Briefs Buddy Part 10

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Briefs Buddy Part 10
It was a quick journey home and about 4.30 when they arrived. Once indoors, shorts came off in about half a second flat. Both lads were hungry again so to save time, and have more of it for sex, they decided to order in a pizza. Whilst waiting for it to arrive, Dave showed Matt some of his vast collection of pictures of guys in briefs. He’d been collecting these off the net for years –whenever he found a pic of a good looking bloke in briefs, he’d add it to his file. He specially liked pics of two or more guys in briefs showing signs of a hard on and even better if they were embracing and rubbing their cocks together.

He hooked up the computer to the TV screen, and switched to slideshow. The dick-filled briefs just kept on coming. If they were really lucky, they kept on cumming also. Matt, though he’d watched a bit of porn in his time, was well impressed.

The lads had not showered after the gym, and decided for now not to. They liked the manly smell of sweat and both, without saying anything to the other, were looking forward to getting their noses into one another’s crotches for the full effect. By this time the slideshow was getting Matt horny, and pulling Dave close to him he kissed him and made a grab for his briefs, sliding his fingers under the pouch.

“Sexy little fucker,” muttered Dave as he responded by feeling Matt through his briefs. The boys were in danger of another over-excited rush to spunk and Dave was just wondering how to slow things down when he was saved by the bell – the doorbell in this case. The pizza had arrived. Dave fumbled in his shorts pocket for his wallet and went to the door, forgetting that he was only wearing his briefs and had the stiffy to end all stiffies. Opening the door, he gave the young delivery canlı bahis lad quite a surprise.

Dave reckoned that the boy was 19 or 20. He had red hair and was of slight build but wiry. He’d come on a small motorbike which he’d left running, and recovering well from the sight of Dave, though it had turned his face as red as his hair, he handed over the box. Dave paid him, giving him a three quid tip, and then asked – since he looked very warm – whether he would like a drink. They had beer, fruit juice or even just water. The lad hesitated, and then said a glass of water would be great; best no alcohol when he was working. Dave invited him in, so he turned off the engine of his bike and came inside.

As he entered the lounge his shock at the sight of Matt sprawled across a sofa, also just wearing briefs and with an erection which you could use as a baseball bat, was something else. His eyes were on stalks, even before he saw the flickering screen behind him. As he turned to look, he just caught a glimpse of two fit guys in white Calvins, hard cock pressed hard against hard cock, locked in an embrace and with lust on their faces which left no doubt what was about to happen. Then it was another pic, this time two older but fit guys, one nuzzling the white FTLs of the other, and, needless to say, both with dicks fully aroused. And so on and so on. He was transfixed. Matt noticed something else. His jeans were developing a pronounced bulge.

Although Matt had been looking forward to some private time with Dave, he was good hearted and polite enough when he needed to be. So he shifted along the sofa and asked the lad if he wanted to take off his leather jacket and sit down. He did so, and Dave came in with the water. The boys introduced themselves, and the youngster bahis siteleri said his name was Luke. To avoid distractions, Dave froze the screen on a very fetching picture of a young man in a pair of Old Navy A-fronts. He was bending over to do some press ups and showing a briefs-covered arse which even a straight guy would find beautiful, thought Dave. At least the flow of hot pics had stopped.

Dave asked Luke how he liked his job. The lad snorted his contempt. Paid a pittance per delivery and with very little work right now, with everyone away on holiday, the job was total crap, he said. He wasn’t even sure it was worth going back this afternoon since he probably wouldn’t have another job for two hours. Still, it was only a summer job for him. He was a second year history student at Bristol.

Matt and Dave had both realised that Luke seemed to be comfortable with them and his hard-on showed no signs of abating. He was wearing a plain white t-shirt which contrasted with his red hair and there was something pretty cute about him. Also, clearly on display was the waistband of his briefs above his jeans. They were Under Armour which neither of the other two had seen before.

Luke asked about their lives, and they explained their jobs and gave other details but no one seemed to want to get onto the subject uppermost in all their minds. Eventually Luke took the bull by the horns, or the briefs by the fly, and asked the two mates if they often spent time in just their briefs. Dave gave the best explanation he could and asked Luke if he liked to hang out in his briefs.

“Yeah”, he said quietly “I do. Very much. Trouble is, at uni, I’m in a shared flat and you can’t wander around in just your pants, can you? Some of the other guys are pretty hot, canlı bahis siteleri one especially, but they’re all as straight as an arrow.” Luke realised that he had just come out to these total strangers, but he reckoned they knew anyway so what the hell. “But I love being in just my briefs. At home, where it’s just me and Dad, we sometimes just wander round all day in our briefs, and if I’m studying I prefer to be in my briefs – that way, if it’s boring, I can let my hand drift off to rub my dick through the cotton. I love that feeling..Not that I can afford many briefs.. It’s the bargain packs of slips , 5 for £7.50, for me but I’m ok with that.”

“Except when you’re wearing Under Armour,” said Matt. “They sound like a pretty classy pair to me.”

“These?” Luke laughed. ”My Dad bought me these. Called them my shag-pants – said everyone needed a smart pair of briefs if they were on the pull.”

“Like you are right now?” said Dave with a twinkle in his eye. Luke laughed again. “Anyway, I’ve never seen Under Armour. We’re showing you ours, so how about a cop at yours?”

“Thought you’d never ask” replied Luke with a broad smile as he stood up, whipped off his jeans and stood there in his smart black briefs. He seemed just a bit self-conscious, but he held Matt’s gaze steadily and his boner did not go down. The opposite, in fact. It was tenting the Under Armours till Dave thought the fabric was going to tear.

“Nice” said Dave, then realised what a banal thing that was to say. “Nice” said Matt, as if to underline the point. The two stood up and held out their hands to Luke who took them and drew them towards him.

What happened next was a whirl of kissing, embracing, groping, dick-rubbing, wanking , with all the lads keeping their briefs firmly on. After a few minutes, Matt got to his knees and got his face right into Luke’s bulge, using his nose and mouth and chin to move the lad’s cock to right and left and then travelling to the top of the cock to lick up the precum which was leaking out like fury.

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