy who had never seen a fully naked woman being shagged off by sexy hairy woman. Pushing my luck I put my hand into her shaggy armpits and pulled at the soft thick hair. It seemed hot and silky and I felt a pleasure I never felt before. I had masturbated for years thinking about Escort Aydınlıkevler the unshaven armpits of the Italian film stars of the day including the young Sophia Loren in Scandal at Sorrento and Silvana Mangano in the hit movie Bitter Rice which I had seen at Leicester Square but feeling her thick sweaty hair of her armpits which were glistening in the sun was just unbelievable.

Just when I felt I was going to cum, the other woman, with equally bushy armpits moved forward and amazingly took my cock into her mouth. Was I dreaming as she licked my hard on and then took my long dick in her mouth. As she sucked my penis, Silvia played with my balls. Suzie took more of my cock into her mouth and I was struggling from stopping erupting into her mouth. Her saliva or was it my precum made my cock all wet as my hands still in the jungle of Silvia’s bushy armpits looked for support to stop me from swooning.

Here I was a young man with no sexual experience being given a blowjob by two hirsute strangers. There was no way I could hold back as now Silvia freed herself from my grasping hands and jerked my cock from Suzie’s mouth and put into her lovely mouth and took almost half of my foot long penis. Without pausing my eyes closed torrents of my cum filled the mouth of Silvia.

I was flush with excitement and though I had cum Silvia kept her mouth and nursed my dick to another erection. Even when I had jerked off, I was never able to coax myself to a second erection and here I was within seconds ready for a second round.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32