Brienne Pt. 02

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I was on my back regaining my breath. She was laying on her side, resting her head on my arm, gently running her fingers through the hair on my chest.

For a person working in politics, words are my mettle. However at that moment I had none. Thoughts were appearing and disappearing before I had a chance to consciously process them. I had just fucked a complete stranger unprotected. I had risked disease. I had knowingly filled her unbelievably tight 24 year old cunt with my life giving sperm. It was a wet dream come true, but when dreams come true they become reality. And the reality of what I just did was blowing my mind.

“That was amazing!” she said gently, breaking the not uncomfortable silence. I was oddly at ease in her presence. Had been from I first entered her apartment.

I turned my head and kissed her forehead. “I’m glad you think so. Personally I would have liked it to last a while longer, but you are simply too much of a fantasy come true.”

“I am?” she looked at my inquisitively.

“If you haven’t noticed, I am quite dominant in bed. I hope it wasn’t too much, by the way?”

“Not at all. You can be much harder with me. I can take it. And I love it.”

My dick twitched at that.

“Good to know” I smiled. “Giving up control of your body to me by going unprotected is the ultimate submission. And you are so hot!”

She laughed a cute little laugh at that.

“Plus,” I added, “I’m an organ donor, blood donor and sperm donor. I try to help people out, when I can. I’ve wanted to father more children. Having children is the meaning of life. Unfortunately my daughter needs my full attention after the divorce, so dating is not really an option, but she is the best thing that ever happened to me. And I want others to know what that is like.”

She looked up at me with those beautiful big eyes in the gray dim light. “That is what I want. A child to raise and love unconditionally.”

While we were talking, her hand had been making its way to my crotch, coaxing life back into me.

“I hope I give it to you then.”

“I can feel it in me.” she said still holding my gaze. “It’s Ankara escort a different kind of wetness. It’s… I know it doesn’t work that way, but it’s like my body already knows that it will work. That I will be pregnant soon.”

I smiled at that and kissed her. She responded by moaning into my mouth and giving my a soft gentle kind of sloppy deep kiss. The tip of her little tounge gently teasing mine.

“Do you want to give me another shot?” she asked with a playful sparkle to her eyes.

“Ride me!” I said hoarsely

She sat astride me, and guided my rock hard cock to her snatch. She was wet. Not just wet with our juices from before – she was very much turned on again. When she lowered herself on to me, she was so tight that it hurt.

“Ah! Easy! Don’t force it. You’re so fucking tight, it feels like you’ll break it.”

That made her laugh as she first pulled back a little and then impaled herself fully on me. And with her laughter her pussy contracted around me.

“Stop laughing!” I ordered her playfully. “You’re just making it tighter!”

That of course made her laugh even harder. She had a sweet laugh.

I grabbed her nipples between my fingers and pulled them to me so hard that she had to follow. When she lay on me, I looked deep into her eyes. Despite what can only be described as a very hard treatment of her nipples, she smiled. I kissed her. It was deep and sensual. Her hands came to my head caressing me.

When we broke our kiss, I looked her deep in the eyes again and grabbed her throat.

“Then you better get to it my little slut. Show me what that little cunt of yours was made for.”

She went wide-eyed at my crudeness. “Oh, God yes! You make me so fucking hot!” she said short of breath.

She started rolling her hips, stimulating the full length of my cock, while keeping me firmly pushing against her cervix. At the same time I could feel her distended little hard clit against me.

I pushed at her throat forcing her to sit back up. “I want to see you.”

“Yes” she moaned.

“I want to see you work for me.”

“Yes.” Again ankara olgun escort a moan.

“I want to see those beautiful tits of yours bouncing, when you ride me.”

She grabbed her tits, and kneaded them.

“I want to see you play with yourself for me.”

One hand obediently went straight to her clit.

“Aww, damn!” I exclaimed caught up in the fantastic sensations she was giving me. It had been a while for me before we first fucked. Her too apparently. So I couldn’t be sure exactly how tight she was. Now I knew. Usually when I fuck someone, she feels very tight during round one. Then after I fuck her for a while, I stretch her, as she accommodates my size. This girl was having none of that. She was as tight as could be even after our first round. Even after I added my first load as lubrication.

She was speeding up. Both her ministrations on me and her fingers on her clit. Her eyes were going to the back of her head. Quickly I grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand away.

“Not yet. Don’t you dare come without my permission.”

She made a defeated frustrated little moan, but kept riding me.

I placed my fingers on her clit instead and asked her to lean back a little. As she did she used her hands for support, not breaking her rhythm for one second.

When I started working her clit between my fingers, she gasped.

“Oh, God! You’re so fucking good! I love your how big you feel in me.” She put a hand on her abdomen. “It feels like you’re stabbing all the way into my stomach!”

When she lowered herself on me next, I flexed my hips pushing even harder into her.

“Aaaahhh!!” she yelled. “That hurt! A fantastic kind of hurt!”

I chuckled a bit at that.

“Again. Please.”

I was happy to oblige.

“Oh, God! I’m so close! Please may I come? Please!”

“Not yet.” I eased off on her clit for five seconds giving her a short pause.

Resuming stimulating her clit I asked her: “Do you want me to knock you up?”

“God yes!”

“Your belly will swell with my child.”


“Your ankara ucuz escort tits will be huge.”


“They will fill with milk for my child.”

“I can’t hold back!”

“When I come through next, you belly will be huge, and I will come by and fuck your brains out.”

“Please may I come! Please!!”

She was pleading with her eyes. I held off for one more stroke. Two. Three.

“Come for me.”

She threw her head back and screamed a piercing scream, as her pussy contracted so hard that it pushed me out. With the head of my cock still at her entrance I shot my hips up, forcing my way back in and started pumping her furiously.

She was gargling meaningless sounds lost in ecstasy.

When she finally started coming down, she fell towards me, but I caught her with both hands by her throat. Putting my mouth next to her ear, I whispered.

“I want you to beg me for it.” and the I bit down hard on her soft earlobe.

“Aaah! Please come in me!” She obeyed instantly.

I pushed her up a little. Just enough for her nipples to drag along my chest, when her tits bounced to her rhythm.

“More.” I said gruffly.

“Please! Give me your sperm.”

Her long jet black hair was hanging down, creating a little space where just our faces existed. Her eyes never wavering from mine.

“Seed me.”

For every statement she impaled herself on me.

“Take me.”

I moaned.

“Fill me.”

I could feel the familiar swell in my balls.

“Cum in my unprotected pussy.”

I started meeting her with a thrust of my hips.

“Knock me up.”

“Keep going!” I demanded.

“Give me your child!”

With one hand I squeezed her throat, pulling her to me.

“Yes!” I exclaimed lost in pleasure.

With the other I grabbed her ass and forced her down on me one last time.

I kissed her deeply while I roared into her mouth, as I let what felt like a torrent loose in her.

She tried to keep going, but I had to stop her.

“No, no. Sit still. You are so unbelievably tight. I’m too sore and sensitive.”

She laughed her little laugh.

“Just sit there and let me feel you.” I kissed her again. It was soft and gentle. Almost loving, though I hadn’t known her for more than a few hours.

“I hope you hit the spot.” she said when we finally broke our kiss.

I looked her deep in the eyes. She really was beautiful.

“So do I.”

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