Briget Ch. 04

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We’re soon reaching the point where my story and Brian’s story will intersect for good. After this installment, we have decided to write the stories together. All Brian needs to do is finish his adventures in Colorado.

Although he is happy with the response from the Literotica family, he is a lazy bastard when it comes to writing, so that may take some time. (He has been taunting me with the fact that his stories have garnered more feedback, while I just tell him to look at the votes…)

A note on the names… The facts are true, and the names are fiction, other than Brian’s, Briget’s and mine.


There were some good magazines in Anya’s bathroom and I read for a while as I drank my beer. I had another smoke while sitting on the can and let Briget and Karen do their thing. I came out of the bathroom a half-hour later and except for the TV playing a late movie, the world was still. Anya’s door was closed. I opened it a crack and peered in. She was asleep and snoring quietly. I walked over to the sofa and Briget and Karen were cuddled up together.

They both looked at me and smiled. Their hands were idly stroking each other’s tits and they both looked sweaty and wrung out but very happy. Briget’s shaven puss had a nice sheen to it, like she had just been kissed all over. Karen’s pubes had been shorn in the shape of a heart and the short hair was damp and matted.

I was still naked and my average-sized cock swung freely in front of me with the vague beginnings of a hard-on. Karen watched it move.

“Got a smoke?” asked Briget.

I fished one out of the pack. I offered one to Karen as a joke and much to my surprise she took it. I must have raised an eyebrow as I lit them both.

Briget blew out a gentle plume of smoke. “Karen has decided that she wants to be a bad girl, isn’t that right?” Briget leaned over and kissed Karen chastely on the cheek, while stroking one of Karen’s huge tits at the same time.

“Not just a bad girl,” cooed the blushing innocent. “A horrible girl. And Briget’s going to teach me, right?”

The two of them laughed together, but I wasn’t surprised. Briget was doing it again. She had led me out of my shell and then she had just done the same for Anya and then the plump little number beside her. We were all more than willing to be led.

Briget was only passing along what her roommate Roslyn had taught her. It was a circle. Roslyn had introduced Briget to bisexuality. I had been introduced to cock sucking by Brian and now I was convinced that being bi was the only way to go. I still hadn’t reached the point when I could start something with another guy besides Brian, but I felt the day was coming.

Karen only took a few drags from her smoke and decided that she didn’t want to be quite that bad, yet. She walked over to my ashtray and butted it out. She flashed me a smile as she flashed me her ass.

Briget changed position and when Karen came back she pulled the younger girl onto her lap. “So dear, what do you want to do?” She was like a naked Mrs. Claus. I almost had to laugh.

Karen blushed again. “Well,” she stammered, averting her eyes, “I’d really like, well… you know, to do it…”

“Do what, Karen?” This was another of Briget’s best maneuvers. She had an open, engaging personality that people were attracted to, and in turn people opened up to her. And when it came to sex, she made them speak their needs out loud. I found that it was partly to avoid any confusion about who wanted what, but also to get the person to verbalize what was usually only a deep dark fantasy. If Briget didn’t want to be a teacher she would have made a great psychiatrist.

To some degree I had used the same technique on Karen earlier. I got her to masturbate in front of me by admitting that I did it all the time. By telling her how hot it looked I was able to have her ask that I cum all over her huge breasts. Now Briget was getting Karen to talk about what kind of things she really wanted in her sex life. And I had a feeling I was going to be called upon to help.

If Briget asked me to do anything I was ready. Because of her, I had had more sex in the last two weeks than I had had before in my whole life, so I was ready to do what she asked. Besides it was something you could do for the person you loved.

“Well?” Briget’s question had been left hanging. What did Karen want? She’d have to say before anything happened.

“Well, the next thing I want…Well, I want to make love, I guess. With a guy.” Her eyes flickered quickly to my naked cock and away again.

Briget soothed Karen’s brow with one hand, brushing her short bangs away from her forehead. Briget left that idea hanging too. She motioned that I should come over and cuddle with them. I took our smokes and butted them out.

I nestled in beside Briget and Karen swung her legs over mine as she sat on Briget’s lap. Briget kissed me and gave Karen a nudge. Karen smiled bashfully and leaned in to kiss me, too. I could taste the last remnants of each other’s kitties on their lips and it was ambrosial. Karen’s tongue konyaaltı escort was now more forceful; more direct as she brought a hand up to stoke my cheek. I ran a hand up her thigh and around her ass before she leaned back and kissed Briget again.

“Do you really want to make love, Karen? Because you have to have someone you love to reciprocate. And that may take some time. Or you could find a guy and just…”

There was a silence, as the two girls looked at each other. Then a light went on in Karen’s eyes. “And just… fuck?” I could tell she was getting used to using that word.

Briget smiled like a teacher with a prize pupil. “Right!” she said softly, seductively. “You could just fuck. Just like me and Anya did, just like you and Denny-man did and… just like me and you did. It wasn’t actual fucking but you get the idea.”

Karen nodded thoughtfully, not looking anywhere. Then she looked at Briget. “I’d like to get fucked. By a guy… a nice guy.” She looked briefly, shyly at me.

Briget squirmed on the sofa, with Karen’s ass still in her lap. “Oooh, Karen has that got you excited!” She reached between Karen’s legs and came out with a glistening finger. “You’re positively dripping, aren’t you? Aren’t you?” Karen nodded. “You’re horny.”

Karen giggled.

So did Briget. “Then say it.”

“I’m horny. I’m wet and I’m horny and I want to get fucked.” Either she was still kind of drunk, or Karen had turned a corner in her sexuality.

Briget squealed and wriggled beneath Karen’s bigger bottom. “Oh my god! Every time you even think something dirty you drip a little more!” She looked at me and winked. “You should see how much she came when I ate her.”

Karen covered her face in her hands, totally embarrassed. “Oh, stop it, Briget!”

“But it was yummy!”

Karen gave her lady lover a gentle nudge. “You make me sound like a freak,” she laughed.

“It just means that you were turned on. You were turned on, weren’t you?”

“Oh, yes…” she sighed. “More than I’ve ever been in my life!” She snuggled up to Briget and kissed her soundly. Briget sighed and started kissing her back.

I was rubbing Karen’s ankles and calves and I was starting to get turned on, though my cock was barely responding after the punishment I had put it through tonight.

Briget and Karen broke their kiss and Briget looked at me. Her voice was low and sultry. “So Denny-man. Would you like to make a couple of ladies happy by fucking one of them right into next week?”

“You know Briget,” I said, “I’m right out of gas. I think I need to call the cavalry. What we need here is… well, Brian.”

Briget was ecstatic. “What a great idea! Two wonderful guys at once! How’d you like that, baby?”

Karen’s mouth was wide open and her eyes glazed over. It was almost comical. She moaned and clamped her legs together. Briget smiled and looked at me. “I think she likes that idea. She just soaked me again! Feel that!”

I snaked a hand under Karen’s legs and felt Briget’s lap. Karen giggled like a schoolgirl as my hand tickled the soft parts of her. I could feel the dampness of which Briget spoke, and I probed for the source. I gently touched Karen’s labia and she was torn between a sigh and a scream. When I pulled my hand away it was quite soaked.

Looking in Karen’s eyes, I licked my sensually fingers. She moaned when I held up a finger for Briget to suck and she nearly died when I let her lick her own juice off the last digit. Her mouth sucked my finger all the way in, then let go.

“Oh, shit, I really want to fuck the both of you…”

Briget laughed. “We will, Karen, we will.”

Karen whined playfully and put her face in Briget’s shoulder. “But I have to work tomorrow. It’s nearly one-thirty and I’m gonna have a hangover and I have to open at 10… Can we do it another time? And you can call this other guy? And we can get together and… and…”

“And fuck, Karen?” prodded Briget.

“Yeah, and fuck… but I gotta get to bed now.”

At that moment Anya staggered out of her room in a red silk kimono. Her hair was a mess but her nipples were all I really noticed. “I thought I heard voices,” she said. “What’s up?” And then she noticed Karen cuddling naked on Briget’s lap. “Karen? Holy shit.”

Karen giggled and slid of my girl’s lap and advanced on Anya. “Yeah, you bitch! You bush out when you promised to go out with me…” She grabbed the lapels of Anya’s kimono and looked pissed off. Anya looked contrite and mumbled an apology.

Karen smiled. “It’s okay, Annie. I had a great time and I forgive you.” She stood before her friend, and hesitating only a second, leaned in and kissed her. Anya was taken completely aback. She apparently got over it because she took the back of Karen’s head in her hands and pulled her in closer. The two of them kissed deeply for a brief moment, moaning and sighing.

I snuggled closer to Briget. She grabbed my hand and drew it through the trail Karen’s wet pussy left on her thigh and then smiled at me.

We kepez escort watched the two girls embrace and kiss, with Karen’s bare tits mashed against Anya’s silk robe. Then they stopped and just looked at each other. Karen turned and grabbed her robe and put it on.

Looking at me, she smiled and said, “I guess I’m bicycle!” I just about fell off the sofa laughing and Briget and Anya looked at each other. I said I’d explain later.

Karen wished us all a good night and bounded happily out of the room.

Anya could just watch, shaking her head. “Fuck, I don’t believe it!” she muttered, then turned to us. “Hey, I hate to be a party pooper, but do you guys need a ride home?” Briget and I said that would be appreciated. “Get dressed and I’ll run you where you wanna go. I had a nap and I can’t sleep…”

Briget and I sorted through our clothes and got dressed while Anya went into the other room to do the same.

“So tell me what happened in the washroom at the hotel,” I asked as the door closed behind our host.

“Well, we went in and she went to a stall. I followed her in and closed the door behind us. Then I took my hand and ran it from her thigh all the way up to under her tit, then I stroked the nipple with my thumb. I could feel it even through her bra. Well, she closed her eyes and just about melted right there. That nipple was like a rock.

“So I leaned in and asked if I could kiss her and she just nodded so I kissed her and then I slid my hands around her and kissed her and held her ass and held her close. She was a bit shy at first but she got into it.”

Briget smiled. “Then I got all demure on her and told her to turn around while I peed and she did, then I did the same for her. Then when she stood up, I held her close and asked her if she wanted to fuck the night away with the two of us and she said yes. Then I told her what I wanted us to say when we got back to the table.

“And that’s what we did. Did you like it?”

“I thought it was the sexiest thing that ever happened. Like, just admitting that we wanted to use each other like that. You are fucking wonderful, girl,” I said.

She smiled. “And I hope I’m wonderful fucking!”


Anya drove us home. She didn’t mind dropping us off at our separate places, because Briget needed to get some sleep for tomorrow’s day of work. When she got out of the car, Briget leaned over and kissed Anya and thanked her for the wonderful evening. Anya grabbed her hand lightly before she could leave.

“I’m sorry I had kicked you guys out but I’m beat and I have to work, too.” There was a silence for a moment. “I… well, I want to thank you two. I don’t know if I’ll ever do anything like that again, but… well at least I’ve done it this once.”

Briget leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. She kissed me on the lips and said “See ya later”, and she was gone.

Anya drove me home. I kissed her on the cheek like Briget and told her that I’d see her at work sometime. When I got in Brian was snoring on the fold out couch. I debated waking him up, but just grabbed a beer and went to bed, reading one of Briget’s erotic picture-books until I fell asleep.


I heard Brian in the kitchen when I woke up.

He was just going to knock on my door when I stepped out of my room and strolled naked to the bathroom.

“Nice ass,” he muttered and told me the food was ready.

We ate at the coffee table and watched morning TV. Something was bothering him, I could tell. When I asked him what it was, he said that they had taken his grandfather to the hospital the day before and he was going downhill fast.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “Is there anything I can do?”

He just shook his head and kept eating.


His grandfather died the next day and Briget and I went to the funeral out of respect. We didn’t see Brian for about two weeks after that because he moved in with his grandmother to help settle the family affairs.


After the funeral, Briget stayed at my place from Thursday to Sunday and we had a great time. Roslyn had the flu and didn’t want anyone around to nurse her, so it worked out well. Briget and I were getting used to each other as friends and lovers. We cranked up the steam heat to a comfortable level and walked around naked all weekend long.

We had planned on getting together with Karen for a threesome, but that fell through when she got her period. Besides she had just started on the pill again and needed another two weeks before it kicked in. So, it was just the two of us.

We went out to a movie on Saturday night and she demonstrated again that she was just fun to be around. She wore her hair up in a bun and her makeup was subtle and lovely. She wore a pair of glasses, something I hadn’t seen before. She said that she sometimes had a problem with distances, like in a theater. I told her she looked like a librarian and she laughed.

We were both dressed up a bit, and she said that we looked like quite the couple. kemer escort We held hands and snuggled during the movie and that was it. I tried to grab her breast but she gently slapped my wrist and said, “Librarians don’t do that sort of thing…” and we went back to watching the movie.

When we got back to my place, she got me a beer and sat me down in the armchair. She went to my bookshelf and took a book down. Looking at me over the tops of her glasses, she asked, “Do I really look like a librarian?”

I said she did. I started to get up and she pointed me back to my chair and told me to stay there. She put a tape in my cassette player, cranked the volume as loud as was acceptable to the neighbors and she started swaying to the music playing.

She put her hands on one of the shelves and with her feet apart, gently swung her ass back and forth. She moved to the middle of my living room and did a slow striptease. She was a really good dancer! And oh so sexy. As each article of clothing came off it sent more blood to my cock. Her bra landed in my lap. When she turned her back to wriggle out of her panties, she did so with her knees locked; her ass and bottom of her pussy was so inviting.

She kept herself covered as best she could as she went, so it wasn’t just taking clothes off. She was really teasing me. She allowed me to adjust my growing cock as I sat there but wagged her finger at me when I tried to disrobe. I had to sit there in agony.

She covered her tits and brought the nipples up to kiss each one in turn until they were rock hard. Then she let them go and finally she shook her hair out, and took off her glasses and the transformation was complete. She went from looking like a librarian to a whore and I mean that in the nicest possible way.

She stood there naked and still dancing, running her hands over her luscious body, stroking her tits, pinching her nipples. She dipped a finger in her pussy and pulled it out all shiny. This was turning her on as much as me. She crooked the wet finger at me; inviting me to stand and dance with her. I wasn’t a bad dancer but it was hard to keep a rhythm going while getting stripped and kissing all the while.

I’m not a big guy but sexual adrenaline is not to be scoffed at. I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. I laid her on the bed with her red hair like a halo on the pillow. I slid my cock into her and we fucked passionately the most of the night.

“Thanks for the striptease,” I said later.

“Your welcome.”

“Did you have that planned?”

“I was going to do a strip for you one way or another. I didn’t plan on the librarian angle. That was just a bonus. Did it work?”

I showed her just how much.


I have to say right now that every time we did it wasn’t all spectacular, surprising sex, sometimes it was just really nice lovemaking: tender, and caring that each other was getting what they needed.

She did have a few surprises, though.

The day before, we woke in the morning and kissed and cuddled for a while. Then we both went to the bathroom to freshen up. I came back to bed where she opened her legs for me. I went down on her for a few minutes until she drew me up to lick her own nectar off my face. She moaned out loud because she really liked doing that.

She urged me to fuck her and I willingly complied. Then she got me to put my legs outside of hers, so my cock was nicely pinched between her legs deep inside her cleft as we fucked. It was a new position and it was great for slow, leisurely fucking, but it was going to get even more different. We were enjoying each other when she dropped a hand to the floor beside the bed, but she wouldn’t let me see why.

We were talking to each other like always, and looking deep into each other’s eyes, when I felt something slide down the crack of my ass. It was hard and cool and slippery. I stopped fucking for a moment but she urged me to keep going. Then there was pressure on my ass hole and something slender and greasy slipped in.

Oh… my… god…! My girl was fucking me up the ass with a dildo and believe it or not, it wasn’t that bad! She went slowly and kept talking.

“How’s that feel? Is that nice?” she asked. She was sliding it in and out and being very gentle in virgin territory.

“Whew!” I said. “Wow… That’s sure different.” I was actually starting to hunch my ass back and forth and she was matching my thrusts into her, like she was using the dildo as an extension and using it to push me deeper into her slick cunt.

We were starting to get more active and I clenched my ass cheeks around the intruder and put my legs back in between her thighs. She responded by pushing the ‘little intruder’ deeper into my ass. It was hitting something down deep and it felt really good; it felt like I was going to cum in buckets.

“Wow… so is that a dildo?” I asked, looking at her.

And she smiled and said “No. It’s a–” And I knew what was she going to say.

She said “vibrator” at the same time she turned it on.

Holy FUCK!!!

I had never felt anything like it when she twisted the end cap and the vibrator started buzzing deep in my ass. She simultaneously moved it deeper and it hit my prostate and I came like never before! I bucked and writhed and pumped cum into my sweetie. She held it into me and held on and went for the ride.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32